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Syron’s “Three Dreams”: Watch The Sexy Video

Feb 7th, 2014 // 1 Comment
syron three dreams
Syron The Siren

With Syron‘s latest song and video, “Three Dreams,” the British singer continues her “power mullet sexpot” look and house obsession. With a simple ooh-ooh chorus and clocking in at just under three minutes, it’s an insubstantial but still thrilling offering. Produced by Horror Stories, the song is her most muscular house foray yet. So for the video, it makes sense that she’s rocking a leather jacket (with no pants, mind you) and throwing a one-woman party in some sort of warehouse or basement.

Check it out up top. More »

T.I. Enlists Iggy Azalea, Young Dro & Travis $cott For “Hell You Saying”: Listen

Feb 7th, 2014 // Comment
J. Hud & T.I.
The Idol alum sizzles in her vid, while T.I. chimes in. Read More »

T.I. may have rounded up Grand Hustle’s newest signees for “Hell You Saying,” but as soon as he chimes in, the new track actually feels like a throwback.

Premiered by Billboard and produced by FKi, “Saying” pulses along to a climbing and skittering synth line, sonics that come close to drowning out Iggy Azalea‘s staccato rhymes about being all over it like Thousand Island dressing. (Young Dro and Travis $cott‘s blunter deliveries fares better here.) When T.I. hops in, though, his in-the-pocket flow merges in seamlessly so that his callback to 2012′s “Trap Back Jumpin’” is heard loud and clear. Together, his flow and FKi’s beat actually recalls a 2006 pop hit — Justin Timberlake‘s “My Love,” produced by Timbaland and featuring T.I. himself.

DJ Whoo Kid has contributed “Saying” to SXSW-inspired mixtape SXEW (South by East West), also hosted by DJ Skee and DJ MLK. Meanwhile, T.I.’s prepping his ninth album Paperwork: The Motion Picture, produced by Pharrell and due later this year. For now, hear “Saying” after the jump. More »

Hot Chelle Rae Drops New Song “Don’t Say Goodnight”: Listen

Feb 7th, 2014 // Comment
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Hot Chelle Rae can’t help but to sound sheepish in its new song, “Don’t Say Goodnight.”

Sure, youthful vocalist Ryan Follese sings of two girls seated on his lap. He also admits to being super drunk and waiting out last call at a bar, as patrons pair up and head out. He even makes a marijuana reference — this girl, she gets him high! However, “Don’t Say Goodnight” — or “#DONTSAYGOODNIGHT,” whichever — sounds inspired by fun.‘s plucky and anthemic pop but never quite feels as revelatory as Some Nights, even when an electric guitar solo kicks in toward the end. The song may be about grown-up antics, but it feels instead like an anthem for someone ten years younger.

Follese’s confession that he tries to rap like A$AP Rocky, followed by a female voice saying that he can’t, doesn’t quite help matters. It’s okay — in the words of Michelle Trachtenberg, “You gotta ease into it.”

Hear Hot Chelle Rae’s “Don’s Say Goodbye” after the jump, then weigh in at the comments below. More »

Kitty’s Ode To Shuttered NYC Club 285 Kent Is Way Pretty

Feb 7th, 2014 // Comment
Kitty x Sky
kitty pryde sky ferreira
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In her recent releases, Kitty‘s been using the prettiest beats in the game, and her new track “285″ may have the most gorgeous arrangement yet, care of pinkiepieswear. She wrote the song ”in loving memory of my late home away from home, 285 kent ave and all of the crazy fucking memories i’ve made there.” (285 Kent was a DIY music venue in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood which recently closed.)

It’s more dance-oriented than anything she has released in the past, thanks to the hyper, house-inflected beat. Kitty whispers her rapid fire rhymes over the twinkling sonics, then coos “We say goodbye, I guess / I will see you around / And I will clean up my mess / And I’ll never weigh you down” on the chorus.

Hear it below. More »

Future, Pharrell & Pusha T “Move That Dope”: Hear The Massive Track

Feb 6th, 2014 // Comment
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Future has just dropped “Move That Dope,” a mammoth collaboration from his much-hyped Honest. The space-rapper enlisted Pharrell, Pusha T and his brother Casino on the mic, plus Mike WiLL Made It on production. And there’s no alien crooning on this one, no feels, just straight-up crack music with four MCs flexing.

Future’s “move that dope” hook gets a little repetitive, but other than that, there’s lots to like here: from Pharrell’s boast about his “Gandalf hat” to the busy yet lurching beat. Check it out below. More »

Lily Allen’s “L8 CMMR”: Hear The ‘Girls’ Soundtrack Cut

Feb 6th, 2014 // Comment
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Lily Allen‘s “L8 CMMR” is the most recent track to premiere from Volume 2 of the Girls soundtrack, following Miguel‘s “Simplethings” and Beck‘s “Blue Moon.” The song (“latecomer” if you couldn’t figure it out) was produced and co-written by Greg Kurstin, and while it wasn’t initially written for the HBO show, its smitten tale is a perfect match, as Allen sings about her man both as a way to compliment him and to mark her territory.

Like “Hard Out Here,” the track is slathered in glossy pop production — there’s Auto-Tune, Major Lazer-esque percussion, ascending synths — but things never get bombastic, resulting in a breezy swoon of a chorus more in line with her effervescent “Air Balloon.”

Hear it below. More »

Kimberly Cole’s ‘The Prelude’ EP: Idolator Premiere

Feb 6th, 2014 // 1 Comment
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You should already know and love Kimberly Cole because of her bottle breakin’, elbow swingin’ ode to roughin’ up haters-turned-Bad Girls Club anthem, “Smack You.”

Or, perhaps you’ve broken a sweat on a dance floor to one of her various Billboard club hits over the past few years, including 2011′s “Arrow Through My Heart” and 2012′s tongue-twisting “U Make Me Wanna” with Eddie Amador and Garza.

But a new year means a new beginning, which brings us to the The Prelude EP, which we’re premiering exclusively at Idolator today. More »

2 Chainz Gets Territorial In “Ima Dog”: Listen

Feb 4th, 2014 // Comment

Just a few hours after letting the world know he’s working on album three, 2 Chainz has already released a new song. The hardest working man in hip-hop premiered “Ima Dog” this afternoon (February 4), and we’re holding out hope that it was inspired by this incredibly stupid viral video. (Chainz himself said the track is ”fa da streetz,” so he probably got inspiration elsewhere. DMX, perhaps.)

While the rapper-as-canine thing has been done countless times, 2 Chainz unsurprisingly brings in some levity to freshen up the trope (“I got acres, I never met my neighbors,” “See I’m a dog, come in your yard and take a shit”). The production from DJ Spinz is fairly unremarkable, but the charisma from 2 Chainz and the goofy hook from Skooly make it worthy of a spin.

Stream it below, then grab a free download. More »

Phantogram’s “Bill Murray”: Hear If It Lives Up To The Name

Feb 4th, 2014 // Comment

Phantogram have released yet another track from their forthcoming Voices, and regardless of how the rest of the album sounds, nothing on it tops the title of “Bill Murray.” The track itself, with its swaying synths and swirling chorus, definitely channels Lost In Translation/Broken Flowers Bill and not the goofy cynic of Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day.

And that’s exactly the vibe they were going for: Josh Carter told The Atlantic, “We named it ’Bill Murray’ because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song. We want him to be in the music video.” Judging by the comedy legend’s general down-for-whatever-ness, we’d say the New York duo has a decent chance of making that happen.

Hear it below. More »

Katy B’s ‘Little Red’ Album: Listen To All The Tracks

Feb 4th, 2014 // Comment
katy b little read album cover art

If you were on board for Annie‘s 2013 release The A&R EP and its heady throwback to the days of parking garage rave culture and booming happy house beats, then get ready for Katy B‘s sophomore LP Little Red. The singer weaves her words atop retro synths and club grooves straight out of the Bush, Sr. and Clinton eras on tracks like “Next Thing,” “5AM,” “Aaliyah” and “I Like You,” all to the benefit of everyone’s ’90s throwback sensibilities. It’s not all oonce-oonce-oonce, however, as Katy dabbles with old-school R&B on “Tumbling Down” and straight-up ’80s synth balladry on current UK chart hit “Crying For No Reason” and the moody “Emotions.”

Little Red is streaming now on UK iTunes ahead of its February 10 release. But while Sony has yet to announce a US release date for the album, you can listen to clips of each track below. More »