Banger Alert! Cheryl’s “Let You” Sounds Like A Big Hit

New Music Friday was all about pop’s leading ladies last week. It was a jam-packed lineup with Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, Tove Lo, Camila Cabello, Rita Ora and more of our favs unveiling bops on the world. And, impressively, everyone really delivered. That statement holds up for Cheryl, too. Friday (May 31), the diva returned with her new single “Let You.” And it sounds like she has a serious hit on her hands. Produced by Mike Spencer, her latest is a self-assured banger with a message for the man in her life. “You only got like this ’cause I let you,” she sings on the chorus.

Let him do what exactly? She fills in those gaps. “Let you put your hands on my body, every time. I gave you what you wanted, but when am I gonna get mine?” The 35-year-old paired the new tune with a slickly choreographed video, which is just as much of a win. She also opened up about the bop in a press release. “I loved this song from the moment we wrote it in the studio. I knew I had to release it! I’ve made mistakes in relationships. I’ve been with men who were controlling, who made me unhappy, but I allowed it to happen,” Cheryl explained.

“That’s what this song is about. You have to recognise it, and you have to try and not let it happen again.” Watch Cheryl in action below.

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