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20 Bands That Everyone Loves To Hate

From Nickelback to Creed, have you ever met a fan of these bands IRL? More »

Respected Musicians Who Committed Terrible Acts

You’d never guess what was happening behind closed doors. More »

Music Artists That Completely Changed Their Genres

Sometimes, it’s time for a change. More »

Musicians That Got Together With Their Bandmate’s Girl

There’s no honor amongst thieves. More »

Musicians Who Left Or Were Fired From Bands Just Before They Became Famous

Ouch, that has to hurt. More »

These Singers Didn’t Even Write Their Greatest Hits

We all know Beyoncé doesn’t write her own songs… but the people who write for her are artists themselves! More »

The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! The Legendary Life And Music Of Bootsy Collins

Who is the man behind the star-shaped glasses? More »

From Kimye To The Beckhams, Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrity Couples Met

It turns out that celebs find love just like everyone else (now please don’t ever break up). More »

The Life Story Of Paul McCartney

With a new album in the works, here’s how this former Beatle launched his decades-long career. More »

The Ultimate List Of Feel-Good Songs

These songs are scientifically proven to put you in a good mood. More »

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