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The 11 Best UK Boy Bands Of The Past 25 Years: From Take That To One Direction

Oct 10th, 2012 // 31 Comments
1D Live Young
One Direction Live While We're Young
Watch One Direction's new video for "Live While We're Young." Read More »
Take That's "Flood"
The guys reunite with Robbie Williams. Read More »
Wanted Favorites
The boys share discuss Twitter and bad hair days in our chat. Read More »

With a blockbuster year nearly behind them (their platinum hit “What Makes You Beautiful” hit the top four, spawning a number one album and a sold-out tour) and new single “Live While We’re Young” burning up the airwaves, British boy-band One Direction remind us of one of pop music’s most enduring truths: the most compelling all-male pop groups often hail from Ol’ Blighty.

Certainly one could make an argument for Stateside superiority on the backs of such legends as NKOTB, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, but how do those guys stack up against the lads of The Wanted, Take That and 1D? And more importantly, which ones would win in a fight over us? Peruse our Top 10 list of the UK’s cuddliest crooners below and tell us who you think comes out on top in the game of pop! More »

Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Feudgate 2012: Read Nicki’s 5 Shadiest Tweets About Mariah

Oct 5th, 2012 // 11 Comments
Nicki's F-Bombs
Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj American Idol
Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey fight in a leaked Idol video. Read More »
No Idol Feud
nicki minaj mariah carey keith urban american idol
Mariah Carey says there's no feud with Nicki Minaj. Read More »
Nicki Supports Obama
nicki minaj obama
Minaj's Romney rap was just a joke, everyone. Read More »

We have yet to formally declare a side in the ongoing feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey that exploded this week following a confrontation during American Idol auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina. But if anyone is winning points for shameless Twitter-dragging, it’s Dear Old Nicki.

The stakes have been escalating since video leaked of the two yelling at each other: Carey’s been cagier, as reports surfaced that Minaj threatened to shoot her with a gun in the heat of the confrontation, and Barbara Walters told viewers that Carey upped her security following the incident. Minaj chose to simply air all her dirty laundry yesterday by taking to Twitter to “spill the tea.” More »

The 8 Best “Gangnam”-Style Dance Craze Songs Of The Past 25 Years

Oct 5th, 2012 // 2 Comments
psy shirtless
Invisible horse riding just got a whole lot sexier! Read More »
Decoding PSY
Here's how "Gangnam Style" went viral. Read More »
psy gangam style snl
The Korean star gets laughs on Saturday Night Live. Read More »

PSY rode his invisible horse all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 last week. (And now he’s bouncing shirtless!) “Gangnam Style” was always destined for K-pop greatness, but the hilarious dance routine also overcame the language barrier and made the song an international phenomenon.

While the Korean superstar has made quite a splash worldwide, it’s not the first time a floor-filler has relied on quirky choreography for chart success. Who hasn’t put their dignity aside to do the Macarena or wished someone would teach them how to Dougie? Unfortunately for PSY, these songs tend to alienate music-buyers in the long run. Will “Gangnam Style” buck the trend, or is Korea’s most popular export since Kimchi destined become a one-hit wonder like the pop-wizards behind the following dance crazes? More »

Election 2012: The 10 Best Obama & Romney Name-Drops In Music From Recent Years

Oct 4th, 2012 // 1 Comment
HOV, Bey's Obama Funds
jay z beyonce obama
The power couple raise $4 million for, well, a power couple. Read More »
Miley Rocks the Vote
Miley Cyrus Rock The Vote Funny Or Die
Miley Cyrus and Glee's stars say: Go vote! Read More »
Nicki Supports Obama
nicki minaj obama
Minaj's Romney rap was just a joke, everyone. Read More »

Election Season is right around the corner, and it’s a time when all Americans ask “Wait, what’s the electoral college again?” and head to the voting booths in support of their candidate of choice. This year, with the amount of key issues at play, the upcoming decision is an important one, and has musical artists from all backgrounds coming together to encourage citizens to hit the polls. (If you missed Miley Cyrus and friends in a recent Rock the Vote video, it’s well worth a watch.)

But while many artists steer clear of name-checking one candidate over another, there’s a faction of the industry — especially in hip hop — who have never had a problem dropping names in their music. The majority of the lyrics reference current POTUS Barack Obama, though there are a few Mitt Romney refs to throw in for good measure. So get those ballots ready and head below to see which ones made the cut. More »

Britney Spears, Taylor Swift & Rihanna Top ‘Forbes’ Highest-Paid Women In Hollywood List

Oct 2nd, 2012 // Comment
Hip-Hop's Richest
Diddy isn't doing too bad, either. Read More »
Taylor Reveals Red
taylor swift red album
Swift talks about her upcoming crimson-colored LP. Read More »
Brit & Demi's Debut
britney demi x factor
See what critics had to say about The X Factor. Read More »
Ri, Taylor Lead EMAs
Rihanna Barclaycard Festival Concert
Rihanna and Taylor Swift led noms at the 2012 MTV EMAs. Read More »

Surprise! The highest-paid women in the entertainment industry are pretty much the ones that you’d expect: the big-time superstars with massive endorsement deals, global tours and record sales. At the top of the list? Britney Spears and Taylor Swift, with Rihanna in close pursuit.

Forbes’ annual list, which went live yesterday (October 1), is fairly by-the-book. As per usual, Oprah Winfrey reigns supreme with an astonishing $165 million haul last year, but Spears — who was absent from the list in 2011 due to her limited touring schedule — comes in at #2 with an impressive $58 million. Close behind at #3 is Swift with $57 million. (And yet, she still can’t find a nice boyfriend. Sigh!) More »

Whitney Houston’s 10 Best Songs That Were Left Off Her New ‘Best Of’

Oct 1st, 2012 // 4 Comments
Whitney & R. Kelly
Whitney R. Kelly I Look To You Lyric Video
Their duet from Whitney's greatest hits comp. Read More »
Forgotten Whitney
Whitney Houston's 10 best songs radio forgot. Read More »
Whitney Extended
whitney houston birthday sparkle
Take a closer look at the diva's last film. Read More »
Bobbi's Whitney Tribute
Whitney Houston's daughter gets inspired ink. Read More »

On November 12, RCA will release a new Whitney Houston hits CD called I Will Always Love You: The Best Of Whitney Houston. When the 18 tracks were announced, debates began over which singles didn’t make the cut. Message boards lit up, press-on nails were chewed off and it basically seemed confounding that at least a few essentials were nowhere to be found. Here, Idolator makes the case for nine more gems from The Voice’s back catalog that we think deserve recognition — and truly stand out as some of her best. More »

The 10 Best James Bond Songs (Until Adele’s 007 ‘Skyfall’ Theme Drops)

Oct 1st, 2012 // 13 Comments
Hear Adele's "Skyfall"
Adele Skyfall lyric video
Listen to the singer's James Bond theme song. Read More »
Madge's Forgotten Hits
Ten songs radio doesn't play by the Material Girl. Read More »
Garbage Live In NY
Watch the band's killer set for MTV Hive. Read More »

Rumor has it the producers of the next James Bond film, Skyfall, have only one diva in their sights for the sure-to-be-blockbuster theme song: multiple-Grammy-winner Adele! Nothing has been officially confirmed by either camp, but we think the platinum 21 songbird is an ideal fit for the classic James Bond motif. Not only is she dynamic enough to follow in the footsteps of Bassey, Sinatra, and, er, Garbage, she’s got the talent and smarts to make the job completely her own. UPDATE: it’s no longer a rumor — Adele’s “Skyfall” has finally been confirmed!

To further illustrate our point, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list of our favorite Bond themes of all time. (Nobody does it better, right?) More »

Summertime Sadness: The 10 Best Songs Radio Ignored

Sep 24th, 2012 // 5 Comments
MJ's 10 Forgotten Classics
Michael Jackson early 1980s
Hear the 10 best Jackson gems that radio forgot. Read More »
Carly's Hot Summer
carly rae jepsen
Jepsen nabs Billboard's Song of the Summer. Read More »
Best of 2012 So Far
Idolator's Best 12 Albums Of 2012 So Far
Find out which pop releases were our absolute favorites. Read More »

The best part of summer might just be the Song Of The Summer — the one that you play so much in the July sunshine that you never want to hear it again by September. This year’s biggest summer song was inarguably Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe,” but the Canadian singer was far from the only artist to produce a tune that screamed blissful, school’s-out celebration. In fact, there were many other contenders that deserved major airplay in recent months and, for whatever reason, didn’t get it.

Given that — and the fact that it’s now officially fall — we’ve rounded up the summer singles that had the most hit potential and failed to deliver on that initial promise. These songs may not have sold a million copies, but they’ll still be the ones that evoke the fondest memories of the warmest months of 2012 as the autumn chill begins to set in. More »

Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ Songs Covered By One Direction, Christina Aguilera & More

Sep 13th, 2012 // 1 Comment
Michael's Bad Is 25
Michael Jackson Bad
We look back at the impact of MJ's 1987 album. Read More »
Jackson's "Al Capone"
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal video
An early demo of the song that became "Smooth Criminal". Read More »
MJ's Forgotten Classics
Michael Jackson early 1980s
Hear the 10 best Jackson gems that radio forgot. Read More »

Few albums have stood the test of time as valiantly as Michael Jackson’s Bad, thanks to classics like “Man In The Mirror,” “Dirty Diana” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”, which sound as engaging today as they were in 1987. Given the creative and commercial success Michael enjoyed in this era of his career, it’s no wonder the material on Bad has been re-interpreted by a multitude of different artists ever since (and remains the fodder of talent shows to this very day).

To celebrate the imminent 25th anniversary re-release of Bad on September 18 (enter to win a copy here), we’ve rounded up a selection of our favorite covers of songs from MJ’s seventh studio album. Let the “Eeee-Heeeee-ing” commence below! More »

Supernatural Singles: 10 Songs With Creepy, Bump-In-The-Night Videos

Sep 5th, 2012 // 4 Comments
Michael's 'Bad' Is 25
Michael Jackson Bad
We look back at the impact of MJ's 1987 album. Read More »
MJ Songs Radio Forgot
Michael Jackson early 1980s
His 10 best tunes you don't hear on the airwaves. Read More »
Gaga's Fur Scandal
Lady Gaga fur Machete Kills
Mother Monster responds to critics of her fur usage. Read More »

When it comes to music videos that make a lasting impression, one rule always holds fast and true: the scarier the better! After all, the most popular, influential, and widely-copied video of all time was a special-effects-laden, big-budget homage to Z-grade horror movies that changed music television (remember that?) and pop music forever. And what’s not to love about a visual that gives you a cracking tune, a hot beat and a few good jolts by way of a disgustingly made-up cast of zombie dancers?

In the wake of that groundbreaking clip, which is our first pick below, the world of pop became a veritable mausoleum of spooky sexpots, undead divas and grisly choreography. Lend an eyeball to our supernatural roundup and revisit several of the classics (and not-so-classics) of the genre. And if you wake up screaming from a nightmare tonight, don’t say we didn’t warn you! More »