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Daft Punk Look Sharp For ‘GQ’: See Photos From Their May Issue Shoot

May 7th, 2013 // Comment

My, what dapper robots Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo make when they’re all scrubbed up. We already know Daft Punk are crafty at serving the masses memorable music videos (see our roundup of their best), but it turns out the “Get Lucky” hit-makers also give good helmet, as evidenced by these pics by photographer Christian Anwander, from the duo’s shoot for the May issue of GQ. The above pic is from the magazine, while the one after the jump is actually an outtake from the session. More »

Ke$ha Posts Crazy, Beautiful, Sort-Of Nude Photo On Instagram — Enjoy!

Apr 18th, 2013 // 4 Comments
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Smoke and mirrors. Some would use that phrase to describe Ke$ha‘s entire pop career. (And how dare they?) The masses will really get to make their minds up about the Warrior princess when her MTV docu-series My Crazy Beautiful Life premieres next week, on April 23. But until then, the singer is drumming up interest the old-fashioned way: by posting a tastefully done, hazy, naked pic of herself on Instagram.

At least it looks like K$’s in her birthday suit. Upon closer inspection, the robo-voiced songstress appears to be wearing a thong, at least, though she does seem to be missing any sort of clothing up top. Maybe. Like we said, it’s all smoke and mirrors. More »

Kelly Rowland Takes The Stage At Courvoisier’s Courvoisiology Party

Apr 5th, 2013 // Comment

Have you bought “Kisses Down Low” on iTunes yet? If not, do it now or Kelly Rowland will literally come for you in the night — as she did when she demolished the competition in a performance in New York City last night.

Yes, the R&B superstar is making a big splash with her new single “Kisses Down Low,” taken from her upcoming LP Talk a Good Game, and she made an appearance at last night’s Courvoisier Courvoisology party at SIR Stage 37 to perform that song and a string of her own hits (“Motivation”! “When Love Takes Over”!) as well as some Destiny’s Child smashes of yesteryear. Looking chic and trim (yet still, somehow, totally bootylicious), the “Ice” songstress rocked white trousers and a black cleavage-exposing blouse as she worked the stage, even busting out some impressive choreography. Check the pictures up top.

Kylie Minogue Covers ‘Good Housekeeping’, And We Care Because It’s Kylie

Mar 15th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Kylie Minogue adorns the cover of the April issue of Good Housekeeping in the UK, where, among other things, she discusses her line of bed linens. Not nearly as saucy as La Minogue being splashed nearly nude across the pages of Glamour, or as tantalizing as news of some new music from the recent Roc Nation signee.

Still, we’ll take it. Because it is, after all, still Kylie.

Beyonce Displays Blonde Ambition (And Hair) In Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Promo Pic

Mar 5th, 2013 // Comment
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The artistic Beyonce/Pepsi relationship continues with the reveal of a new photo to promote the upcoming Mrs. Carter Show world tour. The image, which displays a quartet of Beyonces (a reference to most recent LP 4, perhaps?) wearing blue short-shorts, a white top and a very blonde wig, was posted to the singer’s Facebook wall today.

It kind of looks like Bey as Brigitte Bardot, if you ask us, and the image has certainly got her Hive in a buzzing frenzy. One fan commented on Facebook, “lovee queen b but that blonde hair needs to go,” while another noted, “Beyonce doesn’t look black on these photos. Black little girls have enough issues as it is with their hair not looking or moving like their white friends.” More »

Selena Gomez’s ‘Spring Breakers’ Poster Reveals Skin, But Not Plot

Feb 7th, 2013 // 2 Comments
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Here we were thinking that things couldn’t get any saucier than the Spring Breakers red band trailer — and Selena Gomez had to go and prove us wrong. The pop star poses solo in this latest poster for her upcoming good-girls-gone-wild flick. And if you weren’t already counting down the seconds to watching Sel and her un-brunette gal pals make bad decision after bad decision, this promo shot should seal the deal. Dressed in what looks far more like lingerie then a bikini, this pic also beckons the question to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber (they’re still broken up, right?), “Um, Justin — what were you thinking leaving this?!”  More »

Rihanna Loves Pot So Much She’s Shouting It From The Rooftops…Of Instagram

Jan 24th, 2013 // Comment
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Rihanna may play coy when it comes to her relationship with Chris Brown, but the pop star certainly is not shy when it comes to her affections for marijuana. RiRi proclaimed her love for smoking pot once again on Thursday (January 24) when she posted two photos of herself partaking in her favorite pastime on Instagram for all the world to see. One shot (above) has the Complex diva posing in a gold shirt wearing a thick gold chain with a hand-rolled cigarette hanging out of her mouth with the caption “You a real nigga, then phuck wit me!#GOLD”, a line from Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything.” More »

Taylor Swift Covers ‘Cosmopolitan’ South Africa

Jan 22nd, 2013 // Comment
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Taylor Swift is Cosmopolitan South Africa‘s sweetheart, appearing as the magazine’s February 2013 cover girl. Unlike Tay’s December Cosmo US cover, which had the Red singer done up in purple, the 23-year-old looks ready for Cupid to take aim in this gorgeous metallic red dress. We respect the lady mag for putting a newly single gal (slash poster girl for single women everywhere) on their Valentine’s Day-themed issue. Jump below for more from T-Swift’s cover spread. More »

Justin Bieber Snaps His Butt, Takes Photo Down From Instagram In a Flash

Jan 20th, 2013 // 10 Comments
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Justin Bieber shares plenty via Instagram — what he wears, what he eats, who he idolizes. But on Saturday night, he snapped and posted a photo of his crin-ack, only to delete it.

According to Zap2it, Bieber’s butt photo received 86,000 likes before the pop star took it down. Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was also quick to comment via Twitter. Check out what he said after the jump. More »

Miley Cyrus On Harry Styles: “In No Way Do I Want Harry”

Jan 8th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Miley Cyrus thought it would be fun to celebrate her kid sister Noah‘s birthday by spending time in bed with another man — sort of. The pop star jokingly tweeted a photos of herself puckering up to a coardboard cut out of One Direction member Harry Styles along with the caption: “All I want for my birrffffday is a big booty hoe. All @noahcyrus wants for her BIRFFFDAY is @harry_styles”. (If you remember, Miley got her wish on her 20th birthday thanks to house call from a curvaceous stripper.)

Though it was clear to the Cyrus gals that the cheeky photos were meant in jest, the engaged 20-year-old did need to clarify so to fans by explaining, “In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I’m sure that’ll be a story now 2. I’m happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out.” More »