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Franz Ferdinand Have A New Pro-Sex Dance Song For You
Steven Tyler on Reason for Rehab
My Favorite Songs Of The First Half Of 2008 (As Of Right Now)
DMX’s Bad Year Gets Even Worse
‘American Idol’ Contestant Kristy Lee Cook Signs with 19 Recordings/Arista Nashville
Bjork Decides Against Getting Wild In The Country
Slipknot’s “Psychosocial” Brings The Mustaine
Ne-Yo Knocks Coldplay From Top of UK Charts
June 30 Is Apparently A Good Day To Get Into The Digital-Music Business
Bono Backs Away From Manager’s Radiohead-Bashing Ways
Miley Cyrus Would Like To Make A List For You
Factoids That Will Probably Surprise No One
Akon, Michael Jackson Do Their Best Hootie Impersonations
Tad “TAD” Doyle on Today’s Music
Amy Winehouse Punch-Out Victim: “I Was Just Trying To Grab The Free Hat”
Status Ain’t Hood Closes
Fred Durst And Tom Green Take It Back To 2000
Alicia Keys May Not Preen On Stage For Much Longer
Grace Jones Returns With First Album In 20 Years, Inspires World
No Age Bring Their Smell To MTV
Ten Artists Who Should Be Very Glad They’re Not Axl Rose
Jay-Z To Oasis: “Are Your Songs ‘Appropriate’ Glastonbury Material? Just Checking”
Amy Winehouse’s Fist Says “No, No, No” To Grabby Glastonbury Attendee
Why Hasn’t There Been A Show About Oates’ Mustache Already?
Bill O’Reilly, Call Your Internet-Savvy Assistant
Ejected Tim McGraw Fan Elicits Pathos
Is Conde Nast Looking To Enter The Music-Magazine Business?
The Worst Song In The World Gets A Glitzy Makeover
Twangy Tweens, History-Making Axe Grinders, Chicken Fried Songwriters, Solitary Power Metal, Arcade-Fired Bleeps, And Lyrics That Use The Word “MySpace” As A Verb
Bob Lefsetz Is Ready To Stop Skiing And Join The Dark Side
Music Industry Tries To Take Back Its Money From The “Pirates” Running Radio
Interview with Jay-Z
‘Miami Herald’ Offers “Involuntary Buyout” to Lawrence Johnson
Mindy McCready: A Musical Context
Idolator’s Friday YouTube Fun: The Myriad
Maybe Pete Wentz Did Bring The Music Video Back
Lil Wayne And Coldplay Take Off The Gloves
On the National
Waxpoetics Launches Digital-Music Store
MTV Bigwigs Wondering If They Can Reach Trainwrecky Heights Of Last Year’s Video Music Awards Festivities
Time For Us To Take A Moment And Give You The Microphone
Retailers Would Prefer These “Digital Pre-Releases” Come To An End
Just Get Back Together Already, Phish
Amy Winehouse Rehearses for Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert with Vodka
YouTube’s Newest Title: Killer Of The Live Album
Just In Time For Summer, Millennial Teenpop Takes Over The Hot 100
Extreme’s New Queen Homage Sure Beats Queen + Paul Rodgers
Idolator Adds Its Special Sauce To McDonalds’ Big Mac Jingle Competition
Snoop Dogg Swears Dr. Dre’s <i>Detox</i> Is Ready To Go
Here We Go Again
Five Videos That Are More Bloated Than A Belly After A Beer-And-Fries Binge
Weiland Launches Giant Loogie At Interviewer’s Audacity
“Spin” Turns The Rock-Star Notion On Its Ear
Tim McGraw Proves That Chivalry Is Still Alive And Well
Franz Ferdinand To Make Glastonbury Feel Love, Cream
Ne-Yo Denying Chris Brown Freestyle
A Midsummer Afternoon’s iTunes Cleanup
T-Pain Sued For Stealing “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” From TV’s Huggy Bear
Peter Hook Promises “Freebass” Supergroup Album Or Death By March
Reggie And The Full Effect End Their Dwarf Invasion
Annie Is Feeling A Little Crazy
“Today” Can’t Remember What Jay-Z Looks Like
No, Really, Don’t Call It A Comeback: Candlebox Returns, And Other Has-Beens Aren’t Far Behind
Malcolm McLaren To Unite Captain, Tennille, And Curtis In Times Square
“Juno” Soundtrack Was Almost Devoted To Yo La Tengo
Death Row Records Bought By One Of Three Global Music Groups
RZA Too Much Of A Businessman To Consider Another Wu-Tang Album
Amy Winehouse May Go Back To Two-Tone On Her Next Album
‘Camp Rock’ Already Developing Sequel
Jennifer Hudson Hates Boyfriend, Loves Campari
P2P Networks Responsible for 44% of Last Month’s Internet Bandwidth
Lou Piniella And Ozzie Guillen Might Want To Stick To Managing
Should Writers Tell Rappers About Girl Talk?: A “Post-Millennial” Dilemma
“Nashville Star” Will Not Let The Clique Girlz Get Shoved Down Its Throat
Rivers Cuomo’s “Let’s Write A Sawng” Track Surprisingly Better Than Most Of “Red Album”
McFly to Release Album with Sunday Paper
Starbucks to Stop Offering In-Store Music
New Guns N’ Roses Track Gets Tweaked By Buddyhead
Maxwell Thinks BET Is Simply Beautiful
Anybody Know If Soulja Boy Stayed In To Watch TV Last Night?
Can Robin Thicke Help Eve Finally Get Her Album Out?
Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland To Sell Albini-Minded Cover Album Online
R. Kelly Looks Around Our Interconnected World And Sees Only The Lonely
Toby Keith’s “Beer For My Horses” Movie Is Ready To Roll
BET Awards Honor The Young, The Old, The Dead, And The-Dream
Bach: No Velvet Revolver, Maybe Slash
“Times” Writer Not So Sure Chris Martin’s “Fix You” Flub Was Real
Oasis Plans New Album Full Of Hypnotic Grooves, But No Chemical Brothers?
Roger Friedman’s Hostile Relationship With Facts Continues
Heidi Montag’s “Fashion” Isn’t <em>That</em> Bad
Coldplay Is Living The High Life
Def Leppard Will Not Be Tackling “Seventeen” On Its Next All-Covers Album
Recording Industry Protesting “Piracy” Of Terrestrial Radio Via Gag Gifts
The Ice-T/Soulja Boy Feud Gets Animated
The Verve Serve Up A Flashback Lunch
Ne-Yo Targets Chris Brown in Freestyle
Mötley Crüe Causes Critics To Kickstart Their Memories
Jason Falkner Can Sing You To Sleep
Kanye West (And His Caps Lock Key) Are Ready To Let You Know What Happened At Bonnaroo
‘Kansas City Star’ Lays Off Paul Horsley
Madonna’s Ticket Sales Give Live Nation Something Else To Suck On
Axl Rose Believes That The Truth Is Out There
Don’t Take The Organ Out Of The Ballgame
More EMI Layoffs
More Velvet Revolver Rumors
Does The “New York Times” Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Hip-Hop Artists’ Stage Names?
Miley Cyrus Is Just Being Cyndi
Interview with Matt Sorum
Danity Kane Slide Right Into The Pussycat Dolls’ Spot
Shwayze Likes Pina Coladas, Getting Caught In The Rain
Beck To Bystanders: “Psych!”
Live Nation Hopes to Start a “Family Friendly” Music Festival
Avril Lavigne Fans Using Their Hero’s Downtime To Engage In Some YouTube Gaming
Sebastian Bach Is Happy To Talk About Axl Rose
Timbaland Gets Married
Can Emphysematic Amy Winehouse Avoid Drugs Long Enough To Sing For Mandela?
Billy Corgan Ready To Cash In On “Gish” All Over Again
Grandpa Ice-T Reaffirms Soulja Boy’s Wackness
Numbers Behind Last Night’s ‘Camp Rock’ Premiere
Jay-Z Is Not A Hippie
Brooklyn Record-Store Owner on Notorious B.I.G.
Lil Mama Gets Real, Encourages T-Pain To Join Her
Diddy And Lil Wayne To World: “Get Off The Computer And Go Do Something”
MTV VMAs: Fans Can Executive-Produce
50 Cent’s Lawyer Claims The Gatman Doesn’t Own Any Firearms
Rihanna: A Career In Advertising
When The World Has A Bad Day, Daniel Powter Will Be There For It
Nate Dogg Is Not Having The Best Year
Gas Prices Put Brakes on Indie Band Tours
Beatles Inching Closer To Their Own “Guitar Hero”
Ice-T Backs Down Further As Kanye Weighs In On Soulja Beef
Early-1950′s Record Store
Arista Drops <i>Idol</i> Runner-Up Blake Lewis After Less Than A Year
NPR’s “Best Albums Of 2008″ Poll: All Songs Considered, Especially If You’re Into Self-Reinforcing Stereotypes About “NPR Music”
T.I. Sings, Continues His Half-Assed Repentance
Vampire Weekend Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon
Is It OK To (Ironically) Enjoy McFly?
Project X Plays with Some Of “Our Favorite Things”
Best Way To Get Into The Music Biz: Be A Bronfman
The Chocolate 7-Inch Forces People To Choose Between 180-Gram Vinyl And 70% Cacao
Your Summer Jam Tournament Update: Voters Sure Like Shaking Their Coconuts
Doug Morris Prepares To Get Stepped On By Hollywood Tourists
Josh Homme Speaks To The Peanut Gallery
Don’t Look For Live Nation To Make Any 360 Deals Anytime Soon
“Free With RSVP” Invites Are Spam
50 Cent And Taco Bell, Continued: Now With Extra Beef
“Entertainment Weekly” Best-Albums List Reveals Every Problem With (And Advantage Of) General-Interest Listicles
MTV Video Music Awards Coming in September, Returning to LA
I’ll Be Watching Reruns Of “FNMTV” This Weekend, But You Should Probably Go Out
Motley Crue To MTV: Let Our Movie Go
Tyga’s “Coconut Juice”: Idolator’s Official Summer Jam Of 2008
Liz Phair Reissue Is Leaving Me In Exile In Think-Pieceville
If A Hip-Hop Artist Leaves A Label, Will Either Make A Sound?
Poison Suing Capitol Records
EMI Fiddles, Smooches, And Wins The Hot 100 Race While Rome Burns
I Totally Got My “Mc” Bands Mixed Up
Least Shocking News Of The Day: Coldplay To Debut At No. 1 Next Week
If You Want To Make Some Money In This Business, Try Hitting The Convention Circuit
Argument Of The Day: Do People Actually Listen To Nirvana?
Soulja Boy Fires Back At Ice-T The Only Way He Knows How: Wikipedia Citations
Is Gene Simmons Really Pissed Off At Radiohead?
Def Leppard Is “More Relevant Than Ever,” Says Defensive Frontman
Dave Navarro’s Knock-Off Guitar Strap (Unsurprisingly) Draws Ire Of Louis Vuitton
Girl Talk: The Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers Of The Modern Age?
Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Enters Its Final Phase
The My Bloody Valentine Reissues: Surprise, They’re Delayed
Pussycat Dolls To Act Vaguely Like Southern Belles For An Evening
Denny’s All Nighter Campaign Continues To Be Totally Surreal
Miley Cyrus Glitters Thanks To The Power Of Her Magic Wand
Music Journalists Forced To Go Hungry Yet Again
Oasis Promise At Least Three More Albums (That’ll Be Just Like The Last Three)
The Game Would Rather Battle Nas Than Miley Cyrus
Young Buck Responds To 50 Cent’s Taped Conversation With “Taped Conversation”
Pram Go Behind The Mask
Kanye, Fall Out Boy To Entertain Joggers
Pretty Ricky Shove The ’80s In Your Face On “Cuddle Up”
Mercury Rev Announce Two New Albums, One Free, Both “Self-Luminous”
What Has Happened To Alkaline Trio?
Taco Bell Thinks 50 Cent Is Worth At Least As Much As One Of Their Bean Burritos
Young Jeezy Arrested
Flo Rida Joins With Will.I.Am To Continue Mindless Dance-Rap Onslaught
Clique Girlz Vie For The All-Important “Women 35-85″ Demographic
Ice-T: “Soulja Boy Killed Hip-Hop!”
A Nickelodeon-Groomed Star Brings Yesterday Back Around
R. Kelly May Trade “12 Play: Fourth Quarter” For “U Saved Me From Prison”
Five Singles Janet Jackson Shouldn’t Bother Relearning For Her Tour
T.I. Adds His Swagger To A Song That Doesn’t Really Need It
Nine Inch Nails To Give Away 200,000 CDs Of “The Slip”… For Money
Kid Rock Hopes His Summer Jam Doesn’t Have To Be On iTunes
Interview with Athens Band Harvey Milk
“Tha Carter III” Breaks The Million Mark, Headline Writers Rush To Make “A Milli”-Related Puns
“Chinese Democracy” Creeps Ever Closer To Actually Existing (Maybe)
Kids Would Love To Pay For Music, Says Undertones Singer Turned Industry Wonk
Jeff Leeds Reappears on ‘The New Yorker’ Blog
R. Kelly Trial Follow-Up
“FNMTV” Reruns Further Proof That You Can Make An Acronym Mean Anything These Days
50 Cent Stays Classy, Releases Tape Of Young Buck Bawling
St. Louis Venue Lists 39 Reasons Why It Hates Your Band
Chromeo And A Torsoless Drum Corps Storm “Kimmel”
“Vibe” Gets Usher To Open Up About His Personal Life (But Not His Album)
Viva La Album Sales
Mark E. Smith Still Able To Intimidate Poncy Young Bands Like The Cribs
Lil Wayne Can Dry His Tattooed-On Tears
“Weird Al” Yankovic Excited By Breakthroughs In Viral Technology
Honky-Tonk Laments, Horror Rap, Robotic Princes, Universal Haters, Hawaiian Brothers, And Some Positive Soul
“Mojo” Takes The Idea Of Everyone Being A Winner Very Seriously
Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Gets Serious About Nourishing Itself
Note To John Lydon: No One Wants A New Sex Pistols Album
Tupac Lives… In A Food Court
Contest: Win Tickets To See Devo
The Woefully Underexposed Coldplay Release An Album
There’s No Wrong Time To Post “Touch Me I’m Sick”
Madonna’s Set List May Be Sticking With Some Old Favorites
R. Kelly Attorney Apologizes to Miley Cyrus
Weezer Finishes Its Album-Release Push, Tosses The Internet Aside
Bands Avoid High Gas Prices
RCRD LBL’s Vowel-Less Ways Continue To Vex Us
I Boldly Predict This Isn’t As Good As “British Steel”
The WWE Would Like A Little Credit For Saving Hard Rock, OK?
Teen Choice Nominations: Finally Some Credit For The Jonas Brothers
A Tony Wilson Day Is A Great Day Indeed
The Jonas Brothers Know Exactly What They’re Worth
Norah Jones Can Be The First Voice Your Baby Hears
Lloyd Goes To The Bank
Major Labels Hawking Affordable Music? What?
Lollapalooza: It’s All In The Timing
Don Cornelius Gives Up The Controls Of The Soul Train
Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Reignites The Fierce UK-Denmark Pop Rivalry
WEEN To Tour With Lil’ Mama, MC Lyte
Metallica Cannot Think Of Anything Better Than “Death Magnetic”
Five Fun Facts From That EMI Story In The “Times”
Chester Bennington Would Like Stop (Or Start) Those Velvet Revolver Rumors
Coldplay Accused Of Swiping “Viva La Vida” From Mustachioed Indie Rocker
Katy Perry Is Annoying, But She (Thankfully) Keeps It Brief
Do Not Fuck With Josh Homme
Vanessa Hudgens Sings About Putting Her Shoes On
‘Rolling Stone’ Going the Perez Hilton Route?
Bonnaroo: Kanye West Gets Up With The Sun
R.E.M. Has, In Fact, Seen The Rain
Desmond Child: A Loving Tribute
Live Nation Attempting To Take “Biggest Jerks In The Ticketing Biz” Title Away From Ticketmaster
UK Residents Think Three-Minute Pop Songs Are, Like, So Long, You Guys
Clichewatch II: The Writers’ Rebellion
R. Kelly Jury Just Glad To Never See The Tape Again
Snoop Dogg Pimps That Country
Are The Rolling Stones Going To Spin Off To Live Nation’s Geezer-Friendly Stable?
Lou Barlow Somehow Not Embarrassed By Acoustic Demo Of “Soul And Fire”
Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ Goes Platinum in Three Days
Do Fuck With The Wildhearts
Pete Wentz Brings Music Back To MTV, Keeps Network’s Celebrity Glorification Quotient Intact
“Heaven’s Metal” Magazine Gets Slightly Less Heavenly
(Somewhat Cool) Old Guys Added To Download Festival
Chris Martin: Limp Bizkit Fan
Universal Appealing Verdict
R. Kelly’s Closing Argument: “Please Respect The Underage Girl I Urinated On”
Idolator’s Summer Jam Tournament Gets All Boy-Crazy Again
Yahoo’s Purple Award: The People’s Choice Award For Nerds