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Nick Jonas And Pharrell In Talks To Be Next ‘American Idol’ Judges

Ever since Mariah Carey signed on to fill Jennifer Lopez‘s spot on American Idol, we’ve heard hardly any whispers about those other two judges’ seats. But now, former Disney heartthrob Nick Jonas and super-producer Pharrell Williams are in talks to become the newest judges, reports US Weekly. Fox has yet to comment on the story, but if we’re to believe the insider sources, Jonas was recently flown to L.A. for “final meetings” and Pharrell is currently negotiating his contract. We love this idea. More »

Aretha Franklin Wants To Be Next ‘American Idol’ Judge

Time to update your office’s American Idol judges pool! (What, you guys don’t have one of those?) “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin threw her hat into the ring on Saturday (July 14), laying out her interest in the judging gig in an email to CNN. The 70-year-old legend surely has the credentials: the voice, the 18 Grammys, the sass. But this doesn’t exactly fit into our comprehensive plan to revamp the singing show, which is losing judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Is Aretha the answer Idol‘s been looking for, or the latest in a chain of fool-ish ideas? More »

‘American Idol’: Four Things The Show Can Do To Remain Relevant

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler‘s announced departures from American Idol spell trouble for a show already sinking. The Season 11 finale was the least-watched in the series’ history, and Idol‘s past five winners — all of them white guys with guitars — haven’t exactly shot to superstardom. Though many are calling for the show to just call it a night already and go off the air, this is obviously not going to happen for a long time: Idol‘s ratings might have dipped when compared to previous seasons, but it’s still a behemoth of a show. Since cancellation doesn’t seem like an option, Idol truly has to reinvent itself if it wants to keep being regarded as America’s #1 singing competition, because there are plenty more out there nipping at its heels.

Good thing we have four easy ways American Idol can switch things up going forward: More »

‘American Idol’ Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Finally Gets That Record Deal

Following her time on American Idol, runner-up Jessica Sanchez could boast a run of amazing live performances and even a forthcoming multi-episode arc on Glee, but what she didn’t have was what every aspiring singer really wants: an album deal. Well, the 16-year-old finally has it all, as she has inked a deal with Interscope Records, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though it took longer than usual for the deal to take place, Sanchez’s album is on the fast track — she’s already in the studio, with an expected release date of October. More »

‘American Idol’ Winner Phillip Phillips Undergoes Kidney Surgery

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips underwent a six-and-a-half hour kidney operation yesterday (June 6) to remove kidney stones. According to TMZ, who first reported the news, the stones were “so huge there was no chance he could’ve passed them on his own.”

“The surgery went well,” says a source close to the show told EW. “He’s doing well and looking forward to starting the Idol tour in July.” More »

Phillip Phillips Won’t Miss Any Of The American Idols Live Tour

For those hoping to bob their heads to Phillip Phillips‘ hit single “Home” during the American Idols Live tour, good news! You’ll still get to. Though it was previously reported otherwise, the Season 11 champion won’t miss any of the American Idols Live tour when it kicks off in Detroit on July 6, reports E! Online.

The 21-year-old singer was originally planning to undergo kidney surgery after completing promotional obligations in New York following the finale. However, Phillips went straight to Georgia following his win and did press remotely from home. He has yet to have the surgery, as alternative methods appear to be working. He’s at least doing well enough that his doctors have given him the go ahead to embark on a 45-day tour, which would be difficult for someone even without kidney issues. Rest up, Phil! We’re looking forward to seeing your goofy facial expressions live.

Phillip Phillips’ “Home”: Review Revue

American Idol champion Phillip Phillips may be the show’s fifth WGWG (White Guy With A Guitar), but the Georgia native already has something not many other Idol winners possess: a universally loved coronation song.

“Home” was penned by Drew Pearson (who has worked with previous Idols Adam Lambert, Lee DeWyze and Casey Abrams) and UK singer Greg Holden. It was originally intended for Holden, but was submitted to Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine, who (accurately) thought it was perfect for Phil. The single is currently #1 on iTunes and has been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and music bloggers. In fact, the one person who may not be that crazy about the song is Phillip Phillips. More »

Phillip Phillips’ ‘American Idol’ Victory Least-Watched Finale In Show’s History

132 million votes may have been cast for last night’s Phillip Phillips-championing American Idol finale, but 132 million people weren’t watching. Preliminary Neilsen ratings show that 20.7 million viewers watched the Wednesday night finale, a 29% drop from last year’s Scotty McCreery-winning finale. Those numbers still make the Season 11 send-off the most-watched show since the Oscars back in February, but they’re low enough to make it the least-watched Idol finale in the show’s history. (The debut season of the show tapped 23 million viewers, while the show’s high came during Season 2 when 38.1 million tuned in to see Clay Aiken not win.)

Don’t worry, Phillip² — your debut single “Home” is #1 on iTunes. Those are the only numbers right now that matter as far as you’re concerned.

[Via E! Online]

‘American Idol’: Jessica Sanchez And Phillip Phillips Face Off One Last Time

Last chance to vote!
No nonsense this time, just wall-to-wall singing for the final performance show of American Idol season 11. Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips faced off in three rounds; for Round 1, they did songs chosen by American Idol creator Simon Fuller. The contestants chose their favorite song of the season for the second outing, and the final round saw them performing what would be their first single if they win. Read on for the round-by-round breakdown. More »

Phillip Phillps Vs. Jessica Sanchez: We Pick Their Best And Worst Season 11 ‘Idol’ Performances

Tonight marks the final performance episode of American Idol Season 11. And while many viewers (like, say, us) were deprived of the Jessica Sanchez-Joshua Ledet heavyweight bout they wanted, the diametrically opposed styles and fan bases of Phillip Phillips and Jessica make for an intriguing finale. In one corner we have the miniaturized Beyonce-via-growling-tiger teenager, in the other corner we have a gruff Dave Matthews-style strummer. While Jessica showcased prodigious vocals and a commanding stage presence right away in the Top 13, Phil has evolved from a dude scatting and just having a good time into an actual singer — if his performance last week wasn’t a fluke.

So will squealing girls come out of the woodwork to again hand the title to a charming young man? Or will Jessica’s incredible voice break the ladies’ drought through sheer force of will? Before making your prediction, take a look back at the finalists’ most impressive and most disappointing performances. More »