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Diplo Bros Out In Brazil, Posts Sexy Shirtless Selfie On Instagram

'Sup, Dude?
Major Lazer put out sophomore LP Free The Universe earlier this year, and Diplo & Co. continued to support the album by performing yesterday in Rio de Janeiro — where, you know, a little something called the 2014 World Cup is currently going down. And to unwind from all that, Diplo posted the above photo on Instagram today (June 30), along with this caption: “High as hell in Brazil obrigado! até mais. Be back for the finals if makes it!”

We’re assuming the super producer was simply, um, referencing the high elevation of that mountain pictured. But either way, nice of him to ditch the shirt before the pic was snapped. We’re so used to seeing the ladies of pop go topless — side-eye to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, particularly — so it’s nice to get a bit of testosterone for once in with the nekkid selfie mix. More »

Rihanna Finally Skips Going Nude, Puts Her Boobs Away & Throws Clothes On For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Arabia (No Sexy Porn Here, Folks — Move On)

At this point we’ve become so accustomed to seeing Rihanna nude with her breasts flopping to and fro, from one magazine shoot to the next, that it’s somewhat of a shock, then, to find her all covered up for her latest jaunt, in Haper’s Bazaar Arabia. And yet there RiRi is in photos shot by Ruven Afanador that depict her as a veiled, mysterious being on a mission to tout “the new modesty” (per the publication’s cover line).

If orange is the new black, then perhaps actual clothing is the new sexy in Rihanna’s current world. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll move the game ahead by rocking a more mature and demure look when her follow-up album to Unapologetic rolls around, while all the other ladies of pop continue to toss pics of their naked goods online. Or not.

Catch a couple more snaps from Rihanna’s Harper’s Arabia shoot below, then hit up to see the full spread. More »

Mariah Carey & Courtney Love’s Instagram Photo: Mindblowing, Yes, But They (Kinda) Go Way Back

The Internet collectively blew a gasket, whistle-shrieked until the French windows blew out, fell backward into a guitar amp and sprayed a flurry of butterflies out the whazoozle upon seeing the above photo of legendary rock diva Courtney Love and elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey together, which Love posted on Instagram last night. “@ Mariahcarey love you,” the Hole frontwoman wrote as a caption (with an added space), nearly-but-not-quite tagging Mariah. Oh, Courtney.

Still, let’s not forget the first time these dolls hung out and almost collaborated on the song “Samantha,” over four years ago while Love was recording previous Hole album Nobody’s Daughter. More »

Miley Cyrus Topless Yet Again: See Her Two NSFW Semi-Nude, Porn-Lite, Boob-Baring Instagram Selfies

Miley Cyrus continued to deliver the goods — i.e. her boobs — to her fans over the weekend, via Instagram. The sometimes-singer, sometimes-stripper added two new tantalizing pics to her account, including the above one where she’s lying down in what appears to be some saucy lingerie. Added to the snap was the appropriate hashtag #postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife.

The more revealing of the two photos, however, is the one you’ll see below. On display are Cyrus’ ever-present tongue and her cans, obscured a bit by her hands and her cell phone. This one was captioned with the hashtag #preshoweralfalfaselfielife, but, girl, ain’t no one looking at your hair here.

Enjoy Miley’s latest tit pic below, then head here, here, here, here and here to catch even more of America’s favorite pop stripper in action. More »

Jennifer Lopez Covers ‘Billboard’: Find Out The World Cup Performer’s Christmas Album Plans

Following up with last week’s colorful Billboard cover featuring Iggy Azalea — wherein the chart-topping rapstress dissed everyone from Lorde to The Beatles — the publication has World Cup opening performer Jennifer Lopez on the front this time around. The singer/actress/all-around media moguel is about to drop her eighth studio album A.K.A. on June 17 (read our track-by-track review), which she recorded after hitting the road with Enrique Iglesias two years ago.

“After I got home, I realized I was a stronger vocalist than maybe even I gave myself credit for,” she tells Billboard of the pair’s co-headlining tour. “It made me want to get back into the studio without that cage I had put on myself. Once I let that beast loose, I was doing things I didn’t know I could do.” More »

Iggy Azalea Looks Fancy On The Cover Of ‘Billboard’, Shades Lorde & The Beatles In Her Interview

For having locked down both the #1 and #2 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past two weeks — with Song Of The Summer contenders “Fancy” and “Problem,” respectively — Aussie rapstress Iggy Azalea has a pretty blase attitude about it all…especially that part about matching a record set by The Beatles.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Iggy tells Billboard about being the first artist to hold the top two positions on America’s main singles roundup with their first two charting singles since the Fab Four. “I’d rather be The Rolling Stones.”

And that’s just the sassy attitude Azalea’s fans have come to love. In her cover story, she discusses leaving home at the age 16 for stints in Miami, Houston and, eventually, Los Angeles. She also talks about criticism she’s received over the perception that’s she’s not being authentic to her Australian roots. More »

Miley Cyrus Busts Out Her Boobs Yet Again: See Two Sexy, Unused Topless Pics From Her Nude, Porn-Lite ‘Bangerz’ Shoot

Another day, another topless pic of Miley Cyrus. At least the recently-surfaced (unused images) from her Bangerz photo shoot leave a little something to the imagination. The frequently nude diva coyly (by her standards) covers her breasts in one snap and turns her back to the camera in another. It still looks like an American Apparel advertisement but things could be a lot worse.

Miley is currently winding up her world tour after being hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction. It’s unclear at this stage if she will be releasing a fourth single from Bangerz but it surely couldn’t hurt. The other cuts did well (“Adore You” slightly underperformed but still reached the top 30) and she’s sitting on some killer party jams like “4×4″, “Get It Right” and “Drive.”

See the serial twerker’s semi-nudes after the jump. More »

Mariah Carey Shows More Sexy Curves In Terry Richardson’s Porn-Light ‘Wonderland’ Shoot: Photos

Touch My Body
As we know, Mariah Carey stripped down to her bare essentials for everyone’s (least?) favorite sleazy uncle Terry Richardson to promote her upcoming, but much-delayed, 14th album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse (out May 27). But don’t get too grossed out — at least she didn’t go this far with the disrobing.

The pics appear in Wonderland magazine’s forthcoming issue as part of Mimi’s cover story, and now a few of the inside images have surfaced online — including the one above, which shows Carey in some odd stringy negligee number that looks like it would be good for scooping up crawdads over at the Puget Sound. More »

2014 Met Gala: Sheezus Lily Allen Takes Selfie With Yeezus Kanye West, Life Can Go Back To Normal

They Look Happy
The 2014 Met Gala became the Meta Gala within a split second when Kanye West posed for a pic with Lily Allen. Today sees the release of Allen’s third LP Sheezus, and ever since she announced the name of the Yeezus-ribbing album, many have wondered what would happen if the two ever bumped into each other.

It turns out that ‘Ye had no beef with Lily over the title — or at least he was gracious enough to pose for an Instagram snap that was posted to Allen’s account yesterday during the New York City event. Still, he didn’t smile. And she formed her mouth into an exaggerated kiss. Seems about right.

Catch the full Instagram pic below. More »

Frank Ocean Posted This Shirtless Selfie. Happy Thursday!

Frank Ocean posted the above shirtless pic on his Tumblr with the words “shout out to the selfie god” and then deleted it, according to ONTD. And, really — what a cruel thing to do, because damn, double-damn and triple-damn. No shame in that game, Frank.

Thankfully, some Ocean stan snagged the photo before it could be deleted from memory forever. (Does that ever happen to anything posted on the Internet?)

Almost as exciting as Frank Ocean showing skin is the news that his follow-up to 2012′s critically acclaimed Channel Orange is almost finished, and the singer will be performing at the 2014 Met Gala in New York on May 5. We’ll be sure to pop any new songs the 26 year old performs on the site, so check back next Tuesday. (Hell — we’ll probably even toss up his older tracks too.) More »