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Sky Ferreira Covers Hole’s “Asking For It” Live: Watch

Live Through This
Best Pop Singles Of 1994
Best Pop Singles Of 1994
The best songs from 20 years ago + interviews with Ace Of Base, TLC & more.

Clearly, Sky Ferreira read and absorbed Idolator’s roundup of The 50 Best Songs Of 1994 we published yesterday, because when she hit the stage at Los Angeles’ Belasco Theater in the evening, she and boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith treated lucky concert-goers to a rousing and properly moody cover of Hole‘s “Asking For It.” The song first appeared on Courtney Love & Co.’s seminal 1994 album Live Through This, along with other classic tracks like “Doll Parts” and “Miss World.”

Here on stage, Sky appears decked out in a black leather jacket, black skirt and black stockings. As for her boyfriend, well — with the lighting effects low, you could almost swear it looks like the ghost of Kurt Cobain hovering in the shadows.

Watch Sky cover Hole’s alt-rock gem “Asking For It” below. More »

One Direction’s “Night Changes” Video: Watch Everything Go Terribly Wrong For Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry & Louis

One Direction Night Changes music video zayn malik four
Zayn's So Dreamy
1D's Zayn Malik Looks Grumpy On 'Jimmy Kimmel'
1D's Zayn Malik Looks Grumpy On 'Jimmy Kimmel'
Jimmy questions Zayn's engagement to Perri Edwards.

If One Direction‘s Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and Ellen appearances this week in support of their just-released album Four — plus their appearance on Band Aid 30‘s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” —  isn’t enough of a boy band fix for you, then you might be happy to know the guys decided, hey, why not just chuck out our new music video, to boot?

“Night Changes” is the second single off Four, and it’s the song that — gasp — finds the fivesome acknowledging, “We’re only getting older, baby.” In the accompanying video, we see Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis on individual romantic dates, and all seems to be going well until Zayn gets a pitcher of water and a plate of pasta dumped on his head. Some other stuff happens, too, but basically: Zayn. More »

One Direction’s Zayn Malik Looks Grumpy After Jimmy Kimmel Questions His Engagement To Perrie Edwards: Watch

One Direction Zayn Malik Jimmy Kimmel Live Four 2014
Jimmy Gets On Zayn's Bad Side

In the midst of One Direction‘s North American promo onslaught behind new album Four (which, by the way, is expected to sell over 400,000 copies by week’s end — no big deal), the boy band stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles yesterday for a chat. Jimmy threw a barrage of silly questions the lads’ way — Would you ever marry a girl who wet the bed every night? What’s the strangest gift a fan has ever given you? Who is most likely to let a woman split the band apart? — but things took an awkward turn when the host brought up Zayn Malik‘s engagement to Little Mix member Perrie Edwards.

“Do you guys think it’s a good idea that Zayn is getting married?” Kimmel asked the other 1D members. He then began to rib Malik by saying, “Zayn, you obviously think it’s a good idea… But I’m gonna tell you right now, it is not a good idea. And we’ll have a talk about this, but, I mean, I hope it goes well. I hope I’m wrong.” More »

The 50 Best Pop Singles Of 1994 (Featuring New Interviews With Ace Of Base, TLC, Lisa Loeb, Real McCoy & Haddaway)

As 2014 draws to a close, one thing that stands out the most about this year is the huge wave of artists who broke international barriers and crossed over into our pop music consciousness. And we’re not just talking about the UK, where Disclosure, Sam Smith, Charli XCX, Ella Henderson and Clean Bandit hail from — you also had Australia (Iggy Azalea), Ireland (Hozier), Canada (MAGIC! and Kiesza) Norway (Nico & Vinz), Sweden (Tove Lo) and Amsterdam (Mr. Probz) waving their flags high. It got us thinking that we hadn’t seen a foreign invasion of the American charts like this in 20 years.

So what else is it about 1994 that made it such an utterly memorable year, musically? Before we get to that, let’s first paint a quick picture of what life was like during this particular 12-month period when iTunes and YouTube and Twitter didn’t exist, nor did texting or Snapchatting — when being “social” meant driving (sans GPS or the Maps app) to meet up with friends in person, or, at the very least, putting a pen to paper and mailing a letter.

First off, when 1994 rolled around, Bill Clinton was entering the second year of his first term as President. Cell phones were the size of bricks and e-mail and the Internet were sporadically-used luxuries. It was the days of Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan and the 1994 Winter Olympics. And CD-ROMs. We watched O.J. Simpson go on the run on live TV and also tuned into the first seasons of Friends, ER and Party Of Five. Tom Hanks was America’s favorite silver screen star. At the box office, The Lion King roared loudest, while Speed, Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction also packed movie-goers in. And when Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home on April 8th, it was, as they say, the end of an era…

…which brings us back to music. It would have been the easy way out for us here at Idolator to assemble a simple list of, say, the 20 best singles from 20 years ago, and dash out a a sentence or two on each one. But it turns out, when we really dug deep into what pop had to offer in 1994, there were just far too many good songs to leave off the list. From sultry slow jams to trip hop to synth-pop to Eurodance to Swedepop to alt-rock, it truly was an eclectic year when popular music produced something for everyone.

So instead, we gathered up the 50 best pop singles that made an impact in 1994 below, and reviewed and ranked them by their overall awesomeness. Most of these songs sprung up that year, but you’ll find that some first appeared on albums released in 1993 and didn’t get a single release until ’94, or perhaps were released as a single in late ’93 but their chart run carried into the next year. Whatever the case may be, they’re the tracks we felt left an unforgettable impression.

To add a bit of flavor, we reached out to some of the artists featured — Ace Of Base, TLC, Lisa Loeb, Real McCoy and Haddaway — and asked them to share their memories of what it was like contributing to the year 1994 in pop. Ready to hop into our time machine and step back 20 years? On your mark, get set… More »

Watch HAERTS Have A ‘Slumber Party @emmieshouse’: Idolator Premiere

Haerts slumber party emmies house myspace
We Haert Emmie

From coast to coast, there’s a chill in the air, and most of us would like nothing more than to stay at home in bed. But since there are donuts to be made and bills to be paid, why not live vicariously through Emmie Lichtenberg, who returns today with the third season of her MySpace web series Slumber Party @emmieshouse. And joining the pajama-wearing Brooklyn comic for the first new episode is one of Idolator’s favorite multinational bands, HAERTS!

Watch above as Emmie engages Benny (who, mind you, has a Troll doll sticking out of his shirt), Derek, Garrett and Nini in rounds of Truth Or Dare, hair-braiding and fake-tattooing. Spoiler alert for all you ’90s babies: there are My Father The Hero and Hocus Pocus references. More »

Clean Bandit’s “Show Me Love”: Listen To Their Cover Of The Robin S House Classic

So If You're Looking For Devotion...
Popping Up: Clean Bandit
Popping Up: Clean Bandit
Our interview with the UK classical/house quartet.

Today sees the re-release of Clean Bandit‘s debut album New Eyes, and with it comes three new-ish songs from the British classical/house quartet. First up is “Real Love,” a new collaboration (and Clean Bandit’s current single) with “Rather Be” singer Jess Glynne. Another new track called “Stronger” has been added to the album, as has a cover of Robin S‘s 1993 smash “Show Me Love” — which, if you caught Clean Bandit on their recent North American tour, you saw them play live.

Elisabeth Troy, who features on New Eyes track “Heart On Fire” and has filled in for Glynne during live performances, takes on vocal duty for the “Show Me Love” cover. Give it a listen below, where you can also catch Clean Bandit’s spring 2015 US tour dates. More »

Band Aid 30′s “Do They Know It’s Christmas”: Review Revue

Band Aid 30's "Do They Know It's Christmas": Watch
Band Aid 30's "Do They Know It's Christmas": Watch
See Sam Smith, One Direction & other UK pop royalty sing for charity.

Sir Bob Geldof and Midge Ure assembled a Who’s Who of British and Irish pop this past weekend to record a slightly revised version of holiday charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” this time to provide aid to the ebola crisis in Africa. Billed as Band Aid 30 and featuring such artists as One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Bono, Sam Smith, Rita Ora, Emeli Sande, Paloma Faith, Sinead O’Connor, Chris Martin and Seal, this marks the fourth rendition of the song to be made since 1984 (with Bono being the only singer from the original to take part).

Below, we’ve rounded up a smattering of critics’ opinions on the new (and improved?) “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” a single that’s now riding high on iTunes around the globe (it’s #1 in England and #2 in the States) and raising funds to battle the deadly ebola disease. More »

Paradise Fears’ “Who We Were With”: Idolator Premiere

Following the release(s) of their debut album Battle Scars, South Dakota alt-pop band Paradise Fears signed with  the DigSin label and are prepping a new album for 2015. Ahead of that, the quintet will release soaring new single “Who We Were With,” a song that lyrically peels away our starry-eyed ideals about love and presents a kind of basic truth about our common need for companionship.

“The song was adapted from a poem I wrote, based around this idea that was kind of haunting about how people are able to convince themselves consciously of what is or isn’t love, even though it’s supposed to be an intuitive process,” Paradise Fears vocalist Sam Miller tells Idolator. “So often, I’m afraid we feel comfortable, we call it love, we teach ourselves it’s good enough and we settle for less than we deserve. Love is the kind of thing we learn to do. We’re born knowing how to feel, but somewhere in the process of giving it a name, we screw it up.”

Below, Idolator is premiering “Who We Were With” a day ahead of its official single release. Give the bittersweet song a listen! More »

Empathy Test’s “Holding On”: Idolator Premiere

Empathy Test are a synth-savvy duo out of London who are set to release their second EP, Throwing Stones, soon on Brooklyn label Stars & Letters Records. Ahead of that, Idolator is premiering the pair’s track “Holding On,” which features icy keyboards and a beat straight out of 1983 courtesy of band member Adam Relf, as well as the haunting tenor of vocalist Isaac Howlett.

The pair tell us the following about their new track: “‘Holding On’ is an unusually abstract song for us, lyrically. It reflects society’s obsession with celebrity and in particular, celebrity death. Stylistically, it’s a nod to the drum machine-based synth pop pioneers of the early ’80s, with the clockwork high-hat mimicking the click of camera shutters.”

Slip into Empathy Test’s cool, dark world by giving “Holding On” a listen below More »

Band Aid 30′s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” Is Here: Watch The Video, Starring Sam Smith, One Direction, Rita Ora & Others

Band Aid 30 Do They Know It's Christmas 2014 Ellie Goulding Chris Martin Sinead OConnor Ed Sheeran Seal One Direction Sam Smith
Christmas Charity
Adele A No-Show For Band Aid 30
Adele A No-Show For Band Aid 30
The singer won't take part in “Do They Know It's Christmas."

The video clip for Band Aid 30‘s rendition of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” premiered Sunday evening (November 16) during the UK telecast of The X Factor, and even without Adele taking part, the new version is quite the star-studded affair. Here on the lyrically-revised 2014 installment of the song — the fourth time it’s been recorded for charity over the past 30 years — One Direction take the first line, followed by Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Paloma Faith and a slew of others (including Bono, a veteran of the very first version, and Chris Martin, who took part 10 years ago in Band Aid 20‘s take on the classic holiday track). More »

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