Janet Jackson’s “No Sleeep”: 20 Ecstatic Twitter Reactions To The Queen Of Insomnia’s New Single

By: Robbie Daw // June 22, 2015

Some listeners displayed measured satisfaction, while others were slayed then given life all over again. More »

Happy Father’s Day: 17 Ultimate Dad-Pop Songs, Past And Present

By: Jonathan Riggs // June 19, 2015

Music your dad and you as a future dad will approve of! More »

Janet Jackson’s 10 #1 Singles: Revisited, Reviewed & Ranked

By: Idolator Staff // June 19, 2015

As Janet plots her future comeback, we take a look at Miss Jackson’s biggest past hits! More »

Song Of The Summer 2015 Poll: Vote And Let’s Narrow Down The Contenders, Shall We?

By: Robbie Daw // June 4, 2015

Have your say in who will be crowned with having this year’s ultimate Song Of The Summer! More »

Max Martin’s 20 #1 Singles, From “…Baby One More Time” To “Bad Blood”: Revisited, Reviewed & Ranked

By: Idolator Staff // June 2, 2015

We look back at all of the chart-topping smashes Max had a hand in and rank them accordingly. More »

In Celebration Of Y2K’s 15th Anniversary: 10 Songs That Reflect The Digital Evolution

By: Bianca Gracie // May 29, 2015

We look back at pop songs that embody the digital age — from the New Millenium era to now! More »

10 Obscure But Pitch-Perfect 1980s Soundtrack Gems Crying Out To Be Covered By Today’s Artists

By: Jonathan Riggs // May 29, 2015

The movies and songs that inspired a generation…or something. More »

Rihanna & The Rest Of ‘SNL’ Season 40’s Musical Guests, Ranked From Worst To Best

By: Carl Williott // May 18, 2015

We ranked every musical performance from Saturday Night Live’s 40th season. More »

7 People You Forgot Won ‘American Idol’

By: Jonathan Riggs // May 12, 2015

We love them all, but time hasn’t been kind to all of the champs of American Idol. More »

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls”: 14 Hilariously Bitchy Reader Tweets About The Song

By: Robbie Daw // May 11, 2015

Our readers had some rather strong reactions to these pretty girls. More »

Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Residency: 10 Most Scathing Lines From The ‘New York Times’ Opening-Night Review

By: Robbie Daw // May 11, 2015

The publication wasn’t very impressed by Mimi’s first night in Sin City, something they made abundantly clear in their writeup. More »

Mother’s Day Playlist: 10 Songs By Pop Moms About Their Kids

By: Kathy Iandoli // May 8, 2015

With Mother’s Day here, Idolator picked some songs that pop’s finest moms have dedicated to their children. More »

‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Is Making A Return On MTV2: 13 Of The Most Classic Fights

By: Bianca Gracie // April 14, 2015

Relive your nostalgia with some of the claymation series’ best moments! More »

10 Amazing Ciara Live Performances To Celebrate ‘The Jackie Tour’: Watch

By: Bradley Stern // April 10, 2015

CiCi slays the stage again and again. Which performances do you love? More »

Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’, By The Numbers: Why Isn’t This Album A Hit?

By: Robbie Daw // April 2, 2015

Getting down to the science of what went wrong with Madonna’s latest album release. More »

Get It Right, Get It Tight! 10 Fitness Videos To Prep You For The Summer

By: Bianca Gracie // April 1, 2015

We at Idolator are here to assist you with those summer goals! More »

Zayn Malik Quits One Direction: See 1D Fans’ Reactions On Social Media

By: Bianca Gracie // March 25, 2015

See what fans are saying about the shocking news! More »

Kendrick Lamar Goes Number One, Marina And The Diamonds Debuts In Top 10 Of Billboard 200

By: Bradley Stern // March 25, 2015

Congratulations, Kendrick and Marina! More »

Madonna’s “Vogue” Turns 25: Here Are 10 Other Songs That Were Hits In Spring 1990

By: Robbie Daw // March 20, 2015

“Vogue” was released 25 years ago today, on March 20, 1990, as the lead single off Madonna’s soundtrack album I’m Breathless. In celebration, we’re squeezing into our overly-baggy jeans and revisiting some of the other singles that were hits in the days leading up to that summer. More »

The Dress Playlist: 17 Songs To Help You Decide If The Color Of This Thing Is White, Blue, Black Or Gold

By: Robbie Daw // February 27, 2015

We here at Idolator have figured out the colors of this dress, however. We did it very simply. And how did we come to our conclusion? Through song, of course. Actually, make that 17 songs. More »

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