Liner Notes: 30 Seconds To Mars Bar Singer Caught Hobnobbing

–“Dude, if you voted for Imogen Heap, I will kick your ass!”: The Jared Leto/Elijah Wood feud, captured on film. [Brooklynvegan] –Michael Jackson and will collaborate on Jackson’s next album. More »

The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Faith No More’s Best Song Gets “Ruined”

Welcome to another edition of the Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files, in which we try to win your hearts and minds with a forgotten song that deserved a better life. More »

Caption This: When Lil Jon Met That Eddie Vedder Wannabe

“Nickelback? I thought you said nickel bag!” Lil Jon [MySpace] More »

The Dylan Musical: Quite Possibly Not As Good As “Starlight Express”

From this week’s New Yorker review of the Twyla Tharp-directed The Times They Are A Changin’: In her show, the owner and ringmaster of the circus is Captain Ahrab (Thom Sesma), an evil tyrant who abuses his innocent son, Coyote (Michael Arden); his kind, worse-for-the-wear girlfriend, Cleo (Lisa… More »

Listening Station: 2 Songs From IV Thieves

Truth be told, IV Thieves’ If We Can’t Escape My Pretty has been sitting in the album-to-write-about pile for a few months now; it’s just that every time we start posting about it, a new Jay-Z leak comes across our desk. More »

The Vault: Nirvana Puts On Its Kiss Makeup

We’re betting that some of our readers are taking this Halloween to unleash their inner members of Kiss and/or Nirvana, so to get you into the mood, here’s Nirvana’s unhinged version of Kiss’ “Do You Love Me?” More »

Brandon Flowers’ New Halloween Costume Not Very Funny

In a way, it makes sense: The second half of Sam’s Town is more hilarious than anything Dane Cook’s ever come up with. More »

Videodrone: Diddy, Once Again, Is Blown Away By His Awesomeness

The last two-thirds of Diddy’s “Tell Me” video are pretty much standard–dancing ladies, blinking lights, wind machines, Christina Aguilera in slightly dirrrty mode–but the first chunk is notable for its direct lift homage to those “it’ll blow you away” Maxell commercials from 20 years ago. More »

Dead Singer’s Estate Makes A Ring-A-Ding-Dong Decision

A story in today’s L.A. Times examines EMI’s plans to revamp the scotch-soaked corpse of Dean Martin, whose estate is ostensibly hoping for some sort of Elvis-like comeback: They’ve turned Martin’s image and likeness over to the music giant, who will have the tricky task of making 15-year-olds… More »

Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Nas Visits Da Gadda Da Vida

The first single off of Nas’ Hip Hop Is Dead, the “Hip Hop Is Dead,” is his look at the genre that he calls “Rome for the Hood”; the track melds together Iron Butterfly’s the Incredible Bongo Band cover of the psych-sludge classic “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and the “Apache” break. More »

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