American Idol Brings Out The Dreamers And The Screamers In Miami

27002.jpgI officially reached American Idol audition burnout with last night’s episode, which is a good thing I guess since I’m pretty sure that the Hollywood Round episodes start next week. (Update: Alas, I was mistaken.) But am I wrong in thinking that the Miami audition installment of the show was just designed to really annoy people and make them hope that the Hollywood round had some coherence to it? The bulk of the “good” singers were screamy and pitchy, the seemingly stoned-out-of-her-gourd 16-year-old who was on American Juniors gave a halfhearted tantrum, and Paula’s first-day antics and outfit gave off the impression that she was stopping by the audition room in between an eight-mojito brunch and a streetwalking stint. The only thing I really enjoyed about last night’s episode? Finding a picture of Daughtry wannabe Robbie Carrico’s boy band past. It’s after the jump.

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Bill Cosby Gets His Crayons And His Pencils, Starts Writing Rhymes

billcosbysings.jpgYes, 2008 may see the first Cosby-related rap since Theo Huxtable and Walter “Cockroach” Bradley taught a nation of youngsters about the time when a certain Julius C. got bodied by his bros. Rumors abound in the hip-hop world this morning that Bill Cosby, rap-hater and friend of talking magic markers, is recording his first rap album, State Of Emergency, for release later this year. Naturally given Bill’s take on the current state of hip-hop (moral sewer blah blah), SOE will be light on songs conducive to YouTube dance-offs and heavy on edutainment. To wit:

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Swedish Prosecutor Fires A Shot At The Pirate Bay, Head Pirates Take To Their Blog To LOL

jubil2007.jpgA Swedish prosecutor filed charges against Hans Fredrik Neij, Per Svartholm Warg, Peter Kolmisoppi, and Carl Lundstroem, the four men behind the BitTerrorist haven The Pirate Bay, today. Prosecutor Haakan Roswall has claimed that The Pirate Bay “promotes other people’s infringements of copyright laws” and makes money off of that promotion from its banner ads, and he’s dinged the site for distributing 20 music files–including songs by The Cardigans and The Beatles–as well as nine movies and four video games.

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Jay-Z Unveils A Sketch From His Latest <em>Blueprint</em>?

77830627.jpgARTIST: Jay-Z
TITLE: “Ain’t I”
WEB DEBUT: Jan. 30, 2008

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Chris Brown Is Still Flogging The “New Michael Jackson” Thing For All It’s Worth

And now he’s dragging Lil Mama along with him, as evidenced by the “Scream”-biting video for “Shawty Get Loose,” the latest attempt to let the Top 40-listening masses that the pint-sized rapper has other songs besides “Lip Gloss.” More »

Project X Takes Two For The Books

hottesthot100.jpgAs part of Idolator’s continuing effort to geekily analyze every music chart known to man, we present a new edition of Project X, in which Idolator Critics’ Poll editor Michaelangelo Matos breaks down rankings from every genre imaginable. After the click-through, he looks at two books aimed at list fanatics, one intermittently entertaining but flawed and one recommended unreservedly to all music geeks:

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Qui’s David Yow was hospitalized after a show last week, and as it turns out he wasn’t the only member of his band in need of medical treatment; guitarist/vocalist Matt Cronk is also in the hospital after suffering three strokes and is being diagnosed with an “inflamed, infected, and strained… More »

Do you want to start your day off with some of the grungiest, most distorted black metal put to cassette (cassette!) More »

Is The Sight Of A Justin Timberlake Ball Shot Going To Make America Embrace Legal Downloading?

Pepsi is sure hoping so, based on the Pepsi/Amazon MP3 ad above, which shows Justin Timberlake being driven out of his restaurant and through the streets of New York and its suburbs… More »

Hanatarash Indulges In A Little Smashing And Shouting And Shoving

Attn. teenage miscreants: if an authority figure ever catches you popping foul balls into your school’s windows or ghost riding shopping carts in a Dress Barn parking lot or banking cans of E-Z Cheez off a neighbor’s aluminum tool shed and into their birdbath, point to this 1988 live clip of… More »

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