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Academy Awards: 5 Oscar-Nominated Songs That Should Have Won But Didn’t

These Songs Were All Just Travelin' Thru
It’s happened to so many of us who devote all the days (and evenings) of our lives to watching the litany of awards shows that come our way this time of year: you’re rooting for your favorite to take the statue, but when the winner is announced another guy, gal, song, artist or act wins. And you want to scream, cry or take to drinking (we do all three) because you know in your gut that another song should have secured that prize. Happens all the time, right?

Well, Hollywood’s big movie awards are less than a week away, and we’re still obsessing over the music. As we mull over this year’s Academy Award nominations for Best Original Song, we can’t help but wonder about what should have been from Oscars past. Sure, they may get it right most of the time, but sometimes the Academy misses the mark (as it did often in the early 2000s). Below we look back at the last 15 years and make a case for five of our favorite Oscar-nominated songs that should have landed the little bald dude, but didn’t. More »

Valentine’s Day Playlist: 10 Sexy Songs Guaranteed To Get You Some

They're Gonna Be Your Motivation
We at Idolator are true believers in the power of love, not to mention the romance of Valentine’s Day! We’d never allow the cynical musings of certain pop stars (we’re looking at you, Ms. “The truth about love is it’s all a lie” Pink) or the lingering memory of a terrible Garry Marshall movie take that away from us. However, we do concede that a day of L-U-V can go to H-E-LL if one doesn’t plan their Valentine’s Day playlist accordingly. After all, V-Day isn’t necessarily an easy date to pull off: romantic dinners, heart-shaped candy boxes, and sickeningly sweet stuffed animals count for a lot, but if the mood music is wrong, your Valentine’s Day could end up an arousal-free zone. That’s where we come in!

In order to make today (and tonight) the peak sexy-time of the season, we offer to you, dear readers, a playlist that’s engineered for maximum stimulation. Dinner reservations, expensive trinkets and not being a total d-bag are still on you, but with this enchanting arrangement of boot-knockin’ toons blasting from your speakers, a successful nightcap is halfway in the bag. (Which, if things go well, you and your date should be, too.) More »

Valentine’s Day Playlist: 11 Great Pop Songs For Your Unrequited Love

Guess What? It's Gonna Be Me!
Let’s be real, Idolafans: nothing exacerbates a broken heart like the prospect of another Valentine’s Day alone. If the ubiquity of hearts and flowers doesn’t get to you, the smell of chocolate and the constant reminder that everyone else is gettin’ some certainly will. It’s a painful thing to live through, and not something we recommend facing without the help of empathetic music journalists and their playlist-assembling abilities. We’re here for you.

So while you’re spending Valentine’s Eve at home, alone, with a heart-shaped box of candy and a wine-shaped box of comfort, crank up this very special selection of songs devoted to the the unlucky in love. We’ve programmed it for maximum tearsiness and ultimate single-person empowerment (ie., crying into a mirror while lip-syncing), from the bottom of our own broken hearts. More »

Valentine’s Day Playlist: The 10 Best Songs For Those Flying Solo This Year

All The Single Ladies (And Guys) Better Listen Up!
Sigh. While couples everywhere will be getting all cutesy with chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day, some of us won’t be so lucky. However instead of sitting on the couch with our favorite junk food and streaming a rom-com, we’ve whipped up a list of the 10 best songs to listen to on V-Day if you’re going it sans a date this year.

Whether it’s an empowering track reminding you why it’s great being independent or the song that explains all the ways that your ex simply wasn’t worth it in any way, shape or form, there is a jam for anyone and everyone. We’ve gathered up 10 of them below for your listening pleasure, courtesy of our customized Rdio player! More »

Whitney Houston: The 5 Best Tribute Performances, A Year After Her Death

Whitney Passed Away one year ago today
It’s been a year since music legend Whitney Houston died at the age of 48. In the time following her February 11, 2012 passing, performers spanning generations and genres have paid tribute to the esteemed singer.

In fact, there wasn’t a proper music event in 2012 that didn’t seize the opportunity to memorialize Houston through performance. From the legendary peers that worked alongside Whitney from the start, to the new crop of singers inspired by the iconic diva, it was quite a collection that took to the stage to pay their respects. The early tributes, appropriately, reflected the sadness of a life lost too soon. As the year went on, however, these performances evolved to a celebration of The Voice’s energy and charismatic stage presence.

Starting with Jennifer Hudson’s somber performance of “I Will Always Love You” during last year’s Grammys, and moving toward an eventual spirited celebration of Houston’s more upbeat hits, we’ve rounded up our five favorite tributes to the singer. (And spoiler alert: Glee’s Whitney Houston-themed episode didn’t make the cut. At all.) More »

Grammys: 10 Pop Songs That Never Won The Awards They Deserved

Big Hits, No Props
Scoring a Grammy nod doesn’t necessarily make a song good, although it seems like the biggest music award of them all should help dictate which tracks will become pop classics. Alas, as it turns out, a lot of zeitgeist-y hits from the past few decades years didn’t win a statue on Grammy night, even though a few did score nominations. It might seem weird that “Umbrella” didn’t sweep all the record categories and No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” wasn’t lauded at all. But those, of course, aren’t the only major pop hits lacking a statue.

We rounded up two handfuls of such snubbed songs below. Revisit them and feel the injustice! More »

Beyonce At The Super Bowl: 7 Things Still Left For Her To Conquer

Over the years, Beyonce has dominated nearly every realm of entertainment. The former (?) Destiny’s Child member has released wildly successful solo albums, starred in films, appeared on Broadway and performed on dozens of award shows. (Not to mention the Glastonbury fest, gigs she’s done with husband Jay-Z and the presidential inaugurations she’s taken part in.) And now as Beyonce, who will release her fifth solo album later this year, prepares to take the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show, it’s interesting to consider whether the singer has anything left on her bucket list.

As it turns out, there are a few stones still left unturned when it comes to Bey’s career, although some of these suggestions are more probable than others. Will Bey ever really play a show on the moon? Maybe not, but let’s not rule anything out too quickly. This is, after all, the woman who, for the most part, has managed to keep her child’s face a secret for over a year now. More »

Beyonce At The Super Bowl: Bey & Destiny’s Child’s Most Stadium-Worthy Songs

Will We Hear These Jams At The Game?
Somewhere in the vast sprawl of New York City, Beyonce is preparing for the Super Bowl with the steely focus and unwavering dedication of a professional athlete. You see, the queen of pop, soul and several other genres has a lot riding on the high profile performance. A flawless display could set up GQ’s sexiest woman of the millennium for another record-breaking era and cement her status as a pop immortal. On the other hand, if something goes wrong — we’re looking at you, Janet Jackson! — it could derail the Bey juggernaut, at least momentarily.

With so much on the line, composing the perfect halftime setlist is critical. We know the Beyonce is going to reunite with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to belt out a medley of Destiny’s Child hits on February 3. But the rest of her set is a complete mystery. We’ve dusted off our crystal ball to create a theoretical list that showcases King B’s incredible talent and diversity. Be sure to let us know what you think about our selections below! More »

Beyonce At The Super Bowl: Revisit 5 Epic Destiny’s Child Performances

Independent women, single ladies and everyone in between — it’s time to celebrate! Destiny’s Child will officially be reuniting at the Super Bowl, so get ready to party like it’s 2004, football fans! With the iconic pop trio’s new collection Love Songs set to drop (on January 29), and the premiere of brand new song “Nuclear,” we’re bound to hear a mix of old and new DC music on when the big game kicks off on February 3..

So how will the reunited Destiny’s Child members play off of each other, nine years after their last album? And more importantly, what type of fashion coordination will they come up with for this big event? We’ve got three weeks before these burning questions are answered, survivors, and until then, we’re going to be tailgating by watching some of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams‘ great past live performances. More »

Golden Globes: 10 Past Nominated Songs You Completely Forgot Existed

Remember These Tunes? Probably Not.
It’s officially Awards Season again and, rather predictably, everyone’s abuzz over the Academy Awards’ Best Original Song nominees — but what of the Golden Globes Best Original Song selections, we ask? No, really. Wait, come back!

Though often thought of as Oscar’s little sister — and a somewhat reliable predictor of who will win Academy Award gold — the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual accolade has a style all its own, and nowhere is this style more evident than in its strange history of Best Original Song nominees.

What follows is a look at some of the Golden Globe-nominated movie songs that once graced the big screen and the red carpet, only to fall into obscurity almost immediately after the night they lost. We couldn’t let them lay forgotten, so we’ve resurrected ten songs here for your listening enjoyment. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and thank us later for not including Pia Zadora, Frank Stallone or Gwynteh Paltrow.) More »