Archives: July, 2007

Twista To McDonald’s: Why Do You Hate The Children?
Usher’s Wedding Spread Goes To The Dogs
The Worst Album Cover of the Year Race Has Eight Arms to Hold You As Far Away As Possible
“EW” Writer Knows Famous, Influential People, Thinks Kid Rock “Rocks”
VH1 To Wring Every Last Bit Of Life From Video For “Mickey”
King of Crunk’s New Album To Make Fred Durst Even More Depressed
Guest Editor’s New Favorite Band Is Jail-Brakers
Ozzfest Attendees Try To Bring Chaos Of General-Admission Shows To Crummy Colorado Shed
The Archies Rudely Awakened By This “Internet” Thing
Keith Richards Falls Out Of The Coconut Tree, Into A Pile Of Publishing Money
Listening Station: It’s Good to be King of Prussia
“8 Diagrams” Is About to Become Reality
Facebook Not In The Mood To Get Sued By Record Labels
Eminem’s Publisher Rains On Apple’s Three-Billion-Download Parade
MTV Europe’s Ad Department Having A Little Too Much Fun With Photoshop
Whatever You’ve Heard About Victory Records, The Truth Was Even Worse
Hiro Ballroom To Have The Girl Jeans Sued Off It By The RIAA You’ve Never Heard Of
The Hamburglar Steals Twista’s Dream Of Performing In A Parking Lot
They Work Hard For The Money: Roller Rink DJs
Major Labels Stubbornly Holding On To The WMA Dream
Common Finds Himself On Reviewers’ Minds
R.I.P. Tom Snyder, Unlikely Punk Benefactor
Will.I.Am, There’s Still Time To Not Release Your Solo Album
Eighty Percent Of Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite”-Era Lineup Walks Into A Bar, Then Slash Leaves
Your Idolator Amerie Update: Every Hour On The Hour
Reality Show Producers Find Nashville Musicians Not As Slack Jawed or Yokel-Like As They Assumed
Google Tells Us All We Need To Know About Saturday’s Deeply Discounted Dave Matthews Show
Brit Band You Had Forgotten Turns Digital Music Age Into Snarky Publicity Stunt
M.I.A. Drops A Scorcher
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Feeds The Pretenders And The All-American Rejects To The Sharks
The Macarena: It Lives, Perhaps Improbably
Logo: An MTV Network That Still Plays Music Videos (Albeit Videos With More Drag Queens)
“Rolling Stone” Still Has An Appetite For The Past
We’re Torn About The Real Meaning Of This Natalie Imbruglia Song
New Order: The New Faster Pussycat?
Possible EMI Buyer Would Make Things Easier For Wal-Mart, At The Very Least
Kelly Clarkson Returns To Pop, Clive Davis Ascends To Divinity
Are Music Writers Slowly Destroying The Planet?
Live Nation May Open Its Heart (And Wallet) To Madonna
We’ve Already Wasted A Lot More Than 120 Minutes On This Site
Our Advertisers Ghost-Wrote Kelly Clarkson’s Apology Letter
Video Director’s Life Comes To A Sad End
Karen O Practices Her Care Bear Stare
Brother, Can You Spare A Beth Ditto Interview?
Our Roster Of Guest-Bloggers Is Still In Flux
Looking Back On A Week That Made Us Really Hungry
“Reader” Writer Readies Her Pitchfork Over Tegan & Sara Review
Guardian Tries To Shoehorn A Few Bands Into A Half-Baked Trend
A Gentle Reminder: Our Tipline Is As Wide-Open As Scott Stapp’s Arms, And A Lot Less Sweaty
A Band From Portland That’s Kinda Spiritual, But Not Twee
Zombie Dances Changed My Life!
The New Spice Girls Promo Shot: Having Two Blondes In The Picture Just Feels Wrong
Chamillionaire Tries Out For A Spot On MSNBC’s Midday Lineup
Come On, “Purple” Isn’t Really That Bad
Lead Singer Critiques His Critics, Breaks New Ground In Number-Rating System
Indie-Rock Bartender Offers Hurricanes, Dim Hope For Pavement Reunion
Don’t Be Surprised If This Kid’s First Words Are “Fair Use”
Partnership Between Bank And Concert Venues Captures Today’s Rock And Roll Spirit
Re-Entering “The Forbidden Zone”
Tickets To Overpriced Concert Series Not Exactly Flying Off Shelves
Hey, Kid–Wanna Buy The Best Post-Punk Comp Ever?
Courtney Love Lays Claim To “First Celebrity Blogger” Title
Beyonce’s Spill Results In Sony Playing Whack-A-Mole With Video Sites
Putting Something Of Yourself Into Your Mix CD
We Hear The Heights Might Be Available That Date As Well
Metal is Really, Really Satanic. No, Really.
Is This Love That We’re Feeling For Rihanna’s Bob Marley Cover? Probably Not
We’re Waiting For Someone To Tackle “Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts”
A Personal Plea To Beth Ditto
Dave Matthews Ticket Prices Going Down At A Pace Faster Than My Typing Speed
In Which I Get Kind Of Bummed Out About The Looming Flavor Flav Roast
Warped Vs. Ozzfest: Let The Beef-Flinging Begin
Tupac’s Dear Mama Steps To Death Row
Which Artist’s Representatives Forced MTV To Spike A Column?
Congress Comes To Realization That People Out There Are Still Using Limewire
Is Jay-Z Taking A Trip To Columbia?
“LA Times” Kills Column That Suggests Record Business, Newspaper Business May Be In Trouble
Our Nation’s Airports: More Vulnerable to Stoners Than Ever
Beyonce A Survivor, Even When Her Stage’s Setup Turns Against Her
Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Korn Fans Let The Prosecution And Persecution Begin!
Coldplay’s “Hispanic” Record To Be As Authentic As Microwavable Mexican Pizza
Michael Stipe Auditions For American Apparel Modeling Gig
“Now” Compilation Series Clearly Filling A Crucial Need For People Who Need To Hear Last Spring’s Hits
Are Music Importers Breathing Their Last?
Once Again, “Where’s Izzy” Will Be A Familiar Refrain For Guns N’ Roses Fans
Akon Hates Us All
CDs Conspicuously Absent From Merch Booths At Sheds
Britney Spears’ Meltdown To Pay Incredible Dividends For Second-Tier Tabloid
XM And Sirius Dancing As Fast As They Can
George W. Bush Apparently Not Chummy With Many Record-Industry Lobbyists
Did You Hear About The Next Signing To Starbucks’ Label?
Courtney Love Wants The Mouth That God Gave Her Back
The Kanye-50 Cent Clash: Hey, At Least It’ll Get People Into Record Stores
The Worst Shows Ever: Dogs, Birds, And Missing Shoes
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Takes Joan Osborne And Lil’ Jon To “The Lion King”
A Want Ad That, We Suspect, May Not Be 100% Legit
Nothin’ But A Good Time … And Fifty Bucks
Listening Station: Portastatic Stands Up
Name A Disco Song From 1990, Win $100
Touring Musicians Trying To Hitch A Record-Sales Wagon To Their Buses
The Muppets Take Studio 54
Steven Adler Keeping The Dream Alive, Or At Least Trying To
Idolator Sweats It Out at Whartscape
Prince Touches Down On “Planet Earth”
Rihanna Is Totes A Record Setter
50 Cent Only Amenable To Getting Shot When Personally Profitable
This Just In: Musicians May Be A Bit Dishonest
DJ/rupture Gets Wrapped Up In Muslimgauze
Buju Banton Says Bye-Bye To Bashing
(Preemptively) Free Ron Isley
Kelly: “I’m Well Aware That Clive Is One Of The Great Record Men Of All Time”
Another Record Label For Sale, But This Time, The Price Is Higher
Pete Doherty May Show His Ass In Public (Literally)
The Ergs’ Blitzkrieg Bops
Today’s Reminder Of Why Wikipedia Should Always Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt Or Thirty
Living Large In The Superclubs Of 1999
Apparently, The Writers At “Late Show With David Letterman” Have Never Heard Of The Zune Marketplace
“Rock Of Love” Pits Groupies Aganist Rockers
In Which We Try This “Journalism” Thing On For Size
Our Advertisers Are Not-So-Secretly Looking Forward To That Jonas Brothers Record
Who Wants to Abuse an Orchestra?
KoRn To Dig Own Grave, Release Covers Album
Golden Arches To Host A Few Artists With Gold Albums
Guest Editor Now With 100% More Cable!
Looking Back At A Week That Wasn’t So Great For Our Self-Esteem
Harlem World Gives Us a Sugar Rush
James Hetfield To Press: “Oh, Come On. My Beard Isn’t <i>That</i> Scary.”
“Yo! Indie Rock Raps” Compilation To Be Just As Classy As Expected
Cee-Lo May Or May Not Have Some Hendrix To Play With
Get Ready To Get Poked: Here Come The “Facebook Musicians”
Portishead Finally Releases New Music
DRM Company Says Lack Of DRM Is Killing Music
Britney Spears’ Video Shoot: Well, At Least Her Hair Looks Sort Of OK
“Idol” Tour Merchandisers Lose Out On Potential Revenue From Sanjaya Wigs And T-Shirts
Just A Reminder: If You’re Going To Shill In Our Comments Section, At Least Be Artful About It
Grappling with <i>Big Science</i>
Which Female Singer Is Getting An Extra Boost From Her Band?
SoundExchange, DiMA Continue Their Public Slap-Fight
Road Dogs Desperately Paddling to Keep Music Industry Afloat
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Gets A Little Bit Sticky
Music Industry Continues Its Assault On People Willing To Pay For Its Product
The Emmys Nod At The Junk In That Box
Disney Masterminds Its Own Pop Universe
What Is (Retro) Soul?
The Reign In Spain Will Mainly Now Be Plain
“Warning: Horrific Spelling And Grammar Per Usual!”
No Need To Get <i>Stress</i>-ed about Organized Konfusion
Taking Stock of the Go-Betweens
Dead Rock Star Files: Do You Know How Much A Pair Of Glasses Costs These Days?
Band Of Horses Singer Not Too Thrilled With The Cameraphone Era
Falling Off The Charts? A Blogger Crunches The Top 10′s Numbers
Remember To Not Forget To Remember To Don’t Forget The Lyrics
The Tangled Questions Of Yalla Yalla
Listening Station: Chris Letcher Feels The Chill
For Just $10,000, You Can Enter A Booming Industry
In Ace Frehley’s World, “P & L” Stands For “Pyro & Licks”
Usher Confesses (To Being a Dick)
A Little <i>Night Music</i>: The Best Of David Sanborn’s Late-Night Benders
Please Welcome the Houseguest That Ends Up Staying Indefinitely and Drinking All Your Booze
For This Band, Singing For Cable Is The Same As Singing As Its Supper
New Disney CD Format Offers Basically The Same Crap CDs Have Always Offered
T.I. Captures This Week’s Chart Zeitgeist
No Dice On Fugees Reunion Album, Says Least Famous Member Of The Fugees
Dear “Stereogum Readers”: Stop Spamming Us About Dan Deacon
Woebot Throws a Black Riot
Jon Bon Jovi’s Support For Arena Football Extends To Sample-Clearance World
“Blender” Peeks Inside The Bubblegum Machine
If Someone Makes You Go See Amy, You May Want To Say, “No, No, No”
Spice Girls Reunion Providing Publicity Opportunities For Many
Tonight, The Numa Numa Kid Weeps Bitter Tears
al-Qaeda Supposedly Targets Bobby Brown; Ralph Tresvant Reportedly “Shook”
Piracy Funds Record Store’s Bottom Line
Matt Lauer Keeps It (Kinda) Real
The Reason Behind (Sorry) Kelly Clarkson’s Butt Finally Revealed
Amy Winehouse Scores Another Victory for Drag Queens Everywhere
This Is Our Country: “The Singing Bee” To Continue Reign Of Off-Key Terror This Fall
Sly Stone Beams Into Amsterdam
“Rock Of Love”: Do You Care?
50 Cent Might Want To Quit It With All The “Why These People Don’t Sell Records” Yammering
Metallica Fans Refuse to Dream It’s Over
Lawsuits Against Suspected Filesharers May Not Be As Lucrative As RIAA Originally Thought
Indie Rock Band to Internet: We Have Lots of Feelings
Lou Pearlman Reveals Himself To Be A Master Of Disguise
That Sound You Hear? The British Music Industry Crumbling Under The Weight Of “Planet Earth”
Maybe It’s Time To Invite The “Hotstepper” Back