Joey Graceffa Drops “Kingdom,” Announces Release Date Of His EP

YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa is getting ready to launch a music career. The 27-year-old has spread his wings with a variety of creative ventures over the years. His side projects range from writing a YA fantasy series and acting in film projects to selling crystals. And his latest is a labor several years in the making. Today (December 26), he dropped a single called “Kingdom” and confirmed plans to unveil an EP in the new year. Following in the footsteps of his 2015 anthem “Don’t Wait,” the content creator’s new song is guaranteed to raise serotonin levels. Over a vibrant production he sings about the power of his feelings for a partner.

“You’re a sword straight through my heart. You are everything that I needed. Bad timing has got me in pieces. And all I know is you’re in my arms. And I’m so wrapped up in this kingdom of ours,” he sings. The romance comes to life in an accompanying video. In it, he and real-life beau Daniel Preda are involved in a car crash that sends the vlogger into a fantasy world. He proceeds to face down wild life before being reunited with his lover. The end result is cute and stays true to Joey’s aesthetic. It’s also shaping up to be a viral sensation. At the time of publication, the video racked up more than 220,000 views and is in the Top 10 on YouTube’s trending page.

Joey opened up about the project in a post on Instagram. “The first single + music video from my upcoming EP is HERE,” he wrote. “I’ve poured my heart & soul into this project over the past two years, I’m so excited for you to experience this journey with me.” The EP – also called Kingdomarrives February 14. It includes four additional songs. One of those is a duet with Preda. While we wait for its release date, check out his whimsical video below!

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