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BTS Land On The Cover Of ‘Billboard,’ Talk Careers & Making History

Check out the 8 different covers! More »

Troye Sivan Poses For An Angelic Shoot With ‘Dazed’

For their spring fashion edition. More »

These Are The Stories Behind How Famous Bands Got Their Names

From Daft Punk to Aerosmith, here’s the story behind how famous bands landed on their iconic names. More »

Steven Tyler’s Wild Life And The Appalling Dark Secret From The Early Days Of Aerosmith

You won’t believe what he did… More »

The Worst Disasters In The History Of Music Festivals

What’s meant to be a fun escape from reality can sometimes turn into a nightmare. More »

Revealed: Musicians Dish On The People Who Inspired Their Hit Songs

From ex boyfriends and abusers to wives and random strangers in the night, these stars dish on their muses. More »

The Unexpected Jobs That Your Favorite Musicians Had Before They Became Famous

Some of your favorite musicians had downright terrible jobs on their path to stardom, and some had it pretty good. Read on to find out where these legendary artists got their starts! More »

Charlie Puth Poses For ‘Billboard,’ Talks About Reclaiming His Sound & Dating Selena

Sun-kissed. More »

From Gaga And Camila To Zayn: All The Looks From The 2018 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Passion for fashion. More »

Camila Cabello Is Radiant On The Cover Of ‘The Edit’

Cover girl. More »

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