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Rudimental Want To Collaborate With Beyonce (For All The Wrong Reasons) & Lauryn Hill: Interview

rudimental beyonce idolator interview home feel the love
Can You Feel The Love, Bey?
British act Rudimental hit up our studio last week and talked about their debut album Home as well as their recent recording session with Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran and The Game (that’s right — one session, three artists). But we were also interested in finding out who the drum and bass/dance-pop quartet would love to collaborate with in the future. The first name that popped out of DJ Locksmith‘s mouth: Queen B.

“I would collaborate with Beyonce for so many of the wrong reasons,” Locksmith joked…or at least we think the randy “Feel The Love” hit-maker was joking. The rest of the guys cracked up for several moments, but they eventually noted that Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo are names they wouldn’t mind aligning themselves with. More »

Bridgit Mendler Dicusses Ideas For Her Next Album & Being A Fan Of UK Singer John Newman: Interview

bridgit mendler idolator interview
Ready Or Not, She's Thinking About Her Next Album
Pop multihyphenate Bridgit Mendler is still in the midst of her Summer Tour, and when the “Hurricane” singer breezed into town recently, we took the opportunity to catch up with her. You may recall Bridgit telling us last December that her favorite song of the previous year was Frank Ocean‘s  “Thinkin Bout You.” Well, it’s a new year with new players on the pop scene, including soulful British crooner John Newman, and Mendler was singing his praises while she was here.

Also, good news for fans of the singer waiting for fresh material: she also discussed the fact that she’s in the early stages of jotting down ideas for her follow-up to her debut album Hello My Name Is… More »

Rudimental Discuss Collaborating With Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding & Game: Interview

rudimental ed sheeran idolator interview ellie goulding game collaborating
Feel The Rudimental Love
Two weeks ago, Rudimental made headlines when they tossed a photo on Instagram indicating that they’d just recorded new material with Game and Ed Sheeran. Earlier this week, the hit-making UK drum and bass/dance-pop act played a gig in Central Park with their friend Emeli Sande, and we took the opportunity to lure the lads into our studio and have a chat — and it turns out Game and Ed weren’t the only big names making music with the quartet recently.

“We did a session in L.A., in La La Land, with Ed Sheeran, and The Game turned up as well,” explains Rudimental’s Amir Amor. “[Game] actually phoned [Ed Sheeran] and was like, ‘Hey, man, my girl really loves your music’…and Ed invited him to the studio… Ellie Goulding popped in as well.”

Watch the interview above. More »

Popping Up: Ayah Marar

ayah marar idolator interview thinking about you calvin harris
She's Keeping It 'Real'
Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

You’ve heard her voice on several Calvin Harris tracks, including current single “Thinking About You,” and maybe you even caught her lovely acoustic performance of that particular song here on Idolator this week. Now it’s time to learn all about Ayah Marar.

During her visit to our studio last week, the London-based singer talked about her latest successful collaboration with with longtime friend Calvin: “We met at a record shop I used to work at, Uptown Records, in Soho, London,” she explained. “We co-wrote the new single together, ‘Thinking About You’, and that was marking the tenth anniversary of our meeting. It’s a bit of a special one for us.”

Ayah also discussed recording her debut album The Real, and gave us a walk-through the ornate artwork found on the CD sleeve. Watch the interview above. More »

Popping Up: K. Rose

k rose sink or swim idolator interview
Learn All About This Dashing Young Diva
Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

K. Rose isn’t exactly a stranger around Idolator. You may recall that we premiered her video for hypnotic club jam “A Voi E A Me (You And I)” back in January. So when this young singer/songwriter/dancer from the Sunshine State traveled up North, we were eager to put her in our Popping Up hot seat and find out what drives her, creatively.

And so, with blonde braids in, harem pants on and a striking arm tattoo — one that’s dedicated to her brother, Richard, as well as her love of music — on full display, K. Rose gave us the lowdown on her current single “Booji Girl,” her upcoming collaboration with Rick Ross and new EP Sink Or Swim. Watch her interview above, and find out more about this dynamic dance-pop diva below. More »

Zendaya Plays Instant “Replay”: Drake, ‘Martin’ & Other Things She Can’t Get Enough Of

Zendaya idolator interview replay 2013
More Ice Cream? Yes, Please!
When multi-talented Shake It Up star Zendaya stopped by recently to talk about her career — both on the small screen and in the world of pop music — we also took a few minutes to grill her own some of her personal favorite things in life. After all, the 16-year-old singer’s first offering from her upcoming album is called “Replay,” so why not ask what movies, albums and TV shows she often finds herself hitting the repeat button for?

Zendaya didn’t just stick to pop culture, however, because we also zeroed in on her crazy nail game she had going on. “I think I literally have a problem,” she lamented, while discussing the fact that she can never stick to one color. More »

Richard X Discusses Annie’s ‘A&R EP’, Working With MKS, Rachel Stevens & More: Idolator Interview

Richard X & Annie, Still Making Beautiful Music Together
It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Norwegian indie-pop icon Annie — nearly four years of hot minutes, in fact. Lucky for us, this summer the “Chewing Gum” ingenue is back in action. After first tempting the pop-loving masses this past spring with the aerobicized anthem “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts,” Ms. A has reunited with beloved comrade and frequent collaborator Richard X for The A&R EP, a supremely enjoyable mini-collection of upbeat pop that will have you sweating away the waning weeks of summer on the dancefloor.

Even luckier for us, Richard X has taken time out of his production schedule (he’s currently working with A*M*E and MKS, among others) to chat about the EP, his work with Annie and just what kind of trouble two friends can get up to with an online translator. More »

Popping Up: Zendaya

zendaya replay idolator interview popping up
The Pop Scene: She's About To Shake It Up
Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

Hilary. Miley. Demi. Selena. All of these names ring an instant bell as being sassy and classy ladies who, over the past decade, successfully transitioned from Disney starlet to full-on pop princess. And dancing Shake It Up diva Zendaya is aiming to make the same musical leap. She’s barely of driving age (more on that in our video interview above!), but already this multi-talented California teen has become one of the Disney Channel’s most recognizable faces, written a book, competed on Dancing With The Stars and, most recently, released “Replay,” the smooth, R&B-leaning lead single off her upcoming debut album.

Everything about Zendaya — from the mixtape-themed lyric video for “Replay” to her love of Shakespeare — indicates that there’s an old soul underneath her cool and super-cute exterior. So we were more than thrilled to have the budding songstress sit down with us for the latest segment of Popping Up! Watch above. More »

CSS Dish On ‘Planta’, Dave Sitek, Stealing Beats From Rappers & Dating In America: Idolator Interview

css planta interview idolator
Foxxxy Ladies!
It’s not every day you get to pal around with irreverent Brazilian electro-rockers CSS, but last week we found ourselves in close quarters with the dynamic quartet! Lovefoxxx, Luiza Sa, Ana Rezende and Carolina Parra strolled into the Idolator studio and proceeded to crack myself and the entire crew up with their tales of, er, lamb chops, misadventures in dating (“People in America — they never assume that they’re going on a date. They say, hey, do you want to hang out?” laments Lovefoxxx) and beginning a new era with producer Dave Sitek.

Naturally, we also spoke about CSS’ fantastic, summery new album Planta (purchase here), which the ladies recorded while crashing at Sitek’s house for a couple months in the sunny locale of Los Angeles. The record is packed with dreamy synth-pop jams like “Into The Sun,” a track we premiered here in late May, lead single “Hangover” and the quirky “Frankie Goes To North Hollywood.” More »

Frankmusik: 5 Things You Need To Know About ‘Between’

frankmusik idolator between interview
Vincent Discusses His New Album
Recently Vincent Frank — better known as electro-pop dynamo Frankmusik — stopped by Idolator’s studio to discuss the new music that makes up his recently-released third album Between (buy here). At times during our conversation, Frank delved into painful subject matter, such as the despair he felt while being part of a major label, and the personal journey he had to go on once he departed that situation.

When talking about his new self-produced songs such as “Map,” “Chasing Shadows” and “Stronger,” however, Vincent was very eager to describe how each one fit into the album as a whole, and gave him the creative outlet for all the anguish he was feeling inside. More »