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Pia Mia Practices Self-Defense In ‘Wolfpack Wednesdays’: Idolator Premiere

Pia Mia
Fight For This Love
The Wolfpack Wednesdays series continues! After traveling back home to Guam, the young pop starlet is taking us to the gym to work on her fitness — and her butt-kicking skills.

We already knew that Pia knows how to pack a punch vocally, but did you know she could also quite literally knock you out? In this latest installment of Wolfpack Wednesdays, watch as Pia shows off her Krav skills (fight training), boxing and grappling with fellow trainers like a champ. Nobody’s messing with this one — on or off the stage.

Check out Pia’s latest Wolfpack Wednesdays video up top, and be sure to watch last week’s installment right here. More »

Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” Video: Watch Her Shows Off Her Funky Dance Moves

Mama, It's Called Electro Phi Betas...
We’ve all at one point or another had the joyous pleasure of experiencing a dreaded Greek-life party at least once in our college career. Yeah… none of us are proud of it, either. But, we’ll tell you this much: If Janelle Monáe threw a sorority bash like the one in her video for album-titled track “Electric Lady,” we’d all show up without even batting an eyelash.

The new clip follows the Kansas soulstress, decked out in her “Electro Phi Beta” letters, prancing around what seems to be a pretty thumping house party complete with hypnotizing neon lights, chicks dancing with light-sabers and a full-blown marching band lead by Janelle herself.

Light and fun, the video features an appearances from the likes of Georgia rapper T.I., “Electro Phi Beta” Emeritus such as Estelle, Esperanza Spalding, T-Boz, Monica and Kimbra, and an opening cameo from the original Electric Lady, Janelle’s mom. More »

Nick Jonas Gets Chained Up In Sexy “Chains” Video: Watch

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.52.46 AM
Unchained Melody
Last week, Nick Jonas sent a collective gasp through the blogosphere after dropping his surprise solo single “Chains,” a murky slice of dark midtempo R&B. And really, what would the accompanying music video be if Nick himself were not at least briefly chained up? The streets would be overrun with torch and pitchfork-wielding protestors — that’s for sure.

Luckily, he’s delivered on that promise: The appropriately dark ‘n sexy visual sees the Jonas Brother-turned solo star being dragged slowly across a church floor, falling from the sky, getting tied up in a chair and battling his way through a rowdy police squad and some protestors — all to represent this one girl toying with our poor Nick’s heart. There are certain video moments that come to mind while watching, including Rihanna‘s “Russian Roulette” and Beyoncé‘s “Superpower.” And by the end, it’s clear that Nick could be well on his way to becoming one of the top male pop players this year.

Check out the moody visual up top, then let us know what you think about Nick’s solo outing in the comments below. More »

Orlando Bloom Tried To Punch Justin Bieber Last Night In Ibiza: Watch

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber
Orlando Vs. Justin
It’s safe to say that Orlando Bloom is not a Belieber.

According to Page Six, Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a heated brawl leading up to an attempted punch in the general direction of Bieber’s face at Cipriani in Ibiza early this morning, and it all had to do with girls — namely Orlando’s ex, Miranda Kerr and Bieber’s on-again, off-again sweetheart, Selena Gomez.

And now for a brief #drama history lesson between the two, courtesy of Page Six: “The bad blood between the two began in 2012 when Bieber was seen getting flirty with Kerr after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which reportedly led to tension between the model and her Hollywood star husband, Bloom. The married couple then separated in October 2013. Then newly single Bloom was seen spending time with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in April.”

According to the tabloid, some sources say the punch came after Bieber “made a rude comment” about Miranda Kerr, while other sources say that only happened post-punch. Either way, there is now video evidence. Watch up top. More »

BANKS’ “Beggin For Thread” Video: Watch The Eerie Clip

She's Got You Beggin' For Thread
Releasing her stunning, ever-so-slightly danceable track “Beggin For Thread” last week, LA songstress BANKS — real name Jillian Banks — just premiered the haunting video, which veers in an almost spooky, Corpse Bride-esque direction.

Unlike her previous hypnotic clip for “Drowning,” “Beggin For Thread” is filmed completely in black and white. BANKS surrounds herself with a gaggle of gorgeous dancers, whose bodies all seem to have been carved by Michelangelo himself, as they contort in unfathomable positions and almost try to suffocate her. BANKS remains flawless, however, even when she seemingly impersonates a sort of freaky zombie bride by the end of the clip. Oh, and as if it wasn’t ethereal enough, random glimpses of a majestic white stallion flash throughout, making the visual all the more mesmerizing to watch. More »

Florrie Covers Kiesza’s “Giant In My Heart”: Watch The Acoustic Session

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 4.12.06 PM
Florrie Gives Us All The Magic
While her plastic bag-filled visual for “Little White Lies” remains floating in our brains, UK indie-pop darling Florrie just threw a curveball, covering Kiesza‘s “Giant In My Heart” in a brand new acoustic session. Worlds collide!

The stripped down cover of the fast-rising dance diva’s Hideaway EP jam turns the bouncy House anthem into a truly gorgeous, gentle guitar-led production — that is, before she starts riffing loudly against a lively guitar strum. The cover showcases not only Florrie’s more than capable chops, but her ability to really kill it as a guitarist. (If you’ll recall, she’s also a master drummer!) Talent all over the place. Now then, can we arrange for some sort of fun electro-House duet between the two?

Check out Florrie crooning Kiesza up top, and let us know what you think of the arrangement in the comments below. More »

Future Hit: Ella Henderson Brings Her “Ghost” To America — Watch The Video

Ella Henderson Ghost music video
Haunted Hit
In June, Ella Henderson threw her home country of the UK for a loop by releasing her stomping, soulful power-pop single “Ghost.” Co-written and co-produced by Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella — part of the team behind Maroon 5‘s current hit “Maps,” as well as “Counting Stars” by Tedder’s band OneRepublic — the song shot straight to the top of the British chart and stayed there for several weeks, thus turning Henderson into one of 2014′s breakout stars.

Of course, Ella had already gained some notice in England after winding up in sixth place on the 2012 season of The X Factor UK (AKA the season that James Arthur won — yeah, we had to look him up, too). More »

Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Ty Dolla Sign Get “Shell Shocked” For ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’: Watch

In light of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blockbuster flick, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and Juicy J have teamed up as a power rap trio for soundtrack banger, “Shell Shocked.” Produced by Madsonik and Kill The Noise, the menacing track serves up a hard-hitting trap beat for the hip-hop all-star’s killer verses.

“[Paramount] heard about how big of a fan I was of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their whole legacy. I actually have Donatello tattooed on my leg, so when they asked me to do it, just being a fan and being a musician, it made sense,” Wiz revealed in a press release. “In my generation, I think everyone who listens to me loves the Turtles as much as I do, so it just made sense.”

So, without further ado, prepare to raise some shell!

Watch the video up top, and let us know what you think in the comment section below. More »

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Delight In “Anything Goes” Video: Watch

Jazz It Up
Her ARTPOP really could mean anything.

As we’ve known for a while, Lady Gaga‘s briefly ditched her Koons balls and Aphrodite Lady garden panties to jazz it up with the legendary Mr. Tony Bennett for their long-awaited duet LP, Cheek To Cheek, due out in September.

After dropping “Anything Goes” off on iTunes at midnight, the duo’s come full force with their #CheekToCheekPromo today, including an appearance on Today this AM and the release of the accompanying video for their debut standard.

The behind-the-scenes clip sees the two tinkering away in the studio, recording their record together and fiddling at the engineer’s table to craft their collaboration. The two trade smiles (as Gaga trades out several wigs), some tears (when isn’t Gaga crying, really?), embrace, hit the stage together and, evidently, enjoy their time working together.

Plus, most importantly, a cameo from Gaga’s iconic French bulldog, Asia! Check out the clip up top. More »

The Janoskians’ “This Freakin Song” Video: Idolator Premiere

Oh, F&#@!
Ready to get a ridiculously catchy song stuck in your head for at least the next 24 hours or so? The Janoskians‘ latest single is appropriately titled “This Freakin Song” (or, in its more explicit version, “This F*ckin Song”), and its sing-song melody and “la la la la la la” chorus pretty much ensure that you won’t be forgetting the track, which was co-written by Mike Posner, anytime soon.

The tune is a straight-up breakup song — “You’re gonna miss me when my song’s on the radio, you’re gonna hate this freakin song,” the guys warn — while the video finds the Australian band of music-minded pranksters sending up Michael Jackson‘s classic “Beat It.” (No, really — love the boombox, lads.)

Head below to watch the visual for the Janoskians’ latest, and let us know what you think of “This Freakin Song.” More »