Archives: March, 2008

Ellen Page Sings Diablo Cody’s ‘Zub Zub’ On Soundtrack Sequel
Keith Richards In “I’ve Got Some Really Good Hash!” Shocker
Scam Artists Assault Club Owners With False Promises Of Tone Loc and Dio
Pop-Punk Legends Drop A Stealth Hit On Rock Radio
Blind-Item Break: Which Hip-Hop Mogul Was Cursing The Southern State Parkway’s Lack Of Rest Stops?
R.E.M. Has Critics Racing For Their Memories
Slash Finally Realizes Weiland Is Velvet Revolver’s Weakest Link
Five Songs That Will Get Taken Out At Your Next Ballgame, Whether You Like Them Or Not
R.I.P. Sean LeVert
U2 Signs With Live Nation, Forces World To Imagine What Bono Will Look Like In 2021
Closing The Book On “Harp”
A Foreign Emo Feud You Can Comfortably Laugh About
Rapper Papoose To Marry Remy Ma in Jail, Punch Fat Joe in the Face (Again)
Leona Lewis To Be Offered Potentially Ginormous Recording Deal For Reasons No Mortal Could Fathom
Stephen Malkmus Discusses Pavement, Urban Dictionary on Fox News
Cartoonists With Theremins, Teenage Symphonies, Bawdy Brits, And <em>Simpsons</em> Scratching
Itinerant Bruce Springsteen Eludes A Collabo-Hungry Nelly
Get Ready For David Cook To Rip Off Jack White On Tomorrow’s “American Idol”
Universal Music Group And Wal-Mart Present World With Another Reason To Bury Its CDs
“NME” Still Trying To Make Up For That “Led Zeppelin Playing Bonnaroo” Gaffe
Jackie Chan And A Cat That Has Super-Flanged Claws
Our Advertisers Are Going To Embody Roller Boogie This Weekend
Hot Chip Has Already Released The Best Album Of 2008, So The Rest Of You Can Just Give Up
Shock G Reveals That Tupac Was Into Orgies, Basketball, Putting the Satin On Your Panties
Chikezie And The Pips: So Unfunny, A Caveman Could Have Written A Better Skit
Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself
Looking Back On A Week When We Just Wanted To Enjoy A Refreshing Beverage
Dru Hill Give This Reunion Thing Another Go
K-Mart: Your Source For $254.99 Rap CDs With “Tougher-Than-Leather Flows That Holler Down Faggots”
Hey, Van Halen Sold A Lot of Records After Dave Left
New Blu & Exile Video Puts Rhymefest’s Entire Career In Question
Lils Mama And Weezy Make Big Moves, Shake Up Top 10
Music Executives Discuss Another Hair-Brained Scheme To Save The Industry
Is Axl Rose Getting Ready To Throw A “Free Soda” Party?
Anti-Emo Brutality In Mexico: It May Get Worse
Chart-Watchers To Queen Of All Media: We Shall Never Doubt You Again
19th-Century Recording Prepares To Be Remixed By Every Clever DJ In Existence
T.I. Expected To Plead Guilty In Weapons Case
The Game Still Dreaming That Other Rappers Respect Him
“America’s Next Top Model” Makes Music Fierce Again
Tuscadero Prepare For A Pillow Fight
Beyonce Dreams About Singing On “Dance Party USA”
Why Buy Digitally Recorded Albums On Vinyl?
Liars Provide Latest “<i>They</i> used <i>Them?</i>” Ad Homina-Homina
Everything You Wanted To Know About Bob Lefsetz (But Were Afraid To Ask Because All-Caps Comes Off LIKE YELLING)
God Denies Fall Out Boy Guinness World Record, Chance To Twirl In Front Of Penguins
Dear John Mayer: I Admit It–I’m Pretty Jealous Of Your Life
Kanye Accused Of Stealing “Good Life” From The Legendary D’Mystro
Diddy Didn’t Do It: “Dude Was Duped,” Demur “LA Times” Dinks
Duran Duran: Dressing Like Kraftwerk, Bantering Like Late-Period Spinal Tap
We’re All Living In Danity Kane’s Dollhouse Now
Wayne Kramer Will Kick Out The Jams With Just About Anyone
The Jonas Brothers Go Through The Looking Glass
Axl Rose Is Not Entirely Selfish When It Comes To Sharing His Soda
“American Idol” Sends Chikezie To The Showers
Axl Rose Could Buy The Country A Soda If He’d Just Release His Damn Album Already
Blind-Item Bloat: Which Pop Star Is Begging To Be A Bond Girl?
Guest Blogger Plans On Doing It All For The Nookie
“American Idol” Is Starting To Believe That David Cook Is The One
Warped Tour To Bring Dozens of Horrifying Band Names To Your Town
Three Hours Of Classic Rock Radio (And A Few Primates) Boiled Down To Five Minutes Of Mind-Bending Video
Patrick “The White Akon” Stump Yanked From Roots Album
Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin: The True Face Of Atheism
Five Musical Genres You May Have Forgotten To Miss
New Online Mixtape Site Hopes That It Doesn’t Get Recorded Over By Rights Issues
Fred Durst, Ice Cube Seek to Provide Positive Role Models for Young Women
Single Spinning Crackling Finns, Acidic Brooklynites, And Billy Joel (Sorta)
Time To Get With The Charlie Wilson Program, People
Britney Tries A TV Channel Other Than E! For A Change
“NME” Attempts To Establish Its Brand In US By Piggybacking Off Other Brands
Project X Spins Top 35 Rock Lists Compiled By “Spin”
America Falls For Kristy Lee Cook’s Patriotism Gambit
Today’s Great Moment In Press Release History
Smashing Pumpkins Apparently Have “Artistic Integrity”
Dear Michael Johns: The “American Idol” Viewers Who Were Born In The ’70s (Like You) Support You
The Jonas Brothers And David Archuleta Fight For The Hearts Of America’s People Meter-Equipped Tweens
Rick Astley, “Family Guy” Fan
Credit Crunch Puts Clear Channel Buyout In Limbo
Sled Island Festival Continues Canada’s “A Festival For Every Province” Mandate
“Idol” Spoilers!
Shocking News: Record Stores Keep Closing
Classic Rock And Christian Metal: A Combination That Will Destroy Us All
The Rolling Stones Look To Escape EMI’s Sinking Ship
Record Labels Realize That Putting Long-Delayed Albums In Stores May Boost Sagging Sales
Environmentalism Is New/Old Tiresome Trend In Music
For Once, We’re Going To Value Your Input (Don’t Screw It Up)
You Wrote It, You Watch It: Prince On Solid Gold
The Raconteurs’ Plans For A Sneak Attack Were Foiled By Retail
Mungolian Jet Set’s Ostentatious Folk-Rock-Jazz-Disco And The Return Of “Balaeric”
George Michael Will Not Be Shaking His Booty During His American Tour
Panic At The Disco Let The Strings Come In
Songkick’s “Battle Of The Bands” Gives Internet-Beloved Artists A Chance To Shine
“American Idol” Prepares To Make Us All Feel Old
Soulja Boy’s Potential Assassin Finds Supporters In Local Comment Section
The Jacksons Are Not Running A Victory Lap At All
So Much For Velvet Revolver Opening Up For Led Zeppelin
Music Writing Job Opportunities: Yes, There May Be Some (Or At Least One) Out There
Gigantic Music Collection Heads Back To The Auction Block
Bob Lefsetz Is Feeling Defensive (And Maybe Old)
The Miley Ray Cyrus At Lollapalooza Rumor: Ha Ha… Ha?
Paramore Split Up The Screen In Their New Video
Is Anyone Really Surprised By The “Wikipedia Trumps MySpace For Band Info” Story?
Lock Up Your Daughters: The Pussycat Dolls Are Coming Back
“I Want Barack” Gives World A Will.I.Am-Free Obama Tribute
Big Boi And Andre 3000 Try To Erase The Memory Of “Idlewild”
Kylie Minogue Apparently Needs MIMS To Show America Why She’s Hot
Elvis Costello Continues A Series Of Curious Career Moves
I’ve Officially Lost Touch With Urban Youth Culture
Our Advertisers Know What The U.S.S.R. Is
The Legacy Of Elvis Must Be Defended!
Will Gnarls Barkley’s Rush Release Help Them Run Off With The Album Chart’s Top Spot?
Lyor Cohen Gets A Raise, World Officially Insane
Tokio Hotel: Standing In The Way Of Great Art In More Ways Than One
Looking Back On A Week That Didn’t Quite Go According To Plan
One Man’s Innovative Tour Is Another Man’s Depressing Career Move
Kylie Vs. MIMS, Part 2: Now With Actual Sound
Idolator’s Good Friday Christian-Rock Tribute: Joy Electric
Please, Save The Washington Nationals From Themselves (Musically)
I Take It Back: “Rock The Cradle” Is A Great Idea
Attention Ladies: Keith Sweat Is Back
Pop-Punk: Dead Or Not? (Depends On Your Definition)
iTunes Leaks Raconteurs Album, Apple Switchboard Prepares For The Worst
It’s Alright, ‘Na (She’s Only “Bleeding”): Leona Lewis Vaults Past Mariah
Bamboozle Organizers Just Messing With Everyone At This Point
“Spin” Reunites With R.E.M.
Hannah Montana’s Killing Spree: It’s Not Over Yet
Greezy Balls, Lonesome Thugs, Orlando Christians, Timid Midwestern Roots Schlock, And “Scotland’s Only Tank Regiment”
Jay-Z Does Not Come Cheap (Especially By 2008 Standards)
Amanda Overmyer: In Memoriam
Motley Crue’s Summer Tour May Be A Bit More Twee Than Anyone Could Expect
Don’t Get Too Sad About Amanda Overmyer’s Elimination From “American Idol”
“Guitar Hero”: Already Over?
“Entertainment Weekly” Makes A Grab For Those Indie Rock Pageviews
The Feelies To Bring Their Crazy Rhythms Back This Summer
Music Blogging’s “Hack” Quotient To Increase Exponentially
T.I. Now Has Reason To Believe In The Easter Bunny
Doin’ It All For My Babybel
Majors And Apple Looking To Open An All-You-Can-Hear Buffet
Ashlee Simpson Wipes The Inkblots From Her Slate
Leona Lewis Gets Touched By An Oprah
John Mayer Files A Bug Report
“American Idol” And The Sound Of Many Broken Wings Flapping
Motley Crue’s “Colossal” Announcement May Be Just As Much Of A Letdown As We Thought
Getting Urgent With Johnny Foreigner
Rick Ross Is Making Dollars
“Idol” Grunge Guy May Be Even More Of A Hack Than Previously Thought
“Miss Rap Supreme” Brings In A Ringer
New LCD Soundsystem Video Looks Slightly Familiar
Hey, Hip-Hop Fans, Remember 1990?
Who Will Replace Kelefa Sanneh At The NYT?
Ida Maria Gets Exclamatory
This Is Nowhere Stakes Its Claim, Uh, Somewhere
College Shock Jocks Have Not Yet Learned That Radio Nudity Isn’t Really “Edgy”
“Idol” Contestants May Get Judged (Or Serenaded) By Mariah Carey
Don’t Call It A Comeback: Letting More Vinyl Rumors Flow
Beach Boys Purists Have Team To Root Against In This Year’s NCAA Tournament
Pastacore 101 Is Only Three Credits, Does Not Fulfill Your Graduation Requirements
No Bathroom Line For Old Men
Idolator’s Guest-Blogger Is Here Because Texas Messed With Her
Yelle Would Like To See You
Let’s Talk About Sex Some More: Presenting Lil Wayne’s New Condom Ad
The Kurt Cobain Converse: For Those Days When Your Doc Martens Need To Be Aired Out
Sparks Are Not Starting Any Sort Of Beef With Morrissey
Tut Tut Is Watching Every Move You Make
Great Moments In Synergy: Or, Why Winning On TV May Not Equal Winning In Real Life
Sony BMG’s Future May Be As Uncertain As Music Business’ Future
Mile High Festival Hopes To Differentiate Itself From The Pack By Having Dave Matthews, John Mayer On Its Bill
Fall Out Boy Wondering If “Hello, Antarctica!” Has A Nice Ring To It
The “Raconteurs Model”: Is It Aimed At Preventing Leaks Or Muzzling Music Critics? (Or Both?)
Gnarls Barkley To Raconteurs: Anything You Can Do We Can Do Better (Maybe)
Warner Music Group: More Like The Bluth Company All The Time
The Last Day: When The Questions Posed Six Months Ago Still Linger
Wal-Mart Not Thrilled With Pepsi’s Free Downloads
Starbucks Screwing Up Just Like A Real Record Store
Who Was Involved In Tupac’s 1994 Shooting? Maybe These Guys?
The New R.E.M. Accelerates Past Its Release Date To The Web
Motley Crue’s “Colossal” Announcement: What Could It Be?
Jack White To Industry: Oh Yeah? Well, Watch This
What Will Take For This Man To Get Fired?
Mikey Dread, R.I.P.
Clear Channel Will Stop You From Enjoying Radio In Any Form
Jason Mraz Saves Atlantic Records A Lot Of Money In The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race
Even After His Divorce Settlement, Paul McCartney Has More Money Than Everyone Who Reads Music Blogs Put Together
Adventures In Imagination: The $5 Download Fee
Phyllis Schlafly Still Alive, Not A Kimya Dawson Fan
Only Mission Of Burma Can Save Us From Certain Festival-Related Blogging Fates
Kate Nash Thinks One Lousy Record Entitles Her To An Opinion
The Sitka Summer Music Festival May Be As Disappointing As Coachella
Madonna’s Blatant Attempt At Channeling The Nuge Will Not Go Unnoticed By The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Selection Committee
Seeing The {{{Sunset}}} From The East Side
Day Three: In Which It Is Safe To Enter The Convention Center Once Again
“Harp” Shutting Its Doors
No Age’s Balancing Act
Sperm-For-Tickets Website Unable To Handle Load Of Requests From Spunky Hopefuls
Overnight Somehow, R.E.M. Are Now Irish
Rock Radio Takes A Number One That Leaves A Puddle
Rick Ross, I Might Owe You An Apology
Our Advertisers Are Trying To Be Nowhere Near Texas Right Now
Kid Rock Has No Beef With Waffle House, Its Patrons, Waitresses, Or Delicious Patty Melts
It’s A Tough Day To Be Boney James
Mussels Make Us Happy As A Clam
Day Two: Straying Far From Sixth Street
Adorable: The Band, Not The Adjective
Trent Reznor Sez Radiohead Didn’t Really <i>Mean It</i> (At Least Enough To Satisfy Him)
Back To The Skanky Dance Troupe With You, Nicole
The National Bank Bring The Neo-Yacht Rock
Welcome to 1997: A Roni Size Update
Stream Tomorrow’s Hits Today With Neon Neon
The Judy’s Continue To Haunt The Hearts And Minds Of Texas Music Fans
Mike Patton Flubs An Opportunity To Do The Ed Lover Dance
Bonkers For Buckley: America’s Dead Idol
At This Pace, It’ll All Be Kids Music Before Long
Trick Daddy, The Rap World Misses You
Well-Loved Mumbler Of Standards Gets Shanghaied
Eddie Is a Zune Man
Trent Reznor: (Purportedly) Getting That Paper
MTV And Guy With Taste Part Ways
“American Idol” Says “Hello, Goodbye” To David Hernandez
One Irritating Song Is All It Takes To Get An Award These Days
Cartoon Cyber-Britney Sent From Future To Replace Faulty Flesh And Blood Model
Day One: Bad Flags And Even Worse Pick-Up Lines
Gorilla Vs. Bear Vs. Booze Vs. The Urge To Dance Vs. Photographers
Kirsten Ketsjer Is A Rock Band, Not A Person In A Rock Band
The Future Sounds Of London Sound The Beginning Of Spring
Metalheads Take Anti-Emo Hatred To Illogical Extreme South Of The Border
Billboard Does The Math On iTunes