Archives: May, 2008

Least Shocking News Ever: Outlook For Warner Music Lousy
“Rolling Stone” Picks Up Its Well-Worn Six-String
Tyga, “Coconut Juice”
Kid Rock, “All Summer Long”
Madonna: Who Needs Album Sales When You Have Dubai?
Pete Wentz Wants Our Help
Idolator’s 2008 Summer Jam Tournament Gets A Bit Hands-On
Cisco Adler Must Have Compromising Pictures Of Judy McGrath
Seven Songs That Are Way More Fun To Drive Around To Than “Mr. Brightside”
Live Nation Continues Its Quest To Own You, Sets Up A Facebook Page
50 Cent’s House Burns Down
Courtney Love Tries To Break Alt-Rock Stranglehold On Female Bass Players
Helping Pete Wentz, Part Two
Rihanna – “Disturbia”
Prepare Yourself For The Schedule, Smell Of Bonnaroo
DeRogatis Gets To Testify Like A Real Journalist
Ex-Girlfriend Slams 50 Cent
Metallica May Get Even More Creative With Pricing In The Near Future
John, Paul, George, Ringo, And Cookie: “Idol” Winner Sets (And Sells) Records
Radiohead Vs. Prince In The World Series Of Copyright Law
Be Very Afraid
Gene Simmons: Lover, Fighter, Condoleeza Rice Fan
I Don’t Get The Rolly At All
Rick Ross Makes A Summer Jam With Pharrell? Whuh?
Radiohead Dethrones Nirvana As Kings Of The Modern-Rock List Realm
Alphabeat, “Fascination”
Brooks & Dunn, “Put A Girl In It”
50 Cent Runs Out Of Talentless Friends, Plans MTV Reality Show To Find More
Idolator’s 2008 Summer Jam Tournament Kicks Off With A Battle Between Good Old Boys And Wonky Pop
“New York Post” Photo Department Getting A Little Too Guy Hands-On
Which Unidentified Witness Will Take The Stand On R. Kelly’s Behalf?
How The Mighty Have Fallen, Part XXVII
Idolator Sits Literature At Cambridge, Finds A Scholarly Purpose For AZLyrics.Com
MC Mike Skinner – “The Escapist” Video
“American Idol” Inspires America To Give Back To 19 Entertainment
Ted Nugent Records New NRA Theme Song
Nick Cave Still Wants To Be Bronzed On A Pony
Soundflavor Whittles Your Taste In Music Down To A Small Tag Cloud
Mission: Metallica Offers Revolutionary Pricing Tiers
Clay Aiken (Artificially) Inseminates Someone
Sony Finds A Use For All Those Old Photos In The Basement
Your First Look At Fred Durst And Ice Cube’s <i>The Longshots</i>
L.A. Guns Fires Lead Singer
Kanye West Sits Down For A Very Creepy Dinner
50 Cent Comes And Joins His Fellow Man
Chainsaw-Wielding MCs, Kool-Aid Stealers, Speed Racers, Coloring Time, Fire-Breathing Folkies, And Even More Ringtone Rap
Mariah Carey Brings Her Butterflies And Rainbows (And Some Inappropriate Footwear) To The Baseball Diamond
Van Hagar Spin-Off Could Be The New Led Zeppelin
Jessica Simpson Is Country Now, Y’all!
Simple Minds to Reunite
Time To Cut Back On Expenditures, Chris Botti
You Can’t Stop The RZA From Recalling Past Glories Now
The Irresistable Lure Of Swedish Dance Pop
Happy Birthday, Maura
Earle Hagen, R.I.P.
RIAA Drops Allofmp3 Lawsuit
A Phish Reunion, Trey? So Soon?
Pharrell Achieves Greatest “Moment Of Zen”
T.I. to do Time on MTV
The Red Hot Compilations Make A Comeback
Ace Frehley Plans “Spectacular” Post-Show Meet And Greets
Jackson Hole Music Festival
Little Ladies Love Cool (Clothing By) James? Not Exactly.
This R. Kelly Trial Update Will Not Improve Your View Of Him, Society
So, How Many Albums Will Usher Actually Sell?
The Top Ten Not-Bonos
Gavin Rossdale Gets His David Cook On
My Musical Taste In 1994 To Play For My Children In 2008
Do I Want My “F’N MTV” Hosted By Pete Wentz?
You Might Not Have Trans World To Kick Around For Long
Idolator’s 2008 Summer Jam Tournament: Pick The Song That Will Be Inescapable By This Time Next Month
Second Acts In America, 2008 Edition
Shocker: Motley Crue, Video Games Share An Audience
MTV Buzz Bin Memories
The Ideal Indie Rock Woman: Still Pale, Still Malnourished, Now With Slightly Better Bangs
Usher’s ‘Here I Stand’ Leaks
Usher Takes A Bold Pro-Nightclub Sex Stand
Velvet Revolver Will Not Be Looking For A New Lead Singer On CBS This Summer
Eurovision Gets Timbalanded
Usher Finally Gets A Little Excitable During The Promotion Of His New Album
The Jonas Brothers’ European Vacation: They’re Already Learning So Much
A Blind Item To Make You Shake Your Head And Sigh
Pete Wentz Is The Most Powerful Man In Music
That Edgar Can Sure Run A Record Label!
Idolator Presents: Your Doors News Update
Talking to Sammy Hagar
Will.I.Am Has A Hit In England? How Did This Happen?
Black Kids Give Bernard Butler Another Reason To Go Back Into the Studio
Critics Take Bold Pro-Al Green Stance Launches
The Music Intelligence Quiz Wants To Know: Are You Smarter Than An Icelander?
Bob Lefsetz Thinks Lyor Cohen Is Doing A Great Job!
Hey Internet! How About Some REO Speedwagon?
Kanye West and Co. Sued
New Kids On The Block Have A Brand-New Hit
Wait, Are We Talking About The Same Soul II Soul?
Maura’s Making Me Listen To Alanis
Feliz Cumpleaños, Morrissey
The Sun City Girls’ Alan Bishop Goes To The Movies
Rivers Cuomo Rifles Through YouTube’s “Most Played” List
Usher Braves The Green-Screen Elements
What Is Your Top Summer Jam Of ’08 Candidate?
Slick Rick Pardoned
R. Kelly Should Have Been Careful
Death Cab Bounced Aside By 3 Doors Down
Is David Brooks’ Next Half-Baked Pop Sociology Book Going To Be About The Super-Geeky “A-Punks”?
Common Makes A Summer Jam With Pharrell? Whuh?
Alex James Certain Blur Will Eventually Grab That Reunion Loot
Sonic Youth Reveals Tracklisting For Daring Friend-Curated Hit Comp
Warrant Is Most Definitely Back
Jill Scott Lifts, Separates, Diversifies Her Portfolio
An Avalanche Of A-List Rock Debuts, Topped By The Freakin’ Offspring
Evidence In Jam Master Jay’s Death Belatedly Given To MTV, Possibly Police
David Cook’s Coronation Song: Prepare For the Deluge
Did David Cook’s “American Idol” Win Start The Long, Arduous Process Of Fixing The Show?
Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” Sounds Scarily Like A Hit
Help, Martha Wainwright Has Fallen And She Has No Pants On
Rod Stewart’s Country Dreams Denied By J Records, Devil
A Project X Family Reunion
“Music 2.0″ May Actually Get Some Sort Of Meaning Behind it
My Chemical Romance Fans To Protest “Daily Mail” Emophobia
Ray J Loves All Women’s ‘Gifts,’ Not Just Those Belonging To Strippers/Kardashians
Coldplay’s iTunes Ad Somehow Not Worst Thing On TV
Tinfoil Hat Time: Did The Producers Turn Up David Archuleta’s Screaming-Girl Chorus By Accident?
BMI Awards Big-Up Hall & Oates, Polow Da Don, “Lips Of An Angel”
Judge Tears Up Lou Pearlman’s Heart, Sends Him To Prison For 25 Years
Mike Piazza Retires
Kanye West Does Not Care About North Dakota
Amy Winehouse Goes From Covering Alicia Keys To Opening For Jay-Z
Turbonegro Guitarist Won’t Let Hodgkin’s Stop The Rock
Al Sharpton Pleased with New Nas Album Title
Interscope Plans A Hot Winter, “EW” Flatters Keane
Who Won This Season Of “American Idol”?
Who Won American Idol?
Did The World Really Need A Jazz-Handy Version Of “Yeah”? (And If It Did, Why Was Lil Jon Nowhere To Be Seen?)
Alanis Morrissette’s Self-Fluffing Hair Distracts From Her Latest Ironic Observation
Live-Blogging The “American Idol” Finale, Part II: This, Right Here, Is Our Now
LL Cool J Still Cares About You, Girl
A Plea: David Archuleta Needs To Win “American Idol”
“American Idol”: Killing Gladys Knight For The Sake Of Ratings?
Steven Tyler Checks Into Rehab
Why Ben Kweller Could Have Saved The Year 2002
Katy Perry: Still Trying To Convince The World She Is “Sexy”
On Q-Tip and ‘The Renaissance’
Death Cab For Cutie’s No. 1 Album Inspires Lots Of Stair-Related Metaphors
Tonight’s “American Idol” Finale: Madonna? The Jonases? ZZ Top??
Armchair Sociology, The Chuck Klosterman Way
Jonathan Demme Vs. Martin Scorsese: Who’s The Best Music Doc Director?
“Rolling Stone” Flies With The Eagles
The “American Idol” Poll You’ve Been Waiting For: Which David Delivered Tonight’s Knockout Punch?
Set Your DVRs
The Things We Learned About Neal Schon And Steve Perry
Your “British Singers Talking About Sex” Wrapup
Napster Makes MP3s Available Again, Only This Time You Have To Pay For Them
My Favorite Disc (That I Haven’t Heard Yet)
Scarlett Johansson Can Check “Release An Album” Off Her List Now
Black Mountain Bring Their Evil Ways To The Stage
A Reminder
Coachella: The Canary In The Increasingly Crowded Festival Coal Mine?
Live-Blogging The “American Idol” Finale, Part I: Someone Named David Is Going To Come Out On Top Tonight
Santogold To Critics: Please Listen To My Album Before You Try To Label It
Today In Unsurprising Major-Label Negotiation Tactics
The R. Kelly Trial Is Going To Be As Weird As You Imagined
Busta And I Are Going To Get Cupcakes Later Today
David Cook To Transform Into Bono For 90 Seconds Tonight
AOL: All Your Music Blogs Will Belong To Us
Chris Knox Brings You A Beer
Not Even The Presence Of Soul Asylum Can Prevent Us From Asking “Another Festival? Really?”
Pete Wentz Has A Dream
Bret Michaels Brings The Realness To Miley Cyrus Fans
A YouTube Tribute To Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz
Peering Through The Front Door Of Funky House
Chili’s Radio: Your Prayers Have Been Answered
MTV Pays Belated Tribute To Testament
The t.A.T.u. Movie: It Exists!
All That I Needed Was Zoo: Idolator Shares Breathing Space With New Kids On The Block (And A Few Lesser Pop Lights)
Coldplay Bang Drums, Make Political YouTubes To Help Grandma EMI
“Idol” Powers That Be Weren’t Likin’ It
Miranda Lambert Is The Academy Of Country Music Awards’ Kind Of Crazy
Beck Brings The Sleepy Psychedelia That Half His Fanbase Has Been Craving
Who Fits The “American Idol” Definition Of “The Biggest Star In The World”?
Nas Relents, Changes Album Title To “Nas”
New Found Glory Ape Justice, Feature “Beatdowns” In New Clip
DMX Achieves Lamest Legal Woe Yet
Weiland Dyes…His Hair Before First Big STP Show
Rock Hack Tries To Get In On The “Gaming Google” Act
Liz Phair To Perform <i>Exile In Guyville</i> In Its Entirety
Kenny Chesney Is Not All That Impressed By The Wisdom Of Crowds
TicketMaster May Stop Charging You For The “Convenience” Of Using Your Own Paper And Ink Soon
Former Schoolteacher Gene Simmons Assigns 200-Word Essay On Whores
The Wild Moccasins: Holding It Down For All That Is Right With Local Music Scenes
4 Minutes To Save That Seat
Is Winemouse Worse Than 2 Girls, 1 Cup?
Courtney Love: Weekend Blog Warrior
Courts Don’t Tell RIAA Anything They Want To Hear
Arcade Fire Slowly, Wisely Backing Away From New Richard Kelly Movie
Blender Blog Ready To Step Up (In The Name Of Love)
Today’s Awful Packaging Idea, Courtesy Of Ciara
Taylor Hicks, You’re Breaking My Heart
Michael Stipe Amends “When I First Heard <i>Horses</i>” Story, Acknowledges Foghat
The NME Awards USA Are Not Over For Some
Queens Of The Stone Age Bring Back Memories Of “MTV2 Video Mods”
Miley Cyrus Probably Doesn’t Need More Drama
The New Phone Books Are Here!
GVSB Croaker Scott McCloud Back With Paramount Styles
From Zombies to Ri-Ri: Bonus Hits are Album-Buyer’s Ripoff and Chart Bonanza
Sparks Kick Off Their Discography Run
Lars Ulrich Excited To Give You Something Nutty
Random Comeback Of The Week: The Platters
The BET Awards Promise Big Stars, Big Hits And The Word “Feat.”
New Kids On The Block Drop Some Eightiesex/Oldsounds On “Today”
World’s Most Profitable Cover Act Hits The Road
What Will Death Cab Have To Be Sad About Now?
Your Guns N’ Roses Non-News Update
Lil Kim Wins Lawsuit Against Lil Cease, Will Attempt To Collect $500k
Courtney Love Abandons Linda Perry Album
“Vibe” Gives You A Sweet, Sweet Fantasy Of Access
Dave Grohl On That Letter To Metallica: “I Didn’t Write It, I Dictated It”
The Cure Are Still In Love With You
Pharrell, Santogold, Julian Casablancas United By Converse
Bob Dylan Gives His Blessing To Another Store At The Mall
This Year, “American Idol” Will Be Won By A Dude Named David (But You Knew That Already)
503 More Reasons That Digg Sucks When It Comes To Music-Related Anything
Animoto Edits Your Crappy “Lost” Tribute Videos So You Don’t Have To
Ice-T: Give A Hoot, Read A Book
CBGB Vets Pouring Out For Joey Ramone’s Birthday
Some Of Your Friends Are Already This Sponsored By Denny’s
“Rolling Stone” Tries To Wash That “Hills” Cover From Its Offended Readers’ Memories
Robyn Shows “The View” Her Cobrastyle
Is “Heart Songs” The Worst Weezer Song Yet?
New Sounds Emerge From Loch Ness And The Mormon Tabernacle
50 Cent Could Be Getting Some Fox Attitude
Want To Hear 1,951 People Play “Hey Joe” At The Same Time?
Twee Gets Tough Thanks To Barack Obama, Arcade Fire, Iron Man, You?
Wine: It’s Not Just For Pairing With Classical Music Anymore
David Coverdale Shoots Down Led Zep Rumors, Swears A Lot
Larry Levine, R.I.P.
Norman Cook Seeks Less Dated Moniker Than “Fatboy Slim”
New Fuse Game Show To Bring Musicians And Groupies Together Through The Power Of Trivia
On iTunes and HBO
Maroon 5 And Rihanna Sex-Stare At (Or Next To) Each Other
Remy Ma Manages To Make Her Sentencing All About Her “Facade”
The High School Student, The Actress, Or The Bartender–Who’s Going Home From “Idol” Tonight?
Van Nuys Got 14 Minutes To Save The Weil
Local H Spend A Week Playing Every Song They Ever Recorded
Foo Fighters’ Bid To Get Noticed By Smoking Gun Finally Succeeds
Just What The World Needed: A Younger, Bigger-Voiced (And Female) David Archuleta
Howard Stern Makes Poop Joke, Dolly Parton Upset
Nicole Scherzinger’s Solo Album Officially Dead (For Now)
What Words Do You Think Of When You Think Of Ticketmaster?
N*E*R*D Get Their Cobrasnake On
Art Alexakis & Some Guys Calling Themselves Everclear Escape To Guantanamo Bay
Neil Diamond Finds Temporary Shelter Atop The Album Charts
Coldplay Can’t Be As Cool As Other Major-Label Acts Because They’re On A Major Label
Your R. Kelly Juror Selection Update
Yep, Kanye Might Be Going Completely Insane
Weezer Album Release Date Pushed Up
MTV Networks Getting Ready To Ruin VH1 Classic, Too
If You Could Read His Mind, You’d See This Stamp
David Archuleta Hoping To Show The World That He’s The Chris Brown Of “American Idol”
Ozzfest Clipped To One Day In Dallas, Metallica Stuck Atop Its Lineup
Scooter Turns Assault On Ears Into British No. 1
Glastonbury’s Newest Venue To Inspire Lots Of Lionel Richie Remixes
Inappropriate Bridal Gift Results In Hasty Cancellation Of Papoose-Remy Ma Nuptials
Miley Cyrus Puts On Her Go-Go Boots