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Popping Up: Rainy Milo

Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Beyoncé and Miley were once unknown, too.

Eighteen-year-old UK siren Rainy Milo may not be the most familiar name on the block right now, but just wait until her debut album This Thing Of Ours hits, and you’ll be praying that every day is Rainy.

The young singer/songwriter got her biggest break when famed British DJ Gilles Peterson included her buzz single “Bout You” on his Brownswood Bubblers Eight, a compilation series that showcases new talent. From there, Rainy dropped her debut mixtape Limey, followed by her EP Black & Blonde.

Both prepped her for This Thing Of Ours, her debut album which dropped last Spring in the UK (the American edition arrives in April). A combination of soul and edge, Rainy Milo is the perfect package. As she continues her ascent toward stardom, Rainy breaks down her inspiration for some of her songs, lets us in on her influences and reveals what she has coming up for 2015.

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Tove Lo’s ‘Queen Of The Clouds’: Album Review

Swedish songbird Tove Lo has been making waves with her sweetly honest take on uptempo love songs. Her debut album Queen Of The Clouds (out today, ) combines pining, reciprocity, and all of the emotions that fall in between those two opposites as Lo breaks down the ABC’s of romance. More »

BANKS’ ‘Goddess’: Album Review

There’s a level of accessible obscurity that brought BANKS to the forefront of 2013’s summer and has kept her here for the release of her debut album Goddess(out today, ). While artists like FKA Twigs remain cloaked in intimidating anonymity and every princess in pop’s rolodex is currently overexposed, BANKS is just enough of both to not be too much of either. While Goddess is more of a compilation of BANKS’ first year of fame, it’s beautifully dark — presenting a level of cautious optimism that anyone in and out of love can find relatable. More »

Maroon 5′s ‘V’: Album Review

Maroon 5 are nothing if not consistent. Their 12-year tenure of releasing albums has been punctuated with hit after hit — a huge feat for any band that isn’t named “U2 in the ’90s.” In a world where almost everything is microwaveable, Maroon 5 manage to maintain a solid track record of success, and their 5th studio album, aptly titled V (out today, ), lives up to that formula of big songs while never faltering — for better or for worse. More »

Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’: Album Review

It’s incredibly hard to believe that Ariana Grande is only on her second album. It is also hard to believe that her debut album Yours Truly was only released a calendar year ago. That’s because in those 12 months, Miss Grande evolved from a Nickelodeon graduate to a Pop superstar. Her follow-up album My Everything (out today, ) diminishes any theory of a sophomore curse, as Ariana delivers a solid enough work — however, it’s done with the help of many. More »

10 Things To Expect From Madonna’s Next Album

She's Got A Secret...
When Madonna releases a new album, it isn’t so much an event as it is an international holiday.

Her Madgesty is now on her 13th studio album. 2012′s MDNA gave us just a little bit of the life we needed for the icon’s 12th release, but of course we wanted more. It’s only natural, given this is a woman who has consistently reinvented herself for three decades straight.

Now it’s 2014, which feels like the perfect time for her to drop off a new project and deliver that breed of cross-genre pop that only she can provide.

Details on the album thus far have been hit or miss: While other websites have speculated by way of Instagram posts and other random clues, Idolator played detective and dug up even more info on the album. Of course, nothing is conclusive since this is Madge, but we do have enough information to at the very least be excited for the project.

So without further ado, let’s see what we have in store from the Queen Of Pop herself. More »

Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Blacc Hollywood’: Album Review

Ever since Wiz Khalifa’s debut single “Say Yeah” (the one with the infectious Alice DeeJay “Better Off Alone” sample) arrived, it’s been pretty obvious that the Pittsburgh rapper has a penchant for crafting anthems. Of course 2011′s gigantic “Black And Yellow” really drove that point home, but since then it’s been a matter of pointing out the anthems in Wiz projects.

2012′s O.N.I.F.C. had “Work Hard, Play Hard,” and now his fifth studio album Blacc Hollywood (out today, ) has “We Dem Boyz.” Wiz has been consistent on that front. However, what’s offered beyond the token anthem is equally important — and while Blacc Hollywood has some hits, it also has some misses. More »

Kimbra’s ‘The Golden Echo’: Album Review

There is not a single person on this good Earth who didn’t, at least once, attempt to sing Kimbra’s last note on Gotye’s 2011 hit, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” You tried, you failed, and the reason why is because you’re not Kimbra.

With the release of her second album, The Golden Echo (out today, ), we can all come to terms with the fact that no one is Kimbra. (Except for her, of course.) The singer melds every genre you’ve ever loved from childhood onward, providing a cohesive party that places the New Zealand siren at center stage. More »

10 Things To Expect From Kanye West’s Next Album

Kanye Returns
Kanye West’s seventh album Yeezus was a bit of a game changer, to say the least.

Sure, many found it to be polarizing in its experimental approach, but sonically, Yeezus was something that Kanye had been building up to for years. The Yeezus Tour then made it all come to life, now, it’s like…okay, what’s next?

The internet has been swarming with theories on Ye’s eighth album. Lists (like this one!) have pieced together bits of information coupled with what we, as Kanye fans, can only “hope” to find on the album. This list, however, is #factsonly — err, as far as we know.

Idolator is bringing you the ten things to expect from Kanye West’s upcoming album: From artists he’s working with to sounds that you can expect, we’ve gathered all the intelligence up until now.

Before anything though, let’s get this out of the way: No Kim Kardashian cameo (yet), or even rumors of a North West appearance. (It would be pretty awesome to have either or both on the album, though!) For now, just keep watching the “Bound 2″ video. Check out our 10 things to expect after the jump. More »

La Roux’s ‘Trouble In Paradise’: Album Review

La Roux’s first real dose of success was comparable to the Big Bang Theory (the actual theory — not the hit TV show). In 2009, the UK outfit (then comprised of one Ms. Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) dropped their self-titled debut album. The project had a handful of proverbial bangers, but it wasn’t until 2010 that La Roux really popped. Cut to the episode of Entourage where Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) was being led down a rugged path by porn star Sasha Grey, and they find him passed out in a drug-induced coma on the side of his built-in pool. The closing credits played DJ Skream’s remix of La Roux’s “In For The Kill.”

Sure, the original version manifested itself in the form of many a commercial, but that remix fell into the hands of hip-hop and became rappers’ fodder. The track was wildly remixed and sampled by everyone from The Game to Khloe Kardashian‘s bae French Montana. The winning bidder, though, was the other Kardashian beau, Kanye West, who landed on the official remix. That’s all a roundabout way of saying that the five-year wait for a second La Roux album has been an arduous one, considering how once La Roux arrived, they really arrived.

Trouble In Paradise marks the much needed return of a now solo dolo Elly Jackson, filled with smoother melodies and bubbly production, yet lyrical poignancy. More »

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