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‘American Idol’: The Ladies Do Diva Songs By Whitney, Paula And, Yes, Mariah Carey

Candice Is Straight Up Spectacular
It’s the exact opposite of a sausage fest on American Idol (now that Lazaro Arbos was booted off the show last week), with the five remaining ladies duking it out for the winning title. The two themes for tonight’s songs are birthday month and diva.

Because of this, we are treated to not one, but two Mariah Carey tunes. And while Mimi and fellow judge Nicki Minaj go at each other’s throats early in the evening, their story ultimately has a happy ending when Nicki gives Ms. Carey her due. These two may fight hard, but they love hard and it truly is the greatest love of all. More »

‘American Idol’: Kelly Clarkson & Scotty McCreery Perform, Lazaro Arbos Says Adios

Two Past Winners Return
In case you missed Wednesday night’s performances, the long and the short of it is that the ladies have been straight up dominating this season. After Lazaro Arbos failed to impress in either of the night’s two rounds of singing, my guess going into Thursday’s results show was that it’s going to be a ladies-only affair for the top five.

Two performances from American Idol winners of past seasons were on tap to pass the time on Thursday: country singer and winner of season 10, Scotty McCreery, as well as the very first winner EVER, Kelly Clarkson. There were also many montages to remind us how the contestants fared when they had to sing from the Burt Bacharach-Hal Davis catalog, as well as when they chose song selections that they wish they themselves had written. More »

‘American Idol’: Candice Glover Sings The Cure’s “Lovesong,” Randy Declares It The Best Ever

The Best Performance In The Show's History?
Welcome back to American Idol, guys! Last week, it was Burnell Taylor who went home, leaving only one man still hanging in there with the ladies. Much to my surprise, it’s Lazaro Arbos. With the women dominating the competition, a total of six contestants remain. At least, until the results of this week’s vote.

There are two rounds tonight. The first is from the Burt Bacharach-Hal David catalog and the second will be songs the contestants wished they had written themselves. While Angie Miller and Janelle Arthur definitely shouldn’t crack the top three with their combined performances, Lazaro was the most consistent Wednesday night, in that his rounds are both equally lackluster. More »

‘American Idol’: Burnell Taylor Is Gone, Gone, Gone & Carrie Underwood Performs

Burnell Takes A Bow
Only six American Idol contestants are left standing after the results of this week’s rock and roll performances. Many of the singers were left feeling uneasy after their beloved ballads were taken from them, and they faced the challenge of translating their vocal style into rock and roll.

We were be treated to a reminder montage of Wednesday night’s events during the results show, as well as performances by former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and season nine contestant Casey James. Not to spoil the outcome for any of you who haven’t yet seen the show, but it’s probably a safe bet that we will be seeing a female winner this season. I mean, a sympathy vote can only keep a guy in the game for so long. At least, I hope. (Cue me giving America my side-eye.) More »

‘American Idol’: Lazaro Arbos And Angie Miller Rock & Roll With the Punches

Crazy Little Thing Called 'Idol'
It’s hard to believe there are only seven American Idol contestants left. Last week, much to the chagrin of Nicki Minaj, Devin Velez sang his swan song after he was unable to rally a unanimous save from the judges to stay in the running. But, he probably shouldn’t make too much of a fuss since this is rock and roll week, and ballads are strictly off limits. And, as we all know, Mr. Velez is definitely a ballads type of guy.

This week was tough for some contestants, who we’re used to seeing as top contenders as this specific genre threw them for a loop. Consistently quirky Burnell Taylor fell short in his solo performance, and Miley Cyrus clone Angie Miller also stumbled during a duet. But nobody knows how to forget lyrics like Mr. Lazaro Arbos, bless his heart. How will America react? Only time will tell, as we will find out on Thursday’s (April 4) results show.

Also, Orianthia, badass lady guitarist, is performing with the contestants tonight and delighting me to no end. She’s such a scene stealer with her black hat and long, blond hair. But before then, let’s get to the singing! More »

‘American Idol’: OneRepublic & Katharine McPhee Do “If I Lose Myself,” Devin Velez Goes Home

Lose Yourself With This Odd Pairing
After Thurday’s result show, only seven contestants were still in the running on American Idol Wednesday night’s performances were somewhat surprising, with Lazaro Arbos putting on a decent show in contrast to Angie Miller‘s less than impressive appearance.

Because the contestants already got the performances out of the way on Wednesday, Fox filled up the hour on Thursday with guests and dragged out the voting results for what seemed like an eternity. However, my dear, sweet Keith Urban hit the stage, which made it all worth it.

And let the games begin! More »

‘American Idol’: Lazaro Arbos Redeems Himself & Angie Miller Falters During Motown Week

Laz Takes On Stevie Wonder
There are only eight contestants remaining, and even though American Idol is still in Hollywood, the spirit of Detroit is in the air with the arrival of Motown Week. Ryan Seacrest informs us that this means the contestants can pick from any artist originating Detroit. I am so sad Charlie Askew isn’t around to perform an acoustic version of “The Real Slim Shady” at the piano.

There are some surprises in store, as Lazaro Abos delivers his first decent performance since Las Vegas and usual judges’ favorite, Angie Miller, falls flat for the first time on the big stage. Given the sympathy vote Laz has been rocking as of late, this could spell big trouble for lil’ Angie tomorrow during the results show. Also, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj reveal they still enjoy poking at one another whenever possible. That, and tweeting.

OK, well, let’s start sanging, y’all! More »

‘American Idol’: Paul Jolley Is Axed, Jessica Sanchez & Ne-Yo Perform “Tonight”

Paul Was No McCartney During Beatles Week
Wednesday night, the remaining nine contestants each performed a Beatles song as part of Beatles week. On Thursday, the results of viewers’ votes determined which contestant ended their journey toward American Idoldom and went home. On a happier note, Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez debuted her single with Ne-Yo. We’re all very excited.

I have to say, tonight’s episode left me quite disenchanted with the entire democratic process. While all’s well that ends well, as in none of my favorites went home, it was enough of a scare for me to commit to voting next week. Fox is going to be looking quite suspiciously at my IP address, I tell you what. I don’t care if I have to hit up every Starbucks within a five mile radius. All right, well, enough with politics. Let’s get back to the show! More »

‘American Idol’: Candice Glover Comes Together In Leather For Beatles Week

Candice Brings The Fab
It’s Beatles week on American Idol and the contestants have to choose one song from the Fab Four’s vast catalog. Last week, we said goodbye to Curtis Finch Jr. and so only nine contestants remain.

This episode sees Keith Urban proclaiming just about each and every Beatles song to be his favorite, Nicki Minaj back in top form with strong opinions for everyone, from contestants to her parent company Fox, and Mariah Carey exploding with love for her Lambs after being prodded by Ryan Seacrest. Oh, yes — and Randy Jackson is still clumsily accessorizing himself.

Now that I’ve set the scene, I’m already trying to envision what song my girl, Kree Harrison is going to sing. More »

‘American Idol’: Curtis Finch Jr. Goes Home, Phillip Phillips & Bon Jovi Perform

Judges' Favorite Curtis Hits Sour Note With Viewers
Thursday night saw the results of the Wednesday night performances of the top ten American Idol contestants. Ryan Seacrest also informed us that Bon Jovi will be performing, along with season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips.

The judges looked so confused, wandering out onto the stage with no one to lead them to their chairs. Mariah Carey was gorgeous in her raspberry gown. Nicki Minaj was strutting her stuff in a lime green or bright yellow shorts romper. Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were wearing their standard fare.

Now, let’s see how the Top 10 — soon to be minus one — handled the tension. More »