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Madonna Shows Her Rebel Heart (And Her Boobs, Thighs & Crotch) On Instagram: Her 14 Most #Unapologetic Selfie Pics

How long have we been fascinated with Madonna‘s naughty bits? Probably for as long as she’s been bouncing them out there for all to see…so, you know, decades. And now that the Queen Of Pop has been unleashed on Instagram, she has no problem showing her loyal subjects every aspect of her rebel heart.

Upcoming Grammy Awards performer Madge still knows how to get pulses racing — not to mention blood boiling — every time she shows a little skin, but she has choice words for her detractors: “Laughing at all the haters out there who spend their energy trying to label and limit me with their prejudices and fears,” she wrote last year on Instagram. “Take your evil tongue and eye and turn them into birds that fly!” More »

Dawn Richard Strips Off In Stunning ‘Blackheart’ Promo Pics: See The Sexy Shoot

Dawn Richard's "Tide: The Paradox Effect" Video
Dawn Richard's "Tide: The Paradox Effect" Video
Dawn Richard's "Tide: The Paradox Effect" video is an animated sci-fi extravaganza. Watch it now.

Dawn Richard is a visual artist. Despite releasing excellent third solo LP Blackheart (out now) independently, the former Danity Kane diva has delivered innovative artwork, an edgy image overhaul and even co-directed an amazing animated video, “Tide: The Paradox Effect,” which makes the rest of the game look creatively bankrupt.

The 31-year-old’s arty approach is reflected in Blackheart‘s stylish promo pics. Dawn has been updating her social media accounts with the stunning images, which range from a completely nude pic (she is covered in black paint) to a series of high-fashion looks. Everything about this era has been so well-executed and interesting, it makes you wonder what she could achieve with a bigger budget. See her sexy promo shoot up top. More »

In Celebration Of Asia, Lady Gaga’s Adorable French Bulldog: 20 Cute Pics

Lady Gaga's Big New Hairstyle: 8 Pics
Lady Gaga's Big New Hairstyle: 8 Pics
How long has Lady Gaga been dressing like Cher circa 1987?

The term “Queen Of Pop” gets thrown around all too loosely across the blogosphere, which is why it’s important that we bring it back and really recognize the true owner worthy of the title: Asia, Lady Gaga‘s iconic French bulldog.

Affectionately nicknamed “Batpig” (likely due to her bat-like ears and pig-like face, but also her impressive array of superpowers most closely similar to Batman), Asia is a true legend. Her #PhucksFree attitude is rivaled only by Rihanna, while her sad puppy face could make even the hardest and most toughest and strongest #RebelHearts like Madonna weep for days. Hell, she even scored a Harper’s Bazaar cover back in September! There’s simply no stopping this fierce and fashionable pup. Accordingly, we’ve rounded up some of Asia’s best photos over the nearly full year since Gaga adopted her beloved Batpig. More »

Charli XCX Is Bare-Faced & Sultry In ‘V’ Magazine Photo Shoot: 5 Photos

Charli XCX & Rita Ora's "Doing It" Video
Charli XCX & Rita Ora's "Doing It" Video
Watch the two ladies take on the Wild Wild West in this rowdy visual.

Charli XCX‘s fashion style is typically bold and girly with an injection of punk rock edge, but these new magazine outtakes show a softer side to the UK singer. In the shoot (photographed by Richard Bush), she dons a fresh face with minimal makeup while wearing statement jewelry and a slick motorcycle jacket.

The “Doing It” chanteuse also speaks with the magazine about the success of “Boom Clap” and gives props to Britney Spears. View the photos in the gallery up top, and read highlights from the singer’s interview after the jump! More »

Katy Perry Covers ‘ESPN’ Magazine’s Music Issue With Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt: 7 Pics

Katy Perry Talks Super Bowl Halftime Show
Katy Perry Talks Super Bowl Halftime Show
Katy Perry says her Super Bowl XLIX halftime show will be strong and empowering but not controversial.

Katy Perry lands on the cover of ESPN‘s music issue with Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt in the lead-up to her blockbuster halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX on February 1. The 30-year-old looks typically adorable/sexy in a figure-hugging as she puts eye black on her strapping friend. They unlikely duo then camp it up for the shoot by flexing and striking cheerleader poses.

The “Dark Horse” diva and J.J. also sat down for a chat and talked about the rush they get from fans chanting their name, or in Katy’s case, singing her songs. “For me, it’s about the lyrics, when they’re all singing these songs I wrote in a little apartment, or in a garage, or a small studio,” she explains. “Hearing these lyrics that were so sacred to me, hearing thousands of people sing them, it’s an incredible feeling that is unmatched to anything else.” See a selection of pics from the shoot up top. More »

Divas Of The Desert: 10 Of The Best (& Sandiest) Music Videos

Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Sam Smith, Jessie J, Tove Lo & Charli XCX Join Taylor Swift, No Doubt & others join.

Charli XCX and Rita Ora showed off their rowdy robber sides in the “Doing It” video, which dropped today (January 20). But prior to its release, our favorite divas have tousled and gotten messy in the desert to achieve some pretty iconic videos over the years!

It goes to show that females can also be badasses in the Wild Wild West just as much (or even better than) the boys. In the gallery above, revisit ten of the best desert-themed music videos from ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and more! More »

Sam Smith’s Instagram Selfies, January 2015 Edition: 8 Photos

Sam Smith‘s Australian vacation may be over, and his tour of North America might be underway, but that hasn’t slowed the selfie expert down from posting snaps of himself for his fans to ogle. Normally Instagram is considered to be an archive of pop star boobs — at least in our eyes — but Sam also makes it a space where he can show off his many moods. Whether he’s craving salad or feeling joyful, mischievous, grumpy or frisky, the Grammy-nominated “Like I Can” singer knows just how to mug for his own camera. More »

Jennifer Lopez Is Ridiculously Sexy In ‘Complex’ Cover Story: 6 Pics

Golden Globe Awards 2015: J. Lo's Boob-Baring Gown
Golden Globe Awards 2015: J. Lo's Boob-Baring Gown
Jennifer Lopez's Golden Globes outfit was part dress, part cape, and the combo allowed for a couple of her finest natural assets to be on full display.

Jennifer Lopez is seriously on her Boy Next Door and American Idol (and A.K.A.…and the list goes on!) grind right now, and she’s been showing up divas half her age while doing so: From her jaw-dropping appearance on the red carpet of the Golden Globes to her sexy spread in Latina Magazine alongside co-star Ryan Guzman, J.Lo’s not wasting any opportunity to show off her unbelievably gorgeous self to the masses.

She’s keeping the promo train moving today with a cover story on the February/March cover of Complex, in which the stunning diva opens up to the magazine about divorce (“they’re painful in the moment, but now I see myself as a brave warrior princess who keeps going no matter what”), fame and celebrity (“Everything has a trade-off in this world. I’ve learned that from being broke as hell and having money”) reading Internet comments (“I don’t go on the Internet and read comments. I’m sure everybody gets curious and does it, but I don’t”) and agist/sexist criticism (“I’m not allowed to be sexy because I’m a mom?”) All in all, it’s an insightful read, proving that Jenny From The Block continues to be the realest.

Check out the full set of photos from the Complex shoot up top. More »

Kesha Went Rafting In Patagonia: 7 Pics From The Pop Star’s Exotic Vacation

Wayne Coyne Talks Kesha
Wayne Coyne Talks Kesha
Wayne Coyne sheds some light on Kesha's relationship with Dr. Luke, explains the fate of 'Lipsha'.

Instead of hitting the nearest beach for a quick winter getaway, Kesha flew to South America for an icy adventure in Patagonia. The “Timber” diva went rafting, posed in her bikini despite the freezing weather — a girl’s gotta get them Instagram likes! — and shared pics of the breathtaking scenery. It’s refreshing to see her relaxing and having a good time after all the mayhem of 2014.

While things still haven’t been sorted out with mentor/producer Dr. Luke (they are still suing each other), Kesha has already returned to the studio. Her brother recently posted and then deleted a picture of her working on new music. Fingers crossed the former K$ can sort out those legal woes because we need her ratchet, glitter-pop anthems to save us from the beige basics currently dominating radio. See snaps of her exotic vacay up top. More »

Niykee Heaton Keeps It Sexy Despite The Cold: See The Pop Star’s 10 Best Winter Thirst Traps

Niykee Heaton's Gritty "Rain Dog"
Niykee Heaton's Gritty "Rain Dog"
Niykee Heaton surprised fans by randomly uploading a new song. Check out "Rain Dog."

While most of us are covering up for winter, Niykee Heaton isn’t about to let a little cold weather ruin her Instagram game! The rising pop star lays thirst traps with the regularity of a battery hen (it’s kind of her thing) and, if anything, she’s upped the ante over the past couple of weeks. The 19-year-old has posted pics in lingerie, bikinis and even athletic wear — basically anything that shows off her killer curves.

The South African-born babe also inspired fans (including dudes!) to follow in her footsteps and post raunchy pics when the hashtag #DoItLikeNiykee went viral. In addition to making social media a much sexier place, Niykee is also hard at work on new music. She recently dropped a demo called “Rain Dog” and it picks up where her excellent debut EP Bad Intentions left off — with surprisingly earthy singer/songwriter fare. See her winter thirst traps up top. More »