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The Children Of Destiny Reunite In Michelle Williams’ Glorious “Say Yes” Video: Watch

Jun 18th, 2014 // 1 Comment
Praise Him!

Michelle Williams holds a Destiny’s Child reunion in her uplifting and oddly nostalgic “Say Yes” video. Produced by Harmony Samuels, the catchiest gospel song in recent memory/ever deserves a joyous visual and the holy twerker certainly delivers with a cute street party-themed opus. Who says you can’t worship and get down at the same time?

The video begins with the choir-fixing diva looking fierce and fabulous on the streets of New Jersey. Soon, she’s having a religious experience in a beautiful white dress with two of her best friends. Beyonce‘s outfit has to be seen to be believed and Kelly Rowland, well, she looks as gorgeous as ever. That’s when the party kicks off and our favorite girls reunite for some impromptu dance moves. If you love Destiny’s Child (and good music in general) this is unmissable. Watch up top. More »

Lana Del Rey’s “Shades Of Cool” Video Is A Portrait Of Faded Glamour: Watch The Epic Visual

Jun 17th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Shades Of Perfection
LDR Reviewed
Read our review of Lana Del Rey's very very good 'Ultraviolence'. Read More »

Lana Del Rey‘s Ultraviolence era has been near-perfect thus far (brilliant music, riveting performances and a more organic image) with one exception. The “West Coast” video sucked. There, I said it. A song that compelling and atmospheric deserved a lot better than a black-and-white stroll along the beach followed by bad CGI flames. Happily, the gloomy diva gets it just right on “Shades Of Cool”.

After a slow but mesmerizing beginning that focuses on LDR’s much older lover, the Jake Nava-directed visual really comes into its own when our heroine hits the streets of Bel-Air. Before we know it, she’s serving underwater glamour and dancing around an ever-so-shabby mansion. Then there’s the soon-to-be-iconic slow motion swim that would be exploitative in anyone else’s hands but just seems appropriate for a song about the underbelly of Hollywood. Watch up top. More »

Brooklynn’s “Mile High” Video: Idolator Premiere

Jun 17th, 2014 // Comment
Brooklynn Mile High music video

Meet Brooklynn, a dark-haired beauty who, despite her name, hails from Atlanta. Known as the Queen Of Soul Pop & Roll, Brooklynn premiered her independently-released “Take My Hand” video on YouTube last fall, and it subsequently racked up over 1 million views.

Today Idolator is giving you the first look at the video for the singer’s funky soul-pop number “Mile High,” which serves as a sequel to “Take My Hand.” Here we see Brooklynn and her boyfriend, played by Micah Thompson, robbing houses while in disguise. As the visual plays out, we watch as Thompson learns he has a tumor in his chest, and so the pair’s criminal ways turn out to be a means to pay for his medical bills.

Brooklynn is eventually apprehended during a botched robbery, while Micah manages to get away. More »

Jennifer Hudson Makes The Boys Stop And Stare In Her Sexy “Walk It Out” Video: Watch

Jun 16th, 2014 // Comment
Nice Kicks!
J-Hud Bleeds
Jennifer drops 'Winnie Mandela' ballad "Bleed For Love". Read More »

Jennifer Hudson dropped “Walk It Out”, the first taste of her eagerly-awaited third LP, way back in April. The slick, Timbaland-produced slow jam finally gets a visual and it’s an eye-popping affair that takes J-Hud’s killer curves to the streets where they cause chaos among thirsty male bystanders. It’s a sexy new approach for the big-lunged diva and she pulls it off.

The concept is fairly simple and clever (given the song’s title). The 32-year-old puts on her fiercest sneakers and simply takes a stroll. Of course, the boys can’t help but stop and stare when Jennifer walks past. So she drops by the hair salon for some impromptu choreography and then heads out again to turn more heads. There’s also a cameo from Tim and some slick dance moves in the park. Watch up top. More »

Jennifer Lopez Vogues Up A Storm In Her “Tens” Video Preview: Watch

Jun 16th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Strike A Pose!
J.Lo's A.K.A. Review
We review Jennifer Lopez's excellent 'A.K.A.' album. Read More »

One of the biggest surprises on Jennifer Lopez‘s very good new LP A.K.A. is dancehall drag anthem “Tens”. Sounding like a cross between Sean Paul‘s entire discography and RuPaul‘s iconic “Supermodel Of The World”, the Paris Is Burning-worthy jam is all about strutting your stuff on the dance floor, runway or anywhere else with a flat surface.

In a perfect world “Tens” would be the next single from A.K.A. but I have a feeling it will have to wait in line behind J.Lo’s “Booty”. (Not such a bad place to be when you think about it). At least Ms. Lopez filmed (part of) a video for it. In the promo clip, we see a diva strut her stuff before Jenny (or someone who looks a lot like her) jumps in the ring and throws it down with spins and general flawlessness. Watch up top. More »

Goldfrapp’s “Jo” Video Premieres Ahead Of ‘Tales Of Us’ Deluxe Edition Release: Watch

Jun 16th, 2014 // 1 Comment
Goldfrapp Jo music video Tales Of Us
Goldfrapp Interview
goldfrapp tales of us
Alison explains new album Tales Of Us. Read More »

Just when you thought Goldfrapp‘s lush, orchestral Tales Of Us was an album only to be enjoyed in the fall, the duo have announced a Deluxe Edition re-release set for June 30. Included on this special digital version will be the original LP, audio from a London performance at Air Studios  — specifically the songs “Train,” “Utopia,” “Strict Machine,” “Clowns,” “Clay,” “Alvar” and “Thea” — plus the Lisa Gunning-directed short films for Tales Of Us tracks “Stranger,” “Laurel,” “Jo,” “Drew” and “Annabel.”

Watch Alison Goldfrapp act out in the dramatic “Jo” video above. More »

Jennifer Lopez Twerks Up A Storm In Eye-Popping “Booty” Viral Video: Watch And Salivate

Jun 13th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Bend & Snap!
J.Lo's A.K.A. Review
We review Jennifer Lopez's excellent 'A.K.A.' album. Read More »

With the release of Jennifer Lopez‘s excellent A.K.A. just around the corner (June 17), the flawless diva has upped her promo game by dropping a series of brief viral videos for key songs. They are all well worth a look (find them after the jump) but the just-released “Booty” visual is hands-down the best thing you will watch today. Or ever.

What’s so great about the clip? You get to watch J.Lo twerk for a like a full minute. Sure, there’s some cool choreography and a bunch of other lovely ladies but all eyes are on the world’s most-famous derriere. Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty good too. Produced by Diplo, “Booty” is an undeniable summer smash. One listen and you really can’t help but drop it low. Let Jenny show you how it’s done up top. More »

Paramore Rocks ‘GMA’ With A Killer Rendition Of “Ain’t It Fun”: Watch The Live Performance

Jun 13th, 2014 // Comment
It Really Was Fun!
"Still Into You" Live
paramore still into you jimmy kimmel
Paramore performed "Still Into You" on 'Jimmy Kimmel'. Read More »

Paramore rocked Good Morning America earlier today (June 13) with a short but very sweet live set in New York’s Central Park. Hayley Williams and the boys performed current single “Ain’t It Fun”, which recently became the band’s first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as “Still Into You” and “Misery Business” as part of the show’s summer concert series.

Hayley prowled the stage with her usual confidence and attitude, belting out “Ain’t It Fun” with a little help from the adoring crowd. The trio is in fine form, which bodes well for the launch of next week’s Monumentour with Fall Out Boy. Watch Paramore shake up Central Park up top. (There are two other performances after the jump). More »

Enrique Iglesias Teams Up With Sean Paul For An English Version Of “Bailando”: Watch The Video

Jun 13th, 2014 // 2 Comments
Prepare To Dance!
Enrique Review
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Enrique Iglesias‘ 10th studio album Sex + Love hasn’t produced any crossover hits (the heartthrob still reigns supreme on the Latin Airplay chart) but that could all change with a new English version of world music-flavored floorfiller “Bailando”. To help make the song even more accessible, the 39-year-old is joined by dancehall fave Sean Paul. He blends in surprisingly well with Cuban artists Genta De Zona and Descemer Bueno.

The original “Bailando” video has been recycled for the English edit, which isn’t a bad thing. Directed by Alejandro Perez, the exotic blockbuster was filmed in the Dominican Republic and features a flock of extremely talented flamenco dancers. We also get to see Enrique flirt with a sexy lady and play a little football. The Spanish version of the clip has been watched 100 million+ times on YouTube. Expect similar numbers for the extravaganza above. More »

Lana Del Rey’s “Shades Of Cool” Video: Watch A Short Teaser Clip

Jun 13th, 2014 // Comment
Lana's "Shades Of Cool"
Lana Del Rey's new song sounds like a fairytale ending. Read More »

Lana Del Rey‘s “West Coast” video premiered just over a month ago, but the pouty-lipped diva is already moving on to the next one, for her second Ultraviolence single, “Shades Of Cool,” just ahead of the album’s June 17th release. Lana posted a short tease of the visual on Instagram last night, and here we see her dancing, flipping her hair, swimming and being ogled by a gentleman who’s sipping a cocktail.

By now you’ve likely gotten at least a hint at what each track on Ultraviolence sounds like. And “Shades Of Cool” has been available on iTunes for weeks. Head below to get a better idea at what’s in store for the song’s music video. More »