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Katy Perry Kicks Off The North American Leg Of Her ‘Prismatic’ Tour In Raleigh: 10 Pics

Katy Perry kicked off the North American leg of her blockbuster Prismatic world tour in Raleigh, North Carolina last night (June 22) with an onslaught of chart-topping hits and colorful costumes. The 29-year-old, who recently launched her own record label, has really upped her live game — delivering a dazzling spectacular suited to her standing as the current queen of pop.

It’s hard to pick a favorite outfit but I’m feeling the (comparatively) demure ensemble with the cape. Katy looks like Mary Magdalene at a roller disco. Other highlights include the impressive recreation of the diva’s “Dark Horse” video and the segment where she’s suspended above the audience clutching a handful of balloons. Peruse all the pics up top. More »

Lady Gaga Has Started Dressing Like Cher Circa 1987: 8 Big-Haired Pics

How long has Lady Gaga been dressing like Cher circa 1987? We know Mother Monster is a fan but the latest pics on her Instagram feed could be used as evidence for a restraining order. The ARTPOP diva has basically turned back time (get it?) to the decade that taste forgot and is reliving her former duet partner‘s look, one wig at a time.

The weird thing is how well the garb suits Gaga. Sure, she looks like she just walked off the set of Moonstruck but dark hair really works for her and the crazy curls bring out her Italian heritage. Perhaps the “G.U.Y.” singing could use Cher’s hey-day as a starting point and then tone it down a bit. Just so she doesn’t get requests to sing “I Found Someone” while walking down the street. More »

Queen And Adam Lambert Conquer The iHeartRadio Theater In Los Angeles: 10 Pics

Queen and Adam Lambert performed a special show at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles last night (June 16), which was live-streamed on classic rock stations across the country and on They tore their way through eight classic hits including the ever-popular “We Will Rock You”, “Another One Bites the Dust” and the gloriously-titled “Fat Bottom Girls”.

Speaking of that song, Adam introduced it by shouting: “All you fat ass bitches are gonna get out your seat and ride!” Needless to say, there was a lot of booty-shaking by the end of the song. In a post-show Q&A, legendary Queen guitarist Brian May spoke about hooking up with their new frontman. “We didn’t look for Adam,” he said. “We just found him. Saw him on the Idol finale and it was a natural thing from there. His voice is so incredible.” Peruse our gallery of pics up top and see the full setlist after the jump. More »

Iggy Azalea’s Body Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction: See Her 10 Sexiest Swimsuit Pics

Iggy Azalea‘s gravity-defying curves get almost as much attention as her chart-topping music. Which is a powerful statement because the flawless rap diva currently has the number one and number two songs in the country. A simple selfie of her bangin’ body is enough to trigger chaos on Instagram and she’s more than happy to keep them coming.

When you’ve got, flaunt it. That’s clearly the motto that the Australian femcee lives by. While not as racy as Rita Ora‘s eye-popping feed or as raunchy and ratchet Rihanna‘s much-missed account, Iggy does more than her fair share for internet perverts by delivering a generous supply of smokin’ hot bikini pics. See 10 of her sexiest swimsuit snaps up top. More »

Miley Cyrus Smokes A Pink Banana, Poses Topless (Yet Again) & Licks A Mirror In Sexy New ‘Bangerz’ Outtakes: 12 (Kind Of) NSFW Pics

Miley CyrusBangerz era is truly the gift that keeps on giving. At least visually. Yesterday (June 5) a couple of new semi-topless pics from the “Adore You” diva’s album photo shoot surfaced online and today another batch of outtakes arrive. By now you pretty much know what to expect — Miley isn’t wearing a lot of clothes and behaves in ways that may (or may not) shock her best friend Lesley.

Photographed by Tyrone Lebon, the unused pics are actually a lot of fun. Miley smokes a pink banana like a bong in one memorable image, while wearing a “Wrecking Ball” t-shirt — no less. The 21-year-old also poses semi-topless in a bunch of snaps because, well, that’s just her thing and she lies on top of a mirror in another (and licks it). Peruse the pics up top. More »

Lana Del Rey Poses For ‘Fader’ Magazine, Talks Feminism & Sleeping Her Way To The Top: 9 Pics

With Ultraviolence almost upon us (June 17 really can’t come quick enough), Lana Del Rey is finally ready to up her promo game. The “West Coast” diva covers the summer music issue of Fader magazine and posed for a casual but still gorgeous photo shoot. She looks like the stunningly beautiful girl next door. If you live in a really cool part of Brooklyn.

The interview comprehensively documents the 27-year-old’s slow but inevitable rise to fame and her struggle to find herself, both as a person and as an artist. Some of the most interesting tidbits include the revelations that Lana suffers from a mystery illness and depression, and has no interest in feminism. “For me, the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept,” she admits.

One of the most fascinating tidbits is what could be the back story of much-speculated on Ultraviolence track “Fucked My Way Up To The Top”. “I had a seven-year relationship with the head of this label, and he was a huge inspiration to me,” the glum songstress reveals. “I’ll tell you later when more people know. He never signed me, but he was like my muse, the love of my life.” See a behind-the-scenes video of Lana’s Fader shoot after the jump. More »

Miley Cyrus’ Selfies Are Works Of (Highly Disturbing) Art: See Her 12 Scariest Self-Portraits

I’ve seen horror movies that are less frightening than Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram account. The 21-year-old’s ability to turn a simple selfie into a (creepy) work of art is unprecedented. As is her filter game. Seriously, where do you even an app that makes you look like you’re auditioning for The Exorcist reboot? (I’m asking for a friend).

But there’s more to Miley’s frightening self-portraits than filter trickery. The Bangerz diva can seemingly roll her eyes into the back of her head at the drop of a hat and turn just about anything into an unholy prop. It’s actually a neat trick that she should explore further when designing her next album cover. Peruse the serial twerker’s peerless selfies up top. More »

The Art Of ‘Ultraviolence’: 9 Promo Pics For Lana Del Rey’s New LP

With the June 17 release of Lana Del Rey‘s much-hyped Ultraviolence edging ever closer, now is as good a time as any to reflect on the LP’s stunning visual element. The 27-year-old has completely reinvented herself yet again. Gone is the cloying glamour of Born To Die. Instead, the queen of sadcore opts for a more organic look, which is reflected in her still dark and mysterious promo pics.

The common thread between the eras is the distinct retro feel. While the “Young & Beautiful” diva channelled the ’50s on her debut LP, she now evokes the seedy ’70s with her new style and music. Get in the mood for what promises to be one of the best albums of 2014 by perusing Lana’s subtle but vaguely ominous Ultraviolence photos up top. More »

Jennifer Lopez’s Sexiest “First Love” Video Clip Screengrabs: 16 Pics

Jennifer Lopez unveiled her super chic/sexy “First Love” video today (May 29) and raised temperatures wherever there is an internet connection with her raunchy desert antics. To celebrate the ultimate triple threat’s breathtaking visual, I’ve curated a gallery of her sexiest moments. Which wasn’t that hard given the seductive source material.

So what can you expect from “First Love”? Well, there’s J.Lo in a clingy white bodysuit for starters. That’s pretty much all you need but the diva also rocks a bunch of designer outfits and finds romance with British male model David Gandy. Trust Jenny to find the only guy with a six-pack driving through the Californian wilderness! Peruse the stunning pics up top. More »

Skylar Grey Shows Off Her Tattoos (By Posing Topless) For ‘Inked Magazine’: 7 Pics

The last time we heard from Skylar Grey, she was lending her voice to David Guetta‘s international dance hit “Shot Me Down”. Things have been a bit slow since then but the singer/songwriter will, no doubt, get people talking with her hoodlum-themed, semi-topless shoot for Inked magazine. It definitely makes a statement!

The creative genius behind Eminem and Rihanna‘s “Love The Way You Lie” (among many other hits) poses in various states of undress in a trailer park. In one memorable shot, Skylar appears to be wearing transparent panties. As a fan of body art and underrated pop divas, I think she looks phenomenal and eagerly await the follow-up to 2013′s Don’t Look Down. More »