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Sony BMG Tries To Cut Cleaning-Crew Costs By Moving Demo Process Online

CD-R sales in Europe are expected to dip sharply over the coming weeks, because starting Monday, the European branch of SonyBMG is moving its entire demo-shopping process online: From Monday the next Arctic Monkeys must upload a video or MP3 audio package to a new SonyBMG website where it will be… More »

The Vault, Part II: One More Drop In The Pailhead Bucket

Judging by the number of semi-urgent emails and comments, we did our readers (and, some would say, America) a severe disfavor by posting a couple of tracks from Pailhead’s 1988 industrial-punk EP Trait, and not including “Man Should Surrender.” More »

The Newest Culprit In The “Record Sales Are Tanking” Mystery: Radio? Seriously?

radio.jpgJerry Del Colliano, who runs the blog Inside Music Media, did a little bit of digging on the Web site run by SoundExchange–the performance-royalties organization that lobbied to raise streaming-radio rates–and he found some a few eyebrow-raising lines in the organization’s defense of that decision.

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The Leaks Come Out At Night: More On The Pre-Release Mini-Controversy

arctic.jpgLooks like we’re not the only ones who think MP3 leaks can be a good thing. An article in today’s Christian Science Monitor notes that some music-industry employees see such pre-release spillage as a way to measure fans’ enthusiasm:

Kris Gillespie, who manages Domino Records, says leaking wasn’t out of the question for his label, the home of the rockers Franz Ferdinand and indie buzzmakers the Arctic Monkeys. “We were seriously considering leaking tracks,” Gillespie says of the latest Franz Ferdinand album, “because the watermarks and copy protection were almost doing too good a job.”

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Stuck On Repeat: The 1990s Take It All The Way Back To 2004

Glasgow’s the 1990s is just one of the numerous pub-meets-club rock outfits to emerge since Franz Ferdinand broke big a few years ago; and while a song like “You’re Supposed To Be My Friend,” below, isn’t going to teach you anything new, its up-and-down-and-up-again guitar line will stay with you… More »

The Great Arcade Fire Sale Returns To Craigslist

New York City’s “creative”-centric offices experienced a plummet in productivity at around 10 a.m., when Arcade Fire tickets for a few shows in May went on sale–and people once again turned to Craigslist to either avenge their slow mouse-trigger fingers or make a quick buck. More »

Listening Station: These Blood Red Shoes Have A Very Sharp Heel

Today, the blog The Runout Groove posted a few ace tracks from bands that we were completely unfamiliar with; our favorite was by the Brighton two-piece Blood Red Shoes, who have been releasing singles here and there for the past two years. More »

The Neutral Milk Hotel “Reunion”: Is April Fool’s Day Coming A Little Early?

Look, we know that April Fool’s Day falling on a Sunday is throwing off a lot of Internet pranksters’ schedules, but come on–are we really supposed to believe that the folks at Tiny Mix Tapes don’t know how to embed an MP3 player in their site? More »

Sunshine State Congressman Wants To Make Illegal Downloading A Floridon’t

Meet U.S. Representative Ric Keller, a Republican from the eight district of Florida. This week, he introduced the Curb Illegal Downloading on College Campuses Act of 2007 (or, we like to call it, CICADA), a bill that seeks funding for programs that will stop college kids from illegally downloading… More »

Karl Rove Wants To Know: “You Down With G.O.P?”

As if Karl Rove’s tantalizing, Hype Williams-influenced video wasn’t enough, the wire services have no shortage of photos from last night’s D.C. dinner. Is it just us, or does Bush’s Brain appear to be paying homage to the late Larry “Bud” Melman? More »

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