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Michael Jackson’s Timbaland-Produced “Slave To The Rhythm”: Hear A Snippet Of The New Track

Mar 7th, 2014 // Comment
MJ x Timbo
Timbaland speaks on the posthumous project. Read More »

Back in August 2013, Timbaland revealed L.A. Reid enlisted him to work on a posthumous Michael Jackson album featuring Jackson’s unreleased vocals and Tim’s production. Tim said back then that he’d have the work done by the end of 2013, but only now are we hearing the first bit of music from the project.

For Timbaland Thursdays, the producer posted a 1:07 snippet of a new song called “Slave To The Rhythm.” The majority of the chunk is a typically busy Tim arrangement, with his syncopated percussion intertwining with 20/20 Experience-type strings. Then the King of Pop storms in with his angry voice, repeating “She’s a slave to the rhythm.”

To be honest, the Timbo sound kind of overwhelms MJ on this one, but it’s tough to really know with such a short sample. Hear it for yourself below. More »

John Newman’s “Out Of My Head”: Listen To The Naughty Boy Remix

Mar 6th, 2014 // Comment
Hear The New Version
Naughty Boy Talks
naught boy lalala idolator interview
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As John Newman‘s “Love Me Again” is still perched in the Billboard Hot 100′s Top 40 while Naughty Boy‘s “La La La” is finally gaining airplay in the States, the latter has remixed the former’s upcoming single “Out Of My Head” ahead of its UK release in April. Altogether, “Out Of My Head” will be the fourth British single issued off of Newman’s debut LP Tribute. His first two, “Love Me Again” and “Cheating,” made the Top 10 in his home country, but follow-up “Losing Sleep” failed to crack the Top 40. So enter Naughty Boy, who was enlisted to give orchestral ballad “Out Of My Head” a new, dancey makeover.

Click play above to hear the re-tooled version of the song, and see if it gets you on your feet. More »

Big Boi Nerds Out On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Mixtape Track “Mother Of Dragons”: Listen

Mar 6th, 2014 // Comment
No New Outkast Music
big boi in the a video
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This Game Of Thrones mixtape idea, Catch The Throne, is so great, even if it ends up being a terrible tape, because it’s giving us a chance to hear a bunch of rappers nerd out about one of the best and geekiest franchises in pop culture right now. It tells us we are not alone. When we’re freaking out about the Red Wedding or demanding to see more dragon action or stressing about King Joffrey, we know that Big Boi, Common, Wale and more are doing it, too (rappers, they’re just like us).

So here we have Big Boi’s contribution, “Mother Of Dragons,” which fans of the show will know is about the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen. “Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons is one of my favorite characters,” he told VIBE. “The throne actually belongs to her and to see her plight to get back on top to where she belongs has been the thing… Like James Brown said, it’s the season to get the big payback.”

I guess if we’re not gonna get new music from Outkast, a Daddy Fat Sax song with the line “Fuck the Lannisters and everybody ridin’ with ‘em / Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch finna slide some iron in ‘em” is a fine consolation prize. Hear it below, and check out Wale’s “King Slayer,” which interpolates the show’s theme song, at Billboard. More »

Allie X “Catch” (Billboard Remix): Idolator Premiere

Mar 5th, 2014 // Comment
Allie X's "Catch"
allie x
Listen to one of the best new finds of 2014. Read More »

In February, Toronto songbird Allie X swooped into our lives and dazzled us with her shimmering synth-pop gem “Catch,” causing us to declare it was the best song of 2014 so far. (One or two others have cropped up since then, but “Catch” is still soaring pretty high in our book.) Now fellow Canadian Billboard (real name: Mathieu Jomphe) has remixed the track, thus slowing it down and giving it a moodier, synthier makeover.

“The first time I heard Allie X’s distinct music and voice it grabbed me right away and I knew I wanted to be a part of her project,” Billboard, who’s written and/or produced for the likes of Robyn, Ke$ha and Britney Spears, tells Idolator. “In remixing ‘Catch’, I was inspired by the darkness in the lyric to make something deeply emotional.”

Hear Billboard’s atmospheric re-tooling of Allie X’s “Catch” below. More »

Janelle Monae’s “What Is Love”: Hear Her Tropical ‘Rio 2′ Song

Mar 4th, 2014 // Comment
janelle monae what is love
Oh Rio, Rio

Janelle Monae is the latest pop star to dip a toe into the animated film soundtrack waters (“C’mon in, the water’s fine!” beckons Pharrell while sunbathing on his yacht surrounded by bikini-clad minions). The Electric Lady has premiered “What Is Love,” her new song for Rio 2, and no, it is not a cover of this. Monae melds her usual funky guitar flicks with some island flair and a backing choir, and the neo-soul queen really belts out the refrain (“What good is love / if it’s not your love?”), resulting in one of her most powerful vocal performances.

It’s not nearly as catchy and instantly pleasurable as “Happy,” but few songs are. Check out the fun animated video up top, and stream the full, cartoon voice-free audio below. More »

Telegraph’s “Rhinestone Chapel”: Idolator Premiere

Mar 4th, 2014 // Comment

Upon glancing quickly at the handsome gents of Telegraph, it would be easy to brand the Nashville-based trio as another boy band looking to knock One Direction off the throne. But we’re here to tell you that these guys — brothers Marshall and Red Cunningham, and their best friend Wes “Rocco” Beale — are more like 1D’s edgier, grungier cousins…the ones who show up to the family reunion, pour a flask of hooch into the punch bowl and making out with the date you brought by the end of the night. It doesn’t hurt that the guys are talented musicians who inject a much-needed dose of classic rock guitar riffs into their catchy-as-hell pop songs.

Today Idolator is premiering Telegraph’s second single, “Rhinestone Chapel.” It’s a cut off the band’s upcoming debut EP, which is due out on June 3. Give the song a listen below. More »

Lea Michele’s ‘Louder’: Album Review

Mar 4th, 2014 // 5 Comments
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It’s an arguable gift and a curse when an artist readies a new album following life-changing events. While on one hand everyone is tuned in, there’s almost a forced requirement to address said situation on record, whether good or bad. For an artist-slash-actor like Lea Michele, her solo debut album Louder (out today, ), would have served an entirely different function prior to 2013. The breakout star of Glee was geared for greatness the moment she entered the halls of William McKinley High School. However, she is now left with the unfortunate task of using her first project as a means to either vent or discuss the passing of her love, Cory Monteith. As she makes the inevitable move from Rachel Berryto Lea Michele on her new album, fans are left searching for clues that Michele has made gracefully transparent. More »

Ashanti’s ‘BraveHeart’: Album Review

Mar 4th, 2014 // 18 Comments
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Can Ashanti bet on herself? This question hangs over the R&B singer’s fifth album BraveHeart (out today, ) as she attempts to escape her past. She has yet to match the meteoric success of her 2002 self-titled debut — first-week sales of 503,000 copies, the biggest launch ever for a solo female artist — when she played a mafia princess, as imagined by her Murder Inc. label boss Irv Gotti. A winning tactic was to sing gently of heartache while borrowing soul samples, if not lyrics, from New York hip hop icons like Notorious B.I.G. (“Foolish”) and Jay Z (“Rain on Me”), choices that boosted her presence like bodyguards at her side. As shallow as this premise was, Ashanti hasn’t sounded as convincing since then.

BraveHeart is her first album released through the singer’s own label, Written Entertainment, and also the first without Gotti’s direction. It arrives after a few years of false starts; Ashanti recorded 60 songs, released several singles and dressed as a modern-day Aunty Entity only to scrap the look entirely. Along the way, she made an important discovery: “I’m not a great decision maker.” This confession underscores an unfortunate point: BraveHeart sounds as if Ashanti spent her time looking at what everyone else was doing, rather than looking inward. More »

Rick Ross’ ‘Mastermind’: Album Review

Mar 4th, 2014 // 5 Comments
Devil's A Lie
Rick Ross The Devil Is A Lie
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Rozay On Fallon
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Rick Ross‘ last album, 2012′s God Forgives, I Don’t, was his most fully realized release yet, finding the Bawse slightly branching out from the blaring and gaudy beats that defined his earlier work. He was no longer trying to prove how extravagant and grandiose Maybach Music was, and could instead luxuriate in the mythic empire he had built. And so, half of God Forgives comprised rattle-your-ride bangers and half was music you could bob your head to while lounging on a yacht. It was eclectic, boasting moments of subtlety and even prettiness — up to that point, Ross had dealt in those qualities about as much as he had dealt actual coke.

Hearing “The Devil Is A Lie” and “War Ready” ahead of the March 4 release of his sixth LP Mastermind, it seemed Ross would continue down that path, still invigorated enough to keep his shtick from calcifying. But it turns out those were outliers, and Mastermind instead relies on more monolithic beats (how many triumphant horns can this dude use?) and Watch The Throne: For Dummies lyrics. His larger-than-life persona and sound is becoming tired and tacky; a catalog that started as amusingly overblown is quickly beginning to look like one of those yards littered with a bunch of Greek statues. More »

Phillip Phillips’ “Raging Fire”: Listen To The Lead Single From His Sophomore Album

Mar 3rd, 2014 // Comment
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Remember when American Idol winners actually had hit singles? The last such performer to come out of the show and achieve such a feat was Phillip Phillips, whose four-times Platinum “Home” currently stands as the best-selling Idol winner’s song to-date.

Hoping to repeat the success of that one and follow-up “Gone, Gone, Gone,” another Platinum-selling single, Phillips today offers up “Raging Fire,” the first taste of his yet-to-be-titled sophomore LP (due out something this spring). The song, to be quite honest, plays like a shelved Coldplay B-side — not that there aren’t worse things to aim for. “Raging Fire” was written by Phillips, produced by Gregg Wattenberg (Train‘s “Hey, Soul Sister”) and employs just enough radio friendly, anthem-like instrumentation and sing-along melodies to please the singer’s fan base as well as much of the mainstream public at large.

Head below to see if “Raging Fire” has you burning up, and catch Phillip as he performs the song on American Idol this week (on March 6). More »