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Nick Jonas Talks Going Nude On ‘Kingdom’, Hints At Gay Character Plot Line On ‘Watch What Happens Live’: Watch

He's Got A Big...Story Line!
You’ve got to hand it to Nick Jonas: He’s a real trooper.

While the newly solo crooner’s genuinely excellent new single “Jealous” just dropped this week, it seems more people would rather talk about his bulging muscles than his vocal chops. (But let’s call a spade a spade: He’s a babe.)

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the singer fielded some fan questions from the phone lines. And of course, who’s got time to talk music? One caller dialed in to find out whether or not Nick — who’s due to star in the upcoming boxing-themed series Kingdom on DirecTV — would ever consider stripping down for a role. “Oh, I just did a lot of nudity,” he revealed.

And that’s not all! “My character has a big, um…” he began with a pause, making the entire clubhouse briefly crack up. A big what? Oh — a storyline! “Revolving around his sexuality,” he continued.

“Is he bi-curious?!” Andy eagerly inquired. “We will see,” Nick teased. Oh, Andy! More »

The Vamps Are Stranded With Shawn Mendes In “Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)” Video: Watch

The Vamps Are Stranded!
Damn, if only Tom Hanks had it this good.

Before summer officially ends, The Vamps are squeezing in a final burst of sunshine-y goodness with their perky new cut, “Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart).” And, judging by their newly released video, the boys aren’t leaving the beach anytime soon.

After washed up on a (seemingly) deserted island, Cast Away style, The Vamps do what they do best to survive — put together their instruments and start playing live! — all while trying (unsuccessfully) to find water, fish and, you know…survive or whatever. But they’re not alone!

Later on, Vine sensation-turned-teen pop superstar Shawn Mendes comes in for a cameo to play his guitar (he’s quite unbothered by the whole situation, really) as the island natives (attractive teens!) surface from out of nowhere and take the troupe in as their own, partying hard and living it up under the sun. Who would ever want to leave this utopia, anyway?

Check out the video for “Oh Cecilia” up top, and let us know what you think in the comments below. More »

AJR Return With Nostalgic New Single “Infinity”: Watch The DIY Lyric Video (Idolator Premiere)

Can I Have This Dance?
AJR landed a breakthrough hit earlier this year when power-pop anthem “I’m Ready” crashed the Billboard Hot 100. The New York-based brothers are back with a new single called “Infinity”, which finds the trio in a more contemplative mood. “[It's] a song about the raw emotions we felt when we were kids, and the importance of using that innocent idealistic perspective at times to look at the present,” explains Ryan Met.

A stripped-back, folk-tinged pop song with a powerful sing-a-long chorus, “Infinity” serves as the lead single of band’s similarly-titled EP (due September 23). We’re excited to premiere the lyric video, which AJR wrote, produced, designed and directed themselves. It skillfully turns a bunch of stills into an appropriately whimsical visual. Watch up top. More »

Hilary Duff Performs An Acoustic Version Of “All About You” On Australian Radio: Watch

Sweet As Pie
Hilary Duff‘s Australian promo tour has been a huge success. The former teen queen charmed viewers with a cheerful performance of  new single “All About You” on X Factor (the track jumped into the iTunes top 10 overnight) and then did a bunch of radio interviews. She even performed an acoustic version of her rising hit for Fifi And Dave.

Any doubts about the 26-year-old’s vocal chops should disappear after hearing this sugary sweet rendition. The simple arrangement of the Savan Kotecha, Carl Falk and Kristian Lundin-penned hit suits her still girl-like voice and imbues the track with a breezy folk quality. I think this is what she was aiming for with “Chasing The Sun” but couldn’t quite achieve. Watch Hil in action up top. More »

Demi Lovato Survives The Latest Episode Of ‘Sound Advice’: Watch The Awkward Exchange

Her Face Says It All
Media coach Janessa Slater (played by Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer) returns to terrorize another pop diva in the latest installment of Sound Advice. After pushing Sara Bareilles to the brink, the queen of YouTube takes a slightly softer approach with Demi Lovato. Sure, she mistakes her for Carmen Sandiego but that’s cute in comparison to the jibes directed at former guests.

The interview begins with a brief chat about Demi’s new single “Really Don’t Care” (her face is priceless) before switching to hard-hitting questions about the Disney diva’s world tour. Like why she isn’t performing in war zones. From there things get super awkward as Janessa unravels and her guest thinks up an innovative excuse for leaving early. Watch the mayhem up top. More »

Echosmith Perform Breakthrough Hit “Cool Kids” On ‘The Today Show’: Watch

They Seem To Fit In
Echosmith converted a mountain of buzz into a bonafide hit when teen alienation anthem “Cool Kids” found love on radio and started racing up iTunes — almost a year after it was released. The LA-based siblings will unveil a new video for their seemingly unstoppable single tomorrow (September 11) and celebrated the sale of their 500,000th download by performing on The Today Show.

17-year-old Sydney spoke about meeting Katy Perry at the MTV Video Music Awards — she’s a fan! — before launching into “Cool Kids”. The Sierota clan is a well-oiled machine when it comes to live performances and they impressed with a typically tight rendition. Expect this song to just get bigger and bigger. Watch Echosmith in action up top. More »

Jennifer Lopez Brought Her Iconic “Booty” To Fashion Rocks: Watch Her Sizzling Performance

Jennifer Lopez is taking no chances with “Booty”. The forever-flawless 45-year-old tapped Iggy Azalea for the all-girl remix and filmed what appears to be the sexiest soft-porn video of all time — at least from the preview. (The finished product is due later this week). The latest step in the pop icon’s path to iTunes glory is a stunning performance at Fashion Rocks in New York City last night (September 9).

When you’re singing about ass, you had better be willing to show a little and J.Lo went above and beyond with her skimpy silver dress. She tore up the stage with her tuxedo-clad male dancers and twerked like her life depended on it. Jenny is still the best dancer in the business and showed the newcomers in the audience how to put on a memorable show. Watch up top. More »

Britney Spears Talks Pros And Cons Of Dating On ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’: Watch

It's Singleney, Bitch!
You think you got what it takes to date Miss Britney Spears? You better work, bitch!

Last night, after appearing at the New York Public Library to debut her new line of lingerie and sleepwear (The Intimate Britney Spears), the newly single “Perfume” pop icon came to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to chat with Jimmy about the pros and cons of dating a living legend.

Arriving to the stage to a thunderous applause from the audience (“it’s MY show!” Jimmy jokingly yelled), the diva — looking drop dead beautiful in red — was shown her very first Tinder profile (with a bio that reads, amazingly, “This better work, bitch!”) before launching into a silly pros/cons weigh-in with Jimmy. Although we know she’s busy in Las Vegas at her Piece Of Me residency (and in the studio!), it’s so, so nice to see her out having her fun too. She looks amazing!

Check out Britney goofing around with Jimmy up top, and let us know what you think of Singleney in the comments below! More »

Hoodie Allen Goes Hitchhiking With Disastrous Results In His “Dumb For You” Video: Watch

Take A Ride
New York-based rapper Hoodie Allen broke big in 2012 when his independently-released debut EP All American landed at number 10 on the Billboard 200. Expect even bigger things from his debut LP People Keep Talking (due October 14) if the success of buzz tracks/singles “Movie” and “Dumb For You” are any indication. The latter reached number one on the iTunes hip-hop/R&B chart earlier today (September 9) and has huge crossover potential.

A half-sung/half-rapped tune about falling in love with all the wrong people, “Dumb For You” is Steven Markowitz‘s (his real name) catchiest offering yet. It has hooks to burn (note the killer guitar riff) and an instantly hummable chorus. The video also dropped today and it finds the 26-year-old hitchhiking with a bunch of crazy people. Watch Hoodie take the road-trip from hell up top. More »

The Janoskians Plumb New Depths In Their Amazing “That’s What She Said” Video: Watch

What The Hell?!
The Janoskians cleaned up their act for recent videos like “Real Girls Eat Cake” and “This Freakin Song” but revert to pulling the low-brow pranks that made them YouTube sensations in their amazingly awful/awfully amazing (I still can’t decide) “That’s What She Said” visual. It’s an onslaught of toilet humor and double entendres that will appeal to their fans and offend just about everyone else. Which is kind of how it should be.

So what can you expect from the Australian comedy troop turned anti-boy band’s latest opus? Well, The Janoskians spoof ’90s TV show Baywatch and spend most of the video assisting beach dwellers in need of medical assistance (they give an old dude mouth-to-mouth) or performing random acts of kindness like putting suntan lotion on a curvaceous lady. There are also dick, piss and anal sex jokes. So, you know, something for everyone. Watch up top. More »