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Beyonce Teases ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer: Watch

Uh Oh, Uh Oh
Beyonce has offered the first look at Fifty ShadesOf Grey, the film adaptation of the 2011 best-selling “mommy porn” novel.

Without warning, the On the Run star posted a snippet of the trailer on July 19. Scenes close in on the hands of entrepreneur Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), hinting of their steamy affair to come. Meanwhile, a groggy version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” plays out – a fitting soundtrack choice, given the graphic sex scenes that author E.L. James wrote in the film’s source material  and initial promises from screenplay writer Kelly Marcel that the film will be rated NC-17.

The full Fifty Shades of Grey trailer debuts Thursday. For now, watch Beyonce’s teaser after the jump. More »

“Weird Al” Yankovic Bemoans “First World Problems” In Pixies Spoof: Watch

Weird Al” Yankovic bemoans “First World Problems” in his latest spoof, also the latest in his eight-videos-in-eight-days streak. In the style of alt-rock icons The Pixies, particularly frontman Frank Black‘s talk-singing vocal inflections, the pop parodist complains over a friend calling instead of texting. He fumes over having WiFi everywhere in his house except for his kitchen and receiving a vanilla latte without foam art. He also wears a wispy blond wig supplied by director Liam Lynch (Tenacious D‘s film Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Yankovic’s Doors spoof “Craigslist”) — a pretty great attempt to “douchey,” as he tells PopCrush.

“First World Problems” appears on Mandatory Fun, Yankovic’s latest (and possibly last) album. To prepare, he listened to the Pixies’ entire catalog on repeat “until it just seeps into my brain,” as he said to Newsweek. Prior to that, he even performed Doolittle track “I Bleed” with the band in Los Angeles at a charity concert. More »

“Weird Al” Yankovic Debuts “Sports Song”: Watch

Weird Al” Yankovic shifts his focus from parodying pop songs to team anthems in “Sports Song.” In his latest video, he leads a marching band across a football field to rally the crowd. As to be expected from the proudly uncool funnyman, he does backpedal on some of his threats: “Okay, full disclosure: We’re not that great, but nevertheless, you suck!” Regardless, he nails it. He gets to exactly what sport songs are about, in a way that anyone can appreciate.

“I like to think that this is the kind of song that sports fans would love and people who hate sports would love,” Yankovic said to More »

Teenaged Kanye West Shouts Out Alanis Morissette In 1996 Freestyle: Watch

You Oughta Know
A 19-year-old Kanye West calls out no-name rappers in an unearthed freestyle from 1996. One of the most memorable lines is “this shit is mad ironic, like Alanis Morissette,” because the mental image of Yeezus listening to that song, if not the entirety of 1995′s Jagged Little Pill is too great. (It was one of the biggest albums of that decade.) The reference also helps emphasize how confident West already was at the time, even though he wasn’t rapping with a hard “HAH” just yet.

West had flown in from Chicago to the newly-opened New York location of record store Fat Beats. (The store closed in 2010.) Its former general manager, DJ Eclipse, had found the footage while converting old Hi8 video tapes to DVDs, before he uploaded the clip and sent it to Complex.

“Now we had a lot of the usual suspects in the place that day,” DJ Eclipse said, adding, “But what took me by surprise was the appearance of this 19-year-old kid who at that time nobody knew. At least in NYC.”

Dissing no-name rappers, while being a no-name rapper himself — now that’s mad ironic. Watch the freestyle below. More »

“Weird Al” Yankovic Parodies Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” In “Handy”: Watch

Still Stuntin', How You Love That
Just as he did nearly 20 years ago, song parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic tackles the rap song of the moment. In his latest video, he transforms Iggy Azalea‘s Clueless-loving “Fancy” into “Handy” – as in, he’s not in the murda bizness, but in plumbing, electrical, remodeling and more. Instead of a matching a cardigan to a plaid skirt suit, “Weird Al” wears a denim vest to work. He does sway his hips, though with fellow repairmen in overalls instead of a fashion club.

“Weird Al”’s “Handy” reminds of “Amish Paradise,” his 1996 take on Coolio‘s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” (“Amish Paradise” appeared on his album Bad Hair Day, which went on to sell a million copies.) In both songs, he’s proudly uncool while also sounding just as bold as the original songs – proof that no matter how he flips the pop song’s script, “Weird Al” ultimately appreciates the source material. Watch “Weird Al”‘s “Handy” up top, then revisit “Amish Paradise” (featuring The Brady Bunch‘s Florence Henderson) below. More »

ESPYs 2014: Watch Drake And Chris Brown Poke Fun At Their Beef

Nothing Was The Same
Just days after they hit the studio together, Drake invited Chris Brown to the 2014 ESPYs. Drake was hosting, so Brown got to perform – not for a song, but in a skit that poked fun at their past beef. There, Drake actually feuds against NBA All-Star Blake Griffin, resulting in them playing practical jokes on each other and Drake comparing Griffin’s skintone to Cheetos. Breezy pops up as a surprise ally to the Griffin, when Drizzy least expects it.

Drake hosted the awards show just days after he and Brown were snapped in the studio, having hip-hop fans wonder if their 2012 beef was resolved once and for all. Back then the two were fighting over Rihanna, not a film title as in the skit, and the resulting brawl sounded a lot uglier than the twerk-o-gram that Griffin sends to Drake. (The Views From the 6 rapper grimaces nonetheless.) Watch Brown make his surprise, chuckle-worthy appearance at the 2014 ESPYs up top. After the jump, watch Drake’s opening monologue, where he celebrates LeBron James‘ return to Cleveland as Skylar Grey did. More »

ESPYs 2014: Watch Drake Perform “Honorable Mention” And “Side Pieces” With Brian McKnight

The Light-Skinned Keith Sweat
Drake has called himself the light-skinned Keith Sweat. He has compared his crowd’s reactions to the return of Jodeci and dubbed his ticket sales One Direction numbers. He jokes that he’s a heartthrob, after a time when he was called soft by other rappers – though while hosting the 2014 ESPYs, Drake crooned parody slow jams to make fun of himself, his crowd of pro athletes and Macklemore.

“Real music doesn’t always win Grammys, but that’s okay,” Drake sang, as a photo of the “Thrift Shop” rapper flashed on the screen. Later, he introduced another song by saying, “This next song has literally nothing to do with you at all,” before he revealed that it was called “Side Pieces” and actual R&B heartthrob Brian McKnight entered the stage to encourage such, erm, side pieces to wave their drinks.

“A lot of these guys are dying for this song to end,” Drake actually sang during “Side Pieces,” while wearing linen pants as if at a beach getaway. McKnight wore a mesh top, joining Drake in that same symbolic paradise – and his actual return to the public eye makes for bizarre viewing. Watch Drake perform “Honorable Mention” up top, then check out “Side Pieces” below. More »

Beyonce Shouts Out To OutKast At Atlanta ‘On The Run’ Concert: Watch

Damn, Damn
Beyonce shouted out to OutKast when her and Jay Z‘s On the Run tour hit Atlanta on July 15. To longtime residents, this small gesture proved that she knew of the hip-hop duo’s lasting influence.

Currently, Atlanta attracts aspiring rappers and producers from across the South, who work in hopes of churning out the next hit to be broadcast in the city’s three hip-hop stations. During “***Flawless,” Beyonce also played a snippet of Ace Hood‘s “Bugatti,” featuring Atlanta natives Future at the hook and Mike WiLL Made It on the beat. That platinum hit is just one example of how the hip-hop industry has thrived in the city.

In comparison, though, the pop diva’s brief nod to OutKast – a snippet of “SpottieOttieDopaliscious,” off the duo’s 1998 classic Aquemini – felt more significant. Her shout-out, like her “No Angel” video, was harder evidence that she knows her hip-hop history — including that, without OutKast, no one would have known that the South got somethin’ to say. Watch Beyonce shout out OutKast during “***Flawless” in Atlanta below. More »

The Tings Tings Debut “Wrong Club” Video: Watch

The Right Place To Be
The Ting Tings take over a dark, abandoned warehouse in their video for “Wrong Club,”  directed by Lisa Paclet.

While this space boasts plenty of room to host a party, vocalist Katie White decides to sing and dance alone. For the choreography, the Tings Tings had turned to reliable dancing duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER (Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys) — a sound decision, given how the video turns out. Blinking lasers scan through White as if she’s a grocery-store item, though she isn’t fazed. Instead, as she sports a black bodysuit and big, Donna Summer-inspired hair (she’s searching for a name to call this style, by the way), White appears confident as she poses, spins and boogies to the ’70s disco-inspired song. More »

Jay Z Joins Jay Electronica At Brooklyn Hip-Hop Fest: Watch

Brooklyn, Stand Up
Jay Z surprised the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest crowd last weekend during Jay Electronica‘s headlining set. Jay Z also made the impromptu set feel like a proper homecoming, having been raised in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects. “Feels so good to be home!” he yelled to the crowd. Still, watching Hov perform did feel a little surreal, considering Jay Z has become such a household name. After all, he stopped by the festival in between dates of his and Beyonce‘s On the Run tour, now the premise of an HBO special. More »