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Tommy Lee Plays With Fire, Gets Burned
Mariah Carey Asks Her Audience If They Know What Love Is, And If So, Can They Maybe Show Her Some?
R. Kelly And Keri Hilson Make Love On The Radio
Adam Lambert Apparently Dressing Up Like The Michelin Man For His Album Cover
Weezer: Giving The People What They Want
Michael Jackson May Be Dead, But The Rides At Neverland Will Live On
Tapemasters’ “Future Of R & B 28″ Will Bring You Joy
Mariah Carey: The Spin Cycle Begins
There’s A Place For Taylor Swift, But It’s Probably Not In Musical Theater
Bentonville Rock City: Kiss To Set Up Shop At Wal-Mart
Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead; Radiohead. Radiohead? Radiohead!
Wolfgang Van Halen Is Once Again Traveling Through Time
Depeche Mode Adds Another “CANCELLED” To Its Tour Itinerary
Just What “American Idol” Needed: More Drama
Michael Viner, R.I.P.
Madonna: Still Better Than Everyone At Making Catholics Really, Really Angry
“The Beatles: Rock Band” To Bring Around Christmas A Bit Early
Mariah Carey: The Pushback Is Official
Looks Like The Video Music Awards Are Really Serious About That “West Side Story” Theme
Nelly Furtado Never Realized That Glamour Shots Doesn’t Have A Location At The “Some Creepy Guy’s Basement” Mall
Chris Brown: A Changed Man?
Aerosmith’s Stone Has Been Chipped
Believe Me, I Am Getting So Tired Of The “GaGa Ripping Off [X]” Stories
Les Paul, R.I.P.
Mariah Carey Really Working The “Imperfect” Angle
Radiohead: Still Better Than Anyone At Keeping The Internet Interested In Their Music
Miley Cyrus Is Just Screwing With Everyone Now
Amerie Becomes A November Girl
Paramore Gets Trapped In The Closet
Which Pop Star Will Lady GaGa Rip Off At This Year’s Video Music Awards?
The Kids Of Today (Still) Need To Defend Themselves Against The ’60s
Hooray, Annie’s “Don’t Stop” Is Finally Coming Out
Natalie Imbruglia Puts On Some Gloss
Dead Man’s Bones Embrace The Undead
Tom Waits Is The Devil (But American Audiences Might Never Find Out)
Can Janet Jackson Sell Magazines Better Than She Can Sell Records These Days?
Mamma Mia, This Article On “The Decline Of The Soundtrack” Has Some Major Problems
Finally, A Lady GaGa Rumor That’s Much More Believable Than That Other One
MTV Reportedly Giving Up Its Times Square Studio Space
T-Pain Continues His Campaign To Singlehandedly Save Florida
Brooks & Dunn, R.I.P.
Charlotte Hatherley Cleans Up Real Nicely
Roisin Murphy Knows That Lady GaGa’s Imitation Is In Fact Flattery
Michael Jackson Movie To Touch Down In Theaters Just In Time For Halloween
Cobra Starship Very Unsubtly Touch Down
The Juggalos Gather: “Why Do They Hate Us? We’re Just In A Forest Getting Drunk, Having Fun, And They Hate Us For It”
“Stripper Radio” May Actually Be Slightly Preferable To The Format Replacing It
So Much For That R. Kelly/Maxwell Collaboration We Were All Excited About
Skunk Anansie Slip Back Into Their Old Skin
Jermaine Jackson Snatches A Hit
Is The R. Kelly Tracklisting Floating Around The Internet For Real?
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The Beatles And QVC Coming Together, Right Now
Oh My God: Perez Hilton Inexplicably Thinks His Fans Will Have Good Taste In Anything At All
Posh Spice Apparently Lacking The Bubbly Personality Of Paula Abdul
The Sugababes Continue Their Star-Spangled Makeover
Miley Cyrus: Still The Teens’ Choice, At Least For Now
George Strait Passes The Torch
ProTools: Proving What Anyone With Ears In 1989 Already Knew
Steven Tyler’s Broken Shoulder Brings Joe Perry And Jane’s Addiction Together
What Is Your Favorite Song From A John Hughes Movie?
“Do You Know What Ed Gein Said About Teenage Pop Stars?”
Jam Of The Moment Alert: Fefe Dobson’s “I Want You”
What About Their Friends: Top 10 Debutantes Have Famous Pals to Thank
Ashley Tisdale’s New Album: If It’s Too Loud, You Have Ears
Justin Bieber: The New, Adorable, Canadian Face Of Teenpop
The “Abbey Road” Photo Turns 40
The “Lady GaGa Is A Hermaphrodite” Rumor Is A Sign That We’re All Just Doomed
Wrigley Pops Chris Brown’s Bubble
Steven Tyler: Not Dead
Five Female Pop Stars Who Should Definitely Not Fill Paula Abdul’s “American Idol” Chair
Live-Blogging One Hour Of MTV Hits: Here’s What You’re Missing When You Say You Miss Videos
“Stripper Radio” May Be A Stunt, But It’s Still A Pretty Depressingly Plausible Format
Today In “Creepy People Stalking Pop Stars” News
Hacky Comic Not Convinced by Music’s Ability To Bring In The Eyeballs
T-Pain For President Of Florida State University? Sure, Why Not?
The “Say Something Nice” Challenge: Mimi Mimes “Obsessed” On “America’s Got Talent”
Aerosmith: Almost As Prone To Injury As The 2009 New York Mets
Fall Out Boy Set Sail
The RIAA’s Newest Big-Money Playlist: Who Knew That Sharing A Limp Bizkit Song Could Be So Expensive?
Katy Perry Hates How The Music Industry Runs Hot And Cold With New Artists
The “NME” Looks To Pop (And Crabcore) For Its Future
Robbie Williams Is Going To Get Bodied
Drake Will Not Rest
Maxwell Can’t Quit It
Four Possible Scenarios Resulting From Paula Abdul’s “American Idol” Departure
Jon Bon Jovi’s Hopes Of Being A Sports Titan Go Down In A Blaze Of Glory
Diddy Midwifes An Unholy Spawn Of “American Idol” And “The Real World”
Courtney Love Just Kidding About That Whole Taylor Momsen Twitter Fight Thing
MTV Panders To The “Remember When MTV Showed Music Videos” Crowd With Throwback Video Music Awards Category
2009 Video Music Awards Nominations
MTV Decides To Honor Eminem’s Jokes About 2002 With A Video Of The Year Nomination
The Kidz Bop Kids Are Apparently Old Enough To Lose Their Souls To Girls So Heartless
“Weird Al” Yankovic Makes An Icky Thump In Honor Of Charles Nelson Reilly
Mistah F.A.B. Will Direct-Message His Way Into Your Hearts
Dear Aubrey O’Day: Girl, I Can’t Understand Why You Wanna Hurt Me With This “Party All The Time” Cover
Jay-Z Has A Secret Machine Working In His Art Department
Jill Sobule Finally Lets Her “Katy Perry Sucks” Flag Fly
Limp Bizkit Are Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ (What?) Back Into The Studio
Mariah Carey To Star In Her Very Own Issue Of “Elle”
Chris Brown Moonwalking In Michael Jackson’s Footsteps Once More
Atlanta’s Newest Real Housewife Is Sooo Reallll, Soooooo Real
Gloriana Have A Little Bit Of Growing To Do
Drake Heads Back To The Disabled List
The Internet Gets So Bored, It Decides To Revive The Old “Lil Wayne Shot” Rumor