Lady Gaga Is Top Female Music Earner, Says ‘Forbes’

By: Robbie Daw // December 15, 2011
Lady Gaga knows all about being a fame monster, but turns out she's quite the cash cow, to boot. Forbes, the publication with a penchant for ranking celebs and their cha-ching, has followed up its World's Most Powerful Women list with the roundup of Top-Earning Women In Music. See … … More »

Best Songs Of 2011: The Top 10 Pop Non-Singles Of The Year

By: Robbie Daw // December 14, 2011
Sure, there have been a boatload of decent singles that made an impact both on the charts and in pop culture in 2011. But there were also plenty of outstanding tracks tucked away on your favorite pop artists' albums that never got their day in the sun. Sometimes it may seem like a … … More »

‘Saturday Night Live': The Best Pop Star Sketches

By: Becky Bain // December 9, 2011
Katy Perry is bringing her sass and charm (and possibly a range of accents) to Saturday Night Live this weekend. We're curious to see how well Katy does her first time as host, as well as how many times the writers will make use of her cleavage in a sketch. To … … More »

Rihanna Is The Most Talked-About Musician On Facebook

By: Robbie Daw // December 9, 2011
Cranking out new music year after year has its advantages — mainly, it keeps an artist in the public eye. Take, for instance, Rihanna, who has topped a Facebook poll on the most talked-about music artists of 2011. (Guess its no wonder, then, why her latest album is titled Talk That Talk?) … … More »

Adele Is iTunes’ Artist Of The Year

By: Becky Bain // December 8, 2011
Not only is Adele's music from the past year topping critical lists — she came in at #1 on Rolling Stone's Best Albums and Singles of 2011 features — the Brit singer is triumphing on chart lists, too. Adele's 21 was the top-selling album on iTunes in the last year, and "Rolling In The Deep" … … More »

Adele Tops ‘Rolling Stone’ Year-End Lists For Best Album And Single

By: Becky Bain // December 7, 2011
We've already explained our picks for the year's best in music, now it's time for everyone else's opinions to roll out. Rolling Stone unveiled their Top 50 lists of the Best Albums and Best Singles of 2011, and pop holds sway on both. Britney Spears and Beyonce make the cut for the music … … More »

2011’s Best Albums: Idolator’s Favorite 10 Out Of ’11

By: Robbie Daw // November 29, 2011
Since January, our ears have reveled in hearing new LPs from several bona fide superstars and promising debuts from up-and-coming artists. Of course, there was also one juggernaut from a power-house Brit vocalist that shattered all expectations. Naturally, a few of our discoveries rose above the usual din, and it's about time we shared the … … More »

Lady Gaga’s Workshop: The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things For Sale

By: Becky Bain // November 22, 2011
Lady Gaga's holiday-themed Gaga's Workshop opened today at Barney's New York, and the store is a little monster's fantasyland of Gagafied goodies, from candy to candles to leather jackets and beyond. Of course, we put an emphasis on "fantasy", because they've got to be dreaming if they think any normal person can afford … … More »

American Music Awards 2011: The 6 Most Memorable Moments

By: Robbie Daw // November 21, 2011
Our heads are still spinning from the hefty amount of performances and sheer volume of party-rocking that went on during last night's American Music Awards! In fact, there was so much pop mayhem to sift through that narrowing down six memorable moments was almost impossible. Still, we managed to suss out … … More »

The 10 Unlikeliest Pop Stars Of 2011: From Betty White To Bai Ling

By: Mike Wass // November 14, 2011
Once upon a time you needed a record deal and (at least some degree of) talent to release a pop song. But those days are long gone. In 2011, all you need is a computer and a dream — and preferably a role on a reality TV show or a famous parent! Cowering … … More »

VH1’s 40 Greatest Michael Jackson Songs List Isn’t Bad

By: Idolator Staff // November 6, 2011
Michael Jackson was not immortal, no matter what Cirque Du Soleil might have you believe. His music, on the other hand, will last forever, and the art of pop is already far better for the influence that Jackson wielded during an historic 40-year career. With an airing of This Is It this week, … … More »

Kelly Clarkson’s Top 5 Most Memorable Live Performances

By: Becky Bain // October 25, 2011
We know firsthand how incredible Kelly Clarkson is live — we recently died and went to pop heaven checking out her Troubadour show — but that shouldn't come as a surprise, as the powerhouse vocalist has been delivering fierce and fiery performances her entire career. In celebration of her Stronger album … … More »

VH1 Names Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” The Best Song Of The ’00s

By: Becky Bain // September 30, 2011
VH1 debuted their list of the 100 Greatest Songs Of The '00s — ya know, just twenty-two months after the end of the decade they're discussing. But that won't stop us from tearing apart their selections! Beyonce topped their list with her 2003 hit single "Crazy In Love", and though we cannot say … … More »

Tags: Beyonce

Celebrate Lil Wayne’s 29th Birthday With 29 Guest Verses!

By: Becky Bain // September 27, 2011
Today is Lil Wayne's 29th birthday — yes, this Young Money mogul and super-successful rapper is under 30 years old — and we can think of no better way to celebrate all of Lil Tunechi's accomplishments in his nearly-three-decades on Earth than by choosing 29 different featured appearances made by the MC! (And … … More »

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Idolator’s Top 10 Favorite Pop Mashups

By: Idolator Staff // September 12, 2011
It's a fast-paced world, and sometimes we find ourselves way too busy to listen to songs one at a time — which is why we love jamming out to mashups. It's called multitasking, people! One awesome song combined with another awesome song should get you twice the awesome in the same amount of time, right? … … More »

Lady Gaga, Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake Make ‘Vanity Fair’ New Establishment List

By: Robbie Daw // September 1, 2011
For the second year in a row, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tops tops Vanity Fair's New Establishment List, which is a roundup of "the top 50 of an innovative new breed of buccaneering visionaries, engineering prodigies, and entrepreneurs," says the mag. And smack at #9 is the tally's top woman — and the … … More »

Miley Cyrus’ “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Voted Worst Cover By ‘Rolling Stone’ Readers

By: Robbie Daw // August 24, 2011
Following its Queen Of Pop and King Of Hip Hop tallies, Rolling Stone turned its Worst Cover Songs Of All Time roundup into a democracy by having the publication's readers pick the unlucky 10 artists. Britney Spears has the (dis)honor of ranking twice on the list, while post-grunge footnotes … … More »

Kidz Bop’s 9 Least Appropriate Pop Song Covers

By: Erika Brooks Adickman // July 20, 2011
In light of the recent Kidz Bop interpretation of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", we thought it was fine time to take a look at the other hit songs the children's compilation series has massacred over the years in a quest to be kid-friendly. The results of the company transforming PG-13 and R-rated … … More »

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony’s 5 Best Musical Performances Together

By: Becky Bain // July 15, 2011
Ay dios mio — one of Hollywood's most grounded couples (or so we thought) are headed for the divorce court, as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have announced they are ending their marriage. This is sad news, but we can still take a look back at the Latin power couple's courtship through more … … More »

4 Things We Love About ‘GQ’s “10 Things We Hate About ‘Born This Way'” List

By: Robbie Daw // May 24, 2011
Where would the Internet be without lists? Take, for example, arbiters of all things gentlemanly and quarterly, GQ: one editor for the publication admitted to being so pissed off by Lady Gaga, he furiously typed out 10 Things We Really Hate (And One We Love) About Lady Gaga's Born This Way. Whether you're … … More »

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