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Cody Simpson Twitter Takeover — Today!

Twitter's Paradise
At just 16 years old, Cody Simpson is already a worldwide pop sensation. The Aussie wunderkind already has two studio albums and several North American tours under his belt. What’s next for the “La Da Dee” crooner? He’s got his sights set on releasing an autobiography, Welcome to Paradise: My Journey.

While Cody’s book won’t hit bookstores until October, you can ask him all about it — today on Twitter! Head below for all the exciting details: More »

Happy Birthday, Beyonce! Celebrate Bey’s 32nd By Sharing Your B-Day Cards

There’s no denying that Beyonce is a grown woman. The diva turns 32 years old on Wednesday (September 4) — as if anyone could forget that 9/4/81 is Bey’s B-day. And just as numbers, dates and births are important to the pop star, King B is important to us. To celebrate, we’re buying $2000 worth of friend chicken — just kidding. To celebrate, we’re inviting you to upload your B-day birthday cards (be they handwritten — as Beyonce is inclined to do — or digital).

Head below for how to upload your cards and messages. More »

Pop School: JC Chasez Looks Back On *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” & “It’s Gonna Be Me”

jc chasez its gonna be me
It's Gonna Be JC!
Class is in session, and now it’s time to sit up straight and get an education! In the case of Pop School, it’s artists who are teaching you a lesson on their classic hits. Start taking notes!

Just 10 days before the *NSYNC reunion at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards that left us shaking and crying (and then begging for more), we sat down with JC Chasez for a one-on-one tutoring session, if you will. While we couldn’t get the pop star to spill on any VMA details (he doesn’t have the loose lips of Joey Fatone, Sr.), the now 37-year-old was more than happy to educate us on two of the beloved boy band’s most memorable music videos: “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Bye Bye Bye”.

In case you lost your long term memory while trying to erase Miley’s foam finger dance from your brain, “It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Bye Bye Bye” were the first two singles from the band’s second studio LP, No Strings Attached. The album title symbolized the freedom that came with a new label deal and new management at the turn of the millennium. It also gave them their first (and only) number one Hot 100 hit. More »

Ibrawlator: Who Was The Best Of The Best Female Video VMA Winners Of The ’90s?

If I Was Your VMA Winner...
As we enter the final countdown to the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday (August 25), eagerly anticipating seeing which of pop’s current crop of divas will take home a Moonman for Best Female Video, we’ve been reflecting on the Best Female winners of yesteryear.

Today, we want to know if these Best of the Best Female Video winners of the 1990s were competing against each other, who would walk away with the crown of Best Of The Best?: More »

‘Dirty Dancing’ Soundtrack Turns 26: Join Idolator & The Frisky For A Twitter Re-Listening Party!

Need a Lift?
Hold on. Has it really been 26 years since Francis “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle had “the time of [their lives]” at Kellermans up in the Catskills? The harsh reality: yes! As timeless as Dirty Dancing still feels, the movie is actually older than Rihanna, Miley, Selena and Taylor. And as much as the film owes its lasting impact to director Emile Ardolino, choreographer Kenny Ortega (whose list of credits include Michael Jackson‘s This Is It), and Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze‘s on-screen chemistry; where would a movie about dancing be without a killer soundtrack?!

So this afternoon, along with our friends at The Frisky, we’ll be celebrating the music that taught Baby (and the rest of us) how to move with a full-on Twitter re-listening party. Head below for details. Think of it like the “last dance of the season”.  More »

Win A Giant One Direction Cut Out: Enter Our 1D Instagram Scavenger Hunt!

Today marked yet another milestone for One Direction in their quick rise to total global domination: The world premiere of their movie This Is Us. We’ve decided to continue the excitement surrounding 1D’s UK film debut with a little giveaway to all of you dedicated Directioners out there who couldn’t show your support for the British boys live and in person: a FatHead Big Head (that’s like a huge cut out!) of your favorite One Direction guy!

But you can’t take the prize home just yet. We’ve hidden clues throughout our Instagram feed, and you’re going to have to find them. So, “C’mon, C’mon” if you’re up for the challenge — and head below for details on how to enter. More »

Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’: Join Idolator’s Twitter Re-Listening Party

We know it’s hard to believe, but exactly five years ago Lady Gaga brought The Fame into the world. (Time flies when you’re riding the disco stick, huh?) As you know, to mark this momentous occasion we asked both writers and Little Monsters to help us revisit the album track by track. But we couldn’t just stop there. The Gaga-fest simply must continue. As always, it’s not a party unless we’re celebrating with you, the pop faithful. And this afternoon we’ll be doing that with another fun-filled Idolator Backtracking Re-listening Party on Twitter.  More »

Ibrawlator: Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga — Whose Single Will Sell More?

Two of pop’s fiercest young divas, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, are preparing to unleash two of 2013′s most highly anticipated albums: Prism and ARTPOP. And while both have experienced unfortunate single leaks, that hasn’t taken away from each songbird’s uniquely brilliant promotional campaign.

But today we’re putting aside the clown makeup and the tiger jacket, the wig burning and the self-deprecating videos — and we’re just going to talk about the lead singles themselves.

We want to know: Between “Roar” or “Applause,” which song will reach #1 first? More »

Win A Signed Copy Of Selena Gomez’s ‘Stars Dance’: Enter Our Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Last week the Earth shook as Selena Gomez unleashed her first solo album, Stars Dance — and we couldn’t keep from getting caught up in the Sel commotion. To celebrate the milestone from one of our favorite pop princesses, we’ve decided to give away some very special signed swag from the 21-year-old singer! But, “Slow Down” just a second — you’re going to have to work for this prize pack.

We’ve hidden clues throughout our Instagram feed, and you’re going to have to find them. So, if you’re ready to come and get a signed copy of Stars Dance — and a signed poster — head below for details on how to enter. More »

‘Clueless’ Soundtrack: Join Idolator’s Re-Listening Twitter Party!

Watch Video
On July 19, 1995, director Amy Heckerling unleashed Clueless upon the world, and a generation was forever changed (I would wager to say for the better). Aside from infusing a nation’s lexicon with beautiful phrases like “As if!”, “I’m outtie!” and “He’s kind of a Baldwin.” the film also made an impact on fashion. Suddenly, girls everywhere were “exploring the challenging world of  bare midriffs” and plaid mini skirts. But if using “Whatever!” — with a “W” hand gesture — didn’t come naturally, and dressing like Cher or Dionne  left you feeling more like Tai (pre-makover) there was still one way to relive the movie’s undeniable magic: the Clueless soundtrack.

We have music supervisor, Karyn Rachtman, to thank for bringing us The Muffs‘ “Kids In America” cover, an introduction to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and, perhaps most importantly, Jill Sobule‘s “Supermodel”. And today (July 19) we’ll be re-listening to the entire Clueless soundtrack starting at 4pm ET. Jump below for details on how to join. Trust us, if you miss out you’ll be totally buggin’.
More »

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