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Nicki Minaj, Ed Sheeran And More Perform At 2014 Philly 4th Of July Jam: Watch

Jul 5th, 2014 // 1 Comment
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Philadelphia hip-hop band The Roots know how to jam with just about anyone, at The Tonight Show and otherwise. For their annual free concert, the Philly 4th of July Jam, they worked as the house band for top pop acts like Nicki Minaj, Aloe Blacc, Jennifer Hudson and closer Ed Sheeran.

Following the #1 debut of his new album x, Sheeran performed “Sing” as well as his 2011 breakout hit “The A Team.” An hour prior, Minaj was forced to pause her set after a brief scuffle broke out and an officer was tackled. She had kicked it all off with pop hits like “Super Bass” and current single “Pills N Potions,” though based on reports, the majority of the 4th of July Jam spectators had flocked to Philadelphia to see the Pink Print star specifically. More »

Whatcha Say: Robin Thicke, Adam Lambert And Ariana Grande Got Our Readers Talking

Jul 4th, 2014 // Comment

Happy Fourth of July, America — and Happy Friday, Idolator readers! Another week of pop music has come to a close, and, as per usual, it was full of drama, tears and, of course, good ‘ole pop tunes.

If this week turned sour for anyone, it was definitely Robin Thicke: In lieu of the release of his new LP, Paula, a desperate, apologetic attempt at getting his ex-wife, actress Paula Patton back, the “Blurred Lines” singer initiated a Q&A on Twitter, which immediately turned into a bash-Thicke-a-thon.

Despite all the scandal, however,  there were also a ridiculous amount of awesome releases this week. Indie-rockers Maroon 5 premiered their dark new video for their latest summer jam, “Maps,” and Canadian songstress Keisza dropped her new video for ‘90s House-influenced tune “Giant In My Heart.” Moreover, Sia made her highly-anticipated upcoming album 1000 Forms Of Fear fully available for streaming, and Ariana Grande released her new club banger, “Break Free,” featuring EDM beatmaker Zedd.

Here on Idolator, we sat down with King of Twerk City Diplo to talk about his upcoming project with Mrs. Unapologetic Madonna, herself, as well as with our latest Popping Up artist and Europe’s hottest pop act Stromae about his latest single “Papaoutai” and his breakout sophomore album, Racine Carrée.

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Read this week’s sassiest comments after the jump! More »

Ariana Grande & Zedd’s “Break Free”: Review Revue

Jul 3rd, 2014 // Comment
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In gearing up for the release of her highly-anticipated  sophomore attempt, My Everything, power-house songstress Ariana Grande dropped her new song “Break Free” yesterday, featuring EDM heavyweight Zedd. Possibly the club anthem of the summer, “Break Free” shows that Ariana is not all power ballads and throwback ’90s jams, but, rather, is dipping her toes into exciting new waters for her upcoming record.

Our own Mike Wass loved the song, noting that it “is a manic floorfiller that picks up where Zedd’s last big hit “Clarity” left off. It’s fairly straightforward EDM but Swedish hitmaker Max Martin makes sure that it has a distinct pop sensibility.”

But what did the rest of the music world have to say about Ari’s latest track? Read our round-up of reviews across the web below. More »

Popping Up: Stromae

Jul 3rd, 2014 // 1 Comment
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Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

Recently dubbed “The Most Famous Pop Star You’ve Never Heard Of,” Paul Van Haver – otherwise known as Stromae – is one of Europe’s biggest pop acts, and he’s finally making his much-needed touchdown in the United States.

Hailing from Belgium, Stromae released his sophomore effort Racine Carrée (Square Root) last year, an album that has topped the charts across Europe and is already making waves here, along with his single “Papaoutai.” Combining his love for hip-hop with electronic music, Stromae not only creates incredibly catchy dance floor fillers, but also addresses issues such as loneliness, absent fathers, race and gender roles in his music, making him a pop act that can’t be easily categorized. It would be pretty hard to confine this guy in a box, anyway, since he towers at 6’5″ tall.

After playing a full house at New York’s Best Buy Theatre on June 20th (he’s gearing up for a nearly sold-out North American tour in September), we sat down with Stromae to talk about his latest album, and what’s up next for Europe’s latest pop sensation. More »

Katy Perry Is Being Sued By A Christian Rapper For Singing About Witchcraft: Morning Mix

Jul 3rd, 2014 // Comment
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Did You Hear?

:: Katy Perry is being sued by Christian rapper Flame over copyright infringement and… black magic. He believes “Dark Horse” rips off his song “Joyful Noise”, which has now been tarnished by its association with witchcraft and paganism. Because apparently that’s what the Prism diva’s single promotes. [Gossip Cop]

:: This is sad news. Jewel announced that she’s splitting with Ty Murray, her husband of six years. “[I] trust that you will all honor and have reverence for how difficult this journey is, and allow us our process as we not only grieve the loss of our marriage, but also as we recreate ourselves in the ashes,” she wrote on her website. [The Hollywood Reporter]

:: Miley CyrusBangerz tour is about to get a whole lot wilder. She will be joined by British wild woman Lily Allen for a bunch of North American dates in August. It promises to be quite the double bill. [MTV]

:: Only one album has sold more than one million copies in 2014. That’s the grim news from Billboard’s mid-year sales round-up. For the record, the biggest seller is the Frozen soundtrack followed by Beyonce‘s self-titled visual album. [Billboard]

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Justin Bieber Might Have Posted (And Then Deleted) A Nude On Instagram: Morning Mix

Jul 2nd, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: Justin Bieber got everyone talking by posting a shirtless (and possibly pantless) selfie on Instagram. The dimly-lit pic was taken from crotch level, which is, at the very least, creative. [MTV]

:: Dreams do come true. Andre Johnson, the rapper that cut off his penis before jumping off a building, now says he wants to do porn and Vivid Entertainment is interested in seeing the reattached member in action. Touching. [NME]

:: Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the seminal rock songs of the ’90s and the video is equally iconic, which makes the original casting call an important piece of music history. It asked fans of the grunge band to adapt a high school persona. [Spin]

:: Our friends over at Vibe are celebrating NSFW week (it’s a thing) and posted a gallery of “the best celebrity O-faces and bedroom selfies”. What are you waiting for? [Vibe]

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Boyz II Men To Sing Love Songs About Pretzel Buns In Wendy’s Campaign: Morning Mix

Jul 1st, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: Boyz II Men have signed on to sing love songs about pretzel buns as part of a new Wendy’s campaign. They will spoof their massive hits, which means that “I’ll Eat Pretzel Buns With You” is more than likely going to happen. Yay? [Rickey]

:: This is kind of sad. Zendaya has pulled out of the upcoming Aaliyah biopic after her family expressed concern about casting. It’s strange because she has a wholesome image and similar voice. It’s hard to think of a better candidate. [E! Online]

:: Eminem‘s iconic career has been dissected in a new academic work called Eminem And Rap, Poetry, Race: Essays. It even features a foreward from Talib Kweli. Sounds like a real page-turner! [Spin]

:: While some talent show judges like to run their mouth, Kesha has vowed to keep it cute on Rising Star. She explained that she isn’t interested in “shitting on anyone’s dreams”. That’s really sweet. [Billboard]

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Lily Allen Dedicates “F*ck You” To FIFA President: Morning Mix

Jun 30th, 2014 // Comment
F--- You Very Much
Lily Allen Chat
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Did You Hear?

:: Lily Allen dedicated George W. Bush burn song “F*ck You” at Glastonbury to FIFA president Sepp Blatter: “…one of the most — well, actually not the most corrupt person — but annoyingly corrupt person there is in the world.” (Skip to 22:40 above.) [Vulture]

:: Speaking of the World Cup, Shakira is confirmed to perform her own tournament anthem, “Dare (La La La),” during the closing ceremony performance. She will join Santana, Wyclef Jean and Avicii in Rio de Janeiro on July 13. [Billboard]

:: Rick Ross was arrested on June 27, following his 2014 Superjam performance in Greensboro, N.C. Why? He failed to show up for a court date, regarding another arrest related to marijuana possession. [TMZ]

:: A Michael Jackson documentary, Michael Jackson: The Last Photoshoot, has triggered a lawsuit. The production company is suing Jackson’s estate, in attempts to prove it acquired the rights to use footage from an Ebony interview and photo shoo. The estate claims that said footage is private. [THR]

:: Miley Cyrus revealed that she has adopted a new dog, a Shetland sheepdog named Emu. “He’s here and here to say,” she says — and there’s plenty of photographic proof. [Billboard]

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NSFW: Watch Madonna’s Most “Unapologetic Bitch” Moments On Stage & In Interviews: Idolator Instant

Jun 27th, 2014 // 2 Comments
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Whether she’s trying to make #ArtForFreedom happen or posting pictures of her 14-year-old son Rocco (possibly) doing underage drinking or herself wearing a traditional Muslim veil, there’s no doubt that Madonna has livened up Instagram since she joined the photo-sharing social media hub. Though, really — hasn’t the Queen Of Pop livened up every corner of media she’s waded into over the years?

Speculation has run rampant over the Material Matriarch’s current penchant for using the hashtag #UnapologeticBitch on Instagram. Is she planning to release a single soon with that title? Will it be the name of her MDNA follow-up album? Is that Lourdes‘ pet name for dear ol’ mom? Whatever the case may be, Madonna, those two words do not excuse your terrible use of grammar in your captions! More »

Lorde Thinks We Should Spend Less Time Thinking About Sexy Pop Stars: Morning Mix

Jun 27th, 2014 // 2 Comments

:: Lorde thinks we should stop worrying about sexy pop stars like Rihanna. “I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence,” she said in a recent interview. “There are worse things. Shooting people.” Good point. [Gossip Cop]

:: They certainly have an affinity with grass. The boys of One Direction popped up at Wimbledon and politely watched a couple of tennis matches. Looks like a fun day out! [Digital Spy]

:: Daft Punk is the subject of a new documentary. There is no word as to what the film will cover but it promises to delve deeper into the men beneath the helmets. Sounds like a blockbuster. [Spin]

:: This sounds a little dubious. In Ja Rule‘s new autobiography he claims that he once hit 50 Cent with a baseball bat and, here’s the kicker, with a crutch. There’s a lot of bad blood between the former rivals but this is a little bit far-fetched. [MTV]

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