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Rihanna Sexes Up Social Media (Again), Posts Topless ‘Vogue’ Brazil Shoot On Instagram: 10 Pics

Rihanna is up to her usual attention-grabbing antics in the latest issue of Vogue Brazil and for that we are forever grateful. The hit machine posed topless for the tropical pictorial, showing just enough side-boob to spark a little controversy but generally keeping it surprisingly classy. (At least, in comparison to this eye-popping shoot).

As a woman of the people, RiRi kindly posted a bunch of pictures from the steamy spread on her Instagram account this afternoon (April 28). It’s impossible to pick a favorite because she looks impeccable in all of them but nobody does the From Here To Eternity sandy beach pose better than Rihanna. Peruse the Barbadian babe’s sexy social media spree up top. More »

Ciara Shows Off Her Beautiful Baby Bump In ‘W’ Magazine, Talks New Music: 5 Pics

Ciara talks about the joys of pregnancy in the latest issue of W magazine and proudly shows off her beautiful baby bump in a stunning pictorial. The R&B diva displays her magnificent belly in a crop top in one fierce pose and reclines in the dirt in another striking image. Needless to say, she looks gorgeous in all of them.

While most of the interview is dedicated to CiCi’s impending motherhood (“it feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough”), she does talk about new music. The “Body Party” singer claims an album is coming “really soon” and promises that the as-yet untitled opus will be her best yet. “I will go on record saying so.”  More »

Nicki Minaj’s Killer Cleavage Conquers Instagram: 9 Pics

Nicki Minaj has made a point of toning down her image in the lead up to The Print Print — at least as far has her hair and make-up is concerned. The clown paint and crazy wigs have been binned but the femcee hasn’t exactly become a shrinking violet. In fact, her new favorite hobby appears to be showcasing her killer rack on Instagram.

The “Lookin’ Ass” diva has really embraced busty selfies. She went on a posting spree a couple of days ago and picked up where she left off last night (April 23) by sharing eye-popping pics in a clingy white top. We’ve seen a lot more of Nicki’s two biggest hits in the past, so I guess this is kind of demure by her standards. No doubt she will up the ante closer to the album release date. More »

PHOTOS: Sky Ferreira Looks Magnifique For ‘Le Monde’ Magazine

Sporting a striking look that seems like a straight-up homage to Jane Fonda‘s character Bree Daniels in 1971 Oscar winner Klute, Sky Ferreira is the very definition of glam in Alasdair McLellan‘s shots for French publication Le Monde. The singer recently wrapped her stint as opener on Miley Cyrusnow-canceled North American Bangerz Tour, and last week she premiered the controversial video for her latest Night Time, My Time single, “I Blame Myself.”

When it comes to her own fashion sense, while not working, Sky pretty much sticks with what she knows. “I still go to all the same stores I went to in high school,” she told Idolator earlier this month. “Sometimes I do like having nice clothes, but most of my clothes are not designer clothes.”

Flip through Sky’s Le Monde pics in the gallery above. More »

Selena Gomez Is Cute And Casual In Clothes From Her Adidas NEO Summer Collection: 13 Pics

The great Selena Gomez drought of 2014 is finally over! Today, we learned that she has a new song/video on the way (thanks, Ryan Seacrest) and were treated to gorgeous pics of the Stars Dance diva modeling clothes from her Adidas NEO summer collection. What’s next, a new movie role or TV series?

The 21-year-old’s latest NEO range is cute and casual. In other words, perfect for summer. Selena models shorts, skinny jeans and some killer kicks. She looks like the extremely hot girl-next-door and I think that’s the whole point. The pics of her taking selfies are adorable and she even indulges in some painting. Peruse the pop star’s clothing line up top. More »

Coachella 2014: Lana Del Rey Debuts “West Coast” And Delivers A Rambling, Riveting Set

“My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola” were the first words Lana Del Rey uttered at Coachella on Sunday night (April 13) as she strutted across the Outdoor Stage in front of thousands of dazed and delirious fans. And with that one lyric, she effortlessly set the tone for a rambling and rocky set that was occasionally flawed but never less than utterly enchanting.

You see, one of the many fascinating things about the girl formerly known as Lizzie Grant is the grey area between herself and the brilliant character she created. Was her apparent state of intoxication and bizarre behavior (more about that later) part of Lana Del Rey’s doomed beauty queen persona or did she just overindulge before the show? I don’t know and, to be honest, I really don’t care. The 27-year-old was on-point vocally and was born to perform against the quintessentially Cali neon-lit palm trees that surround the stage. As far as I’m concerned her theatrics (or live mishaps) only heightened the experience.

After driving the monstrous crowd — Lana had people squished like sardines from fence to fence — into a frenzy with “Cola”, the platinum-selling artist moved on to Paradise EP highlight “Body Electric”. The big-haired diva roamed the boards pouting and preening like one of the ’50s starlets she so admires before delivering the set’s first real moment with “Blue Jeans”. Which was swiftly followed by an even bigger moment. Namely, the world premiere of much-anticipated new single “West Coast”. More »

Coachella 2014: Solange Knowles Covers Kate Bush And Dances With Beyonce

Solange Knowles delivered one of the best sets of Coachella 2014 and all anyone can talk about is Beyonce crashing the stage during the finale. Yes, it was adorable. Of course, it was a moment. Obviously, I started crying and shaking. But the fact remains that Bey’s baby sister is a brilliant performer in her own right and already had the Gobi tent punters eating out of the palm of her pretty hand.

From the moment the 27-year-old hit the stage rocking a giant afro and bright orange ensemble, there was no doubt that Solange was going to inject some soul into the festival. She posed and preened like a ’70s pin-up girl while belting out True highlights “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work” before demanding the crowd grind along to “Bad Girls”. The alt-R&B darling didn’t have to ask twice.

Once the ratchetivity had been raised to boiling point, Sol-Angel suggested that now was as good a time as any to blaze (hey, it’s California) and delivered a raucous rendition of 2009 single “T.O.N.Y.”. It was a surprising addition to the setlist (the focus was on new material) but nowhere near as unexpected as her heartfelt dedication to Kate Bush — she called her a genius, among other compliments — and subsequent cover of the English diva’s seminal 1985 hit “Cloudbusting”. More »

Coachella 2014: Lorde Reigns Supreme At The Festival, Finally A Royal

Barely six months have passed since I saw Lorde perform live at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles but, since then, the Kiwi has won two Grammy awards and scored an era-defining hit with “Royals”. But there’s more to the teen than critical acclaim and hit records. A generation of kids has adopted the unlikely superstar as their own, which was evidenced by the terrifying swarm of human bodies that descended upon Coachella’s Outdoor Theatre last night (April 12) to see her perform — leaving tents empty and majorly thinning the crowd at the main stage. (Sorry, Foster The People).

It’s probably for the best then, that Ella’s live show has evolved almost as radically as her standing in the industry over the past half a year. While she was previously happy to lurk in the shadows of a dimly lit stage and let her music speak do the talking, the 17-year-old now puts on a real show. She has dazzling projections, giant props and even a quirky electronic introduction at her disposal but the experience was still strangely intimate as Lorde humbly expressed her disbelief at being at Coachella and swore like a truck driver during her frequent chats with the crowd.

As for the music? Well, that velvety voice never wavers. New Zealand’s finest export howled like a bashee as her long locks were blown around by huge gusts of wind and dirt — belting out obscure pre-fame tracks like “Biting Down”, Pure Heroine highlights (“Tennis Court” and “White Teeth Teens”) and, of course, her massive hits. She worked her now trademark crab-claw choreography for all its worth during “Team” and had everyone chanting along to “Royals”, which was easily one of the festival’s defining moments. More »

Coachella 2014: Beyonce Dances On Stage With Solange & Watches Capital Cities From The Wings

Just when you thought Coachella couldn’t get any crazier, Beyonce crashes the party. The queen of R&B, pop and most other genres made a surprise appearance at the festival with husband Jay Z and mother Tina Knowles in tow. They were spotted watching Capital Cities from the wings, enthusiastically bopping along to the band’s breezy brand of synth-pop as the sun went down.

It’s a safe assumption that Beyonce came to support sibling Solange Knowles, who was scheduled to play in the Gobi tent later in the day. I kept an eye out for Bey during Sol-Angel’s set but she was conspicuously absent from the venue. But then, out of nowhere, the game-changing diva practically stormed the stage to join her little sister for the finale — an absolutely euphoric rendition of “Losing You”. Watch the Knowles sisters dance up a storm after the jump. More »

Coachella 2014: Chromeo Killed It On The Main Stage

If you’ve had the pleasure of catching Chromeo in action, you pretty much know what to expect — slick ’80s synths, consummate showmanship and a Miami Vice-tastic light show. It’s a heady mix that transformed the Coachella stage into a frenzied outdoor rave on Friday night (April 11) and even had Haim dropping it low by the side of the stage.

The entire 50 minute set was unmissable but highlights included synth-drenched Business Casual lead single “Night By Night” and 2007 fan favorite “Tenderoni”, which still drags hands into the air and gets feet moving. The Canadian electro-duo also promoted looming LP White Women by performing a couple of tantalizing tunes. A well-deserved commercial breakthrough can’t be too far away. More »