Archives: January, 2008

American Idol Brings Out The Dreamers And The Screamers In Miami
Bill Cosby Gets His Crayons And His Pencils, Starts Writing Rhymes
Swedish Prosecutor Fires A Shot At The Pirate Bay, Head Pirates Take To Their Blog To LOL
Jay-Z Unveils A Sketch From His Latest <em>Blueprint</em>?
Chris Brown Is Still Flogging The “New Michael Jackson” Thing For All It’s Worth
Project X Takes Two For The Books
Is The Sight Of A Justin Timberlake Ball Shot Going To Make America Embrace Legal Downloading?
Hanatarash Indulges In A Little Smashing And Shouting And Shoving
Hang Up The Phone: A Brief List Of Ill-Advised Ringtones
Van Hunt Now Label-less, Blogging
The Gremlins (Jimmy) Eat (World) After Midnight
Can You Write And Record An Album In 29 Days?
The Possible Presidential Aspirations Of “Rolling Stone”
Kylie Minogue Tries To Bring Stormtrooper Chic To The Dance Floor
The Bamboo Stereo: For Those Nights When You Want To Get Really Close To Your Music
“American Idol” Makes A Play For The Flyover States
The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Tells It To Taylor Dayne’s Airbrush
The Amerie Album: It Lives (Maybe) (Sorta) (Are We Being Too Optimistic?)
QTrax Continues To Spend Money Like It Has An Actual Product To Launch
Dear David Carr: You May Want To Check Your Dictionary’s “R” Section
Ozzfest To Embark On A “Limited Run” After Free Edition’s Limited Success
Is Tom Petty A Big Enough Draw For Super Bowl Audiences?
The Video Music Awards May Be Over, But The Twittering Still Lives On
Tower Records Sunset’s Date With Doom: Blame It On The Color Prints
B.O.N. Have A Lot Of Deep-Seated Issues With Catholicism
Is Rapidshare Going Down For Real This Time?
Panic At The Disco Still Know How To Put On A Big Show
QTrax: The Hilarity Continues
Missy Elliott Set To Sock It 2 U In Multiple Dimensions
U2′s Manager Wants To Violate Your Privacy For Violating His Bank Account
How Gnarls Barkley Became The Biggest Band In The World (In 12 Hours)
Dear Universal: Nobody Puts Robyn In The Remix Corner
The Jesus And Mary Chain Wanna Riot (But May Be Too Full Of Ennui To Start One)
New York Tabloid Under Delusion That Free Music Will Up Its Web Traffic
Lil Wayne Treats Us Right On A New Mary J. Remix
The Shackeltons Give Us A Break
Pepsi Cola And Michael Jackson To Burn Up The Super Bowl Airwaves This Sunday
Sub Pop Turns 20, Sends Zach Braff An FTD Bouquet
Rumors Of A New Kids On The Block Reunion May Not Be The Right Stuff
Is It Possible To Save The Full-Length Album If It Just Takes A <em>Really</em> Long Time For The Songs To Be Released?
“American Idol”: The Smoke And Mirrors Continue
Hype: Apparently It’s Not As Bad We Thought
QTrax: The “Legal P2P” That Isn’t Quite Legal
The Top Four Sentences From Yesterday’s Vampire Weekend Profile That Made Me Vow To Never Read A Story About Them Again
Led Zeppelin May Reunite In Time For The Fall 2008 Semester
Bark Psychosis Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
That Might Not Be A Tear In Bobby Brown’s Beer
Bloggers: They Really Liked Radiohead!
The Hard Days Night Hotel: For Those Trips When Bringing Your Beatles CDs Along Just Isn’t Enough
Is Rock Radio Slowly Going Post-Modern?
“Blender” Openly Admits To Using Photoshop On Its New Issue’s Cover
New Kids On The Block Very Serious About Loving You Forever
Vineland Music Festival Scrapped
Chicago TV “News” Report Flogs Emo’s Dead Horse
Michael Jackson May Return To Grammy Stage, May Not Open His Mouth While Appearing
Our Advertisers Have No Interest In Selling Simon Cowell On The Virtues Of Chastity
Will QTrax’s Legal Peer-To-Peer System Inspire The World’s BitTerrorists To Go Legit?
Suicide Plot Concocted By Hannah Montana Hater Foiled By Tennessee Authorities
Dave Navarro Is Not Averse To Getting The Old Band Back Together
Looking Back On A Week Where We Got Ready To Ride The Dolphins One More Time
Relive The MTV Of 24 Years Ago… Today
Fugazi Gets A Gleeful Remake
The Futureheads Engage In Some Controlled Chaos
Journey To Finally Upgrade From 4-Bit Software After 25 Years
What Can Get You Kicked Off A Morrissey Tour?
The Future Of Music Videos: Do We Really Want To See Kid Rock’s Pit Stains In High-Definition?
UB40 Vintner Will Sing The Joys Of Cheap Hooch No More
California Tries To Pass Anti-Suge Knight Ordinance
The Moldy Peaches Get Their Mouths Washed Out Against Their Will
Mean Muggin And Friends Get Back To The Hating
“American Idol” Trots Out Another Sexless Teenage Hopeful
Ted Nugent Makes The “What A Tool” Jokes A Little Too Easy
<s>Parsing</s> Crunching The Pop: Glenn McDonald Determines Just How Unique Rock Critics Really Are
A Soulja Boy Mea Culpa
Public’s Hunger For “American Idol” Sex Tapes Hits Rock Bottom, Gets Political
The Bestest Possible Grammy News Ever (That Has Nothing To Do With The Damn Strike)
It’s Time For A Good Old-Fashioned Flo Rida Vs. Norsemen Smackdown
Cee-Lo Green (Should Be) Your Next <em>American Idol</em>
“Spin” Casts A Glance Across The Pond
“Advertising Age” Doof Impales Himself Trying To Take On Pitchfork
Erykah Badu Goes Freakin’ (Us Out)
Sebastian Tellier Presents The First (Slightly) NSFW Entry In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
The Plain White T’s Muse Speaks: What She Really Wants To Do Is Run
<em>Chinese Democracy</em>: The Present You Didn’t Even Know You Were Getting?
“American Idol” Introduces The World To Carly Not-Hennessy, Other Hopefuls
Pazz And Jop Essayist Says You Need To Stop Dancing To Stuff You Like
The “Village Voice” Remembers Amy Winehouse Put Out A Record In The Last 24 Months
Finally, The Music Industry Has A Reason To Smile: Writer’s Guild Will Not Picket Grammys
Ghostface Is Not Sure That His MySpace Friends Are Really His Pals
Which Musical Metrosexual Can’t Stop Getting His Nails Done?
Lil Wayne Held On $10K Bond For His Love Of The Love Drug
Warner Music Group Posts Another Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit To The Internet
Screwin’ The Afternoon Away With Swans
Americans Apparently Believe That Alicia Keys Is Pretty Much The Only Artist Whose Records Are Worth Buying
Rising Cost Of Rehearsal Space Finally Gives New York Hipsters Opportunity To Complain About Something
Did “American Idol” Show Its Hand In Pasadena?
Garth Brooks Wants To Start Ropin’ The Internet
The Saga Of Amy Winehouse: We Cry Uncle
Coachella: The Teeth-Gnashing Continues
Aly, AJ, And Hannah Montana Do Kiss, Befuddle Metalheads
Which Diva Is Forcing Her Producer To Act Like A Bodyguard?
The Oscar Nominations: Radiohead Guitarist Out, Princess Giselle In
Scott Weiland Is Missing And Only You Can Find Him
Shortlist Prize Puts Together A Familiar-Looking List
Ringo Refuses Regis Right Of Reduction
Free “American Idol” CD Is Sprinkled With The TV Guide Channel’s Finest
Andrew WK Tickles Some Moist Ivories
Basia Bulat Invites The Nighttime Animals To Her Slumber Party
R. Kelly Is Kanye’s New Strobelite Honey
Business Writer Shocked To Discover Horndog Rapper Also Possesses College Degree, Business Acumen
Bruce Springsteen Joins The Polar Bear Club
“USA Today” Readers Turn Innocuous News Item Into Yet Another Battleground Of The Sexes
Megadeth Jackass Tells Political Jackasses To Put Down The Instruments, Jackass
Britney Spears To Return To Her Cover-Girl Heights Again (Sorta)
Grammy-Nominated Artists Officially “Conflicted” About Appearing On Strike-Plagued Broadcast
Coachella Lineup Announced: Prepare Yourself For The Anticlimax
Increasing The Peace With John Coltrane
2007 in the Mix, Part Three: Think Locally, Listen Globally
Lupe Fiasco “Quits Music” For Even Less Profitable Field
Fan Suing Motley Crue
Eminem Courted By Diet Company To Relinquish What Little Dignity He Has Left
Daytrotter Compliments Wolfgang’s Vault
Our Advertisers Are All About Nit-Picking Critics’ Lists
What Does Barack Obama Have In Common With The Insane Clown Posse?
Diddy’s Latest Sample: Genius Or Horrifying?
Radiohead on BBC Radio 1
The New York City Rhythms Of “Taxi Driver”
Advances In Neurosurgery Allow Young Woman To “Enjoy” Sean Paul’s Music Once Again
Looking Back On A Week When We Finally Put 2007 To Bed
Paula Abdul Is Not Really Making Her New Single Her Own
Internet Assholes Almost Cause Nate Dogg To Have Second Stroke
Debbie Gibson To Save Future Pop Starlets From A Fate Worse Than Britney
Two Very Different Interviews With Scritti Politti
Has The MP3 Killed A Uniquely Jamaican Musical Experience?
Thanks To The Celestial-Jukebox Age, You Can Hear Carly Hennessy Sing Days Before She Appears On “American Idol”
“No Depression” Stands Athwart Music History
Rihanna Once Again Gives Us Good Dreams
Do The Mars Volta Have Naked Pictures Of Doug Morris?
Diddy Back On The Assistant Hunt, This Time Without YouTube’s Help
Favorite Maxi-Singles from the 80s and 90s
Amy Winehouse Will Make It To The Grammys–But Will She Sing?
“American Idol” Promotes Global Brotherhood, Shaky Singing
Mouse On Mars Get A Little Froggy
2007 In The Mix: R&B Goes Disco, The Ladies Of Country, Forward Into The Past, And More
Mark Ronson Wants to Lay Down Holiday Tunes with Amy Winehouse
Scott Ian of Anthrax has Suicide Girls Column
Ike Turner Died of Too Much Cocaine
Travis Barker Will Not Be Remixing Rockstar Energy Drink’s Jingles Anytime Soon
Beyoncé to Perform at Grammys
Surprise: Presidential Candidates May Have A Superficial View Of Their Campaign Songs’ True Meanings
Taylor Swift Has Surprisingly Decent Flow
Heckuva Job, Brownie: Chris B. Has A Good Week On The Hot 100
Finally, Someone With A Sorta Optimistic View Of The Music Industry
Download Radiohead’s Tiny-Venue Show
Listen to Rick Juzwiak’s New Playlist
Tiger Trap Warm Up A Chilly Day
Diddy Assistant Search
Last Night’s Top “Idol” Contender: Another Ringer?
Hannah Montana Concert at MGM Grand in Las Vegas
Making History All Over Again… And Rewriting It A Little, Too
China: Where The Streets Are Paved With Ex-Members Of Take That
Limited Radiohead In-Store Meet
Project X Pits The Family Against The Critics
For About The Cost Of One Month’s Rent, You Can Sponsor A Chubby Punchline Rapper Of Your Own
Entering The (In-Studio) Wayback Machine With Faith No More
Parsing The Pop: Chuck Eddy’s 150-Album Top 10
Grammy Producers To WGA: “Please Grant Us A Waiver For The Children”
The Rolling Stones Flee EMI For Universal’s Greener Pastures
Coachella: The Rumormongering Rages On!
IODA’s Message to Labels
Parsing the Pop: Categorical Errors, Sez They
Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom?
Paula Abdul’s Stalker Revealed: Apparently, He Does This Sort Of Thing For A Living
Timbaland Masterminds The World’s “Sexiest” Bank Robbery (Or Something)
Jim Jones Would Like You To Know His Pecs Are All-Natural
Alicia Keys Is Fallin’ Into The Album Chart’s No. 1 Spot
George Michael to Write Memoir
2007 In The Mix: Idolator Pop ’07 Gets Personal
More EMI Plans: Could Coldplay’s Next Album Be Sponsored By Prozac?
Albumbase Still Texting Subscribers
Indie Rocker And Emo Doofus Want You To Get Out And Vote For The Guy You Were Probably Gonna Vote For Anyway
Simon Cowell Will Get Your Ass Elected To Higher Office
Panic At The Disco’s Punctuation
In Flames Go Feral And Freudian In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Ticketmaster Acquires TicketsNow
The Grammys: They May Be Even Less Exciting Than The Golden Globes
Is 2008 The Year The Bottom Falls Out Of The U.S. Festival Market?
EMI Plans To Maximize The Potential Of Artists, Minimize Its Roster Of Employees
Let’s Do It Again: The 2007 Idolator Pop Critics Poll is Live
Los Planetas Sneak Into Your Galaxy
On ‘American Idol’s Controversy
Tribute-Video Community Insists that Jane Austen Can Be Sexy
There’s A Festival Coming To The NYC Area, But Don’t You Dare Call It “Coachella East”
The Jonas Brothers Are Just Asking For It
This Robyn Remix Packs Quite A Punch
Travis Barker Forces Existential Crisis With Boring Drum Covers On YouTube
‘High School Musical 3′ Coming to Theaters
Courtney Love Is Not Vain At All
Enraged Bjork Rips One (Photographer) In New Zealand
Steely Dan: One Of The Greatest Bands Of The ’70s Or Music That Will Rot Your Teeth?
U-God Suing Wu Music Group
SOHH’s Bump in Traffic
Musicians May Be Trading Their Personal Trainers For Steroids