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Lana Del Rey Insists She Performed At Kimye’s Wedding For Free: Morning Mix

May 29th, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: It was widely reported that Lana Del Rey received $2.8 million for performing at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding. Well, she’s now insisting that she did it for free. What a sweetheart! [NME]

:: A One Direction spokesperson has finally made a statement about the video that surfaced online recently of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson allegedly smoking marijuana. Apparently, it’s “in the hands of [their] lawyers”. [Billboard]

:: At least her hip is still intact. Lady Gaga has had to cancel shows in Seattle and Vancouver due to severe bronchitis. Mother Monster promises to reschedule the shows for when she’s feeling better. Get well soon! [Gossip Cop]

:: Madonna is just like the rest of us — desperate for any excuse to get out of jury duty. She was recently excused from evaluating a case before the Manhattan Supreme Court because she brought a note from her doctor. [NME]

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Beyonce And Jay Z’s ‘Run’ Mini-Movie Was Originally Intended For Theaters: Morning Mix

May 28th, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: Beyonce and Jay Z‘s Run mini-movie was originally intended to play in movie theaters as a mock trailer according to director Melina Matsoukas. Bey suspected her fans would be infuriated by the prank and suggested adding the “Coming Never” tagline. [Elle]

:: It wouldn’t be Twitter without a little drama. R&B singer K.Michelle made a dig at Iggy Azalea‘s accent, which inspired Perez Hilton to leap to her defense and start a beef. I guess that’s kind of chivalrous, right?  [Vibe]

:: Cody Simpson is more than just a pretty face and teen-pop phenomenon. The 17-year-old recently graduated first in his class and gave an uplifting valedictorian speech. Congratulations! [E! Online]

:: This is absolutely terrifying. Japanese girlband AKB48 were attacked by a saw-wielding fan at a meet and greet over the weekend. He managed to injure two members as well as their several staff members. They are all expected to make a full recovery. [Digital Spy]

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Cher Lloyd’s ‘Sorry I’m Late’: Review Revue

May 27th, 2014 // Comment
Cher Lloyd Interview
We chat with the Sorry I'm Late singer. Read More »
Cher Lloyd's "I Wish" Tour
cher lloyd i wish tour
Cher Lloyd goes on the road with Fifth Harmony. Read More »
Cher Lloyd Opens Up
Cher Lloyd
She talks about her new album produced by Shellback. Read More »
Cher Lloyd x Robyn
Cherl Lloyd Robyn cover call your girlfriend blue hair main
Watch a blue-haired Cher cover Robyn. Read More »

Finally! After postponing the release of her album for almost a year now, UK songstress Cher Lloyd has released her LP Sorry I’m Late at last. The aptly-named sophomore attempt, while certainly reflecting her maturity from her X Factor days, still retains a sizable dose of her signature brat-pop style that we all know and love.

Our own Emily Tan welcomes this starlet’s metamorphosis, stating, “Sorry I’m Late may have really been worth the wait. While it’s still that fresh and carefree pop music that’s sure to be on every tween’s playlist this summer, it does have elements that show Lloyd as a blossoming young woman.”

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Mariah Carey’s ‘Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse’: Review Revue

May 27th, 2014 // 3 Comments
Mariah's Single Covers
We rank the best, from "Vision of Love" to the new "Thirsty." Read More »
Mariah's "Thirsty"
Listen to the catchy solo version of Mimi's "Thirsty". Read More »
Mimi Strips For Terry
Mimi strips for Terry Richardson in 'Wonderland' magazine. Read More »
Mariah's "You're Mine"
mariah carey you're mine eternal
Listen to the whistle-register diva's lovely new song. Read More »

Five years after the release of her last album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, pop queen Mariah Carey has returned with new LP. And ever since the superstar revealed her album’s slightly oddball title, the emergence of Me. I am Mariah… the Elusive Chanteuse has been accompanied by just a slight sense of… huh? Straying away from her usual synthy, sparkly numbers, Mimi is trying out a more laidback R&B approach this time around, which fans are finding either pleasantly surprising or a bit baffling.

Our own Mike Wass helps weather some of the confusion, explaining, “It’s a concept album of sorts, a loving stroll through the history of R&B — from the Motown era to the ‘90s, with detours through disco and early hip-hop… There’s little instant gratification but, if you’re patient, the songs become richer and deeper with each listen.”

But, what does the rest of the Web have to say about it? Check it out below. More »

Rita Ora Covers Coldplay’s “Magic” & Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love”: Watch

May 27th, 2014 // Comment
John Mayer's "XO"
john mayer xo
The Beyonce highlight gets a studio version cover. Read More »

Rita Ora surprised BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend crowd by covering Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love.”

By doing so, she joins the ranks of Ed Sheeran, Lily Allen, Kesha and, best of all, this saxophonist. But she also found a way to distinguish her cover from the rest, by prefacing it with a bit of Coldplay‘s “Magic,” off of their new album Ghost Stories. She also shouted out the band, who headlined the festival the night before.

“Did you catch this performance last night? You liked them, right?” Ora said. “This is one of my favorite songs from there.” Then, while backed by a small band, she seamlessly transitioned from one song to another, with her backup vocalists alternating between the two before a snap beat kicked “Drunk In Love” into full gear. Watch the cover below. More »

Nicki Minaj Previews “Pills N Potions” Video: Watch

May 25th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Nicki's "Pills N Potions"
nicki minaj pills n potions
Nicki Minaj throws us a curveball with her new single. Read More »

“Never looked like this in a vid,” Nicki Minaj said during a Twitter Q&A, of her forthcoming “Pills N Potions” video. Based on two teasers, it may be as stripped down as the song itself. Before she partied in Las Vegas, Minaj teased a few scenes from the anticipated clip, reportedly directed by Diane Martel. Fittingly, she appears to be completely alone, if not vulnerable in the shadowy footage. In one scene, her hair covers up her otherwise bare chest.

Martel has worked with Minaj once before, for her 2010 “Right Thru Me” video. At the time, fans and critics were surprised to see the Pink Print star without a candy-colored wig on and in her underwear, just as they were used to seeing her in more colorful ensembles. If she is indeed directing the video, then “Pills N Potions” would mark a departure for Martel, too. Last year, she courted controversy for her direction with Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” and Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop.”

See Nicki Minaj’s teasers of her “Pills N Potions” video below. More »

Whatcha Say: Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson And Richard Marx Got Our Readers Talking

May 23rd, 2014 // Comment

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! We hope you’re all about to enjoy a nice long weekend away. As always, there was much to talk about in this week of pop.

We kicked off with a bang on Sunday with the Billboard Music Awards, featuring performances from the likes of everyone from Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez to Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande. Plus, Mariah Carey, Robyn & Royksopp and Cher Lloyd ALL debuted the full streams for their long awaited albums.

Whips and chains evidently excite pop divas Madonna and Katy Perry, who tag-teamed on the surprise cover of V Magazine this week. Lea Michele got sultry in the video for “On My Way.” Michelle Williams got us holy twerking with Kelly, Solange and Beyonce on “Say Yes.” And the winners were officially crowned this week on both The Voice Season 6 and American Idol Season 13!

Right here on Idolator, we had the pleasure of debuting Richard Marx‘s stunning comeback track “Whatever We Started.” Our monthly Magazine Melee is in full swing between Beyonce, Rihanna, Lily Allen, Madonna and Katy Perry and Solange. (Have you voted yet?) Plus, we launched a giveaway for tickets to The Thank You Festival in DC. As always, you guys had plenty to say. Read the week’s best comments below! More »

Beastie Boys’ ‘Ill Communication’ Turns 20: Backtracking

May 23rd, 2014 // Comment
Hello Nasty Turns 15
beastie boys hello nasty
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Beastie Boys' Videos
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MCA's Best Rhymes
adam yauch pass the mic video
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Beastie Boys' Memoir
Beastie Boys 2011 Adam Yauch Mike D Ad-Rock
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Backtracking is our recurring look back at the pop music that shaped our lives. Our friends may come and go, but we’ll be spinning our favorite albums forever.

Even Ken Jennings looked stumped. On May 14, Jeopardy! featured a category titled “The 1990s Rap Song.” And to the surprise of no one, Jennings nearly swept it. A decade prior, the Seattle native won a record-breaking 74 games and $2.52 million on the show. He completed the title of Notorious B.I.G.‘s 1997 anthem (“What is ‘Mo Problems’?”), named the Digital Underground‘s “Humpty Dance” and rattled off MC Hammer‘s “U Can’t Touch This.” But no one buzzed in when host Alex Trebek recited the lyrics to a 1994 Beastie Boys song: “I can’t stand it, I know you planned it … listen y’all, it’s a – ”. Jennings gazed to his left, trying his best to recall, while the other contestants were silent.

To be fair, Trebek’s delivery was all wrong. He was jittery, while the Beasties (Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock) practically barreled through the defiant, thrashing hit “Sabotage,” the song in question off the group’s fourth album Ill Communication. As that record turns 20 today (May 23), it’s worth examining why exactly it’s a must-hear album, and how it helped shape the era even though it often gets overshadowed by other landmark releases from that year. More »

Miley Cyrus Counseled Jennifer Lawrence After Vomiting At A Post-Oscars Party: Morning Mix

May 23rd, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly the poster girl for sensible party behavior but she pulled Jennifer Lawrence aside after she spotted the actress vomiting at an Oscars after-party and told her to “get it together”. She should take her own advice. [Billboard]

:: This is really sad. Jack White admitted in a new interview that he’s no longer in touch with former bandmate/wife Meg White. He put their estrangement down to the fact that she didn’t high-five him enough. [Stereogum]

:: RuPaul has defended the use of the word “tranny” on his TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race and in his music. “You can be whatever the hell you wanna be, I ain’t stopping you,” the drag legend said in a podcast. “But don’t you dare tell me what I can do or say.” [Rickey.Org]

:: Isn’t the internet an amazing invention? Kendall and Kylie Jenner made a video dancing to Nicki Minaj‘s new single “Pills N Potions” and now it’s a thing. The rap diva should invite them to star in her video to get those YouTube views up. [Billboard]

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Katy Perry’s Tour Rider Includes Three Bottles Of Pinot Grigio And Tortilla Chips: Morning Mix

May 22nd, 2014 // Comment

Did You Hear?

:: Katy Perry‘s tour rider includes the usual array of snacks both healthy (fresh fruit and vegetables) and not-so-healthy (tortilla chips and wine) but she gets diva points for demanding a servant to cater to her needs, at least according to one gossip site. [Radar Online]

:: It’s a shame this wasn’t captioned on film. Barbra Streisand made Lea Michele cry while waiting in the line for valet after the Grammys. She thanked the Glee star for introducing her music to a new generation of fans. [Just Jared]

:: Six young Iranians were arrested by Tehran police for making a video dancing along to Pharrell‘s “Happy”. They were charged with “offending the public morals” and made to apologize on state television. [The Wire]

:: News of the above arrests garnered international condemnation from human rights activists including Pharrell. “It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness,” he wrote on Facebook. [Billboard]

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