Archives: October, 2007

KRS-One Wants You To Start Saying “Increase The Peace” All Over Again
Led Zeppelin Rumored for Spring Tour
Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: Tim Curry Goes Bananas With The Cable Access Special Effects
Nicole Scherzinger’s Solo Album Pushed to 2008
This Just In: Axl Rose May Not Be The Best Houseguest
Can You Give An Iraqi Metal Band A (Permanent) Place To Crash?
Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: The Knife Makes Puppets Just A Little More Frightening
Police Lure Scofflaws Into Their Lair With Promise Of Pre-Ozzy Tailgate
Terra Firma Woes
The Wu-Tang Clan Hides In The Shadows Of The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Going Back to the Studio
Idolator’s Spine-Tingling Videodrone Halloween Parade
Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: The Birthday Party Bites Down Hard
Kansas City Soft-Rock Stations Acting Like Christmas Creeps
Robert Goulet Dies
Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: Throbbing Gristle Grills Up Some Contaminated Meat
Lenny Kravitz Shooting New Video
Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’ to Debut at No. 1
Jarvis Cocker Reads ‘Rats’
One Writer Wants The Hip-Hop Generation To Listen To <i>The Message</i>
MTV Networks and Metacafe Partner Up for Contest
Most Boring Member Of The Police To Finally Tell His Side Of The Story
Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: People Were <i>Really</i> Obsessed With Freddy Krueger In The ’80s
Carrie Underwood Leads The Country Carnival
Connecticut Staind And Soundgarden Fans Rejoice As Alt-Rock Radio Stages (Kinda) Triumphant Comeback
Screenshots of OiNK Profiles?
Clear Channel More Interested In Playing Old Music Than Music By Old People
Review: Britney Spears’ ‘Blackout’
The New Simian Mobile Disco Video Will Probably Make You Lose Your Cookies
Hannah Montana Draws Attention From The Feds
Amy Winehouse’s Father Worries
The Music Industry: Still Profitable (Provided You’re Dead)
Blake Lewis Makes A Break For It
Audible Proof of Axl Rose in a Recording Studio
This Just In: Jennifer Lopez May Not Be Worth The Money She’s Demanding From Sony
Britney Spears Hoping To Enlist Catholic League For “Blackout” Street Team
Before They Were Famous, The Arcade Fire Were Just These Guys Who Opened For Chromeo
Jordin Sparks Asks For A Tissue As She Enters The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
7″ From the Underground
We Totally Still Love Total (And Playa Too)
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Learns The True Meaning Of Friendship
Let’s Go Away With Broadcast
Britney Spears Slammed by Catholic League
Is The Musical Middle Class On The Verge Of An Uprising?
Does <em>Rock Band</em> Prove It’s All Been Downhill Since “Sabotage”?
Jeff Zucker on Apple
Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’ Leaks
‘Coolio and the Gang’
Concert Industry Rushing To Make Shows More “Intimate”
‘Stylus’ Closing
iTunes Digital Album Cards: This <i>Has</i> To Work, Right?
Roisin Murphy Injured
Metallica Pours Its Misery Down On The Shoreline Amphitheatre
Nas’ Freedom Of Speech/Def Jam’s Pockets Threatened By State Boycott
The Answer Of Who Will Be Eliminated This Week Is Blowin’ In The Wind
Indonesian Generals Release Albums of “Love Ballads”
Britney Spears Disappears In Plain Sight
Terra Firma on Shaky Ground
Porter Wagoner, R.I.P.
Live-Blogging the ARIA Awards
Spice Girls To Recycle “Getting Naked” Routine For Upcoming World Tour
Pagan Holiday Gives American Women Opportunity To Dress Like Alcoholic English Pop Singer
Billy Corgan Continues Contemptible Quest To Steal His Audience’s Allowance Money
How Much Would <em>You</em> Pay For Yet Another Interview With Ryan Adams?
Kanye West Writing Book
Will The Music Industry Pin Its Hopes On Vinyl Records (Or Player Piano Rolls)?
Talk About The Blues Explosion
MTV Jumps On The Lyric Bandwagon, Blows Dust Off “Name That Tune” Home Game
Rockers Still Fretting Over Being Called “Sellouts,” Even As They Have Advertisers Nervous
The Bestest Song Ever? (Well, It Could Be.)
U.S. Release Date for Robyn’s Album “Unspecified”
Project X Looks For The Good Ol’ Days
Jackson Family Robbed In “Best” Musical Biopic Of All Time Poll
Rod Stewart Often Dreams Of (Model) Trains
“XXL” Plays To The Hip-Hop Heads
The (2007) International Pop Underground
The Arcade Fire Obtain Modicum Of Success, Feel Naked Without Twee Lighting Design
Judge Clears The Way For Class-Action Lawsuit Against Clear Channel
Our Advertisers Do Not Have An Opinion On OiNK
The Beatles ‘Help!’ DVD Comes Out November
The Kurt Cobain Biopic: Does This Guy Know What He’s In For?
Britney Spears Keeping Low Profile Before ‘Blackout’
The Academy Is… Less Ridiculous Than You Might Have Thought
Alicia Keys – “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”
AOL Gets Ready For A Round Of “Don’t Forget The (Potential Profitability Of) Lyrics”
Looking Back On A Week In Which We Sat Around The Fire And Laughed
T.I. Released on Bond
For Your Consideration: Justice’s †
Mike Jones’ Grill Was Down, Not Out
Hey There, Poseur: The Cycle Sluts Return From Hell
New Music Publishing Company Saves Industry By Destroying Souls
Popbitch Retracts ‘NME’ Rumor
Morrissey Kicks Opening Act Off Tour For Naughty Words On Stage
David Bowie Lends Voice to New SpongeBob Movie
Unklejam Walk Down A Hallway And Wind Up In One Of The Year’s Most Neon-Bright Videos
Seized Elton John Photo Not Indecent
OiNK Replacement Site To Launch, Inevitably Disappoint Users Next Week
Lust In The Dust And Japanese Drums
Vanessa Carlton Is Like BFF With Stevie Nicks
Ghostface Selling Hat on eBay
Led Zeppelin Fans: The Hannah Montana Fans Of The Classic-Rock Set
Is “NME” Going To Abandon Its Print Edition?
This Just In: If You Hate On BitTorrent Sites You Are Committing A Hate Crime
Trent Reznor Tries To See How The “In Rainbows” Model Will Work With A Lesser-Known Artist
50 Cent Reduced To Competing With Whoever Will Pay Attention To Him
Scandinavian Dance Pop Terrorists Prepare Tactical Bubblegum Strikes Against Unsuspecting Nations
Evan Rachel Wood: A Recording Contract?
Colombian Radio Station Exposes The Sacred Heart Of Axl Rose
OiNK Ringleader: I Object To Your Characterization Of Me As The Creator And Facilitator Of A Large Piracy Operation
Jive Records Officially Stops Trying
Warner Music Group and Apple
How Much Would You Pay For Kurt Cobain’s Decade-Old Ass Sweat?
The Notorious B.I.G.: Life After Death (As A Giant Waxy Build-Up)
Britney Spears’ “Blackout” Gets Some Harsh Light Thrown On It
More Proof That URLs Do Not Make The Best Song Titles
Acid Girls – “How to Acid Girls”
“Midnight Soul” Gets It On In The Wee Hours
Jay-Z’s ‘American Gangster’
11 Best Joy Division Songs
What Can Brown Do For Us?: Chris Blows a “Kiss” Right Behind Soulja Boy on Hot 100
Let’s All Take A Deep Breath, And Dare To Be Stupid
You Can’t Knock Mr. Sche’s Hustle
Is the Next OiNK?
Tonight At The World Series: The Anthem Travels To A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Wipers – ‘Better Off Dead’
Múm Make The Rhubarb Grow, Dance
The Real Secret About OiNK: It Was Kind Of Overrated! (Don’t You Think?)
DJ Rekha Bhangra Mix
OiNK Reactions Day Two: A Contradictory, Self-Selected Nation Mourns
Dallas Officials Attempt To Reach Hip-Hop Fans By Treating Them Like Kindergarteners
P2P Fans Beware! 34 Countries Are Now Gunning For <em>You</em>!
CBS and Conde Nast Partner Up for Elton John TV Special
Concerts Canceled or Postponed Due to Wildfires
Chinese Officials Praise OiNK Shutdown*
Sales At Big-Box, Chain Stores Even Lousier Than Expected
“Law And Order” And Mall Emo… Together At Last
Report from Danzig Baltimore Show
Tupac Memorial Trashed Twice
Soulja Boy Cranks Out A Lesson In Web 2.0 Marketing
Esther Smith – ‘Gye No Di’
Geriatric British Bands Shame CMJ Blog-Hype Types
Bruce Springsteen Comes Out On Top In A Rough Week
Will OiNK’s Shutdown Cause People To Rush The Shops? (Probably Not.)
Al Green Loves Us All
Lone Indie Rocker Stands Up Against Radio-Destroying Fat Cats
Led Zeppelin Not Going on World Tour After Reunion Performance
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Stops By Hell’s Sanrio Store On The Way Home
The Internet Squeals Like A Pig As OiNK Turns Into Bacon
Iggy Pop’s Racist Remark: Finally Something More Offensive Than Being Photographed With Donatella Versace
“Guitar Hero 3″ Gives Kim Gordon A Total Makeover
KRS-One: “My Philosophy? Eat Fewer Cookies.”
The Pack Proves Neon Purple Is More Rad Than Sepia
NYC Has CMJ; We Flyover Types Get A Show In A Mall Parking Lot
Radiohead to Avoid Major Labels
Pirates Everywhere Pour Out A Little For OiNK
‘The Next Great American Band’ to Cover Bob Dylan and David Bowie
The Spice Girls Write Their Own “Headlines”
OiNKgate, Day One: The Final Wrap-Up
The OiNK Fallout: Should Its Ex-Users Be Watching Their Backs?
Scammed Out of Justice Concert
Pig Destroyer Grinds Our Tuesday Afternoon Away
New Portishead Album Due in November
Britney Spears’ Top Friends Stage A MySpace Intervention
RCRD LBL to Offer Free Music
Did The Five-Oh Attempt To Frame 50 Cent?
Kelly Rowland Canceling Tour Dates
OiNK Survivors Get By With A Little Help From Their Friends
Idolator’s Tribute-Video Treasury Pairs Vampires With Pets
Police Close Down Oink
“Complex” Pens Cruelest Headline Of The Year
Brit Cops Bust OiNK…And You Are There!
VH1′s Hip-Hop Dating Show: You Guys Called It
Barack Obama: As Evil As Ja Rule?
Tegan And Sara Hop On The Couch
Meet The Skaneatles, And 59 Other Bands That Want You To Love Them
Disco Angels, Brokebacks, And Skoozbots (Oh My)
AT&T, Napster Come Together To Bring Even More Overpriced Music To Your Phone
CMJ, The Artist’s View: Like “Blade Runner” With Free Choco Tacos
R.I.P. Lance Hahn Of J Church
Live Nation Signs Deal With Signatures Network
Carrie Underwood Tries To Win Critics’ Hearts At The “Carnival”
Hollywood Playlist
Kid Rock Would Like To Remind America That He Likes Throwing Punches, Breakfast Food
CMJ: One Last Look At The Week That Was
A Tribute To Metallica Takes The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race All The Way To The North Pole
John Varvatos to Open Boutique
Wisin & Yandel Get Customized Zune
Heading Back Inside Steven Tyler: This Clip Would Have Made Ninth-Grade Biology So Much More Tolerable
The Spice Girls Furniture Line To Bring Chairs That Look Like Trashy Platforms Back
Bloggers Are Trying To Keep T.I. Locked Up
Radiohead Releasing ‘In Rainbows’ Through ATO Records
An Idolator Real Talk Special Report: The Black Kids Hype Must Be Stopped
The Wu-Tang Clan’s ’8 Diagrams’ Delayed
The Best (And Worst) Of Day Five
Idolator At CMJ, Day Five: Does Anyone Really Give A Crap At This Point?
Hey, Have You Heard Of This Thing Called The Internet?
The Best (And Worst) Of Day Four
Idolator At CMJ, Day Four: What Kind Of Man Reads Brooklyn Vegan?
Hannah Montana Kills Children!
CMJ: We Keep Missing Life-Changing Performances, Free Food, Pregnant Chicks
Translating The TV Ad For Britney Spears’ New Album
The Best (And Worst) Of Day Three
Our Advertisers Paid To Get Into Every Show They Saw This Week
“Blender” Shows A Little More Skin
Idolator At CMJ, Day Three: Looking For Kicks On A Thursday Night
Chaos at Miley Cyrus Concert
That MP3 In Your Inbox May Be From The Hot New Band H3rb4l V!4gra
PJ Harvey TV Appearance
Meeting The CMJ Attendees, Part Three: You Can Fool Some Of The Music Geeks Some Of The Time
Music: Does Anyone Care Anymore? (Answer: Maybe.)
CMJ Causes One Man To Strike A Pose
Update: Homeland Security Does Not Think Death Cab’s Guitarist Is Too Edgy
The Trouble With Indie Music
Bobby Brown Ready To Take Every Little Step Toward A Country Crossover
‘Hits’ Says Next Week Looks Rough
Ghostface – “Celebrate”
Nas To Fox News: Shut It
Because It’s Always Nice To Have An Excuse To Post Swervedriver
T.I. to Remain in Custody
Going Inside Steven Tyler As He Creates “Sound At Unusual Frequencies”
T.I. on House Arrest
The Sasha Frere-Jones Score: Suddenly It’s Not Funny Anymore
The Sasha Frere-Jones Score: Emo Swings More Than Acoustic Guitars Do
The Dream ft. R. Kelly – “Shawty is a Ten” Remix
The Best Mousse-Shilling Song You’ll Hear All Day
CMJ: We Missed All The Big Shows! Especially Vampire Weekend!
The Best (And Worst) Of Day Two
This Just In: The Internet Really Likes Radiohead
Majors’ New Strategy For Making Money Again: Selling Overpriced Crap
Celine Dion Is Really Going For This “Edgy” Thing