Archives: October, 2006

Liner Notes: 30 Seconds To Mars Bar Singer Caught Hobnobbing
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Faith No More’s Best Song Gets “Ruined”
Caption This: When Lil Jon Met That Eddie Vedder Wannabe
The Dylan Musical: Quite Possibly Not As Good As “Starlight Express”
Listening Station: 2 Songs From IV Thieves
The Vault: Nirvana Puts On Its Kiss Makeup
Brandon Flowers’ New Halloween Costume Not Very Funny
Videodrone: Diddy, Once Again, Is Blown Away By His Awesomeness
Dead Singer’s Estate Makes A Ring-A-Ding-Dong Decision
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Nas Visits Da Gadda Da Vida
Boo-Ya! Meet Our Special Halloween Musical Guest
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
Apparently, There Is Only So Much “Crazy Frog” A Person Can Take
Boo-Ya! Part II: Danzig Answers Your Questions
Rapping Accountants Combine “O.P.P.” With CPAs
Yet Another Leak Of The Day: Ghostface, “Ghost Is Back”
Blogsmacked: Vegoose May Be Over, But The Really Silly Name Lives On
AOL’s New Music Blog Inspires A Trip Down Dot-Com Memory Lane
Everybody’s A Wenner: The “Rolling Stone” Review-Section Revue
Please (Re-)Release Me: Tampa Threesome’s Bleak Visions
Much Like The Rest Of The World, Google Has Not Heard Of Lily Allen
Stuck On Repeat: The High Water Marks’ “Have Another Dream”
Is The Federline Coming To A Screeching Halt?
Leak Of The Day: JT Meets The DFA
The Demise Of “Studio 60″: Proof That Hiring Sting Is A Didgeridon’t
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: For Just One Day, Let’s All Pretend To Care
Seven Inches Of Pleasure: The Best Record We’ve Heard So Far Today
$tereogum: So How Much Money We Talking Here?
The U2/Green Day Katrina Video: It’s Actually Not Terrible
The Race To Be Number One On “TRL” Hits A New Low
Meet The Poor Sap Who’s (Probably) Going To Try And Save MTV
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
“SNL” Postmortem: Beck Shows Off His String Section
Listening Station: Eltro Takes A Rocket To The “Moon”
Enter The 36 Chambers Of Love: Wu Member Dispenses Romantic Advice
Mash-Up Masters: Idolator Readers Share Their Favorites
Blogsmacked: White Rappers Get All Existential On Our Ass
Yes, We Do Leave The House Sometimes: Help Plan Idolator’s CMJ Week
The Vault: “Wot” The Hell Is Going On In This Video?
The War On Fun Continues: MySpace To Block Unauthorized Music Use
Liner Notes: As It Turns Out, Bribery Won’t Get You Everywhere
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
Please Release Me: Jamelia’s “Walk With Me”
Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time! Part Five
Led Zeppelin’s “Song Remains The Same” Remains Inane
A Call To Our Commenters: Please Play With “Fire” So We Don’t Have To
Chinese Music Fans Prepare To Get Even More Repressed Than Usual
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Can You Spot The Fake?
The Antiques: Not Quite As Old-Timey As Their Band Name Implies
Snoop Arrested; World Prepares For Hundreds Of Unbearable “Izzle”-Related Headlines
NBC Somehow Deems Dixie Chicks More Offensive Than “Studio 60″
Outro: Not To Blow Our Own Horn, But We Think We Had A Pretty Good Week
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
Listening Station: Lisa Germano’s Sweet “Oblivion”
The Battle To Save “Mis-Shapes”: Have You Forgotten?
Gerard Vs. Bear “Revealed”: We Think Somebody’s Funning With Us
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed
Mash-Up Masters: Celebrating A Half-Decade Of “Genie-Us”
Guy Who Mumbled A Lot In Shop Class Returns To Trumpet His Middling Rock-Star Success
Record-Industry Mogul Proves Why He Gets Paid The Big Bucks
2 Live And To 2 Die On The Web: Idolator Bans Its First Commenters
BitTorrent Admin Sent To Jail, File-Sharers Continue Looking For “Kingdom Come”
The Vault: Distressed Deb Asks, “Is That All There Is?”
Clipse’s “Fury”: The Album They Really, Really Don’t Want You To Hear
Liner Notes: Chris Cornell’s Annoying Goatee Narrowly Avoids Death
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Funky Flunkies Clearly In Need Of Raise
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Jay-Z Gets “Lost”
Music Publicist, Pitchfork Pretend To Make Nice
Stuck On Repeat: The Girls’ “The Girl From Yesterday”
If An Ultragrrrl Comment Falls On The Web, And Nobody’s There To Hear It, Does It Still Make An Annoying Sound?
Jermaine Dupri’s Publicist Probably Not Thrilled About His Blogging
Videodrone: Finally, A New Clipse Clip
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
The BitTorrent Top 50 List: Proof That We Are Living In End Times
Videodrone: Danish Dream-Pop Outfit Leaps Into The Void
Tower Records’ Demise: The Indie-Label Fallout
The Vault: The “Cruel” History Of The Beau Brummels
Michael Jackson, Dick Clark Are Total BFF
Jared Leto Gives Stereogum First Taste of the VIP High-Life
Liner Notes: David Lee Roth Reportedly Dusting Off His Spandex
Caption This: When Ghostface Met Lady Sov
iTunes Store Feeling Kinda Goth Today
Idolator’s Instantly Outdated Guide To Internet Music: How To Nab Fifty Songs In Twenty Seconds
Second Spin: Why You Need To Celebrate Oneida’s “New Year”
Who Charted?: Diddy’s Glass Of Bubbly Is Half-Empty And Half-Full
World’s Supply Of Cover-Worthy Pop Songs Running Dangerously Low
Black Sheep’s New Single: You Can Get With This
Videodrone: The Killers Bone Up On Their B-Movie Knowledge
Idolator Asks: Why Aren’t You People Listening To Young People?
JammX Kids Get Ready For Inevitable Feud With Kidz Bop Kidz
Matt Drudge Applies For Live 8 Press Credentials
Nirvana Licenser’s Promise: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Happy Meal Not In The Cards
Breaking: Has Stereogum Been Bought For A Song?
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
The Vault: Stockholm Monsters Give Us The Jitters
Call For Mash-Ups: We Need Your Help Hooking Up Some Strange Bedfellows
Incubus Fan’s Bad Taste Goes Beyond Musical Leanings
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Amerie Shakes Her Mixtape Maker
Blogsmacked: My Chemical Romance Gives It Up For The Execs
David & The Citizens: The Last Swedish Band We Will Ever Endorse (At Least For Today)
Music Insiders You May Not Care About Feud Over Band You May Not Care About
The Game’s New By-The-Numbers Track Gives Us An Idea
IPod Nerd Hopes To Become Nerdiest Nerd Of All Nerd Time
Pick Of The Dork: Can You Guess The Fake A Cappella Album Review?
Liner Notes: Madonna Somehow Looking More Artificial Than Usual
“Hip Hop Weekly” Apologizes In Advance For Its First Issue
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: The Rubinoos Never Thought It Would Happen
Pre-Grunge Seattle Rockers Pick Up The Pieces
Passing On Pete: Why We’re On A Dohertorium
Pixies Return To Studio, We Return To Nostalgic Haze
Track Marks: How Benjy Ferree Became This Week’s Biggest Artist In The World
Jury Officially Declares “The Source” Magazine To Be Full Of Knuckleheads
The Worst Mash-Up Of All Time
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Gwen Stefani, ‘Sound Of Music’ Fan
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
As Their Name Might Suggest, Pretty Boy Floyd Are All Class
Is Zune Banking On Multi-Level Music Marketing?
Reminder: Gwen Stefani Will Probably Not Be Hanging Out With Us For Too Long
Neil Young And Friends Keep On Rockin’ Back And Forth In The Free World
Our Deepest, Darkest Music-Preference Secrets Revealed
U.S. Government Takes Interest In Middling Indie-Rock Band
Toby Keith’s “Amerigasm”: The Word Is Getting Round
All Up In MySpace: R & B Singer Works Hard For The Pageviews
Kelis’ Record Label Cracks Down On…Kelis
Videodrone: Fiddy Abandons Super Tramps For Supertramp
Courtney Love Vs. Courtney Love: A Handy Guide
“Shhhh-it!”: Introducing Idolator’s AnonIMous Music-Biz Interview Series
Liner Notes: All Judge And Jury Edition
The Vault: Funkadelic On The Brain
The Great Rock And Roll Swindle: Still In Effect On eBay
Gangsta-Rap Compilation Combines Good Intentions, Gunplay
Videodrone: Your Choice Of Cleavage-Baring Pop Tarts
The Selmanaires: Iffy Name, Spiffy Songs
‘SNL’ Postmortem: The Incredible Shrinking My Chemical Romance
MySpace Scammers Go Phishing For Gullible Music Fans
Zune’s Love Of Indie Rock May Not Be About The Music
Runaways Drummer Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bombs Her Way Into Heaven
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
What Wacky Predicament Will Jermaine Dupri Find Himself In Next?
The Vault: Debbie Deb Works It In Anticipation Of The Weekend
Ace Frehley Gets His “Groove” On
Jason Newsted Headed For The Rock And Roll Disabled List
Toby Keith Votes Yes On “Amerigasm,” No On Sarcasm
Eminem Gets A Lump In His Throat For His Hometown Heroes … We Think
Tower Records: This Week’s Nostalgia-Tripping Round-Up
Listening Station: Portland Indie Kids Step It Up
Dance Fever: Deerhoof Inspires Endearing Hoofers
Liner Notes: Has Madonna Done Anything Of Interest Lately?
The Shins Hit The Fans, Sub Pop Calls In The Sheriff
The Clay Aiken NSFW Fan-Fiction Round-Up: Prepare To Squirm
R.I.P. YouTube: A Video Eulogy
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Swirl 360′s Failed Power-Pop Push
The Vault: The Short, Sharp Life Of ‘Fatal’ Microbes
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Can You Spot The Fake?
LCD Soundsystem’s “Nike” Run: The Coolest 45-Minute-Long Song You’ll Hear All Day
This Is Probably Not What They Mean By “SexyBack”
The Biggest YouTube Crackdown Yet: How Do You Say “We’re Screwed” In Japanese?
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
Videodrone: When Snoop Was But A Young Pup
Urban’s Cowboy Ride To Rehab: What Will The Fallout Be?
Outro: Don’t Forget To Free Slick Rick Over The Weekend
The Shins Hit The Fans…Sort Of
The ‘Respecting Copyrights’ Merit Badge: The New Must-Have Accessory For Filesharers
Justin Timberlake Goes To New Jack City
The Becklash Is About To Begin
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed
Chartopsy: Which Recent Releases Are On Life Support?
Nu-Metalheads Continue Most Irrelevant Band-Beef Of All Time
Videodrone: Raquel Welch Hubba-Hubbas The Mama And The Papas
Track Marks: How Borat Became Today’s Biggest Artist In The World
A New “Chinese Democracy” Track: Maybe This Thing Is Happening After All
Jay-Z’s New Favorite Champagne: A Bunch Of Marketing Fizz?
‘Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo!’: Can You Predict St. Louis’ World Series Warbler?
Liner Notes: Special Mid-Life Crisis Edition
Kim Jong Il Loves “Licensed To Ill”
Videodrone: Disco Revivalist Inexplicably Ruling YouTube
“Hey, Asshole!”: The Word Is Spreading
Scottish Pop Crooner’s Post-Aneurysm Return
“Project Runway” Winner’s Ex-Bandmates Get Ready To Cash In
Slick Rick’s New Adventure Not So Great
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
The YouTube Secret Words: How To Passive-Aggressively Stick It To The Man
Leak Of The Week: My Chemical Romance, ‘The Black Parade’
Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads
Track Marks: How Malajube Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Blogsmacked: Pitchfork Vs. Music Bloggers–It Is <em>So</em> On
Liner Notes: Keane, Street Fighting, And A Reminder To Turn That Crap Down
Claymates Not Exactly Aiken’ To Make New Friends
Nick Sylvester’s Harvard Lecture: This Clip Will Crash Your Computer And Crush Your Soul
Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Take 4
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Margo Guryan’s Careful Whisper
Russian Download Site Prepares To Give Up The Ghost
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: More Amerie
A Heads-Up About What’s Going Down With Our MP3s
Idolator’s Guide To Completely NSFW Album Art
Russians Just As Hesitant As The Rest Of The World About Paying For “Sam’s Town”
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: King Adora’s Crowning Moment
Videodrone: Christina Aguliera, “Hurt” (Special Jane Austen Edition)
Music Videos On The Internet: It Was Fun While It Lasted
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
Breaking: Ringo Possibly Even Less Talented Than Previously Realized
What We Really, Really Want: Make Us A Bundle Of Scary-Murphy Joy
Game Challenges Jay-Z To Release-Date Duel (Yes, Seriously)
The Fake MySpace Story: Who Got Duped
Courtney Love’s Memoirs: We’re Pretty Sure She Didn’t Use A Ghostwriter
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: My Chemical Romance’s ‘Mama’ Issues
MTV News Enters The Hall Of Fame
The AM-Gold Soundz Of Ambulance Ltd
Liner Notes: Tom DeLonge Stirs Up Brandon Flowers’ Beef Stew
Please Release Me: Junior Senior’s “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo”
Who Charted?: Rod Stewart Opens His Legs To The Record-Buying Public
Idolator Wants To Know: Whatever Happened To Timbaland’s Little Buddy?
Idolator [Hearts] The Exploding Hearts
Last Night’s “Studio 60″ Musical Guest: Oh, Sting, Where Is Thy Death?
The Vault: Idolator Goes ‘Down With The Ship’ Once Again
Alicia Keys Guilty Of Wearing Vintage Rock T-Shirt
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: UK Balladeer Reaches For The ‘Sun’
Record Industry Accuses 8,000 Music Fans Of Breakin’ The Law
Fabolous Will Not Be Able To Kick It Tonight
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
Videodrone: Swedish Pop Darlings Keeping ‘Busy’
Diana Ross Just Wants To Help
Idolator Asks: Why The Flop Aren’t You Listening To Flop?
Kurt Loder Prepares To Brush Up On His Mandarin
“Hip-Hop Weekly”: We’re Sticking With Our Version
Musical Artillery: What To Play When Your Friends Won’t Go Away
Listen Without Prejudice: Idolator’s Foreign-Exchange Program
Are You Shitting Us? Part One: Morningwood Leaves Us Limp
TubeSock: How To Save Your Favorite Crappy YouTube Videos From Certain Doom
Liner Notes: Thom Yorke Packs For A Long Train Ride
When O.P.P. Stands For “Out-Of-State Political Propositions”
Battle Of The Blogosphere: Gerard Vs. Bear Vs. Everyone Else
Kevin Federline Gets What He Deserves, Part II
Pandora Not Pandering To Broke-Ass Bloggers After All
The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Mr. Aiken And Mr. Budden Meet Mr. Mister
Car-Struck: What We Learned From Following Ric Ocasek Around A Record Store
At Least The Post Spelled ‘CBGB’ Right
Box Office Breakdown: Who’s Filling Seats, Who’s Illing On The Road
Freddy Fender Be-Bops Into Heaven
YouTube: The Inevitably Heavy-Handed Crackdown Begins
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
It’s All About What Went Wrong With “Dear You”
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
The Vault: British Electro Outfit Turns ‘Blue’
Videodrone: Jay-Z, “Show Me What You Got”
Track Marks: How Klaxons Became The Biggest Band In The World This Week
Cobain Film Answers The Big Question: Yes, He Was Pretty Pissed Off
Blogsmacked: CBGB’s Toilet Gets Backed Up For The Last Time
Listening Station: At Least Two-Thirds Of This Band’s Name Is Accurate
Pandora Panders To Broke-Ass Bloggers
Liner Notes: Does This Look Like A Guy With The No. 1 Album In The Country?
Videodrone: Exposé Comeback Unleashes Animal-Print Memories
‘Stranger’ Scribe Busted For Being Pseudonymrod
Wall-Street Headbangers Combine TNA With MBAs
Blogsmacked: Houston Police Shut Down Two Gallants Show
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Danzig Does The Math
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> Day: Amerie’s “Control” Issues
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Can You Spot The Fake?
Calling Dr. Love: Checking In With Gene Simmons’ Fan-Mail Missives
Brandon Flowers Sees Red Over Green Day
‘Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo!’: ‘Idol’ Cast-Off Steps Up To The Plate
Another Day, Another “Bastardly” Mash-Up
Outro: Looking Back At A Week In Which We Wrote Awesome Things About Our Bestest, Bestest Friends!
‘We Built This City’ On Cheap Publicity Stunts That Will Get Us Press From Reluctant Outlets
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
The Vault: ‘Bugs’ In The Organ Pipes
Tattoo You: Full Back Of Ink Hypnotizing When Flexed
A Wacky Headline Not Even Leno Would Touch
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed
Idolator Called It: The Greatest Day Of Our Nearly One-Month-Old Existence
More Jarvis Cocker: The Naughty-Headline Possibilities Are Endless
Blogsmacked: Punk’s ABCs Get Turned Into MP3s
Lost In Translation: When Diddy Met Bjork
Idolator Needs Your Dirty, Dirty Secrets
Liner Notes: Madonna Having More Trouble At The Borderline
Dentists Employ Black Eyed Peas To Indoctrinate Children
A Look Back At Sammy Hagar’s ‘Spy Hunter’ Fantasy
Leak Of The <s>Week</s> <s>Day</s> Afternoon: A Visit With ‘Jarvis’
Pitchfork Critics Drunk With Power, Zinging Observations
Everybody’s A Wenner: The “Rolling Stone” Review-Section Revue
Run For Covers: Sharon Jones Drops In On Kenny Rogers
“Hey, Asshole!”: A Zapruder-Like Glimpse Of Annoying Antics
The Dropkick Murphys Upstage Nicholson
Capitol Records Employees Prepare For Awkward Holiday Party
Spinal Tap’s New VW Ad Breaks Like The Wind
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’: You Probably Have About 20 Seconds To Enjoy This Video
Figment Of Blogger’s Irked Imagination Becomes Living, Breathing Song
Videodrone: The Softer Side Of Management At ‘The Office’
Keith Richards Passes Out, Hits Head On The Caps-Lock Button
Leak Of The Week: Diddy, ‘Press Play’
Idolator Wants To Know: Hoodoo You Love?
Nas Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With “Microwave Music”
The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Picking The Freshest ‘Grapevine’
Liner Notes: Phil Spector Trial Delayed For Third Time
Questioning Gothamist’s Music-Coverage Hype Machine
Remembering The Radio Host Who Always Kept It Peel
Stuck On Repeat: The Changes’ “Modern Love”
Cat Power Lands Smokin’ New Gig