Aussie Breakout Star KIAN Signs With Republic Records

Dean Lewis Unleashes 'Be Alright'
Australian singer/songwriter Dean Lewis has a hit on his hands with 'Be Alright.'

From Meg Mac to Tkay Maidza, Triple J Unearthed (a competition for unsigned acts) has uncovered more than its fair share of Australian talent. You can now add KIAN to the list. The 16-year-old, who has been touring remote indigenous communities with his dad since the age of two, won this year’s event in August and promptly landed a streaming smash with “Waiting.” The track has already amassed 13.5 million streams, numbers that were always going to get the attention of a US label.

KIAN signed to Republic Records in November and his debut single is being officially rereleased with new artwork and, inevitably, a new video. The track is certainly catchy enough to work in the US, particularly in the wake of Dean Lewis’ Spotify-conquering “Be Alright.” (The teenager’s breakout hit is similarly raw and stripped-back). “It’s about that feeling of uncertainty when you don’t know if they like you back,” he says of the catchy tune. “I know it’s childish but I reckon everyone has found themselves in this insecure hole at some point in their lives no matter what age.”

Check out KIAN’s very promising “Waiting” below.

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