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Lana Del Rey Famous Enough For Her Own Animated Taiwanese News Story

Those who believed one bad Saturday Night Live performance would kill off Lana Del Rey’s career before it even got started can eat their hat, as the singer’s new album Born To Die debuted this week at #1 on iTunes in 14 countries (including here in the US). The jury’s still out how Lana’s LP will fare the next few weeks, and Taiwan’s Next Media Animation studio (the geniuses behind these crazy segments on Beyonce’s baby and Justin Bieber) remains doubtful of the “Video Games” starlet’s staying power. Check out the journey of “The Lana Del Rey Fameball” below. More »

Ke$ha And The Flaming Lips Are Having Way Too Much Fun In The Studio

Whatever is going on between Ke$ha and the Flaming Lips, it certainly promises to be… interesting. An album by the psychedelic rockers seem a perfect outlet for the facial hair-feasting Cannibal to channel her more, um, “experimental” side into before delivering her sophomore LP, but what the hell is going on over there?!? The band’s Wayne Coyne tweeted photos and videos depicting him sticking his finger into K-Dollah’s gold glitter (not a euphemism), a suspicious white substance (which she claims is ground-up Tums), and Ke$ha “singing about taking acid as the world ends” (jeez, whatever happened to just dancing?). Catch the madness below. More »

Justin Bieber-Lana Del Rey Face Mash-Up Looks As Creepy As It Sounds

As if Justin Bieber’s fans weren’t upset enough with the Canadian crooner’s recent V magazine cover spread, now someone has undergone the highly unnecessary Photoshop task of replacing JB’s face with that upcoming SNL performer Lana Del Rey. The result is incredibly disturbing (and surprisingly resembles Natalie Portman, circa 2006). Perhaps the only thing worse than a mashup of this pair’s faces would be a mash-up of their music. Let’s pray no one on the Internet has that much free time. [Vulture]

Rappers Know How To Spell, As Evidenced By This Video Montage

Fergie isn’t the only performer who would be a force to be reckoned with during a spelling bee. Pretty much every rapper – from Biggie (“B-I-G, P-O, P-P-A”) to Snoop Dog (“The S-N-double-O-P”) to Jay-Z (“H-O-V-A!”) and beyond – makes sure the world knows who they are by providing the correct spelling of their MC name in their songs. The W to the A to the T-C-H-B-E-L-O-W for the proof.  More »

See What An Amy Winehouse-Inspired Lamp Looks Like

Now here’s a bright idea: a lamp that pays tribute to the late singer Amy Winehouse. No, it doesn’t serenade you with the first few bars of “Rehab” when you flip it on (though with a price tag of $1,500 we think it should). Instead, lighting designer Delightfull has modeled the lamp after the “Halftime” siren’s trademark beehive. Below, take a closer look at the illuminating homage to the British songstress.

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Why Did Snoop Dogg Host ‘The Price Is Right’?

We knew Snoop Dogg had a sense of humor (from “Turtleneck And Chain” to his Charlie Sheen collaboration). But we never expected to see the “Wild, Young And Free” superstar hosting The Price Is Right. Yet the ever-charitable rapper did indeed hop on the mic to offer up some major prizes in a special episode of the classic CBS game show, with proceeds headed to his Snoop Youth Football League. (He also ride this “classic whip”.) Watch below and tell us if the prizzle is rizzle. More »

D12 Rapper Gets Bizarre Nicki Minaj Tattoo

Yesterday, Drake showed off his new Aaliyah tattoo, and today D12′s Bizarre has revealed the Nicki Minaj likeness he’s inked onto his arm. What is going on with the men in rap?! While Drizzy’s display of permanent devotion to the late R&B songstress may have come off extreme yet sweet, Bizarre’s branding of the Harajuku Barbie comes with a much creepier back story — and even a song. Watch below as the rapper prepares to forever wear his heart on his sleeve — in the shape of Nicki’s face.

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Ke$ha Likes Your Beard Enough To Put It In Her Mouth

And just when we thought Ke$ha couldn’t get any weirder! It’s a good thing it’s Friday, because we’ll need to the weekend to recover from the $leazy songbird’s latest video, “Put Your Beard In My Mouth,” which is not in any way a euphemism. It features the “Only Wanna Dance With You” diva literally putting a variety of facial hair of all shapes and sizes into her mouth for your photographic enjoyment. (We imagine she’ll start a separate Tumblr for pics of herself coughing up hairballs.) The vid also features a, shall we say, “Whiskers Remix” of “Your Love Is My Drug” featuring Ke$ha shouting “Beard!” at various decibel levels. Head below if you dare — and bon appetit.

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Watch Fake Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” Video

Adele’s third single off her Grammy-nominated, enormously successful (and Idolator-approved) 21 will be “Set Fire To The Rain”, though it appears someone beat her to filming a music video for the song. Aspiring director Andrew Vallentine shot a gorgeously choreographed video for the Brit singer’s breakup tune, and even cast an Adele look-a-like to stand around, lip-syncing while looking mournful and batting her ginormous fake eyelashes. As far as fake music videos go, this one’s pretty great. Watch below.
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Kris Allen’s Festive (And Drunken?) Dubstep Christmas Video

Was Kris Allen hammered when he and his friends made this video, which features the American Idol winner getting his groove on and repeating the words “dubstep Christmas” over and over? Let’s hope so. And let’s hope he also lays down a few dubstep jams for his next album! As for the slight (?) undercurrent of racial tension between his two buddies toward the end the clip, well — let’s leave that out of the creative process, Kris.
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