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White Stripes Make Most Expensive Karaoke Video Of All Time

The sing-along clip for “Icky Thump”–essentially a weird Michael Moore-Eli Roth fever dream–is over at Spinner. Amazingly, this has been up since midnight, and no one’s managed to make an easy-to-locate clip on YouTube. Oh, Internet! We’re so disappointed in you! More »

Ending On A Good Note: Thursday’s MP3 Roundup

PICK: Queens Of The Stone Age – I’m Designer / Make It Wit Chu [more info] Magazine – A Song From Under The Floorboards / Definitive Gaze / The Light Pours Out Of Me [more info] Marilyn Manson – What Goes Around Comes Around [more… More »

The Site That Is Rapidly Taking Over Huge Chunks Of Our Workday

Picture%203.jpgOver the past few days, we’ve become more and more obsessed with reliant on Critical Metrics, which charts online buzz about songs from a wide swath of online music-discussion outposts. The Critical Metrics roster is more mainstream media-heavy than elbo.ws and The Hype Machine, and as a result it’s less blog-indie-centric than both–elbo.ws and Hype are currently led by Spoon and the White Stripes, respectively, while Rihanna’s “Umbrella” tops the Critical Metrics chart. (After the jump, in a nod to Michaelangelo Matos’ Project X, we present the three charts’ current top 10 song lists, and briefly explain how each chart is calculated.) One thing’s for sure: People who have computers can’t get enough of Jack White!

Critical Metrics [criticalmetrics.com]

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Oingo Boingo Throws Dead Man’s Party On “Gong Show” Set

The glow of the American Idol finale is quickly fading, but to keep the televised-talent-show idea alive, we bring you this clip of Oingo Boingo’s 1976 appearance on the Idol progenitor The Gong Show; Danny Elfman and Co. More »

The Idolator Cage Match: A Tale Of Two Napolitanos

jj.jpgIn the fine tradition of such alliterative showdowns as Kramer vs. Kramer and Kid Rock vs. Kidz Bop, we’re proud to present another installment of the Idolator Cage Match, in which intern Cortney Harding finds common ground among two seemingly dissimilar entities. After the click-through, her take on former Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano and Arizona governor Janet Napolitano:

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Nothing In The World Will Ever Cheer Up Linkin Park

Clearly, Chester Bennington’s frowny-face reputation can’t be erased, no matter how hard he tries; why else would the Hollywood Reporter’s photo editor pair the happy news with that picture in which the LP singer looks like an apoplectic five-year-old wailing for a juicebox? More »

This Doesn’t Bode Very Well For Jordin’s Album Sales, Does It?

According to preliminary Nielsen ratings, about 29.5 million people tuned into last night’s American Idol finale–or about seven million fewer viewers than last year’s finale, and nearly 8.6 million viewers less than the highest-rated Idol finale in history, which crowned Ruben Studdard as the… More »

We Listen To The Finalists’ EPs So You Don’t Have To


After Jordin Sparks was crowned this year’s American Idol last night, iTunes rushed into action, putting out five-song EPs that collect studio versions of songs from the finalists’ repertoires this season. After the jump, we review the collections, and even imagine what Simon would say when each record was through.

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Leak Of The Day: Queens Of The Stone Age Enters A New Era

Queens Of The Stone Age’s Era Vulgaris has been foisted upon the Internet, almost a month before its release–meaning that, at this very moment, a pissed-off Josh Homme is standing in the offices of Interscope, chain-smoking and looking generally intimidating. More »

Liner Notes: Someday, The Strokes Will Return

– The members of the Strokes are taking a year off. Which year? 1978? [NME] – Simon, Garfunkel and their long-running mutual hatred held a reunion last night in D.C. [Billboard] – The soundtrack for The Simpsons Movie features a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of R&B, and absolutely nothing… More »

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