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Yung Skeeter Talks Levi’s Station To Station Project In Barstow: Interview

This content was created in partnership with Levi’s®.

Station To Station, a public art project made possible by the Levi’s® brand and organized by artist Doug Aitken, has arrived in Barstow, CA’s Skyline Drive-In Theater. Fans have gathered to see the collaboration of art, music, fashion, food and culture as Station To Station travels across the country on a train. Yung Skeeter, an LA music producer and DJ, is sitting comfortably in front of Levi’s gleaming airstream trailer to help fans assemble inspiration playlists at the tour’s stop in Barstow as part of the Levi’s® and SpinMedia collaborative activation.

“My initial answer to that was sriracha,” producer Yung Skeeter says in reply to the question “What Moves You?” It’s one of several questions being posed to artists, musicians and fans during the event. He is joking, of course, but it turns out there’s some semblance of truth to Skeeter’s response. More »

Jay-Z’s 6 Most Off-The-Wall Collaborations, From Linkin Park To Blue Ivy Carter

Hova's Got Friends All Across The Music Landscape
Jay-Z is a master of collaboration. Just look at his back catalog for proof of the massive list of artists he’s worked with. But while Hova’s features with Kanye West, Rihanna and his wife Beyonce are interesting and make for great singles, the rapper hasn’t always made the most usual choices when it comes to collaboration. In fact, he’s made some pretty weird decisions that have yielded some pretty weird songs. From Linkin Park to Lenny Kravitz to his mom, Jay-Z has taken the road less traveled when it comes to collabs — for better or worse. Below we lay out six of his strangest. More »

Daft Punk: The 5 Best Rap & R&B Songs That Sample The “Get Lucky” Duo

These Artists Show The Duo Some Digital Love
As the release date for Daft Punk’s highly anticipated new album Random Access Memories draws nearer, we’re reminded of all those rappers who’ve borrowed the French electro duo’s sounds in the past. (Ten bucks says will.i.am is currently trying to figure out how to make his own version of “Get Lucky” titled “#GetPower”). Some have been more successful uses of their samples than others, but one thing’s for sure: Hip-hop loves Daft Punk. Everyone from Kanye West to Janet Jackson has aped their beats and verses, and we’ve narrowed it down to the top five.

Earlier this week we gave you a roundup of Thomas and Guy-Manuel‘s most groundbreaking videos. Now head below to hear Daft Punk reinterpreted. More »

Grammys: 10 Pop Songs That Never Won The Awards They Deserved

Big Hits, No Props
Scoring a Grammy nod doesn’t necessarily make a song good, although it seems like the biggest music award of them all should help dictate which tracks will become pop classics. Alas, as it turns out, a lot of zeitgeist-y hits from the past few decades years didn’t win a statue on Grammy night, even though a few did score nominations. It might seem weird that “Umbrella” didn’t sweep all the record categories and No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” wasn’t lauded at all. But those, of course, aren’t the only major pop hits lacking a statue.

We rounded up two handfuls of such snubbed songs below. Revisit them and feel the injustice! More »

Beyonce At The Super Bowl: 7 Things Still Left For Her To Conquer

Over the years, Beyonce has dominated nearly every realm of entertainment. The former (?) Destiny’s Child member has released wildly successful solo albums, starred in films, appeared on Broadway and performed on dozens of award shows. (Not to mention the Glastonbury fest, gigs she’s done with husband Jay-Z and the presidential inaugurations she’s taken part in.) And now as Beyonce, who will release her fifth solo album later this year, prepares to take the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, it’s interesting to consider whether the singer has anything left on her bucket list.

As it turns out, there are a few stones still left unturned when it comes to Bey’s career, although some of these suggestions are more probable than others. Will Bey ever really play a show on the moon? Maybe not, but let’s not rule anything out too quickly. This is, after all, the woman who, for the most part, has managed to keep her child’s face a secret for over a year now. More »