Twista To McDonald’s: Why Do You Hate The Children?

twista.jpgThe fleet rapper Twista has responded to being removed from this Thursday’s show at a Chicago-area McDonald’s, which happened after the billboard-happy pastor at a local Catholic church complained about Twista’s lyrical content to higher-ups at the fast-food chain:

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The Mark Ronson remix of Bob Dylan’s “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine),” which hits radio tomorrow: Finally, 2007 has its own “A Little Less Conversation.” More »

Usher’s Wedding Spread Goes To The Dogs

504522_usher_200x200.jpgAs more rumors regarding Usher’s canceled wedding to Tameka Foster fly, a musician who was recently hired to play at “a certain wedding (or should I say, non-wedding) that’s been getting a lot of attention recently in the news media” decided to spill the story about his weekend in the Hamptons to Impose Magazine. After the jump, we get a glimpse into the million-dollar nuptials that could have been, complete with 1934 Steinway piano, “Prom Fantasy Tent” (???), botanical garden’s supply of orchids, and free Poland Spring for the musicians:

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The Worst Album Cover of the Year Race Has Eight Arms to Hold You As Far Away As Possible

theftofocto.jpgHere is the cover for a fan-compiled album of Keane b-sides and outtakes. It’s presumably supposed to be a homage to the cover of Keane’s last album, but it ends up looking like something you’d encounter in The Legend of Zelda as you’re about to enter the water temple. “Link! Octo has been taken to Zora’s realm! You must save him!”

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There’s a movie coming out about the WTO protests in Seattle–you know, the ones from eight years ago–and Andre 3000 is apparently going to be in it. If we’re lucky, it’ll be a Strindberg-style symbolist drama, and Andre will be playing Oppressive Trade Policies. More »

“EW” Writer Knows Famous, Influential People, Thinks Kid Rock “Rocks”

Writing about music these days can be hard. When the public’s knowledge of musicians is as celebrities rather than artists, how should a careful scribe treat them? Should we pooh-pooh the public’s philistinism and treat musicians with the seriousness they are accustomed to? Or should we use the same breathless, publicist-friendly voice you might find in Us Weekly (which is, lest we forget, the sister publication to bastion of taking-musicians-seriously Rolling Stone)? Well, EW‘s Shirley Halperin has seen the future of music writing, and it sounds an awful lot like Cindy Adams.

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Performance-royalty mafia ASCAP has sued a Tucson, Ariz., bar for $210 million $210,000 on behalf of companies representing, ahem, “Huey Lewis & the News, Paula Abdul, Color Me Badd, Taylor Dayne, Aretha Franklin, Atlantic Starr, Dave Koz, Tommy Page, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Chris Isaak and… More »

VH1 To Wring Every Last Bit Of Life From Video For “Mickey”

Having run out of reunions to stage for Bands Reunited and groups that would be dumb enough to subject themselves to a season of Bands On The Run, VH1 has decided to cannibalize its back catalog of videos for a new show where “two contestants will be given a small amount of money to remake a classic 1980s music video. The stars of the original video will then judge the entries and pick the winner.” It’s like On The Lot, only with way lower ratings expectations and the possibility of a cameo by the woman from Romeo Void!

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A question regarding the forthcoming album of duets by Idol top-24ers Sabrina Sloan and Sundance Head, which will hit stores just in time for the holiday: There’s no chance it’ll outsell Inspiration, is there? More »

King of Crunk’s New Album To Make Fred Durst Even More Depressed

yeahhhhh.gifLil Jon’s new album will be called and sound like Crunk Rock. “I worked with the guitar player from P.O.D., Marcos, a punk band called Whole Wheat Bread from Jacksonville, Fla., Kid Rock and a few others … My shit is real rock guitars with my beats, not keyboard guitars with ghetto beats. It’s gonna be a little different from what you hear right now, but I think everyone will love it,” he told Billboard. Also, he hopes his album will get people to fall in love with Axl Rose all over again:

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