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PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Performed Live On ‘Ellen’ By Mom & Son Duo: Watch

Mom and Son Perform PSY's Gangnam Style
Watch Video
A mother-and-son duo posted a video of themselves performing PSY‘s K-pop crossover smash “Gangnam Style” online this week, and it instantly went viral — so viral, in fact, that Ellen Degeneres invited the pair onto her show to strut their stuff live for the crowd. Did they deliver? Watch the video above to see for yourself. We will say that, in our estimation, it might just be the most charming take on “Gangnam Style” we’ve seen so far. Learning that both mother and son are dance instructors explains a lot, since the way they’re moving in perfect synchronicity — well, we couldn’t pull that off at any age.

Robbie Williams Sings The Belle Brigade’s “Losers” To A Random Dude On Chatroulette

Robbie Williams Chatroulette Losers 2012
Robbie Does More Then Chat On Chatroulette
You’re never sure who — or what — you’re going to be looking at when logging onto Chatroulette, but for Essex, England’s Adam Houabi, it wound up being sometimes-Take That singer/sometimes-solo crooner Robbie Williams on his computer screen. In the video above, which was captured by Houabi as he filmed his computer with his iPhone, Robbie sings a cover of “Losers” by The Belle Brigade. “I didn’t believe it was really him so he pulled his shirt down to reveal his chest tattoos and showed me five cameramen round him in his Hollywood studio,” Adam told The Sun. More »

Boy With Snuggie Recreates Beyonce’s “Countdown” And It’s Amazing

beyonce countdown snuggie
This Boy's Boof Boof Is Fierce
Beyonce‘s video for her 4 single “Countdown” is delightful all on its own, but now we know what it was always missing: Snuggies. One giant fan of the pop star’s took it upon himself (and a few friends helping him realize his dream) to recreate Bey’s video shot-by-shot. The whole thing would be entertaining enough, but the use of a Snuggie as a wardrobe choice brings it to a whole new level. (Watch this if you seriously can’t believe just how close his fan video is to the original. Guys, he even shows off a pregnant belly like Beyonce!)

UPDATE: Beyonce thinks his video is “brilliant”, according to a new post on her website. “I think he did this video better than I did,” she wrote, including his Snuggie version on her blog. Somewhere, this kid is perpetually fainting. More »

This Grown Man Has 15 Tattoos Of Miley Cyrus

No, you’re not looking at Rihanna‘s latest tattoo. This unflattering depiction of Miley Cyrus has been tattooed on a full-grown man, and it’s only one of 15 tattoos he has of the pop star. In addition to this questionable likeness of the recently engaged singer, he also has Miley’s autograph, her name, her song lyrics and song titles inked in various parts around his body.

The man’s Twitter profile @MileyCyrusCarl is pretty much Miley-specific, and every photo on his page is either of his tattoos or of Miley, from present day dating back to her as a toddler. (Nothing creepy at all here!) “Miley Cyrus u are a Miracle,” he writes. “I love u so much x nobody is more beautiful & talented & sexy as u. I have 15 tattoos of u! There’s an Angel in LA.” And there’s also a restraining order on the way, we bet. [Via Buzzfeed]

Ryan Gosling At 10 Dancing To “Gonna Make You Sweat”: Watch This Talent Show Footage

Ryan Gosling C+C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat talent show 9 year old sister Mandi
Hey, Girl — Check My Ill Flow And Sick MC Hammer Pants!
We don’t know how. We don’t know why. All we know is that somehow, thank God, a video clip of Drive actor Ryan Gosling at age 10 — where he’s decked out in MC Hammer pants, has a bowl haircut and is singing  Michael Bolton‘s cover of “When A Man Loves A Woman” (quite well, actually) — has found its way online. According to the video description on YouTube, this magic occurred “at a Mormon talent competition in late 1991.” More »

One Direction Get Animated In Cartoon Fan Fiction

one direction cartoon
Watch 1D As Cartoons!
A young man named Mark wanted to show that guys can also be fans of One Direction, and wrote some fan fiction featuring the members of the British boy band. And then he went and animated it. The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction re-imagines Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis as superheroes, and their quest is to save the world’s pussycats with the help of Sir Paul McCartney. And the tongue-in-cheek cartoon is worth the next 18 minutes of your time, even if you’re not a One Direction fan, but especially if you’re a One Direction fan. Mark, we hope you’re currently hard at work animating a series for The Wanted. [Via PopJustice]

President Obama Sings LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”

President Obama is down with pop music. He’s got an eclectic campaign playlist, is down with The Bieb, and can even carry a note himself. Even though he had absolutely nothing to do with this editing masterpiece that depicts the leader of the free world singing LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”, we think he would have no shame shufflin’ in a pair of zebra-striped pants. (At least with the doors to the Oval Office closed and locked.) More »

Snoop Dogg Teams With Daughter Cori B. For Spoiled-Child Anthem “Daddy’s Girl”

Father’s Day isn’t until June, but ladies — store this one away, because Snoop Dogg and his daughter Cori B. have created the father-daughter love anthem to rule them all. Not to be outdone by an infant, Snoop and Cori are giving Blue Ivy Carter a run for her (dad’s) money in “Daddy’s Girl,” in which the “Do My Thang” tween sings, “And you say yes every time, I’m so lucky you are mine / And you spoil me all the time, I’m so glad you’re my daddy!” And yes, of course Snoop is featured in perhaps his first rap ever without a reference to you-know-what — trading getting high for a Hello Kitty shout-out. Awesome. The highlight of your day awaits below.

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Britney Spears Through The Years: Watch Her Face Morph

Someone decided a creepy face morph of the evolution of Britney Spears was in order, and while it is fairly unsettling (was that music pulled from a PBS miniseries?), it does bring to the surface a few interesting observations about the pop star: Brit’s “crazy eyes” start to kick in right around the beginning of the K-Fed era; that shot of her shaving her head is still one of the most visceral, sad moments we’ve ever seen; and platinum-blonde Brit at 38 seconds in is the last time (at least in this face morph) that we feel the pop star is giving a genuine smile. Watch below, and share your own observations in the comments. More »

Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” Scores Bella & Edward’s Wedding In ‘Twilight’ Parody

The Hillywood Show, responsible for the frighteningly good “This Is Gagaween” Lady Gaga parody, have released a new video, and their latest creation mocks Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Besides showing just how ridiculous that movie is (we still refuse to believe that Jacob falls in love with an infant), the vid uses pop songs as its soundtrack: Bella, in bridal wear, starts out singing “I’m gonna marry Edward” to the tune of Gaga’s “Marry The Night”, and Pitbull and Ne-Yo’s “Give Me Everything” becomes Edward’s wedding night serenade. Check it out below. More »