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Shakira Is A Total Freaking Goofball (And It’s Kind Of Great)
The Swine Flu’s Latest Victim: Communal Beer
Courtney Love Is Not All That Convinced By Taylor Momsen
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Oh Boy, Kara Is Returning To “American Idol”
The Video Music Awards Will Take Place On A Green Day
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Where Was Mike Jones?
Ryan Tedder Throws Down A Challenge For All You Listeners Out There
The Top 30 Songs Of 2009 List Put Forth By The Listeners Of “All Songs Considered” Surely Did Not Consider All The Songs Released This Year
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Taylor Momsen’s Birthday Party Was Not Really A “Sweet” Sixteen
Diddy Wears His Sunglasses At “Late Night”
Trent Reznor May Be Gone From Twitter, But The Impersonators Are Ready To Snatch Up His Followers
Ryan Tedder’s Blog Post Explaining The Kelly Clarkson-Beyoncé Situation Is Already Gone
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Miley Cyrus Has No Doubt She’ll Be Famous Someday
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The Young Veins Take Leave From The Disco, Head To The Garage
U2′s Stage Setup Causes Some Of Their Fellow Countrymen To Get Their Irish Up
Attention Aspiring Bridezilla-Fameballs: Here Are Six Songs That You Can Use For “Dancing Down The Aisle” Purposes
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Kristinia DeBarge Feels The Rhythm Of Summer Nights That Happened Before She Was Born
Panic! At The Disco Shift Things Around A Bit
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Play Weezer Off, Keyboard Cat
The Latest Release Date For Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth”: The Tenth Of Whenever?
Britney Spears’ Fans Lobby To Make Her The New Erin Esurance
The “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” Auction: Cherry Wine, Sadly, Not Included
Hayley Williams Wants Everyone To Know That Paramore Is Still A Band
Joe Jonas Shows Why Drumming Should Be Left To The Professionals
Chris Brown Still Getting Wedding Presents From Jill And Kevin
Mariah Carey’s Lambs Will Not Remain Silent In The Face Of Their Heroine Maybe Flopping
Ashley Tisdale Is A Good Girl Gone Not-Quite-Bad
Nobody Is Happy About Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”
Alexis Cohen, R.I.P.
Brake The Drake? “Degrassi” Alum Scales Chart Despite Online Stumbling Blocks
This Could Be Some New Daft Punk Music
A Sobering Thought: The Insane Clown Posse May Be Laughing Right Back At You
Chris Brown Might Want To Send Jill And Kevin A Wedding Present
What’s More Ridiculous: The Title Of Pitbull’s Forthcoming Album, Or Its Cover?
Consider Yourself Warned: LMFAO Is Trying To Be Everywhere, Bitch
Jay-Z Enlists Kanye West And Rihanna For His Mayoral Campaign
Mariah Carey Asks Gucci Mane To Give “Obsessed” Some CPR
Daft Punk To Bring The Music Of “Tron Legacy” To A Venue Near You
Madonna Hops On The ’80s Retro Bandwagon
Danny Gokey Already Moving On To The “Wedding Singer” Phase Of His Career
Will Solange’s Shaved Head Cause People To Stop Sleeping On Her Completely Underappreciated Album?
Jordin Sparks Is Not Singing About Giving Head On Her New Record (Because She’s Only 19)
The Monkeemobile Makes Room For Eddie
Ghostface Has Not Received The Memo About The Death Of Autotune
The Backstreet Boys Are In The Army Now
Perez Hilton Is So Sliimy
Jay-Z To Fill In For The Beastie Boys In New Jersey
Mariah Carey Making People Wait For Her “Memoirs”
Is That An iPod In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just OH MY GOD FIRE HELP
R. Kelly Apparently Believed He Could Fly Higher Than The Tasmanian Devil
“The Addams Family” Musical Is Not Going To Get In The Addams Groove
This Just In: James Blunt Still Sucks
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Diddy’s Train Is Not Running On Time
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame To Give Itself The Reach-Around In New York This Fall
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An Idolator Enthusiastic Endorsement: Why You Should Drop Everything And Listen To Wye Oak’s “The Knot” Right Now
The “Jennifer’s Body” Soundtrack Might Be The Most Idolator-Ish Release Of The Year
Kelly Clarkson To Embark On A Texas-Sized Tour This Fall
Popjustice Continues “Be Proud Of British Music Day” With Its Own Shortlist Of Perfect Pop
“The Beatles: Rock Band”: A First Look
Monica Would Like The Boy To Tell Her If He’s Hers Or Not
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Adam Yauch Diagnosed With A Tumor, Beastie Boys Go On Hiatus
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Mika Puts His Wig Wam Bam Back On
Jordin Sparks Gets A Little Bit Saucy
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What Would Be On Your “2009 Awesomeness” Playlist Right Now?
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I Wonder If You Can Buy The “Candle In The Wind” CD Single There
Alanis Morrissette And Alicia Silverstone Miss The Days When Music Videos Were Only Four Minutes Long
Ne-Yo Walks Offstage In Manchester
Miranda Lambert Rages Against The Wind Machine
Big Boi Departs Jive For Def Jam
Who Should I See At The Pitchfork Music Festival?
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Perez Hilton Needs To Be Brought To Justice By Popjustice
Chrisette Michele Has Had It Up To Here
Unreleased Michael Jackson Track Has Been Through The Desert
CNN Apparently Doesn’t Find Madonna All That Sympathetic Of A Figure
Everybody Calm Down: Girls Aloud Promise That They Are Not Splitting Up
Paul McCartney Takes Manhattan One More Time
Farm Aid Returns To The Heartland
The Roots Always Have A Song At The Ready
Open Happiness Gives Us A Coke, A Green Screen, And A Smile
MTV (Sort Of) Wants To Know: How Brit-Tastic Should This Year’s Video Music Awards Be?
Justin Timberlake Gets A Very Special Emmy Nomination Box
Courtney Love Has A Hole Lotta Things To Say To Her Former Guitarist
Resurgent LFO Now Trying To Bring Back The Other Bad Parts Of The ’90s
Michael Jackson’s Wikipedia Entry Gives Me More Than A Feeling That Someone’s Trying To Play A Joke
Taco Bell’s Mood Music Plays It Cheap
Lloyd Keeps His Calendar Open
Get Ready For Another Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot-Related Controversy
Injuries Continue To Chip Away At Aerosmith’s Lineup
Whitney Houston Turns To R. Kelly
Michael Jackson Now Healing The World From Car Hoods
The Killers Make A Statement Without Lip-Syncing A Word
Tori Amos Gives Britney Spears A Sign
LFO Get Acquainted With Another Summer Girl
VH1′s Best Cruise Ever Is So Not The Best Cruise Ever: Or, How Would You Like To Be Trapped At Sea With Shinedown?
“American Idol” Auditions Inspire Much Blogging About Everyone Else’s Outsized Egos
Things You Need To Hear Dept.: A Bagpipe-Assisted Cover Of “Smoke On The Water”
Katy Perry Takes Brave Anti-Pop Music Stance
Mariah Carey Is Hoping That Someone Gets Hit By A Bus
Róisín Murphy, Chaka Khan, And Micachu Can Read Your Thoughts Right Now
Kelly Clarkson Is Walking Away Again
This Year’s VMAs To Be More Brit-Tastic Than Ever Before
Jack White Can’t Get Out Of Music Writers’ Spotlights
The Collective Soul/Gavin DeGraw Throwdown In Myrtle Beach: Heaven, Let Your Punches Shine Down
Corporate Rock: Not Selling As Much As It Used To
Weezer Still Really Good At Pandering To The Internet
Pete Wentz Uses Twitter To Reach Out
Lily Allen Is Asking The Girl In The Mirror To Change Her Ways
Shakira Gets Translated For Free
Confide’s Postal Service Cover Proves That Taunting Indie Kids Still Makes For Great Publicity
Coldplay Go Around Breaking Young Girls’ Hearts
Mariah Carey Keeping The Premiere Of Her Video In The Family
Ryan Seacrest: Still Overemployed, Now Even Richer Than You
Daughtry Stays In His Cozy Hard-Rock Home
Justin Timberlake Will Not Be Wearing The Green Lantern’s Ring
The Invisible Glove: Jackson Presides Over Parallel-Universe Charts
Aly & AJ’s Breakup With Their Name Inspires A List Of Other Artists Who Have Changed Their Monikers Mid-Stream
Trey Songz’ “LOL :)”: Hear It Now Before You Hear It Everywhere
Amerie Is Once Again Ready To Take Flight
Panic! At The Disco Post New Music, Restore Their Exclamation Point
“Bandslam” Shows Us The Effects Of Gentrification On The Youth
“Seven Nation Army” Will Outlive Us All
Justin Timberlake, Multiplex-Busting Superhero?
I Don’t Know If Brandy Was Dropped By Her Label Or Not, But I Do Know That Her Song “Decisions” Is Quite The Jam
Perez Hilton’s Record Label Is Actually Happening
Wikipedia Sparks A Pretty Odd Rumor About Panic At The Disco And Michael Jackson’s Guitarist
Lady GaGa Now Not Shopping For Pants At Sex Shops
Looks Like People Really Missed Maxwell
The Used Would Like To Make A Cutting Statement
Jeremih To Celebrate Birthdays Of Lovely Ladies All Over The Country
Beyoncé’s Subconscious Loves Her Big Ego
Ron Artest To Bring Michael Jackson Back To The Staples Center
Has Mariah Carey Psyched Out Her Voice?
Paul McCartney On The Whole Michael Jackson Will Thing: “At Times Like This, The Press Do Tend To Make Things Up”
Dead Man’s Bones To Come To Order In October
Rob Thomas Tries To Go Viral
Mariah Carey Apologizes For Getting Choked Up
Michael Jackson And Eric Roberts, Together On Film
Lady GaGa Wants To Look Her Leakers In The Eye
Colbie Caillat To Invade Riverdale
Trent Reznor Hasn’t Sworn Off The Road Just Yet
Internet Radio Finally, Possibly, Maybe Saved
Nine People Have Already Put The Michael Jackson Memorial Service’s Program On eBay
The Michael Jackson Memorial Service Open Thread: Because I Don’t Have Enough Eyeballs To Watch All The Coverage
Sugababes May Be Too Sexy For Their New Song
Justin Timberlake Added To The Michael Jackson Memorial-A-Palooza
Drake Teaches Sex Ed
Brendon Urie Has A Few Reassuring Words For Panic At The Disco Fans
Maxwell Emerges From The Darkness
The Michael Jackson Memorial Lineup: It’ll Be Here
Does This Tree Stump Look Like Michael Jackson To You?
Weather Channel Gives Smooth Jazz A Pretty Crappy Forecast
Michael Jackson Gives Wal-Mart A Reason To Sell Music One More Time
Paramore Hold On To Their Smarts
Panic At The Disco Loses Half Its Members, Fans React In The Way You Might Expect
Release Of “Rebirth” Cover Art Suggests That Lil Wayne’s Rock Album Might Actually Come Out Someday
U2 Remember The Days When They Used To Rule The World Of Mobile-Music Ads
Leighton Meester Opens An Aerobics Studio
The Five Highest Prices You Can Pay For Michael Jackson’s Funeral
The “American Idol” Tour Enters The Summer-Concert Fray
What Have You Done With Your CD Library? (If You’ve Done Anything With It?)
Whitney Houston And Eminem Want You To Celebrate The United States’ Independence With Them
Britney Spears Goes To See A Man About A Horse
The Cutout Bin: Everybody Has Something Funny To Say These Days
Chris Daughtry Plays “Hide The Muffin” With Lady GaGa
News Of Jonas Brother’s Engagement Sends Many Systems Into Overload
Cinemax: The New Frontier For Music Videos?
Alice In Chains Travel A Long Road Back
Michael Jackson’s Funeral May Inspire Even More Circus-Related References Than You Would Expect
Can You Use The Word “Brokencyde” In A Sentence?
Drake And Kanye West Have To Bounce
Michael Jackson Will Not Be Lying In Repose At Neverland Ranch This Friday
Mick Jagger May Not Be Dancing In The Streets For The World’s Rich People Anymore
Happy Canada Day: The Two Best Pieces Of CanCon Given To Me By MuchMusic
Michael Jackson’s Will Now Available For Your Perusal
Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce Clothing Line: Will You Like It Enough To Put A Romper On It?
M.I.A.’s Directing Aesthetic Is As Crazily Technicolor As You Might Expect
Wilco (The Irresistible Journalistic Construct)
North Carolina News Team Makes An Incredible Discovery: Customers Inside Record Stores, Paying For Music
Quincy Jones Hoping To Plug “Vibe” Back In