Archives: August, 2007

Good Thing Chris Brown Didn’t Decide To Throw Himself Into The Crowd This Morning
Cartoons In The Club
Stuck On Repeat: Siobhan Donaghy Gets Airlifted Into Our Brains
“Paste” Knows Its Audience A Bit Too Well
Our Advertisers Just Can’t Decide Which Sept. 11 Hip-Hop Album They’re Rooting For
Lyle Lovett Has Destroyed Our Thinkin’ Brains
Nasty Nas Can’t Catch A Break On The International College Circuit
Supersonic September Surge To Save Sales From Slump?
Amazon’s MP3 Store May Be Open Next Month (Really)
Looking Back At A Week In Which Our Boat Got A Little Bit Leaky
Idolator Storms The Sandless Beach At Kenny Chesney’s New York City Show
The Chinese Are Killing Us At The Illegal Downloading Game
“Gangsta Rap” Scare Stories Always Make Us Feel Like It’s Still 1991
Lupe Fiasco Is Smart, Knows It, And Tells Us About It
This Year’s VMAs Will Surround You Until You Cry “Akon”
Attention Readers: We Are <em>Not</em> Ted Nugent
Lil Wayne Makes It Rain; Female Fan Gets Brained
50 Cent Remains Cheerful In The Face Of Kenny Chesney-Crazed Hordes
Britney Spears Gives Us A Little Bit More (And It Ain’t Half-Bad)
50 Cent Tries To Make A Name For Himself
Today In Pleasant Surprises: Internet Music Sensations Gone By Still Hold Up, Even In Public Settings
Scottish Bootlegging Raid Offers Happy Reminder Of How Piracy Worked In The Good Ol’ Days
Long Island Record-Shopping Mainstay Catches Fire
The Bob Marley Ringtones: I And I Will Sue Your Ass
Kanye West’s New Album Is So Good We Can’t Even Come Up With A Dumb School-Related Pun
U.S. To Russia: Kill AllOfMP3 Or You’re Out Of Our Club
MTV’s Reprogrammed “Remote Control”: Ken Ober, Where Are You Now?
Alicia Keys Gets Ready For Another Recital
Beatles Not Coming Together With iTunes Just Yet
Hilly Kristal, Founder Of CBGB, R.I.P.
Kelly Clarkson’s Bad Year Gets A Bit Of Spam Thrown On It
Good Music/Technology News For Quad Hacky Sack Champs
Which Wacky Diva Wants People To Quit Professing Her Influence?
Keith Richards Whines Like A Little Girl
The Gwen Stefani Paper Doll Tool: For When You Want Your Own Entourage Of Two-Dimensional Girls
South Dakota To Ted Nugent: We Don’t Want Your Kind Here
Instant Hit, Just Add Water (And Placement On YouTube’s Homepage)
MySpace Tour: Fewer Fights Than Ozzfest, More Bitchy Comments Left The Next Day
Why Has Foxy Brown Been Sequestered From Gen Pop?
You Knew It Was Coming: Teenage Girls Now Really Do Control The Music Industry
Building The “Perfect” iTunes Beast, Cont’d.: Is The World Supposed To Be Flat?
Jimmy Eat World Take The Freudian Route In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Idolator Wants To Know When You Were Most Indie
“High School Musical” Is Still In For The Summer
Idolator Counts Down The 100 Greatest R&B Songs Of All Time (With My Mom) Part Four
Andrew WK Does Not Need A Wake-Up Call
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Brings Sexy Back To Monty Python
Common And Lily Allen Have A Weird-Looking (Video) Baby
Deezer Could Be A Goner, If Labels Have Their Way
Amy Winehouse’s Father-In-Law Prepares For Cease And Desist Letters From Universal Music Group
In Brief: Potentially (Really) Wonky Collaboration Ideas
Building The Perfect iTunes Beast: Can It Be Done?
Incredibly Strange Recordings (And A Few <em>Really</em> Freaky Ones)
Beethoven: Murdered! (A Very Long Time Ago)
Perfect Pitch, Imperfect Social Graces
This Album’s Out-Of-Print Status Makes Me So Sick, So So So Sick
Bo Diddley To Heart Attack: Nice Try, Fool
Attn. Perverts: Those Chris Brown Nudes Are Fakes
News Flash: There Are Still Radio Stations Out There That Play “All The Hits, None Of The Rap”
Boston Globe Discovers Non-Rock Audiences Also Have MP3 Players, Read Blogs
HMV Canada’s New Prices Are Insaaaaaane
Mixtape Raids Spread To Nashville
Mims: “This Is Why I’m An Imbecile”
Project X Fires Up The DeLorean
Billy Corgan Tries To Pump Up His Crummy Record Sales With A Little Misogyny
Germany To Geriatric Rockers: Just Die Already
Teen Choice Awards: The Banality Of Online Democracy, Plus Zac Efron’s Cheekbones
Music: Now Less Important Than Ever?
Gene Simmons Makes Kinda Sad, Not-Very-Well-Veiled Attempt At Getting A Date
Pre-Distressed Guitars: Like Pre-Distressed Jeans, Except … No, They’re Pretty Much The Same Thing
The My Bloody Valentine “Reunion”: Total Bullshit Or Complete and Total Bullshit?
YouTube Users Post The Craziest Things
Whistling: It’s The New Black! Or At Least The New Coke Blak!
Rapper’s Mom’s Life Story More Exciting Movie Material Than Most Rappers’ Life Stories
In Blog Transmission From The Future, AllOfMP3 Vows It Will Return
Arbitron’s New Ratings System Finds Rich Dudes Listen To More Radio
“Blender” Makes Itself Nice And Hot
Ted Nugent May Be Called On To Define The Meaning Of The Words “Suck On”
Big Brother Comes Armed With The Naxos Catalog
Hitching A Ride With Bat For Lashes’ Bike Troupe
Tonight T-Pain Will Be Visited By The Ghost Of Peter Frampton
Our Advertisers Think We Were Too Hard On Ted Nugent’s Art Director
Jordin Sparks’ Now Begins, Um, Now
Kelly Rowland Is Wishful Thinking
British Venture Capitalists Think Older Artists Equal At Least A Little Money In The Bank
Which Hip-Hop Star Is Breaking Multiple Commandments?
Looking Back On A Week That We Spent In A Happy Place
This Year’s Video Music Awards Will Be Even More Nonsensical Than Usual
Hannah Montana May Not Be As Innocent As She Seems
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Is Watching Over All Of Us
Holy Crap: The Compleat Works Of Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley Volumes One Through Five
Missy Elliot Replaces Giant Trash Bag With Giant Doritos Bag
“Indie” Has Its 3,764th Existential Crisis; World Shrugs, Goes Back To Downloading Sean Kingston Songs
The MP3 Meets <em>Guitar World</em>
Atlanta City Councilman Wants To Buy Hip-Hop A Belt
Ted Nugent Lobs A Bomb In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Rwake Emerges From The Southern Muck
Kanye And Fall Out Boy Make Certain Idolator Readers’ Heads Explode
Maybe Now Persia Will Get Her Chance To Really Shine
Kanye and 50 Cent: United In The Face Of Chesney
R. Kelly Pretty Optimistic About His Upcoming Trial
Live Nation Dumping Ticketmaster In ’08
FYE’s $18.99 Price Points Will Outlive Us All
R. Kelly Tour Called Off Before It Even Got A Chance To Go Horribly Wrong
Descendents Bassist Needs All (Sorry) Your Help
We Spoke Too Soon: Ted Nugent “Limited Edition” Album Cover Is Friggin’ Abominable (Even For Ted Nugent)
Clear Channel Station Slinks Out The Back Door Over Homophobia Flap
Here We Go Again: Internet Radio Says “No, Really, Screw You” To SoundExchange
Remote-Controlled Drones: The New, Cheap, Kinda Creepy Way To Spy On Festival-Goers
Britney Spears In “New Song” Shocker
Pitchfork Gets In A Snit About Indie-Hits Comp
Beth Ditto: Really Only Hates A Small Minority Of Gay Men
Music Critics: Snobby Jerks, Or Snobby Jerks With Actual Power?
Truly Madly Deeply Bigoted
Corpse Paint: It’s Not Just For Racially Motivated Slayings Anymore
Wal-Mart’s MP3s Will Come With An “Edited For Content” Sticker Slapped On Them
Madonna And Pharrell Break Out The Cowbells
T-Pain’s Country Bear Jamboree
“Rolling Stone” Thinks Adam Levine Is A Total Dreamboat
Being An Opera Singer Is No Longer A Classical Gas
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Cracks The Whip
Parts & Labor’s New Video Definitely Not A One-Shot Deal
The Rolling Stones: Old Gods Almost Out Of Newport Lights
“High School Musical” Continues Its Iron-Fist Chart Domination
Idolator Goes Deep Into The Emo Fan Fiction Underground
Diddy Snuffed Out
Idolator Counts Down The 100 Greatest R&B Songs Of All Time (With My Mom) Part Three
MTV Merging Its Digital-Music Store Into Joint Venture With RealNetworks
Goodbye Urge, Hello Rhapsody America
The World’s Saddest People Visit The World’s Happiest Place
Idolator Has Beef With MC Doozhbagg
Foxy Brown To Cops: My Name Is Guy Incognito
MySpace MP3 Hack Discovered By Authorities, Driven Into Seedy Freeware Underground
Mess With Your Mind: Prince Spends The ’80s Confounding Rock Critics, Tipper Gore
Warped Tour Fans Driven To Cop-Fighting Frenzy When Merch Stands Run Out Of Paramore T-Shirts
Malaysian Anti-Piracy Dogs Test Our Resolve At Not Making Obvious “Take A Bite Out Of Crime” Joke
Bill O’Reilly Makes Us Want To Attach Our Eyelids To Our Chins With A Nail Gun
No, Wait, <em>This</em> Is The Music Equivalent Of Fantasy Baseball
New York Bans “Bands”
And Here We Thought Snoop Had Just Sold His Soul After That AOL Ad With Jerry Stiller
The Latin Rascals Mastermix Those Number One Tunes
Conservative Think Tank Says Music Piracy Will Lead To Destruction of U.S. Economy, Possible Red Invasion
Don’t Hang The Wedding DJ Just Yet
Florida NAACP Gets Crazy Bug Up Its Ass That Stereotype-Riddled Editorial Cartoon Is Offensive
Album Featuring Axl Rose On Vocals To Be Released Sometime This Year
FYI: If You’re Going To Smoke Pot In Public, You May Want To Take The Artillery Out Of Your Van First
Hip-Hop About Business? The Hell You Say
Stephen Pearcy Needs To Lay It Down Before He Has A Stroke Or Something
Michael Anthony Continues To Get The Shaft
Dr. Dre To Death Row: Press Eject And Give Me The Tapes
Virgin Megastores In New York City May Be Closing Sooner Than We Thought
Idolator Responds To The Question Posed By Spin’s Rilo Kiley Cover
Listening Station: Fleshquartet Places Robyn In A Slightly Different Padded Room
No Doubt And Damian Marley Are Also Crushing Out On Alan Rickman
Adam Levine Has A Smaller Prick Than Previously Reported
Soft-Rock Infomercial Takes People Who Can’t Sleep To A Relaxing Place
Killed By Death Is A Reason To Go On Living
Universal’s Sad Attempt To Get Into The Mixtape Game
M.I.A. Has A Party In World Town
They’re Here, They’re Queer, And Kanye’s Almost Used To Them
Uncle Kracker Kracks Up
Nicole Scherzinger Apparently Gets A Discount At Glamour Shots’ Cancun Outpost
The Elvis/Lisa Marie Video: Infants, Handguns, And Shitty Blocking
Rave: Hey, It <i>Could</i> Work This Time
Tom Zé Gets Into The Spotlight
Our Advertisers Can’t Believe We Left Zac Efron Off Our Hotties List
The Mystery Of MTV’s “M” Continues
Ozzfest: Giving Kids Their First Taste Of Eventual Prison Life
Fall Out Boy Should Be Sent To Bed Without Their Supper
Simon Cowell Won’t Have “American Idol” Hopefuls To Kick Around In 2010
Looking Back On A Week Where Even This Guy Felt A Little Like Fat Elvis
“Mommy, What’s That Old-Looking Thing?” “The Future, Dear”
Music Industry Mulls Over Future Of Greatest Hits Album, Notes Rise Of “This Wacky MP3 Thing”
Daft Punk: Now In Handy Clip Show Form
The King-dom Is Gone
You Will Never Be As Fabulous As Sylvester
Back In Your Life, We Can’t Even Mess Up Right
The Mixtape: An Act Of Personal Expression That Can Also Be Used To Sell Things
Method Man Needs To Take A Lesson From Willie Nelson
If The Internet Was Fair, These Guys Would Be Way Bigger Than Tay Zonday
Lily Allen’s Plan To Not Get Noticed By The Press Has A Few Holes In It
“Rolling Stone” Falls For Zac Efron’s Blinding Smile
<i>Forbes</i> Somehow Talks Hip-Hop Money Without Making A Single Reference To “Bling”
<i>Radio 1</i> Makes Us Want To Hang The DJ
Pink Makes Friends In The Art World
Classic Rock: Did It Blow Smoke On Rock And Roll’s Water?
Wendy’s Commercial, Songwriting Credits Leave Violent Femmes Bassist A Little Frosty
Who? <s>Mike Jones</s>Pelé
Dear Wikipedia Users: You Can Now Hear Edie Brickell At A Marshall’s Near You
“Umbrella” Sure Is A Song That Gets Stuck In Your He-ead, In Your He-ea-ea-ead
The New Eagles Song! It Sucks! Surprise!
Stax/Volt Revue DVD: Hold On, It’s Coming
Does No One Remember 1996?
Homme To Osborne: Kiss My Grits
Max Roach R.I.P.
MTV Attempts To Redefine Its Acronym Yet Again
Penisgate Day 2: The Nirvana Infant’s Manhood Has Been Restored
Flyers For DJ Nights Will Never Be The Same
<s>British</s> Writer Celebrates Fascistic, Bleacher-Stomping Jock Jam
50 Cent Gets Almost As Bent Out Of Shape Over Dumb Lists As Bloggers Do
Idolator Counts Down The 100 Greatest R&B Songs Of All Time (With My Mom) Part Two
Roisin Murphy Wants To Overpower You
Alt-Rock Kids Doing Better Than Most Alt-Rock Bands
Cell Phones At Concerts: They’re Probably Here To Stay
ABC Marketing Department Taken Over By Teenagers With Windows Movie Maker
Van Halen Webmasters Put Michael Anthony Back In His Place
Carrie Underwood Skydives Naked, Drives A Custom Built Bike Doing 103