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6 Albums That Got Us Through The Polar Vortex In 2014, From Beyonce To Katy B To Kylie Minogue

We have literally lived through one of the most epically sucktastic winters in recorded history, between the heavy snowfall, rivers of slush, piles of ice and, um, rain (boo hoo, Los Angeles). Over the past three freezing months, America turned to several things for salvation to escape the chill: The convenience of ordering takeout food; the aptly-titled, Oscar-winning animated feature Frozen; True Detective; and, of course, music.

Unfortunately, 2014 has offered pretty slim pickings as far as big releases. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t new music to be had. In fact, six albums in particular jumped out as early-in-the-year favorites, all of them released between the months of December and March. Below, sift through the six LPs we’ve been using like a heating blanket to warm our super-frosty souls. More »

Ibrawlator: ‘Bangerz’, ‘PRISM’ Or ‘ARTPOP’ — Which Pop Album Is Your Favorite?

The heavyweight season is in full swing in pop land, and some of our favorite pop starlets have been unleashing their highly anticipated records over the past few weeks. Miley Cyrus gave us something to twerk about with her October full length Bangerz, Katy Perry let the light in with PRISM, and, as of yesterday’s iTunes stream, Lady Gaga‘s taking us all on a Reverse Warholian Expedition with ARTPOP.

All of these ladies deserve a round of APPLAUSE (get it?) for their fantastic LPs, and we’re certainly not trying to start a war (#StopTheDramaStartTheMusic!), but we’d love to know: Which one is your favorite for the year? More »

Magazine Melee: Which Pop Princess Has The Best July 2013 Cover?

Each month, we take a look at our favorite pop stars gracing the glossy covers of fashion, health, music and lifestyle magazines across the world and ask you to choose the best cover!

As the summer continues to heat up, so do the pop stars gracing the glossy pages of today’s hottest fashion, style and health magazines.

Last month, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears snatched the crown with her body-baring swimsuit on the cover of Shape from the three post-Disney pop princesses. Now, we’ve got a whole new round-up for July — and the competition’s fierce. More »

Sorento Serenades With Boyz II Men: See The Guys Sing During A Marriage Proposal

boyz II men sorento serenades bended knee
B2M Help One Couple Have A Truly Memorable Vacation

In March, we first announced Kia’s Sorento Serenades contest, where three nominated people would be surprised in some manner by meeting legendary vocal group Boyz II Men. (Trust us, the full details were under lock and key, and even we didn’t know what exactly was in store at the time.) Now it’s time to meet Nikki, the first Sorento Serenades winner.

In the clip above, Nikki’s boyfriend of two years, Stephen, discusses their relationship in a voiceover as the happy couple take a trip from Wisconsin to California, where they drive around in their white Sorento. Unbeknownst to Nikki, Stephen is planning on proposing to her while the pair explore the sunny sights in Los Angeles.

As the pair are enjoying a beautiful dinner on their trip, Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman give Nikki a shock by walking up to their table and delivering a chills-inducing a cappella rendition of their classic hit “On Bended Knee.” More »

Idolator & Invite You To A Party At The Grove, Featuring Skylar Grey

Our Skylar Interview
Skylar Grey Idolator Interview
The singer sits down in our hot seat. Read More »
Skylar's Album Date
Don't Look Down set for summer release. Read More »
Grey's "Ride"
skylar grey cmon let me ride
Watch the video for Skylar's latest collab with Eminem. Read More »
Skylar's "Warning"
Skylar Grey Final Warning Single
Hear her sinister single "Final Warning." Read More »

Gap is throwing a summer celebration at Los Angeles’ shopping mecca The Grove tomorrow (May 9) evening, and you’re invited! And on the bill for entertainment is Kidinakorner/Interscope’s Skylar Grey, an artist we’ve had our eye on for a couple years now, thanks to the hits she’s penned for artists like Eminem and Rihanna (“Love The Way You Lie”) and Dr. Dre (“I Need A Doctor”) — as well as her own material like “C’Mon Let Me Ride.”

The party kicks off at the Gap’s Grove location in L.A. at 6 p.m. RSVP for the event here, and join the celebration to catch Skylar performing songs ahead of the July 9 release of her new album Don’t Look Down. You’ll also see what Gap has in store for the upcoming season, receive a 30% off discount and be offered the chance to snag a VIP trip to this month’s Sasquatch! Music Festival. More »

In Praise Of Demi Lovato: Show Us Your Demi Shrine And You Could Fly To See Demi In Barbados!

Lovatics, we’ve decided to give your hearts a break by giving you the chance of a lifetime: a trip to see Demi Lovato perform live in (wait for it) Barbados! However, we’re not just giving a trip in the Caribbean to any casual fan. No way! We want to see what a diehard devotee of Ms. Demetria you are first before we give one lucky winner the opportunity to spend a week living it up in Barbados. (Oh, and did we mention there’s a meet and greet with Demi, too?) Details on entering below:

More »

Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’: Review Revue (Part 1)

Justin Timberlake‘s comeback has been a clinic in controlling the message: what the message is, when it’s unveiled and how it’s disseminated. It began with, what, a three-day heads-up before “Suit & Tie” dropped? Then JT announced The 20/20 Experience‘s release date almost subliminally, at the end of his lyric video. He planned a joint tour with Jay-Z then joined SNL‘s Five-Timers Club right after, like it was no thing. He slyly changed a lyric in his lead single to respond to Kanye West‘s diss. And then yesterday, with no warning, Timberlake made his album available for free streaming on iTunes. And the pop culture world dropped everything, just as he planned it.

If there’s one takeaway from JT’s comeback, even if the album is a total disaster (which it isn’t), it’s that he’s a PR master. And while we love watching him work the spotlight and stoke the hype, ultimately we only care about the music. And so that inevitable question: was it worth the wait? Already, some critics have turned in reviews of this mammoth comeback effort — 10 tracks, 70 minutes, yeah that’s a seven-minute average length, people. So was it self-indulgent, grand or somewhere in between? See what the early reviewers had to say below. (Next week, we’ll put together another roundup after all the reviews — including ours — are in.) More »

One Direction Are Now Comic Book Characters, Have Officially Made It: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: One Direction will appear in British comic strip The Beano to help raise funds for Comic Relief, so in case there were any doubts before, shyeah, 1D have made it. Next week’s special issue will also feature Jessie J and Olly Murs. [BBC]

:: If Questlove‘s endlessly interesting Twitter feed isn’t enough for you, The Roots‘ drummer is currently in the final stages of writing his memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove. The book hits stores June 18 and delves into the artist’s upbringing, the current state of hip-hop and music journalism. [Billboard]

:: Things are getting juicy in the UK, as Sugababes member Jade Ewan and Rita Ora are facing off over Eurovision, of all things. Ora took a dig at anyone using the competition for career advancement (Ora dropped out of Eurovision and Jade eventually won), so Jade accused Rita of “sleeping” her way to the top. [Huffington Post]

:: “There will be blood,” Shakira promises in a new promo for The Voice. She and Usher join Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for the fourth season, which premieres March 25. [Youtube]

:: Diddy beefed up his “mogul” file, partnering up with actor Mark Wahlberg to oversee business strategies and retail relations for fitness water (as opposed to lazy, couch potato water) brand AQUAhydrate. [Rap Radar]

After the jump, find out which music acts you can catch on TV today. More »

Beyonce Nabs Big Ratings With HBO Documentary: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Beyonce scored big last Saturday night with her documentary Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream. The singer’s intimate documentary pulled 1.8 million viewers during its initial broadcast, making it is the largest audience for an HBO doc since Nielsen revised its method of measuring viewership in 2004. [Hollywood Reporter]

:: Christina Aguilera‘s Beverly Hills mansion has finally been sold: The 10 000 square foot home fetched the original listing price of $13 million. Hopefully it will retain its current name, Legendtina’s Lair. [Celebuzz]

:: Prince Jackson has landed a guest correspondent gig on Entertainment Tonight. The son of Michael Jackson says he’s ready to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor, although it’s not entirely clear how this guest correspondent gig leads to those other things, but hey! Kudos, kiddo. [Huffington Post]

:: Music mogul Clive Davis says he’s bisexual! In the few minutes he had yesterday that weren’t spent being dragged mercilessly by Kelly Clarkson, Clive sat down with Katie Couric to discuss his bisexuality (and promote his just-released memoir, of course). [Hollywood Reporter]

After the jump, see which acts you can catch on TV today. More »

Nicki Minaj Wigged Out On Her Wig Stylist, So He Quit: Morning Mix

Nicki & Levine Go Retail
Nicki Minaj & Adam Levine
The Voice & Idol judges' collections are coming. Read More »
Big Boi Joins "Pink Matter"
Hear Big Boi, Andre 3000 & Frank Ocean on the remix. Read More »
Nas & Miguel's "Summer"
nas miguel fader vitaminwater uncapped summer on smash
Watch them perform this Life is Good single. Read More »

Did You Hear?

:: Nicki Minaj‘s wig stylist, Terrence Davidson, has quit. (You mean, Nicki wears wigs?!) Davidson called the experience “amazing” in a written statement, despite rumors that Nicki made derogatory statements about him. He hopes to use the notoriety as leverage for future wig-making workshops (seriously). [Celebuzz]

:: Steven Tyler has split from his fiancee Erin Brady. The Aerosmith icon and former American Idol judge proposed to Brady on Christmas in 2011. Friends of the couple say it’s for good. This would have made Tyler’s third marriage. [WENN]

:: Nas was rushed to the hospital after suffering a vertigo attack, forcing him to cancel his appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael. He was released shortly thereafter and is on bed rest. [Complex]

:: Kylie Minogue is reportedly hanging up her microphone to pursue a career in acting. An unnamed source revealed to The Sunday Mirror that the news is a “massive shock.” The Aussie Pop diva just celebrated 25 years in music last year, yet she’s parted ways with her longtime manager Terry Blamley to jump right into acting. [NME]

:: Big Boi did not vote for President Obama. In a recent interview with Huff Post Live, the Outkast alum and open Libertarian stated that he actually voted for Gary Johnson despite assumptions that his ballot was with Barry O. [HipHopDX]

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