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These Insane Rock Star Rumors Are Actually True

The rumor mill always runs wild when it comes to rock stars, so much so that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction…until now.

Join us as we take a look at some insane rock star rumors that are actually true. More »

These Rappers Keep It Real By Giving Back

These chart-topping rappers have had no problem shelling out the big bucks to helping those in need. More »

These Are The Most Bizzare Deaths In Music History

Even with all the craziness going on in the music industry, it’s still surprising that these musicians died the way they did. More »

“Rumors” About Fleetwood Mac That Are Actually True

You may know the words to their songs, but do you know the behind the scenes stories about one of the most successful bands of the 20th century? More »

You Have To See These Pictures Of Pop Stars When Their Debut Album Came Out Vs. Now

The glow up is so real when you can finally afford a stylist! More »

The Best Posthumous Albums You Need To Add To Your Collection

These Bands Had The Opportunity to Play With Their Musical Heroes

From idols to friends, these musicians had the experience of a lifetime. More »

The Bands And Performers That Inspired These Amazing Musicians

Find out who inspired your favorite performers and some of their favorite musicians. More »

Deadheads to One Directioners: These Fans Are Unbelievably Dedicated

Are You A Belieber? More »

Athletes Who Tried To Cross Over To Music, For Better Or For Worse

Many professional athletes try to translate their success on the courts, fields and rings into the music industry. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Here are 20 athletes that took a stab at a career in music, for better or for worse. More »

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