These Artists Changed Their Original Lyrics And This Is Why We Have Trust Issues

In almost any song you hear on the radio or on iTunes, there’s going to be multiple drafts that are much different than what you’re hearing. Some songwriters will even go as far as to say that there are over ten different versions of the song, that they went back and forth on.

Sometimes the album versions of song lyrics aren’t finalized, or are considered the “secondary lyrics.” Other times, artists will change the words to their song during live performances to reflect what they’re going through at the time. Miranda Lambert changed lyrics to throw shade at her ex-husband while performing at the 2019 ACM Awards and it was brilliant and awkward all at the same time. These artists switched up their lyrics, too. Did you catch it?

“Enter Sandman” Was Going To Be Very Dark

Jason Squires/Getty Images
Jason Squires/Getty Images

Metallica lead singer James Hetfield had written the song “Enter Sandman” to be very dark. The lyrics “off to Never Never Land” was actually supposed to be “Disrupt the perfect family” which was going along with the theme of the song: sudden infant death syndrome.

Producer Bob Rock and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich were able to convince Hetfield to change the lyrics because it would be much less depressing and more accessible.

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