Archives: February, 2008

The Roots (Literally) Light It Up
<em>Maxim</em> Writer Says Those Infamous Two-And-A-Half Circles Were Added To His Previews After The Fact
Your Sadie Hawkins Day Dance Playlist: The No. 1 Hits Of Leap Days Past
Our Advertisers Are All About Authenticity In Rock Music
If You Want A Piece Of Lou Pearlman, You Can Find One On eBay
Part 1: Ambient Synths And Fedora-Wearing Dudes
Next Have A Ball
Alexandrea Lushington: In Memoriam
Looking Back On A Week Of Educated Guesses And Too Many Dead Folks
Chavez Hears The Roar Of The (Possibly Imaginary) Crowd
Jay-Z And Mary J. Ask You To Give Thanks And Praises
Ministry Visits The Land Of Rape And Hockey
Lil Jon’s Winery: Really?
Gnarls Barkley Take It Back To ’84 (And Possibly ’64?)
The White Stripes And Flo Rida: They’re Both No. 1!*
Beach House Load Up The Shopping Cart
Concert Business To Become Even More Tightly Knit
Courtney Love: “ive done LOADS of things with LOADS OF STADIUM ROCKERS”
Michael Jackson: Kinda Screwed Either Way?
“Idol” Contestants To Get A Little Help From The Beatles
EMI Chief Not Very Fond Of His A & R Department’s Efficiency Rate
“American Idol” Makes Its Great Escape From The ’70s
Can You Help Figure Out This Mystery Song Before A Reader Goes Insane (Us Too)?
Mike Smith Of The Dave Clark Five, R.I.P.
Operation MySpace Attempts To Turn Carlos Mencia Into “Bob Hope 2.0″
Just A Reminder
The NME Shockwaves Awards: Those Brits Sure Do Like The Arctic Monkeys
Is Stephin Merritt Absolutely Cuckoo For Spearmint And Wintergreen?
Yes, It’s Come To This: A Video Of Miley Cyrus Drinking Ketchup
Non-Profit Group Attempts To Get Dead Prez And Hippie Students Off The Hook For Riot
Search/Rescue Can’t Be Saved In Our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
What We All Missed At Monday Night’s Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Awards
Mariah Carey And Unicorns: Every Geek’s Fantasy(?)
Jay-Z’s New Video Will Leave You Squinty
Nas Is The Latest Artist To Feel The 2 1/2-Star Sting Of <em>Maxim</em>’s “Educated-Guess Previews”
David Hernandez And Chikezie Roll Through The ’70s
Michael Jackson’s Loss May Be Your 2,800-Acre Gain
CNN Reclassifies Black Crowes As “Grunge,” Remains Blissfully Ignorant Of The Concept Of “Irony”
Buddy Miles, R.I.P.
Paula Abdul’s New Video Has No Tomorrow On MTV
Digital Music Startups Claim That Majors Are Forcing Them Into A Life Of Breakin’ The Law
“Don’t Forget The Lyrics” Flexes Its Soundscan Muscle
Stephen King And The Coug Prepare To Horrify Theatergoers With Haunted Pink Houses
Jay Leno May Get Dragged Into The Music Business
Andrew WK: Man Of Many Words (About Records, Fellatio, And Long Island Guitar Heroines)
Kim Jong Il Caught Painting “Clapton 는 신이다” On Ministry Of Culture
Big Head Todd Gives Away Half A Million Records, Some Of Which May Have Even Been Listened To
South By Southwest 2008: Let The Bottle-Service-Fed Jerks Descend!
Estelle Meets An American Boy (And It’s Kanye)
Perez Hilton’s Imprint With Warner: Slightly Less Wasteful Than Setting A Pile Of Cash On Fire?
Project X Gets Festive With The Legacy Of John Peel
Martina Topley-Bird Will Catch Whatever You Throw Her Way
Larry Norman, R.I.P.
The Internet Gets Rick (Springfield) Rolled
Madonna Officially Out Of Ideas
Gene Simmons Now Claiming He’s Been Having Passionless, Unnerving Sex For Decades
Busted Get Sued, Remind Us They Existed
Maxim To The Black Crowes: “Sorry About That Sorta-Bad Review”
Steve “Static Major” Garrett, R.I.P.
Will Ozzfest Be Revamped Into A Coachella For Metalheads?
iTunes Becomes No. 2 Music Retailer Despite Majors’ Efforts
Would You Willingly Refer To Yourself As A “Danny’s Fanny”?
North African Metalheads Search For A Space Where They Can Enjoy The Work Of Dave Mustaine In Peace
Fake Record-Collection Buyer Speaks, Claims That Someone Spoofed His Login
Ireland Enters Turkey In Eurovision Song Contest, Idolators’ Grandparents Roll Over In Their Graves
The Oscars’ Best Song Winner: After These Messages, We’ll Make You Say “Awwwww”
Dr. Dre Wants To Get You <s>High</s> Drunk (But Asks That You Enjoy Responsibly)
Science Asks (Again): Does The Rap Music Make You Hate Women?
The Virgin Festival: Finally, A Music Fest Without Jack Johnson On Its Bill (Maybe)
The Sasquatch! Festival Brings “120 Minutes” Back
Soulja Boy-Related Instructional Videos Branch Out Into Song-Creation Tutorials
The Velvet Underground Are Old Before Their Time
The Van Halen Cancellations: Is It The Weather, Or Are Things Stormy Within The Band?
Some Dude <s>DJ Kool Herc</s> Wants Billions In Slave Trade Reparations From Jay-Z And Associates
Concert Organizers Hoping That Led Zeppelin Will Re-Reunite In The Name Of World Peace
Joe Gibbs, R.I.P.
<em>Mario Paint</em> Brings English Comedians, Avant-Garde Composers, And Brian Wilson Together At Last
Music Bloggers’ Inability To Not Hit “Reply To All” Remains Unparalleled
Amy Davis’ Next Move: Letting The World Know That She Has A Nice Rack
Our Advertisers Thought Garrett Haley Was Really Dreamy
Tower Records Japan Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Boost Record Sales
“Spin” Enters The Vampire Weekend Debate
“Don’t Forget The Lyrics” Brings In Ringers
Title Of Motley Crue’s New Album May Be Indicative Of Band’s Current Level Of Creativity
Looking Back On A Week Of Closings, Scams, And Deeply Unappealing Sex Acts
At “Maxim,” Music Writing Is So Easy It Can Be Done Without Actually Hearing The Music In Question
Journey’s Newest Lead Singer Eschews Contractually Obligated Mullet For Equally Regrettable Goatee, Decent Pipes
Huge Record Collection’s Alleged Buyer May Be Getting Some Very Negative eBay Feedback Soon
It’s Been Three Years Since Tom DeLonge Was The Least Bit Tolerable
Teo Macero, R.I.P.
An Amy Winehouse Hit (No, Not That One) Gets A Second Chart Life
Huge Record Collection Sells For $3 Million And Change
Paramore Lead Singer Asserts That Band Is Not Breaking Up, Uses Unfortunate “Juno” Quote
RIAA: Murderers, Terrorists, And Other Criminal Minds May Be Graduating To Pirating Music
Sixth Grade Teacher Corrupts Student iPods With Specially Designed Suicide Playlist
Carly Smithson Explains Herself (Sort Of)
Michael Jackson’s Label Not All That Thrilled With “Billboard” Chart Rules
“American Idol” Continues Its Long Trip Through The ’60s
Tonight’s “American Idol” Eliminations: Hey, Why Don’t We Semi-Liveblog This?
Paramore Lead Singer’s Cryptic Blog Post Sends Fans Crying Into Their Orange Hair Dye
All Points West Festival Banking On Hopes That There Are Lots Of Radiohead And Jack Johnson Fans Out There
Foreigner Keeps Its Name In The News, Inks Sponsorship Deal With AARP
Soulja Boy’s Newest Venture Inspires Many IMs Consisting Solely Of The Word “Shooooooooeeeeeeesssss”
Justice Of The Unicorns Envision A Magic Marker Rapture In Our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Relive The Magical Process That Was Making Records In The 1940s
Mariah Carey’s New Video To Show The Taste, Restraint, And Pitch-Perfect Humor That Brett Ratner Is Known For
Vivendi Rolls Out Its All-You-Can-Eat Music Plan (On Phones)
“Vibe” Stylists Make An Off The Wall Decision For Janet’s Cover Shoot
What Radio Rock Hopefuls Will Get To Say “Thanks For The Add”?
How To Save Fuse, Part I: Look Across The Street
Associated Press Discovers 1980s Happened Upwards Of Two Decades Ago, ’80s Music Enjoyed By Old And Infirm
Rihanna’s Handlers Still Trying To Turn “Umbrella” Into The Ultimate Mash-Up Fodder
Headlights Dream Of Enchantment Under The Sea
Gene Simmons’ Sex Playlist: What’s His Butt-Rock Backup Tune When It’s Time To Get His Tongue Waggling?
Jason Castro Gets The “American Idol” Audience Daydreaming
Busta Rhymes Has Something He’d Like To Apologize For
MySpace’s Music Venture: It Still Won’t Prevent You From Band Spam
Herbie Hancock Still Has A Lot To Smile About
“American Idol” Encourages Americans To Be Somewhat Interested In Mika
Mr. Versatile Says Om Nom Nom
“Lily Allen And Friends” Still Not Forming Many Bonds With Viewers
Usher Calls For The Waaaahmbulance With A Little Help From Ne-Yo
A Music-Industry Captain Drops Some Science For The Masses
Guy Named Paul Who Appeared On The Cover Of “Abbey Road” Is Dead
Will Nas’ New Album Hit Stores With Its Title Intact?
Demonoid Raises Its Cute Little Head Once Again
“No Depression” To Shut Down After Next Issue
Scientists Discover Singing, Dancing, Scatting Prehistoric “Devil Toad”
“Vibe” Takes On The Big And Small Screens
Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” Video: “They’re Gonna Get It, People Who Are Thinkers”
TVT Fires Most Of Its Staff, Is Expected To File Chapter 11
The “American Idol” Round Of 24 Has Started Singing — But Where’s Carly Smithson?
People Really Will Do Anything For Radiohead Tickets
How To Save The Music Biz: “Be More Like The NASCAR”
Girls Aloud Would Like To Powder Your Wig
Long Island Ass Monkeys Just Wanna Make Love For Foo
We Read The Comments On Trent Reznor’s “Ha Ha, TVT Is Toast” Post So You Don’t Have To
Kelly Clarkson Fans Fight Clive Davis With Rudimentary Understanding Of Editing Software
The Flatmates Are Now Being Used To Sell Flats (And Heels And Wedges, Too)
New Zealand’s Singles Chart Has Its Own Set Of Dog Days
“Daydream Nation” Art Goes On The Auction Block
Andre 3000 To Finally Bring 19th Century Anglophilia To Hip-Hop
Rihanna To Break Out The Glowsticks At The Brit Awards
Project X Goes To England
The Lordi Movie: It May Be Slightly More Of A Flop Than The t.A.T.u. Movie
Billy Joel’s Shea Stadium Ticketing Snafu May Make Him The New Hannah Montana
This Just In: R. Kelly Sleeps With Legal Adult, Parents Pissed
The Wu-Tang Clan Needs To Take It Back (“It” Being Their Shared Copy Of After Effects)
Five Years After The Great White Fire: Settlements And Benefit Shows
Nicole Scherzinger Gives Up?
How A Fake Daft Punk Track Became The Biggest Record In The World (Until It Got Outed)
Flo Rida And Timbaland Are Trying To Push Your Buttons
How Much Would You Spend For Six Million Songs? (Hint: $50 Million May Not Be Enough)
Top 5 Band Logos Missing From The 25 “Best Band Logos”
Utah Saints Hope That Something Good Is Gonna Happen To Them (In 2008)
Dead Prez Show Turns Normally Apathetic College Students Into Cop-Flipping Maniacs
Michael Stipe Standing In The Place Where He Lives (With A Little Help)
Justice Wish You A Very Unsettling Birthday
Our Advertisers Are Swooning Over The Ghost Of Frank Sinatra
Band To Downloaders: “If You’re Going To Screw Us, At Least Do Something Nice For Someone Else”
Prodigy: Laid Up In The Hospital Or “Getting That Show Bread”?
This Just In: People Working In The Music Business May Have Done Copious Amounts Of Drugs
Yoko Ono Says She Is <em>Not</em> Suing Lennon Murphy
Looking Back On A Week When We Survived The Grammys, The Flu, And Other Plagues
Artists Sue Universal Music Group For Unpaid Royalties
Public’s Interest In Music-Related Television Waning Almost As Quickly As Public’s Interest In Music
“Idol” Producer Claims That Show Revealed Carly Smithson’s Past Life As Carly Hennessy
Can You Tell The Real “MySpace Trends” Apart From The Fake Ones?
T-Pain Is N Luv Wit <s>A Strippa</s> The Angry American
The Top Five Songs That Need To Be On The Aerosmith “Guitar Hero”
Village People Hoping That Web Sheriff Can Stop The Music (From Being Traded On The Pirate Bay)
Workin’ On A Mystery: Tom Petty Is This Week’s Stealth Chart Star
Josiah Leming: In Memoriam
Self-Styled “Voice Of Romance” Ready To Sing To You From A Musical Chocolate Box
Living In The Dark Age Of Music-Magazine Covers
Live Nation And Citi Team Up To Barrage Concertgoers With More Opportunities To Get Into Debt
“Finding t.A.T.u.”: The Excitement Continues!
Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” Video: What Happens Next?
Enjoy Destroy Has Its Tour Van’s Design All Picked Out
Feist Has Nothing In Particular To Say About That iPod Commercial
Borders Hoping To Get People Excited About Buying Music In Stores Again
Jonas Brothers Latest Artists To Possibly Bring Down EMI
Can A Good Cover Rescue A Song From Drowning In Its Bad Production?
“Rock Star” Producer Looking To Take Another Trip To Pretty Vegas
Would You Pay A Premium For Fresh-From-The-Oven Music?
Ted Nugent Wants To Turn Your Online Searches Into A Quest For Real, Live Animal Meat
Everything “American Idol” Does, The Show Does It For You
Lennon To Ono: Thanks For Ruining My Mother’s Legacy With Your Lawsuit
The Rothbury Festival: Finally, The Disco Biscuits And The Juan Maclean Will Share A Bill
The 2008 “American Idol” Top 24: The Spoilers Were Pretty Much Right On
Aretha Franklin More Annoyed With Grammy Writers Than We Are
Jack Johnson Wakes Up The Chart (Kinda)
Michael Stipe Leads His Band On A Field Trip Downtown
Mariah Carey’s Game Of Whack-A-Mole Continues
Idolator’s Guide To New Reality Shows Featuring The Hip-Hop Stars Of Yesteryear
Axl Rose’s People Just Getting Around To Letting World Know That He Can Be A Good Guy
Dude N Nem Throw A Polka Party
Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” Video Full Of Fire, Cleavage, And Implied Violence
Vince Neil And Nikki Sixx Shooting Each Other Looks That Kill
Rock Critics Escape From Behind Keyboards Onto Late Night TV, WGA Strike Ends
Stone Temple Pilots To Bring The ’90s Back To Ohio
Music Magazine Publisher Will Continue Publishing Music Magazines Until Destitute
Grammy Producers Allowing Millions Of Americans Who Missed The Show To Catch Up Via YouTube
Pirate Bay Captain Speaks, BitTerrorists Swab YouTube’s Deck In His Honor
Slash: Not Particularly Enthused For <em>Chinese Democracy</em>
UK Lawmakers Finally Getting Around To That Illegal Downloading Thing
Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of “Thriller” With This Delightfully Fergie-Free Homage
Mariah Carey Comes Down Hard On Music Blogger
Late ’90s Soft-Rock Faves Put Deep Blue Nail In Reunion Tour Market’s Coffin
Daryl Hall Joins Gym Class Heroes’ Crusade To Taint ’80s Pop Favorites