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Robin Thicke Delivers A Soulful Rendition Of “Get Her Back” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: Watch

Jul 3rd, 2014 // Comment
Paula, Please Take Him Back
Robin's Paula
Robin Thicke's controversial 'Paula' LP is now streaming online. Read More »

Robin Thicke‘s new album/very public apology to estranged wife Paula Patton has captured the attention of social media (in all the wrong ways) but is set to stiff on the Billboard 200 with an early first-week sales estimate of 20,000 copies. There is, however, a ray of light. Lead single “Get Her Back” is shaping up to be a surprise hit — debuting on the Hot 100 this week at number 82.

The R&B crooner dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (July 2) to promote the album and performed three songs. He delivered a smooth and soulful rendition of “Get Her Back” (this is one Paula cut that doesn’t evoke second-hand embarrassment), “Lock The Door” (this one does) and 2013 mega-hit “Blurred Lines”. Watch Robin in action up top and after the jump. More »

Robin Thicke’s “Still Madly Crazy” Video Employs Children, So Try Not To Think About “Blurred Lines”

Jul 2nd, 2014 // Comment
Suitable For Children?
Robin's Paula
Robin Thicke's controversial 'Paula' LP is now streaming online. Read More »

Robin Thicke, what are you doing and why must we know every painful little detail about it? For those playing catchup, the 37-year-old crooner and his wife Paula Patton separated earlier this year, prompting Thicke to quickly produce his latest studio LP, Paula, in a bid to win her back. No sooner had the thing been announced in late May did he toss it out there for public consumption, just weeks later.

The album is filled with woe-is-me tracks like “Get Her Back,” “Forever “Love” and “Still Madly Crazy,” and yesterday Robin hit up Twitter to talk about it all — something that opened a floodgate of “You sing about rape!”-like tweets in reply.

Anyway, just try to erase all the cocky machismo of Robin’s actual hit “Blurred Lines” from your mind as you watch a gaggle of little kids sing “Still Madly Crazy” in the video above. More »

Lily Allen Comes For Internet Trolls And Haters In “URL Badman” Video: Watch

Jul 2nd, 2014 // Comment
Watch What You Type
Lily Allen Chat
lily allen interview
We recently spoke to Lily Allen about her new LP 'Sheezus'. Read More »

Lily Allen‘s Sheezus anthem “URL Badman” has been a clear album standout from the beginning — not just because it’s a solid tune in its own right, but because of its cutting, troll-tackling lyricism. She calls out haters in comment sections, indignant bloggers and thinkpieces — she even calls us out (err, the “bottom half of Idolator” at least.) It’s her most cleverly worded middle finger since, well, “Fuck You.”

Appropriately, Lily’s gone ahead and snuck right into the bedrooms of those URL baddies in the accompanying visual for her latest Sheezus single, crooning her cutting tune right into the ears of those dudes h8ing all over the int3rnetz. Somehow, her presence causes them to digitize and split into pixelated rainbows, as they stretch and split all over the screen throughout the video. HA! She surely showed them. Right?

Check out the video for “URL Badman” up top and — just as Lily would want — head to the bottom half of Idolator below the jump to let us know your thoughts. Note: We are not responsible if you split into a pixelated rainbow. More »

Jordan Morris Covers One Direction’s “You & I”: Watch His Live Version

Jul 2nd, 2014 // Comment
jordan morris you and I one direction
Nothing Can Come Between
1D's "You & I" Video
one direction you i video
One Direction hit the pier in their "You & I" video clip. Read More »

While upstarts like Austin Mahone and Ariana Grande are aiming to inherit the crown from the current elders of pop in America, there is obviously a new crop of talent blooming in other parts of the world as well. Case in point: Jordan Morris, a blue-eyed dynamo from the UK who most recently released dance-pop  single “Do It Like Me” (grab it on iTunes). During his rapid rise, Jordan has also opened for the likes of Testimony crooner August Alsina and Ryan Leslie.

To give you an intro to Jordan, Idolator is premiering his cover of One Direction‘s recent smash ballad, “You & I.” Watch Morris’ stripped down rendition above, then catch Morris’ party-themed video for “Do It Like Me” below. More »

Kiesza’s “Giant In My Heart” Video: Watch The Singer Inspire A Frustrated Drag Queen

Jul 2nd, 2014 // Comment
Kiesza Giant In My Heart
NYC Can Be A Real Drag
Kiesza's "Giant"
Kiesza Giant In My Heart
Hear "Hideaway" follow-up "Giant In My Heart." Read More »

Kiesza‘s breakout hit “Hideaway” already conquered much of Europe in the spring, and now it’s finally time for a follow-up single. That would be the equally ’90s house-leaning “Giant In My Heart,” a song that we gave a rather expletive-filled review of last month (but in a good way!).

Like with her “Hideaway” clip, the trained Canadian singer/dancer/former military diva keeps things in New York with her latest, and this time around we focus on a frustrated office worker who finds salvation by donning  a dress and a wig and hanging out with her drag pals each night in the city. Kiesza takes the backseat in this one by playing the part of a club performer who gives a little inspiration to our troubled hero(ine). More »

Maroon 5 Debuts Grim And Graphic “Maps” Video: Watch

Jul 1st, 2014 // 2 Comments
Cause And Effect
Adam Goes Solo
Listen to Adam Levine's new solo track "Lost Stars". Read More »

Maroon 5 stick to their unique brand of radio-friendly pop/rock on new single “Maps”, which paid immediate dividends. The Ryan Tedder co-production is holding steady in the iTunes top 10 and landed at an impressive number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. It sounds like a fairly straightforward summer smash, so why is the just-unveiled video so disturbing?

The Peter Berg-directed visual begins with Adam Levine bursting into a hospital emergency room to find a bruised and bloody woman on the operating table. Events then unfold in reverse (think of this as the musical equivalent of Memento) and we learn that she is the frontman’s girlfriend, who was hit by a car. It’s graphic and doesn’t really suit the song but it definitely makes a statement. Watch up top. More »

The G.R.L. Girls Go Bad In The Video For “Ugly Heart”: Watch

Jul 1st, 2014 // Comment
Pretty Girls, Ugly Crime

The G.R.L. girls are pretty — some might say their faces are a work of art. And yet, they’ve got such ugly hearts! At least, that’s how it initially seems in their brand new video.

For the accompanying (and long awaited!) video to their stomping single “Ugly Heart,” the girls get carted out of a tattoo parlor by the po-po, booked at the police station and thrown right into the slammer — all while delivering heaps of hair flips, mean muggin’ and ample shimmying, of course. These girls have gone wild!

But by the end of the video, as the ladies strut their stuff into the line-up room and deliver a mini-dance breakdown, we discover their true crime: Defacing a hot dude with a bunch of “Ugly” tattoos all over his face. “Now your face is like your heart,” Simone sasses in the clip’s final few seconds. Burnnnnn.

As their first video since Smurfs 2 soundtrack anthem “Vacation,” the girls are slowly but surely building a case for themselves to become the next big girl group in the US. Nice one, G.R.L.S.! (And here’s hoping for even more dancing in the next video.)

What do you think of G.R.L.’s new video? Let us know in the comments below. More »

Robyn And Royksopp Perform “Do It Again” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Watch

Jul 1st, 2014 // 1 Comment
They Did It! Again!

It’s a known fact: Robyn is one of the most under-appreciated, underrated pop divas in all the land. As a result, it’s always a pleasure to watch when mainstream audiences get a taste of our beloved Swedish Queen Of Pop — just as they did last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Body Talk diva and Norwegian electro-duo Röyksopp, who are currently out on their Do It Again Tour together across America, hit the stage at Jimmy Kimmel last night to knock out the lead single and title track off of their collaborative mini LP, which was released back in May.

Rocking her signature sky-high platform boots, zany leggings and a bomb-ass futuristic bomber jacket, Robyn and the boys gave the crowd their usual energetic showmanship, complete with ample winding and grinding from the Konichiwa cutie as she hopped excitedly all around the stage. Intriguingly, the trio opted to bring down the beat during the verses significantly while performing the song live, giving it a slightly more softer and intimate feel than the studio version.

Check out the Scandi-pop stars doing it over and over again up top, and let us know what you think the comments below. More »

Lana Del Rey Dies In The Director’s Cut Of “Shades Of Cool”: Watch The Haunting Video

Jun 30th, 2014 // Comment
Lana's Cool Video
Lana Del Rey's "Shades Of Cool" video is a return to form. Read More »

Lana Del Rey meets a tragic end in the director’s cut of new video “Shades Of Cool”, which was recently posted on a website representing filmmaker Jake Nava. The original isn’t exactly upbeat (the ever-miserable diva falls in love with a much older man with a drug problem) but is so elegant and cinematic that it felt positively romantic — like the opening credits of a really, really twisted James Bond movie.

The new edit of the clip is almost identical to the original. I thought there was some kind of mistake until I got to the very end where Lana appears to drown and sinks to the bottom of a swimming pool. There’s also a psychedelic visual of someone being stabbed to really drive the point home. I can understand why this version wasn’t promoted in light of the controversy surrounding that interview with The Guardian (she told a reporter: “I wish I was dead already”) but it’s perfect for the song and compliments an already brilliant visual. More »

7 Questions With Alex & Sierra: The Duo’s New Hit “Scarecrow”, Debut LP & Annoying Habits

Jun 30th, 2014 // Comment
Alex & Sierra Spill The Beans

Alex & Sierra won the third and, as it turns out, final season of X Factor USA. The duo impressed fans and judges alike with their quirky covers — they turned Britney Spears“Toxic” into a slow and sultry groove — and sold over one million downloads in the month of December alone. Expectations for the cute couple’s debut single were high and they certainly delivered with infectious folk-pop anthem “Scarecrow”.

The first (and last) American group to win X Factor joined us in the studio to chat about “Scarecrow” and its adorable puppet-themed lyric video. Alex & Sierra also opened up about their debut LP (they wrote songs with industry heavyweights John Legend and Jason Mraz) and each other’s most annoying habits. You might want to wind down the windows if you ever find yourself in a vehicle with Alex! Watch up top. More »