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WTF: Chloe Lattanzi’s Suicideganza In Her “Play With Me” Video

If you thought Eminem’s “Space Bound” video (in which the rapper shoots himself point-blank) was disturbing to watch, then run away from your computer right now before you accidentally press play on Chloe Lattanzi’s “Play With Me”. Lattanzi is known for being Olivia Newton-John’s daughter and one of the stars of MTV’s Rock The Cradle, and in her debut music video, she self-harms herself in a multitude of ways: electrocuting herself in the tub, mutilating her arms, putting a gun to her head, bleeding out her eyes… Doesn’t she know It Gets Better? NSFL (Not Safe For Life) video below. More »

Kidz Bop Makes “Born This Way” More Kid-Friendly

Hell hath frozen over — Kidz Bop has taken on the task of covering Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. In the music vid below, tweens run amok in a shopping mall, all while dancing and singing a super sanitized version of the Mother Monster’s gay anthem. See which of the pop star’s controversial lyrics were altered and which got deleted all together.
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Commemorate The End Of Harry Potter With 10 Pop Song Parodies

Don’t shame us muggles, but no one here at Idolator HQ is all that familiar with the Harry Potter phenomenon. (Blame the fact that none of the movies’ soundtracks featured any regulars from the Top 40.) However, we realize many of you out there are both super excited (and extremely saddened) that the series is wrapping itself up with the release of the final installment this Friday, so luckily the Internet has given us something both camps can enjoy: Harry Potter-themed pop song parodies! And, my oh my, are there a lot of them. More »

Justin Timberlake Is Bad At Sports, Good At Comedy

So far in his career, Justin Timberlake has excelled at everything he’s tried — singing, dancing, acting, fashion, comedy, drama, being sexy… the list goes on. Golf aside, it turns out we don’t have to worry about JT becoming a professional athlete anytime soon, as evidenced by this video sketch from the upcoming 2011 ESPYs. Hop below to watch Timberlake try and fail and several collegiate sports — but mostly, check out his gams in a skirt as he attempts girls’ field hockey. More »

Kids React To Lady Gaga

Over the past couple years or so, we’ve learned to take Lady Gaga’s many, um, eccentricities in stride. Meat dress? Okay. Donning a baby bump mid-performance on live TV? Fine. Songs about loving Jesus’ traitorous disciple, featuring lyrics about ear condoms? Sure, why not! But let’s take a moment to ponder the impression the currently aqua-bobbed fashion icon has on younger minds, shall we? The Fine Brothers have used their “Kids React To” YouTube series to do just that, revealing that the youth of America responds to Lady Gaga — well, just about the same way we do. Watch below.

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Debbie Gibson Plays “Dear Abby” To Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, And Selena Gomez

With superstar mentors like Usher, Chris Brown, and Eminem, you might think Justin Bieber doesn’t seek advice from a onetime (sorry, Deb!) teen phenom like Debbie Gibson. You would probably be right — but that hasn’t stopped the Mega Python-battling singer from offering her two cents, anyway. The 80′s star has gone from tussling with Tiffany to touring with her, and now, in a series of short videos titled “What Would Debbie Do?”, the former teen star is offering counsel to current ones like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez, tackling such issues as obsessive fans and name changes — not to mention a certain couple’s PDA. Watch below.

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Watch 9-Year-Old Robert Jeffrey Work It To Madonna’s “Vogue” In 1991

Ladies with an attitude, you’ve officially been put on notice! When 9-year-old Robert Jeffrey stepped in front of a blue screen at the Hampton Beach Casino in 1991 to lip sync Madonna’s smash “Vogue” and rock the choreography from the music video, little did he realize that he’d be creating one of the most amazing four minutes to hit the Internet in modern history. Who are you, little boy, and why aren’t you teaching Britney Spears how to dance now? Strike a pose below.
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Katy Perry’s #1 Fan Is A Cute British Man

It would be an understatement to say that Jack Moore is a fan of Katy Perry. It would even be a misnomer to call him an obsessive fan of the pop star. With over 4,000 photos and an entire room coated in magazine cut-outs of the “Last Friday Night” singer, it’s hard to adequately describe just how much he adores Katy Perry, so we’ll let the young British bloke explain his obsession himself in a well-shot mini-documentary, which you can watch below. More »

Scotty McCreery Fan Freaks Out Upon Hearing ‘American Idol’ Finale Results

For all you Lauren Alaina fans disappointed with the results of Wednesday night’s American Idol finale, you can blame the woman in the following video for Scotty McCreery’s win. According to the woman, who is bubbling over with energy awaiting Ryan Seacrest’s announcement, she voted for Scotty “at least 500 times”. We do not believe this to be a hyperbolic statement whatsoever. See what pure joy (and a possible groin injury) looks like when she finds out her Scotty McHottie won Season 10. More »

Snoop Dogg And Charlie Sheen Are “Winning” In Their New Track

Running low on tiger blood? We’ve got good (read: bad) news — there’s now such a thing as a musical collaboration between “Turtleneck & Chain”-wearer Snoop Dogg and Twitter legend Charlie Sheen. The unlikely substance-loving duo has joined forces with Filter’s Rob Patterson (not to be confused with Twilight star Robert Pattinson, whose inclusion really would make our heads explode) for the jokey track “Winner,” also featuring a Carmen Electra cameo for maximum cheese. Check it out below.
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