The Best (And Worst) Tattoos Dedicated To Music Will Make You Want Some Ink

Being a fan of music is a way of life. Artists pour their souls out on songs, create music that makes us want to dance, and often make songs that are incredibly relatable. What’s one way to show how much you love these artists? Get a tattoo of them, that’s how. It’s a respectable thing to pay homage to your favorite musicians with a tattoo, but it’s important to make sure that your tattoo artist is on par for the course. Take a look at these wonderful tattoos dedicated to musicians and some others that should have never happened.

A Spitting Image

This Bob Marley tattoo might be one of the best renditions we’ve seen of the late Jamaican legend. If you’re going to get a tattoo of a musician who had a significant impact on people’s lives and music, this is the quality it needs to be.

We can’t have people walking around with terrible art of Bob Marley or any great musician. This tattoo artist deserves all the recommendations and five stars on Yelp. Wait until you see this next one…

All Hail Jimi

James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter before he passed away from an overdose. He was a trendsetter of sorts and used his music to express himself, as he experimented with sounds.

To say he isn’t a rock legend would be a severe misjudgment. Any dedication to him needs to be of the same quality of this tattoo. The colors are great, and the detail is sensational.

Will In Miami?

Will Smith is a very successful actor who also makes music and participates in tons of philanthropy. When he was heavy on the music scene in the ’90s, he released a song by the name of “Miami” detailing how much he loves The Magic City

Whomever this guy is must really appreciate that song, as well as Smith. This is one of the goofiest and most random tattoos you could get of Smith. Why does he have a burger in his hand and why is ketchup spilling?

Wonderful Lennon

Where would the music world be without the mighty influence of The Beatles? Furthermore, where would The Beatles be without the passion and skill provided by John Lennon? We don’t have the answers to those questions, but we do know this is an awesome tattoo.

Here’s another example of how you should properly show respect to the legends of music. Lennon’s life might have ended way too soon, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t make a huge impact. This tattoo is proof of that.

Don’t Guess Who It Is…

If someone offered you a million dollars to correctly guess whom this tattoo was supposed to be, we are almost certain you would not become a millionaire. Nothing is telling of this tattoo that would help you figure out who it is.

So who is it? What you’re looking at is a tattoo of Katy Perry! The closest thing that would help you understand this tattoo is that this is the outfit Perry wore on the cover art for one of her singles. This person needs a refund.

No Hair Britney!

Okay, where do we begin with this one? Let’s start by saying the detail and craftsmanship that went into this tattoo is top notch. It perfectly looks like the image of Britney Spears after she infamously shaved off her hair, an interesting move overall.

Our only gripe with this idea is that why on Earth would you elect this sight of Spears to go on your skin permanently? There are so many better versions of Spears; this is the absolute worst type of Spears image to select.

Leave It To Bieber

What girl aged 10-16 isn’t head over heels about Justin Bieber? Okay, that might be a huge stereotype, but it isn’t far from the truth. Now, on to the tattoo. Isn’t this a great rendition of Bieber? This tattoo has surfaced on the internet, and people have their thoughts on it.

Many believe it looks like a female version of Bieber. There’s even a website dedicated to women who look just like Bieber. Maybe the person who asked for this showed the tattoo artist an image of a woman version of Bieber.

This next tattoo will really have you scratching your head…

Amazing Tribute

If The Dark Side of The Moon isn’t in your top rock albums, you might want to listen again. The 1973 album by Pink Floyd is arguably their best work to release and launched the band into legendary status.

This Pink Floyd fan did right by the band. They not only went with a unique, artistic version of the album cover, but they found an artist who’s right for the job. This is one tattoo that no one would regret.

Ladies Love Drake?

As much as people love Justin Bieber, there is an equal amount of individuals who adore Drake. They love the Canadian-born entertainer so much that they are willing to get his name in large letters right on their forehead.

Drake wasn’t too happy about this saying, “The guy who tatted it is a [expletive]. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again.” The tattoo artist said he asked the lady three times before he did it and revealed she was more than happy to have it done.

Yes, That’s Chris Martin

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin revealed that his split up with Gwyneth Paltrow put him in a deep depression. Martin said that he felt completely worthless after they broke up. Once hailed as “The Sexiest Vegetarian Alive” by PETA, Martin even went back to meat after his relationship broke off.

Breakups can be hard, sure, but if he saw this tattoo in his honor it might cheer him up a little bit at least. This portrait is spot-on. The tattoo looks just like him and captures his facial expression perfectly.

Home Alone With Michael

It was public knowledge that Macaulay Culkin and Michael Jackson were close friends when the king of pop was still alive. But that doesn’t mean you should get a tattoo of the two like this. It looks like Jackson is playing Santa with Culkin in his lap.

Moreover, they took matters further by making Culkin have his famous expression from the movies. This tattoo is for sure a fail, and we can only hope that this guy wears pants most of the time.

Add Some Spice To Your Life

In an exciting turn of events, this isn’t a tattoo on a woman, but rather a man. Why he decided to get the Spice album tattooed on his belly is beyond us. What’s even more perplexing is how creepy a few of the girls look. The Spice Girls have never looked so bad.

To make things even more entertaining, this guy also has a tattoo of DeVotchKa lyrics on his arm. We’ll give him credit for committing to his favorites.

The Dogg Father

You have to admit; this is impressive. It looks so well done, that the tattoo almost looks fake. Who would have thought that tattoos would become so detailed? We’re sure if Snoop Dogg saw this he would more than approve of it.

From his facial hair, all the way to the wave cap on his head, the detail on this is beyond good, it’s incredible. We’re still a little skeptical about if this is photoshopped or real, but we’ll go with the latter for now.

And That’s That.

This tattoo is almost similar to the Drake one we witnessed earlier. The only (and big difference) is that it isn’t on their face. Putting tattoos on your back isn’t a bad idea because then only you and whoever sees you shirtless can see it.

The only bad idea here is the ink itself. It’s a sheer lack of creativity and doesn’t even look professionally done. This person must adore Cyrus to get a tattoo like this.

Abbey Road


We’re back with another Beatles tattoo. Like we mentioned earlier, if you dare get a tattoo with the most iconic band of all-time, you had better make sure that it is tattooed on you correctly. This one most definitely is.

No street or cars in sight, but you already know what’s going on here. It’s the famous image of The Beatles walking across Abbey Road. You can’t think of The Beatles and not recall this legendary photo of them.

Lady Gaga Fest

These chest tattoos of Lady Gaga aren’t that bad. They desire a few more details, but that doesn’t take away from the overall experience of what they are trying to portray. Plus, Lady Gaga isn’t a bad artist or person, she’s just a little misunderstood.

We start this one off like that because the owner of this body art decided he wanted something else. He made this decision after listening to Lana Del Rey. In his Twitter post, he said, “I listened to @LanaDelRey for the first time today. Does anyone know of a good tattoo removal place?”

There are still more ridiculous tatts and beautiful ones to come…

Hi Avril!

Avril Lavigne is a talented and lovely artist hailing from Canada. She’s won an incredible 144 awards throughout her career as a musician, and was nominated for 321!

The person who chose to get this link done must be a mega fan. The size, color, and detail in the art show that this tattoo was done by a professional and cost a bit of money. We wonder if they regret including the tie, since Avril ditched that look a while back.

One Creepy Christina

Full disclaimer: this tattoo is done exceptionally well, but it is up there with the Britney Spears tat of her bald head, as far as wrong decisions go. This person could have chosen any other Christina Aguilera picture except for this one.

This dominatrix photo of her is from the “Not Myself Tonight” music video she released. That video must have been special to this person for them to get it inked on their bodies in such a manner.

No One Ever Really Dies

“The album In Search Of… helped me through so much, my tattoo was inspired by the artwork,” Twitter user @AshleyLin08 tweeted about her N.E.R.D tattoo. In case you don’t know who they are, they’re a band headed by the talented Pharrell Williams.

Williams has a ton work out by himself, but every few years the band reunites and releases mind-blowing music. Clearly, their sound leaves a significant impact on people, and Ashley Lin is the proof.

Kiss It

In 1973, one of the greatest rock bands formed in New York City. Paul Stanely, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley created what we now recognize as Kiss. If not for The Beatles, Kiss might have been in the running for the best band.

They deserve all of the tattoos that their fans have dedicated to them. The detail on this large-scale back tattoo is impeccable, and this tattoo artist deserves to increase his rates from here on out.