Archives: November, 2006

Please Release Me: In Search Of The Great Scots From Aberfeldy
Stuck On Repeat: Air Miami’s Sun-Drenched Car Ride
Liner Notes: Ginger Spice Says Her Final “Zig-A-Zig-Ahh”
“Rolling Stone” Website Now Almost As Irrelevant As “Rolling Stone” Itself
Brooklyn Rapper Takes Aim At New York City Cops
The Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda Files: Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul Mash Things Up
Universal Chairman Throws Himself A Pity Party
For Those Of You Who Want To Be Jackin’ Pop, A Friendly Reminder
“Rolling Stone” Can’t Get Its Moderately Talented Black People Straight
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
Listening Station: Amy Winehouse Sends Hot Chip To “Rehab”
Bought For A Song: Looking For Deals Underneath Tower Records’ Deathbed
Has Glenn Danzig’s Mothertruckin’ Tour Vehicle Been Stolen?
Caption This: Two Grammy Winners Take A Stroll Down The Hall
The Vault: Zolar X’s Out-Of-This-World Ways
Leak Of The Week: Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape” Has Officially Escaped
Handicapping The Oscars’ “Best Song” Category: We’re Just Hoping Sting Doesn’t Show Up
Get Ready To Be Miserable: Introducing The Emo Sommelier
Who Charted?: Jay-Z Crowns Himself King Of The Charts (This Week)
The Vault: Salt-N-Pepa Talk About Partying, Sex, And More Partying
Would-Be Guitar Thief Foiled By Too-Tight Jacket
The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Keeping Up With The Smiths
Australian-Music Powerhouse Set To Replace Lead Singer; Michael Hutchence Presumably Not Available
An Inthusiastic Idolator Indorsement: Succumb to “The Big Takeover”
BREAKING: Snoop Dogg Has Not Yet Been Arrested Today
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
Snoop Dogg’s “Rolling Stone” Cover Probably Won’t Help His Case
Russian Government Gets Ready To Ship To Siberia
Please Release Me: Loading Up On The Rifles
Bought For A Song: Looking For Deals Underneath Tower Records’ Deathbed
“The Music Of Veronica Mars”: Please Let Us Indulge Our Fannish Tendencies
The Idolator Request Line: We’re Such Needy, Greedy Bastards
EMI Sticks Its Toe In The Murky Waters Of MP3 Distribution
Jackin’ Pop Update: Not That We Care, But None Of Us Will Be Writing For The “Village Voice” Anytime Soon
Liner Notes: Madonna’s Not Going To Let Some Baby Nonsense Ruin Her Permanent Smirk-Smile
Glenn Danzig Has Some Choice Words About Glenn Danzig
Stuck On Repeat: Time To Give It Up For Rachel Sweet
Slate’s Pitchfork Take-Down Gets A 4.7
The Vault: The Bee Gees, Before They Got Really High
Track Marks: How Fujiya & Miyagi Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Time To Raze The Village: Announcing Idolator’s 2006 Jackin’ Pop Critics Poll
Idolator Record-Review Round-Up: Tom Waits Just As Divisively Growly As Ever
Ying Yang Twins Will Not Be Performing At Ladyfest Anytime Soon It’s Really, Truly Dead This Time (We Think)
Shiny Brown Turd May Be Too Shiny, Turdy For Consumers
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
Tool Singer Thinks Vince Neil’s Wine-Making Techniques Are Better Suited To The Deli Counter
Mix-Tape Madness Round-Up: 71 Songs In 3 Posts
Blogsmacked: Music Bloggers In “Limited Influences” Shocker
Reissue? Repackage? What To Do About Out-Of-Print Music
The Idolator Request Lines Are Now Open
Kid Rock And That Weenie From Good Charlotte: Anything Newsworthy Going On With These Guys?
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: My Life Story’s Tragic Tale
“EW” Editors No Longer Find Music Entertaining On A Weekly Basis
Liner Notes: Courtney Love Ready To Cue Up “Hot For Teacher”
Tower Records’ Demise: The Final Days Creep Along
As Heard On TV: Anthony Hamilton Listens In On “The Wire”
iTunes Store May Get First Bite Of Beatles’ Online Catalog
Bribing Music Bloggers Now Easier Than Ever
Axl Rose Still Knows How To Make The Opening Band Feel Comfortable
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: The Mr. T Experience Has A Heart Attack
L.A. “Times” Conducts Bittersweet Sycophancy For Record-Label Mogul
Mopey British Singer Figures Out Foolproof Way To Make Money Off Record Sales
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
Videodrone: Four Minutes That Define The Term “UKrazy”
Listening Station: Dan Sartain Checks His Head
Stolen-Gear Epidemic Hits Philly-Bound Bands
An Idolator Challenge: Can You Match Wits With Axl?
The Vault: Look Blue Go Purple’s Technicolor Dreams
The Curious Case Of The Airborne Laptop At The Dylan Show
Everybody’s A Wenner: The “Rolling Stone” Review-Section Revue
An Inthusiastic Idolator Indorsement: Get On The Cometbus
Liner Notes: Elton Goes To The John
Music-Recommendation Service Reveals There’s More To Gloomy Tunes Than Goth
The Vault: Two Good Reasons To Love One Last Wish
If You Live In New York, Roger Waters May No Longer Be Another Prick In The Hall
Our Advertisers Would Very Much Like To Be Considered For The Next Ghostface Track
Leak Of The Day: Ghostface Gives Kelly Clarkson Another Unlikely Musical Shout-Out
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Questions Answered
The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Wrapping Up “Last Christmas”
Chinese Government Would Like To Know About Your Karaoke Habits
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
Liner Notes: Good-Looking Celebs Give Birth To Tangentially Music-Related News
Videodrone: Akon, Snoop, And Several Women Who Are Absolutely, Positively Not Strippers
The Most Entertaining Music-Biz Obit You’ll Read All Day
Ron Artest Wants You To Know That His Heart Will Go On
Sponsored Poll: Wailin’ With Van Halen
Listening Station: Basement Jaxx Send Roxanne Shante An IM
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Going Cuckoo For Komeda
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Special “What Turkey Wrote This Crap?” Thanksgiving-Break Edition
Caption This: “Yeahhhh, (It’s A) Boyyyyy!”
Pitchfork Is Decidedly Not Kosher
Record Labels No Longer Interested In Listening To The Kids
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
An Idolator Reminder: We’re Looking For A Few Good Assholes
The Vault: Jale’s “Dreamcake” Still Tastes Pretty Good
Idolator’s Record-Review Round-Up: The Critics Have A Field Day With Jay
Blind Item: Who’s The Milli Vanilli Of The New Millennium?
Who Charted?: The Game Is In It To Win It
Robert Altman M*A*S*H*es His Way Into Heaven
Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads
Pitchfork Can’t Decide Whether to Deceive Readers, Or Merely Confuse Them
Leak Of The Day: The Ever-Evolving Maturation of Eminem
Idolator Live-Blogs The American Music Awards
Bank Of America and “One”: The Exegesis Continues
Please Release Me: The Long Blondes Could Maybe, Possibly Be In It For The Long Haul
iTunes Store Somehow Manages To Become More Boring Than Usual
Live-Blogging The American Music Awards: We Really Hope Slash Shows Up Tonight
Coachella: Let The Rampant, Ill-Informed Speculation Begin
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
The Ben Faux Five: Would You Believe This Guy Is A Nerdy Piano Rocker?
Live-Blogging The American Music Awards: The Hour Grows Near
Stuck On Repeat: Alisha Gives The World A Booty Call
Sorry, Ms. Jackson, But Nipplegate Will Never, Ever End
The Disappearing Pitchfork Review: The Mystery Revealed
Listening Station: Ill Ease Gets Us Go-Going Crazy
New Smashing Pumpkins Album: It Might Just Be A Teensy Bit Pretentious
Not Even Paris HIlton Can Stomach Paris Hilton’s Music
The Vault: Idolator Loves 2 Listen 2 Hyped2Death
Liner Notes: When Dubious Collaborations Collide
Liner Notes: Skanks For The Memories, Jay-Z!
Listening Station: Rock Star: Supernova May Not Be Quite As Terrible As You Expect
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
Universal Sends Its Legal Team Into Stereogum’s Comment Section
New York Times’ Story On Musical Youth Strikes An Awfully Familiar Chord
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: The Pulsars’ “Suffocation” Gets Cut Short
Leak Of The Week: Clipse Is Finally In The Clear
R & B Pioneer Ruth Brown Sings Her Way Into Heaven
Weekend News Round-Up: In Which We Describe Just What The Hell Is Going On In This Photo
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
No Music Day: A Way To Clean Out The Ears That’s Safer Than A Q-Tip
Videodrone: The Internet Has Officially Gone Coconuts
Lady Sovereign Gets Called Out For Being Grandma-Dissing Brat
The Vault: The Shockingly Relevant Sound Of Shocking Blue
Our Long-Standing Dohertorium: Yes, It’s Still On
Please Release Me (Sooner): Charlotte Gainsbourg Teams Up With Air
Track Marks: How Robbers On High Street Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Kanye West Suddenly Cares About Track People
An Inthusiastic Idolator Indorsement: Please Keep Track Of “Keeping Score”
Videodrone: Bjork Throws A “Birthday” Party
Ghostface Killah Aims To Make It To The Lower Tiers Of The Nielsen Ratings
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Idlewild’s Attempt To Speak “American”
Former Music-Magazine Bigwig Now Slumming It As Music Blogger
Our Advertisers Will Travel To See Danzig
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Can You Spot The Fake?
Gerard Vs. Bear: Who Is This Animal, Anyway?
Music-Blog Babe Now Officially A Girl Gone Wild
Bono Fends Off Watch-Stealing Street Urchin
Outro: Looking Back At A Week That Made Us Tilt Our Head And Smile From Ear To Ear
Videodrone: France Gall Invites You On A Trip To The Park
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
Sample-Hoarding Company Sounds More Than A Little Despicable To Us
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed
Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Round 7!
Track Marks: How Prototypes Became Today’s Biggest Band In The World
Listening Station: Mouthing Off On Girl Talk
Liner Notes: Paris, Texas Get In A Bit Of A Scrap
Many, Many People Would Like To Tell You About This Arcade Fire Band
“Centerfield” Singer Attempts To Rack Up More Frequent-Flyer Miles For Football
The Vault: The Cosmic Love Of Jonzun Crew
Liner Notes: America Is Still In Love With “My Love”
Motorhead Now Officially The Ballsiest Band Of All Time
NME To Decorate Shiny Brown Turd’s Store With Glittery Superlatives
Track Marks: How Matt & Kim Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
The BitTorrent Charts: Tupac And Dylan, Together At Last
Long Island Party Rockers Send Philly Indie Outfit Packing
We Know Tippin’ Aint Easy, But We’re Going To Ask Anyway
Videodrone: This Clip Will Only Bolster The Anti-ProTools Movement
Leak Of The Day: New Clipse Song May Include A Drug Reference Or Two
Michael Jackson: He Will Remember The Fifteenth Of November
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
The Vault: Holly Golightly Gets Her Virtual Revenge
EMI Blows Off YouTube, Inks Deal With Unfortunately Named Video Site
Yet Another Leak Of The Day: Jay-Z Disses Jim Jones, Reps For Brooklyn
Spin’s Year-End Cover Round-Up: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others
Mix-Tape Madness Round-Up: 35 Songs In 3 Posts
Information Leafblower’s Blogger Top 40 Confirms Our Worst Fears
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: The Second Most Famous Simple Minds Song Of All Time
Liner Notes: We Weren’t Kidding About It Being A Slow News Day
Idolator Asks: Has Anyone Heard Of These Hot Chip Guys?
The Game’s Ego Gets Even More Notorious, Big
Jimmy Page Finally Reunited With Weird Thing From The “Presence” Album Cover
“Rolling Stone” Blog Asks: Has Anyone Heard Of This Borat Guy?
Stuck On Repeat: Huckleberry’s “Morocco”
Weak Year For Hip-Hop Proves That God Is No Longer Listening To Rappers’ Shout-Outs
The Journey Of Bono’s Hat: Alas, This Is The Most Interesting News Story Of The Day
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
When Slow News Days Turn Into Terrifying News Days
Glenn Danzig Returns For A Very, Very Limited Engagement
The Top-Notch Sounds Of “Studio One Women”
A Clipped Future: Will YouTube Kill The Music Video Star?
All Up In MySpace: The Making Of The Scene Aesthetic
The Vault: Lil Wayne’s Outtakes Are Better Than Yours
The Killers: When You Were Young, You Said Stupid Things, Too
Idolator’s Instantly Outdated Guide To Internet Music: How To Build an MP3 Empire With EasyNews
Listening Station: Ponytail Ties Up Our Stereo
Who Charted?: Top 40 Retread Comp Bumps Off “Hannah Montana”
The Vault: A Few Quick Hits From The Stickmen
Liner Notes: Rest In Peace, Air Guitar
Please Release Me: More Reasons To Love The La’s
Clip By Clip: Idolator’s Favorite YouTube Fan Videos
The Game: Does Anyone Know What The Hell He’s Talking About?
Track Marks: How Plastic Little Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Music Bloggers Prepare To Get All Starry-Eyed Over Negligible Awards Show
When It Comes To Bad Taste, We Don’t Know Why The “Post” Goes To Extremes
Shiny Brown Turd Finally Unleashed Upon Populace
Ending On A Good Note: Tuesday’s MP3 Roundup
Stuck On Repeat (Since 2004): Graham Coxon’s Finest Freakout
Best Albums List Compiled By Critics Who Have Only Listened To Reissues (And Kanye West) Since 2000
R&B Producer Combines Ivy-League Pomposity With Music-Biz Preposterousness
Stereogum’s Listening Session Reveals A Slightly Tin Ear
Blogsmacked: Can Someone Please Help Us Find A Happy Zune Owner?
James Brown Needs Your Help With His Latest Woman Problem
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Aveo’s “Continent”-al Masterpiece
Mick Jagger Joins Long List Of Zune-Bashers
Get In The Q: We Review The British Music Magazines So You Don’t Have To
Track Marks: How Via Audio Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Fans On The Run: Welcome to the GN’R Jungle
Music Blogosphere Loses Yet Another Anonymous Weenie
The Worst Music Story You’ll Read All Week
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: “Watch Out” For ABBA
AC/DC Frontman Causes Pile-Up On British Reality Show
That Hot Danish Act You’re Seeing Is Actually On A Diplomatic Mission
Bono Finally Getting Over His Press Shyness
Leak Of The Week: Jay-Z Does Not Have Time For MySpace
Ending On A Good Note: Monday’s MP3 Roundup
The Vault: We Do Mean To Turn You On To Cherrelle
Jimmy Buffett Does Not Want His Fans To Waste Away In Fake Margaritaville
Stuck On Repeat: These Arms Are Snakes Celebrate “Easter”
On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today
The Most Unsettling Album Cover Of The Year: A Candidate Emerges
Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Timberlake, Timbaland And ‘Tado Team Up
New iPod Device Hits Dazzling Heights Of Nerdiness
The Vault: The Appropriately Chilly Sounds Of Antarctica
Liner Notes: Fantasia Plans Fantedious New Album
Fat Al Vs. “Fat Albert”: Let The Pudding-Slinging Begin
Outro: A Week That Proved That We’re All One, But We’re Not The Same
Caught In The Pit: Idolator Readers Spark Hot Threads
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: Eggstone Takes A Dog’s-Eye View
Idolator Presents: The Best Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time! Take 6
The Pet Shop Boys Bring The West End To The Flyover States
Our Advertisers Voted For Britney
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Can You Spot The Fake?
Rock Photographer Toasts To The Good Old Days Of Better Magazines, Cooler Musicians
Videodrone: Beyonce Unplugs, Turns On The Charm
Track Marks: How Memphis Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World
Kevin Federline: Just One More Item, And We Can All Move On
Videodrone: “The Wagon” That Was Made Out Of Clay
Ending On A Good Note: Friday’s MP3 Roundup
Gerald LeVert Pop, Pop, Pops His Way Into Heaven
Idolator Feasts On Scritti Politti’s <i>White Bread, Black Beer</i>
Pick Of The ‘Fork: Your Wordsmiths Revealed
The Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year: We May Have A Winner
Citizen Cope Discovers Exciting New Underground-Marketing Scheme
Guns N’ Roses Now Officially A Karaoke Act
Liner Notes: Nas Is Not Out To Make Any New Friends
The Most Depressing Musical Hamburger You Will Ever See
Do You Know Your Local Music Bloggers?
Has Karl Lagerfeld Been Reading Pitchfork Again?
The Vault: Bowie’s “Bad” Past Revealed
Videodrone: Johnny Cash And Kate Moss, Together At Last
The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: Picking Apart “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
“Shhhh-it!”: Idolator’s Super-Secret Music-Biz Interview Series Continues
Idolator Asks: Were You The Person Who Bought Ron Artest’s Album?
Listening Station: Playing The Fields
Prince Veers Even Closer To Full-On Self-Parody
Dylan-Modern Dance Circus Packs Up The Tent
The Most Heartbreaking Story You’ll Read All Day
Bank Of America’s “One” Cover: Guaranteed To Leave A Bad Taste In Your Mouth
Zune: The Countdown To Ambivalence Continues
Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup
Lou Reed Takes A Walk On The Corporate Side
Second Spin: Why You Need To Celebrate “Celebration”
Stuck On Repeat: The Mo-Dettes’ “White Mice”
Videodrone: If You Don’t Love Someone, Set Their Picture On Fire
Please Release Me: The Power-Pop Zounds Of Zumpano
The Jenna Jameson Electric Guitar: Insert Your Bad “Hot Licks” Pun Here
Liner Notes: We’re All Living In The Land O’ Lake
Exclusive: Britney And Kevin’s Final Text Act
Who Charted?: Barry Manilow Can’t Hold Back America’s Pre-Teens
Jay-Z’s Latest Champagne Endorsement Still Hard To Swallow
Listening Station: The Odds Are Pretty Good That You’ll Like The Evens
The Vault: Riding The Early-’90s Highway With Swervedriver
You Gotta Have Faith: Part II Of Idolator’s Christian-Rock Revue
The Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda Files: The Shivvers Call Up The “Teenline”
Scantily Clad Musician Wins Scant Majority Of Vote
Videodrone: Eminem Is Finally Silenced
Ending On A Good Note: Wednesday’s MP3 Roundup
Have You Forgotten?: Idolator Puts Chris Cornell On Notice
Videodrone: Sufjan Gets Animated
Leak Of The Week: Special 1972 Edition
Terror In The Subway: Totally Airbrushed Edition
All Up In MySpace: For Colbie Caillat, Open Mic Night Is Forever
Idolator Pleads: Do Your Patriotic Duty, And Don’t Vote For Us!
Stuck On Repeat: Lil Wayne Swallows Up “Maneater”
Everybody’s A Wenner: The “Rolling Stone” Review-Section Revue
Liner Notes: Shakira’s Next Album To Be Slapped With “Dancing Advisory” Sticker
Noel Gallagher Attempts To Start Feud With Overzealous Record Packagers
Alec Baldwin Hates Sam Goody Just As Much As You Do