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The Scariest Piece Of Music News You Will Hear All Halloween (And Maybe All Year)
Things I Wish I Could Be For Halloween, Another One In A Series
“Fashion Rocks” Gets Kicked To The Curb
Panic At The Disco Go Pastoral
Seven Potential Heirs To Ozzy Osbourne’s “Prince Of Darkness” Throne
Things I Wish I Could Be For Halloween, One In A Series
Has The Music Industry Put The Double Album Out Of Its Misery?
“Relix” Recalibrates Its Definition Of “Real Music”
Michael Jackson Pours Cold Water All Over Jackson 5 Reunion Plans
In The Eyes Of MTV, “Kazaa” Is Now Just As Bad A Word As “Shirt”
Happy Halloween! Here Are Seven Reasons The Music Business Should Be Quaking In Its Boots
Britney Spears Would Like To Go To The Chiropractor Before She Hits The Red Sox Game
The One Comment That Might Very Well Sum Up The Kerfuffle Over Brooklyn Vegan’s New “The Week In Music Licensing” Feature
Love Is All Will Trick You, Treat You
Chris Cornell Tries To Ride The Coattails Of Led Zeppelin’s Google News Alerts
“Walking On A Dream,” But Not Much Else
Datz: A Slightly Better Subscription Service (Maybe)
Independent Woman: Beyoncé Approaching Destiny’s Chart Record
“Chinese Democracy” Leaker May Make A Deal
Nirvana’s Debut Single Turns 20
Hey Simon, Leave Those Music Shows Alone
Joaquin Phoenix Follows His Inner Dogstar
A Special Halloween Presentation: Idolator’s (Sorta) Guide To Horrorcore
Jesse Camp Returns To TV!
I Need Halloween Help
The Beatles Stand Alone From “Rock Band”
“American Idol” Bigwigs Continue To Screw With Josiah Leming
Idolator Takes On The Perspiring, Stripping, Pretty Young Masses Of Girl Talk Fans
The Beatles Will Be A Rock Band In “Rock Band”
Mariah Carey Gives It One More Go
Major Label May Just Be Desperate Enough To Sign Joe The Plumber
“Chinese Democracy” Gets Chopped And Screwed
Millie Jackson: More Than A Cover Girl
Someone Wanted To Kill Michael Azerrad Because They Liked The Sound Of His Name
And I Thought I Had A Hard Time With Halloween
Alan McGee Quits Music Via Facebook Status Message
Black Metal Band Not Nazis, Maybe Sort Of Goofy
“Shhhh-it!”: Idolator’s Super-Secret Music Interview Series Heads Into The Studio
Soulja Boy Totally OK With The Slave Trade, Since He Was Able To Score Some Sweet Tattoos As A Result
The Personal Music Stylist: Ensuring That Your Music Matches The Undulations Of Your Condo
David Archuleta Tries To Break Robbie Williams In The U.S.
Jimmy Buffett To Swing Florida’s Vote With Nothing But An Acoustic Guitar And A Handle Of Rum
Janet Jackson: Less Sex Is More Publicity
Usher Gets His “I Voted” Sticker
Signs O’ The Times
Would You Pay $2,000 For A Signed Print Of The “Nevermind” Cover?
What’s Your Headphone History?
Remembering The Detroit “Scene”
“Forbes” And “Ad Age”: Rock Imagery, Dead Or Alive
Jermaine Confirms That Jackson 5 Will Reunite In 2009
Think You Can Vote? Double-Check. Think You Can’t Vote? Also Double-Check
Nick Hornby Learns The Art Of Songwriting From Ben Folds
A Birthday Tribute To A Project X Regular
Seattle To Musicians: Move Here!
Animal Collective Leak Their Own Damn Album
“Chinese Democracy” Is A Radio Hit? Really?
The Jonas Brothers: From Disney To Sidekicks To A Farting Dog
Nickelback Figures Out How To Get Some Strip-Club Love
Seven Affordable Halloween Costumes Culled From Seven Great Music Videos
John Oates Pinch-Hits For His Partner
Ryan Adams Comes Clean
LL Cool J To Janet Jackson: “Smell You Later”
Christina Aguilera Dresses Up As “Sexy Enid Coleslaw” For Halloween
Snow Patrol Are Probably Not All That Concerned About Critics Anymore
Danny Dill, R.I.P.
M.O.P.: They’re Back, And They’re Lawyered Up
Phoenix’s Hottest Music Scene: Haunted Houses!
Denny’s Rock Star Menu, Mach II: Are Your Insides Ready For Something Called The “Hooburrito”?
Release Dates: People Just Don’t Care Anymore
Hot Topic: The Music Biz’s Latest Savior?
The Zune Is Giving Up On English Speakers
Two Things I Like: Free Things and Miss Fairchild
Remaining Members Of Led Zeppelin Will Not Let Robert Plant Get In The Way Of Their Big Payday
Do Music Tastes Change With The State of the World?
Girls Aloud Jump For Someone’s Love
The Internet’s Seven Worst Music-Related Halloween Costumes
“Alternative Press” Considers Cutting Review Section, Eating Own Shoe For Dinner
Pink Refashions Herself As A Balladeer
Kanye West Is Not Happy With You, But He’s Not Mad At You Either
CMJ Day Five: In Search Of A Happy Ending
CMJ Day Four: Idolator Goes Back To Spain, Gets Carded
MTV’s New Video Site: Hey, Viacom Is Sort Of Focusing On Music
Eminem’s New Album May Save/Ruin Christmas
How Quickly Is The Music Industry Shrinking?
Scott Weiland Wants You To Justify His Love
Orange Juice Get Ready To Start Again
The Best Election-Related Thing You Will See All Day
“Wired” Blogger Not Afraid To Look Stupid
Tough Break, Denizens Of The Coachella Message Board!
Hollywood Undead Crawl Out Of MySpace To Invade Your Space
MySpace Music Warms To The Idea Of Indies (A Little)
“Spin” Tries To Expand On MGMT
Music Industry Trying To Rebrand “Election Day” As Something More Than An Arcadia Song
CMJ Day Three: A Triumphant Return To Mediocrity
Hey Look, It’s A Higher-Resolution Image Of The “Chinese Democracy” Cover
AC/DC Give You Exciting New Ways To Crash Your Computer
What Are Your Jukebox Staples?
A Note On That Whacked-Out Animal Collective Cover
Beyonce Makes Her Bid To Become A Wedding-Dance Staple
A Tribute To The Greatest Tribute Act In Existence
Duff McKagan Starts Speaking My Language
Please Tell Me Why People Outside Of NYC Should Read CMJ Coverage, Or “I Don’t Care How Long The Line At Pianos Was”
Times Square Virgin Megastore Plans To Go Out With A Plastic Guitar-Created Bang
Damn That Radio Song: T.I.’s Twofer Still Tops, But Airplay Gives One Song The Edge
Lil Wayne “Re-Releasing” Carter III, Confusing Dan Gibson
“Life On Mars” Gets A Little Dusty
Britney Spears’ Influence To Be Felt For Generations To Come
How Does CMJ Choose Which Bands Get In? An Idolator Special Report
America’s Mailboxes To Be Awash In Dr Pepper Coupons, And It’s All Thanks To Axl Rose
“The New York Times” Finds Its Bono Vox Populi
Maroon 5 Runs Out Of Ink
“Shhhh-it!”: Idolator’s Super-Secret Music Interview Series Plays Some Games
The Backstreet Boys Are Back, Again… And This Time It’s For America
CMJ Day Two: I Have To Admit It’s Getting Better
Pharrell Debuts A Dirty Joke Of A Chair
Animal Collective Gets The Magic Stink Eye
Baseball Fans In For A Whole Lotta McGraw
Dent May’s Ukulele And Stage Persona Are Both Magical
Oh, That’s Annoying
Lily Allen Demands Honesty
Ticketmaster Figures Out How To Use The Phrase “Synergize Backwards Overflow” In A Sentence
I Talk To Another Robot About “Chinese Democracy”
Chris Cornell Travels Back To The Wrong Year
CMJ Day One: All-You-Can-Eat Music From Brooklyn Vegan
Sensitive New Age Guy Tries To Soothe Your Jangled Nerves By Taking Your Money
Great Moments In Booking
Idolator’s Guide To Condiment Pop Smears Ketchup And Miracle Whip All Over Your Stereo
“Weird Al” Yankovic Breaks It Down
Listening to D.C. With “Stop Smiling”
Oh My God: It’s A New Official Release From Guns N’ Roses
In Which I Give You The Power To Plan My Evening
Staff Layoffs, Sale Rumors At imeem
Kenny Chesney Moves Down To A Deluxe Apartment
“Chinese Democracy”: The All-Caps-Riddled Official Press Release Announcing Its Imminent Arrival
Third Eye Blind Singer Steps Back From That “Album-Only” Ledge
The Idolawyer Weighs Musicians’ Right To Protest The Use Of Their Songs By Politicians
“SexyBack” Will Be Brought No More
“High School Musical” Reaches That Awkward Age
The Innocent Origins Of “Saved By Zero”
CMJ 2008 Bingo: One Way To Sort Of Have Fun This Week
“Chinese Democracy”: The Criminal Proceeding
Catchy Deeds, Sold Dirt Cheap: Angus Young Not As Allergic To Singles As He Lets On
What’s Fandom Got To Do With It?
“Chinese Democracy”: The First Single
Playing Three Instruments At Once Is Totally Metal (Even If One Of Them Is A Kazoo)
I Hope The Rays’ On-Field Performance During The World Series Is Better Than Their Taste In Pre-Game Music
Single Man Dances to “Single Ladies”
Dept. Of Only Slightly Surprising Statistics
Lala Relalaunches–Again–In Hopes Of Winning Over Lost Music Streamers
I Wonder How The Jukebox-Distributed Version Of “Death Magnetic” Was Mixed?
Behold: The Pliesroll, Brought To You By Some Bored Guy On The Internet
They’re Nihilists… Beautiful Nihilists… And Now They’re In Space
John Peel Rides The Rails
Maybe Of Montreal Should Sell A Few More Songs To Commercials
Madonna Fan Freaking Out Over Madonna Mentioning Him, Madonna
The Long Blondes Break Up
Wal-Mart Assisting AC/DC In Its Efforts To Become Unlikable
Kenny Chesney Brings The Party To His Shrink’s Office
The Jonas Brothers Conjure Up Some Misty Watercolored Memories
Lindsay Lohan Has This Sarah Palin Thing Figured Out
The Soundtrack Channel Brings John Williams, Johnny Lee, And That Smashmouth Guy Together
Manda Rin Works Hard Every Day
Soulja Boy: One Catchphrase Ahead Of the Rest Of Us
The Peart Paradox: What Happens When “Love” And “Respect” Part Ways?
Are These “Chinese Democracy” TV Ads For Real?
Barry Manilow: Rickroller
The Coltrane Church Is In Trouble
Hinder Take Good Taste To The Limit
Sizing Up The Slimmed-Down “Rolling Stone”
The Latest Kanye West Leak: Lots Of Singing, Lots Of Sadness, Lots Of Awesome
Axl Rose’s Plan To Make You (And Your Friends) A Pepper Revealed
The Rotary Connection Burns The Midnight Lamp For You
In Which We Invite You To Put Your Deepest Thoughts In Our Box
The Return Of Eminem: Too Little, Too Late?
Larry Norman Might Get The Fame He Wanted, But In The Wrong Way
Got Lost In The Game: Hot 100 Victory Returns Britney From Chart Wilderness
A Brit’s Tribute To The Emotion Of Soul
Levi Stubbs, R.I.P.
WMG Had A Great September, But That’s About It
Jon Anderson: Very Into J.R.R. Tolkien, Ellipses
Phoenix To Host Greatest Concert Lineup Since The US Festival
Pink Writes In Her Diary
David Cook Gets Stretched And Acid-Washed
Eminem Has A Relapse
“Shhhh-it!”: Idolator’s Super-Secret Music Interview Series Looks Heavenward
Kanye West: Still Bummed Out
The Rotary Connection Burns The Midnight Lamp
Justin Timberlake Wants You To Use That Hole In That Box For Something Else
The Make Your Own Killers Cover Art Contest Comes To A Close
Coldplay And Jay-Z Go Back To The Beach
The Bee Gees Weren’t Kidding When They Called That Song “Stayin’ Alive”
A Few Questions That Weren’t Answered By Yesterday’s Happy Radiohead Announcement
Ted Nugent Unleashes His Manifesto On The Bestseller List
I Asked A Robot About “Chinese Democracy”
Oh No, John Taylor, Not You Too
In Which I Download A Little Harmonica And Put It In My Mouth
Rockanomics Tries To Recalibrate The Politics Of, Um, Rocking
Great Moments In Pop Videos Ripping Off Other People’s Choreography
William Claxton, R.I.P.
Feeling The Fabric Gets Cutesy
SlotMusic To Arrive In Stores This Week, Land In Clearance Bins Six Months From Now
Do iTunes Sales Show “High School Musical” Fans Breaking Free Of The Franchise?
Madonna’s Rumored Split From Guy Ritchie: It Could Help Her Music Career! (Maybe!)
Neal Hefti, R.I.P.
“Vanity Fair” And Constantine Maroulis Engage In A Canonical Cage Match
Higher Ticket Prices Help The Concert Industry Put On A Happy Face
Is This Teeny Tiny Image Of A Bicycle A Preview Of The “Chinese Democracy” Cover?
Dept. Of Things You Never Really Wanted
Hulk Hogan’s Rock And Wrestling: Old And New
Kanye West: Indie Saddo
John McCain Found Another Musical Supporter
Keane Would Prefer If You Didn’t Mention Coldplay, Thanks
AC/DC: “Well, The Internet Can Be Good Sometimes. Also: ‘Viral.’ That’s Internet, Right?”
Damon Albarn To Bring Africa To Englanders
Marnie Stern Gets Mad As Hell, Reads A Lot
Ace Of Base: They’re Back, And They’re Buying Vowels
Bjork And Thom Yorke Team Up, Freak The Internet Out
Ringo Starr’s Hand To Beatles Fans: “I’m So Tired”
“Marmite Artists” Make Everyone Pucker Their Lips And Get In The Mood For A Row
Who Was The Captain? I’m Still Confused
Start Your Legal Defense Fund Now
Tim McGraw Lucky In Love, Unlucky In Labels
The American Music Awards Pretty Much Give Up
This Is How I Feel Every Day (Minus The Celebrities)
Will.I.Am Gets Hands On With Technology
Bionic Beyonce Tries To Jump-Start A New Dance Craze
Chris Cornell And Verizon Are Going To Make You Scream With Love
400,000 People Really Don’t Care About AC/DC Holding Itself Back From The Internet
Millions Of American Families To Experience Significantly Shriekier Thanksgivings This Year
Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum Gets Together With His Old Pals
Science Tells Us Something Our Mothers Already Knew: Portable Listening Devices Are Gonna Make You Deaf
Lucinda Williams, Slightly Sweetened
Def Leppard: Not Really Clear On The Concept Of “Hockey”
Alton Ellis, R.I.P.
Hey, Look, Someone Got A Job In The Music Business
Beyonce Guest Stars In “Law & Order: Adultery Unit”
Mark Wahlberg Dreams Of A World Where His Children Can Live Funky Bunch-Free
Which Four Radiohead Albums Did KEXP’s Listeners Vote As Superior To “Daydream Nation” And “Led Zeppelin IV”?
Billy Corgan Has Some New Entrance Music
Fall Out Boy Delay Album To See If Free Market, iTunes Survive Forthcoming U.S. Presidential Election
Is The Pop World So Desperate For Justin Timberlake’s Return That It’s Creating “New Leaks” Out Of Thin Air?
Kiss’ Mr. Potato Head Line Was Made For Spudding You, Baby
Would You Pay To See Your Favorite Band Minus One (Or All) Of Its Key Members?
What I Know About Women Could Be Written On A Twitter
Daft Punk Turn Down The Volume
The Music World As Seen By Doug Morris
The Priests Have Mercy On Your Soul
Britney Spears Is Gonna Make You Sweat
EMI To Launch Digital Service, Possibly While High
Project X Would Do Anything For Love, But It Won’t Sing That
Wal-Mart Leaves The Light On
Attack Of The 35-Foot Archie
Robyn Racks Up A Big Dry-Cleaning Bill
“In Rainbows” Turns One: Where Are We Now?
“Hip Hop Weekly” Not Paying Freelancers? You Don’t Say!
Don’t Forget: Britney Spears Goes Back To Being Not A Girl, Yet Not A Woman Tonight On “20/20″
Our Equal Time Appreciation Of UK Pop Stars Who Aren’t The Sugababes (Or Sugababes-Related)
A Strapped America Goes To The 99-Cent Store, And New Singles Storm The Top 40
Xoel López Does It Right
Our Music Quiz Loving Hearts Will Go On
Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”: A Popular Cover Choice For Musicians Ages 9-99
Taco Bell Cares About Helping Bands’ Bottom Lines, Widening Bottoms
And On The Seventh Day, God Brought Democracy To China
“Blender” Gets Behind Katy Perry
James Taylor Is A Dune Messiah