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Beyonce’s ‘CR Fashion Book’ Photo Shoot Is Typically ***Flawless: 9 Gorgeous Pics

Just when you thought Beyonce would slay the MTV Video Music Awards and then disappear until it’s time to collect her next batch of Grammys, the game-changing diva posed for CR Fashion Book and even wrote them a poem. Shot by Pierre Debusschere (he also helmed her stunning “Mine” video) and styled by Carine Roitfeld, the shoot is one of Bey’s best. Hell, she even has a Chanel surfboard strapped to her back in one pic!

The issue arrives on September 4 (a date which also happens to be Queen Bey’s 33rd birthday), so the shoot chronicles her life and career. There are references to her self-titled album, music videos and even past photo shoots. As for the commentary? Well, Beyonce writes about Blue Ivy and the inspiration she gets from children in general.

“There’s someone, we all find out soon, more important than ourselves to lose,” she muses. “I feel a deep bond with young children — all those photos in my dressing room — especially those who’ve been stricken. Children I’ve met across the years — they uplift me like pieces of moon and guide me, whispering in my ear.” How lovely. Peruse all the pics up top. More »

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Where Everybody Took Photos With Taylor Swift: 10 Pics

When it came to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards last night, only one thing was certain: Everyone was Taylor Swift‘s biggest fan.

While the 1989 country pop-turned-regular pop diva tore it up on stage to the sound of her breezy new single “Shake It Off” on stage, she was equally busy off-stage courting her shaking and crying Swifties from all over — from Jessie J to Jennifer Lopez to Ed Sheeran to Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello. She’s got her fair share of haters, sure…but it seems like there’s way, way more love for Miss Swift.

Check out our gallery of celebs fangirling for Tay Tay at the 2014 VMAs above. Are you excited for 1989? Let us know in the comments below. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Jennifer Lopez Is A Vision Of Timeless Perfection

Has Jennifer Lopez ever looked in a mirror and not been greeted with a vision of flawless perfection? The stunning diva tore up the red carpet in a revealing (but still classy and sophisticated) metallic dress that showed off her famous curves and then some. She is basically a red carpet zen master and the other girls should all be taking notes.

The striking 45-year-old (how is this possible?) released some amazing visuals over the past 12 months but somehow failed to get any nominations. Obviously, they missed the camp brilliance of “I Luh Ya Papi” and the gorgeous black-and-white “First Love” video. Whatever. Jennifer still gets to wake up every morning looking like that. She wins. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Miley Cyrus Clowns Around On The Red Carpet

It says a lot about the direction of pop music (and the unquenchable thirst of the game’s leading ladies) when Miley Cyrus is one of the most elegantly-attired divas on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. Sure, she was wearing a thin strip of leather that barely covered her chest but that might as well be a nun’s habit in comparison to what her colleagues were rocking.

The twerkin’ maverick stole the show last year with her raunchy on-stage antics and giant foam finger but she seemed happy to take a back seat this time around. Instead, she clowned around on the red carpet — love the extreme tongue action — and looked like she was having a great old time. Miley for the win, wouldn’t you say? More »

MTV VMAs 2014: 5 Seconds Of Summer Rocked The Red Carpet

5 Seconds Of Summer tore up the red carpet at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles tonight (August 24). The Australian rockers laughed and joked their way their way past photographers and looked great in the process. Leather jackets and blazers have never looked quite so good together!

The guys are having one hell of a year. They have consistently topped the iTunes sales chart with each new single and reached number one on the Billboard 200 with their self-titled debut album. It also had one of the biggest first week sales tallies of 2014. 5 Seconds Of Summer is a massive hit or two away from being the biggest band in the world. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Beyonce Is The One True Queen

Slow clap for Beyonce. The unstoppable diva literally ran down the red carpet when the show was already starting but still managed to steal everyone’s shine. (She did stop briefly to chat with a couple of truly blessed fans). Queen Bey is being honored with the Vanguard Award tonight, so she dressed appropriately in a stunning black gown.

It kind of goes without saying that the 32-year-old looked amazing. Like Iggy Azalea, she opted for a glamorous look over a skimpy rag or plunging neckline. Bey’s beyond those games and knows she can still scalp bitches by simply flashing a smile. Mrs. Carter is rumored to be performing a medley of her entire visual album. Stay tuned. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Iggy Azalea Is A Metallic Goddess

While most divas opted for gimmicks to grab attention (and headlines), Iggy Azalea kept it classy in a stunning floor-length metallic gown. There isn’t a single flaw to be found in this look. Trust me, I’ve been staring at the pics long enough. Her dress shows just enough skin to be racy and hugs her curves in all the right spots but still oozes glamour.

The Australian rapper nabbed a Video Of The Year nomination for the Charli XCX-assisted chart-topper “Fancy” and will perform her new single “Black Widow” with Rita Ora. Iggy is arguably the break-out star of 2014. She currently has a history-making three songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. A feat only Ariana Grande, Ashanti and Adele have achieved. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Katy Perry And Riff Raff Pay Tribute To Justin And Britney

Well played, Katy Perry. The pop queen felt a little slighted that “Roar” didn’t snag any major nominations (despite being watched billions of times) but she still made sure all eyes were on her at the 2014 MTV VMAs red carpet tonight (August 24). Which was no easy feat given the sea of attention-hungry divas vying to be the most outrageous.

The 29-year-old arrived on the arm of her side-piece Riff Raff in matching denim outfits — an obvious tribute to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake‘s iconic appearance at the 2001 American Music Awards. The cute couple kissed on the red carpet and recently worked on a remix of Katy’s new single “This Is How We Do”. So it’s obviously true love. More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Demi Lovato Brought Out The Big Guns

Demi Lovato was rudely overlooked in all the major categories but she still managed to steal the show on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet in Los Angeles tonight (August 24). The 22-year-old sexed up her image by rocking a stunning red grown with a plunging neckline. In fact, it plunged so low that we could almost see her navel.

There’s no denying that the Disney diva has the curves to pull off such a bold look and she seemed extremely comfortable and confident. So good for her. Demi is currently celebrating the fourth hit single from her self-titled LP and is about the hit the road — again — for another blockbuster tour. Oh, and in her spare time, she’s helping promote mental health awareness.  More »

MTV VMAs 2014: Taylor Swift Looks Like A Praying Mantis

Taylor Swift is really embracing her switch to pop music. “Shake It Off” is an upbeat toe-tapper, she (controversially) put her own spin on twerking in the dorky video and today (August 24) walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in a tiny one-piece leotard (?) that revealed more than many of us wanted to see. Take that, Miley Cyrus!

This look raises so many questions. The first of which is obviously — what was she thinking? Taylor’s slim frame makes her the perfect clothes horse for elegant gowns but she resembles a baby blue bean pole in this outfit. The 24-year-old also looks uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. On the other hand, at least she’s having fun and trying to mix it up instead of dressing like a 47-year-old socialite. So yay? More »