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Taylor Swift Teases New ’1989′ Single Release on iTunes

Welcome to New York?

Taylor Swift has been teasing song lyrics from her new album, 1989, over the past few days. Last night (October 18), however, she revealed something even bigger – a worldwide iTunes release. “Heads up! Something’s happening on @itunesmusic at around 11:59pm EST Monday night..,” she said on Twitter.

Swift posted two photos with her announcement, including one of her standing on a balcony with a view overlooking the Big Apple. This has led fans to believe that the “Out Of The Woods” star plans to release a song called “Welcome to New York,” which is reportedly co-written by OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder. (Swift has said that this rumored 1989 tracklist wasn’t accurate, save for how “Shake It Off” is listed as the sixth track.) See the announcement below. More »

Max Martin Hints At Katy Perry And Drake Collaboration

A ''Legendary'' Collab?

Pop super-producer Max Martin hints that Katy Perry and Drake may soon appear in a song together. MTV notes that the official website for his production company Maratone now lists a version of Perry’s song “Legendary Lovers” featuring Drake among his credits. Martin wrote and produced the song with the chanteuse, her longtime collaborator Bonnie McKee, Cirkut and Dr. Luke.

Legendary Lovers” is one of a few songs off Perry’s 2013 album, Prism, that are influenced by hip-hop. (Perhaps Drake will crib her flow from her sung-rap verses or pay off her vows to be a ride or die chick – who knows.) “Dark Horse” became an unexpected crossover hit for featured Three 6 Mafia ringleader Juicy J, while a “This Is What We Do” remix features rap’s most bizarre goofball RiFF RaFF. More »

Guy Sebastian Teases New Single “Mama Ain’t Proud”: Listen To A Snippet Of The 2 Chainz-Assisted Anthem

When Guy Sebastian unveiled the cover of new single “Mama Ain’t Proud” earlier this week, I speculated that the Australian superstar might be returning to his R&B roots given the 2 Chainz feature and quirky video call sheet. A preview of the catchy club banger confirms that suspicion. There’s even a trap twist to underline the fact that the 32-year-old is leaving EDM behind!

“Drop crotch, snapback, black leather backpack, white shirt down to my knees,” sings the “Battle Scars” hitmaker. “They can judge our shoes but not our moves, we ain’t go no one to please.” From there, Guy rides a wave of staccato beats until he reaches catchy chorus (“so sing like no one’s around and dance like ya mama ain’t proud”) before things get really mental with a massive drop. Check it out after the jump. More »

RoccStar Opens Up About The (Unused) Songs He Produced For Beyonce’s Pioneering Visual Album

RoccStar is one of the hottest producers in the game right now — not to mention an aspiring artist in his own right — with placements on Chris Brown‘s X and Jennifer Lopez‘s A.K.A.. I recently interviewed the hitmaker (coming soon) about those projects and his work on Beyonce‘s game-changing visual album. He spent a week with Queen Bey and cooked up two killer tunes but they weren’t used when she veered towards a different sound.

“I was there for like 7 days with Bey,” RoccStar remembers. “[They went with] a lot of DJ Mustard type stuff, with ‘Drunk In Love’ and ‘Partition’. I’m more on the left side of things, so I don’t think I was a good fit for that project because the records I had were maybe a little too futuristic and a little too advanced.”

“I think she wanted to swing with what was happening right now,” he continues. “I respect that, I mean Beyonce is amazing. So I don’t care what decision she makes! There were two songs that were crazy, ‘Turn It On’ and ‘Legends’ but they didn’t make it on the project.” The “Confidence” rapper later played me a snippet of the former club-banger and it sounded incredible with one of Bey’s best vocals and bone-rattling beats. Hopefully both tracks find a home with other artists eventually. More »

2NE1′s CL To Make Her English Stateside Debut in 2015

Huge news for K-pop lovers this week.

CL, lead vocalist/rapper of the wildly popular and fashionable quintet 2NE1, is undoubtedly one of the biggest break-out stars on the South Korean pop scene, having already made a splash with her sassy 2013 smash, “The Baddest Female.” The song and video even made some ripples stateside…an early sign of things to come.

According to a new report, CL — guided by super-manager Scooter Braun, whose roster includes Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Psy — now has her sights set on the US, with a solo debut planned for next year. More »

Iggy Azalea Spills The Beans On Her “Divorce” From Hefe Wine, His History Of Violence & STDs: See The Explosive Tweets

Iggy Azalea has kept her silence on the on-going drama with Hefe Wife but finally gave her side of the sloppy saga in a long-and-detailed Twitter rant this morning (October !7). To recap, the femcee’s ex-boyfriend first tried to sell a sex tape the couple made to porn company Vivid Entertainment and then alleged they were married in a bid to get his hands on her cash in the ensuing divorce settlement.

“Ive settled 2 old contracts privately. Both got a very fair sums & went on about their lives,” the Mullumbimby mogul tweeted. “Real cases are handled in court, not the press.” She then got more specific and spilled the beans on Hefe’s marriage allegations. (In Texas you only need to hold yourself out as a married couple for the union to exist). “My lawyer agreed to be served ‘divorce’ papers but they want to hire someone to serve me in person, probably so it can be another TMZ story,” the “Fancy” hitmaker confided.

“I also was told yesterday via his lawyer if i do not settle out of court they will go to the press and say i gave him an STD, whats next?” Iggy asked before getting stuck into the nuts and bolts of the case. “Unfortunately to file common law ‘divorce’ all you need is three of your friends to sign a statement swearing the persons story is true.” Things then took a very unexpected turn when the Australian diva accused Hefe of abusing his ex-girlfriend. See Iggy’s explosive tweets after the jump. More »

Taylor Swift Invites Fans Into The ’1989′ Secret Sessions: Watch

Taylor Surprise Face
Taylor Swift Surprise Face!

Oh, to be one of the lucky Swifties invited to one of Taylor Swift‘s #1989SecretSessions!

Not already familiar? The concept is pretty amazing: Over the past year, the pop princess oh-so-sneakily scoured the Internet to find some of her biggest fans from all across the world. Then, she invited them to an undisclosed location, herded them together to mingle with one another, baked them cookies, played her new album 1989, danced around and took Polaroid pictures together all night long. For a fan, that’s kind of like the ultimate dream, right? It doesn’t really get any better.

After hosting these secret sessions all over the world, Taylor’s just now revealed the behind-the-scenes footage from the events. Watch as the clueless attendees try and guess what’s going on while she busily preps cookies in the kitchen, peeps out the window and, finally, surprises them all in a big ol’ living room. Dancing! Cats! Photos! It’s a very cute way to make fan interaction tons of fun for everyone involved. Plus, there’s cookies! Watch Taylor host her secret sessions up top. More »

Snoop Dogg Readies New Album For 2015, Which Will Be Entirely Produced By Pharrell

After the whole social media fiasco ended between himself and Iggy AzealeaSnoop Dogg has finally decided to shift his focus back to music. He announced his next LP will be released via Pharrell‘s I Am Other and Columbia Records. The project will be produced entirely by Pharrell, which may signal a shift from the rapper’s previous reggae attempts under the ‘Snoop Lion’ moniker.

On their Instagram account, I Am Other teased the LP will feature artists like Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder. There is not set release date, but it is expected to be available sometime in 2015. This will be the 13th album for Snoop, and a good handful of those tracks feature frequent collaborations from Pharrell. View their best collaborations over the past decade after the jump. More »

Cobra Starship’s “Never Been In Love” (Featuring Icona Pop) Gets A Perky Remix By Icona Pop: Idolator Premiere

Cobra Starship returned in late August with Icona Pop-assisted earworm “Never Been In Love”. The first taste of the enduring pop/rock outfit’s fifth LP features a killer sample of Fatboy Slim‘s ’90s dance classic “Praise You” and has been steadily gaining ground on radio. The infectious collaboration should get a new burst of momentum thanks to a surprise remix.

The Swedish duo took it upon themselves to overhaul Cobra Starship’s latest and they inject the track with the frenzied energy that made “I Love It” a worldwide smash in 2012. The ladies of Icona Pop leave Gabe Saporta‘s ’90s house-infused anthem largely intact, they simply mix it with their tried-and tested-brand of electro. Listen to the future hit after the jump. More »

Iggy Azalea Unveils “Beg For It (Feat. MØ)” Single Art, Release Date

Remember when Iggy Azalea teased that promising, “Fancy”-sounding bop at her show in London a few weeks ago called “Beg For It”? Well, it’s coming — but it’s not Charli XCX on the track. It’s No Mythologies To Follow songstress, ! (Not familiar? Check out our recent interview with the “Don’t Wanna Dance” singer.)

According to the constantly tweeting femcee, the track — which doubles as the lead single from her forthcoming re-release, The New Classic: Reclassified — will premiere next Saturday morning (October 25) starting at 6 AM on radio, just before her debut television performance of the track on Saturday Night Live. And that’s not all!

I-G-G-Y also dropped the sketchy (literally) cover art for “Beg For It,” which sees the rapper looking fierce with a jacket draped over her shoulders, accompanied by a panther. More »