Have Britney Spears & Cardi B Recorded A Song Called “Strip Down”?

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Another day, another rumor about a new Britney Spears song. Anticipation has been sky-high for the Pop Princess to hit the studio and grace us with impeccable bops in 2018. Over the last few months, we have heard rumblings about several potential new songs, but none of them have dropped just yet. Back in June, the B-Army was sure a song called “Apple Pie” was on the way after the “Slumber Party” diva posted a behind the scenes photo on her iconic Instagram. However, we now know the pic was likely from her Prerogative fragrance shoot. A mere two weeks later, Pitbull sent fans into hysterics by announcing a song featuring B and Marc Antony. There’s one problem; 6 months later, and we’re still waiting. But it looks like we may be getting something a little different in the new year.

Over the weekend, the latest rumor to gain momentum has Britney hitting the studio with none other than Cardi B. It’s worth noting that the pair have been tied together on social media for a while now with no official confirmation from either team. But, there are some developments that make the potential duet seem more likely. One of those things is the emergence of an alleged title – “Strip Down.” Additionally, over the weekend the “Bodak Yellow” rap queen took to Instagram Live to tease a new single in 2019. The hitmaker promised it included a feature and that it would be “different” from anything she’s done before. Working with Brit would definitely check both of those boxes. It would also give the living legend a chance to deliver on “something more urban” and, undoubtedly, “cool.”

If true, the collaboration would be a pretty smart move on Brit’s part. With Domination starting in February and no timeline for a follow up to 2016’s Glory, fans are practically starving for new music. Working with Cardi would be a good way to get something out. And considering the “I Like It” rapper’s golden touch, it may net her a smash on the charts. Nothing is confirmed just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime check out the tweets below.

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