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The Brandy Album Is Probably Going To Be A (Guilt-Fraught) Winner
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Tomorrow Should Be A Fun Day For New Music
‘Austin City Limits’ Lineup To Include Pearl Jam, Them Crooked Vultures
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Twitter: Breaking Down The Fan-Celebrity Boundaries, One Package Of Cheap Underwear At A Time
The Raincoats Documentary Is Probably Going To Be Great
The Sugababes Mix Up Their Recipe On Record
Lily Allen Takes Break From Quitting Music To Tour With Dizzee Rascal, Reissue Her Album
Boyz II Men Begin Collective Campaign To Take Over Arnel Pineda’s Spot In Journey
Paramore’s Brand New Vision
Michael Jackson: This Is Really Going To Be It (For Now)
Letting Her Finish: Taylor Swift Completes Country’s Pop-Chart Comeback
John Mayer To Test The Pot-Legalization Policies Of American Radio
Ke$ha: What Would Happen If You Crossed Katy Perry, L’Trimm, And A Really Bad Goldschlager Hangover
God Bless Robbie Williams
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Lloyd And Lil Wayne Are Drug Buddies
This May Be The Only Thing Good To Come Out Of Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”
T-Pain Celebrates His Re-Embrace Of AutoTune With Sound Effects, Demands For Mass Toplessness
Dear Alphabeat: I Love You. Never Change. (Well, Don’t Change In A Bad Way.)
Mutya Buena Adds To The Post-Sugababes Shakeup Press Overload
T-Pain Dispenses With One Unfortunate 21st-Century Trend, Blindly Clutches To Another
The Academy Is… Waving Their Lighters Around
The Sugababes Shuffle: Maybe They Should Just Rename Themselves Altogether?
Bloodsuckers Of Indie: “New Moon” Soundtrack To Feature Death Cab, Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Grizzly Bear, And The Killers
MTV Gets Ready To Honor “Single Ladies” One More Time
Today In Pushed-Back Records: Wale Runs Off With Jay-Z, Shakira’s Bark Gets Muted, Diddy’s Train Is Still Not Running On Time
Taylor Swift Is Sick Of Talking About The Video Music Awards, But Lil Mama Sure Isn’t
Pearl Jam Hit The Target
Michael Jackson: The Countdown To His Movie Begins
Kris Allen Follows The Script
Mariah Joins Oprah’s Music Club
Statler And Waldorf Prepare Their Best Balcony Critiques For “Muppets Remastered”
Who Cares About The Sugababes Split Rumors When There Might Be A New Siobhan Donaghy Record To Look Forward To?
Nice Abs: The Debut Of Lego Iggy Pop
Kelly Clarkson Goes To Melissa Etheridge’s Window Auto-Tunes The Most Important News Item Of The Week
Oh, Paula, Vh1′s People Sure Were Cold-Hearted Snakes To You Last Night
Megadeth Comes To Jimmy Fallon, Leaves Its Sound Guy Somewhere Outside
Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Would Like To Say That He Has Nothing To Say About The Possibly Upcoming Guns N’ Roses Tour
Guitar Hero CEO On His Game’s Cobaintroversy: “The Check Has Been Cashed”
Susan Boyle Comes To America
I Knew That Having Ida Maria On The Perez Hilton Tour Would Be A Bad Idea
The Black Eyed Peas: Still Completely Unkillable
Pavement Is Asking You To Clear Your Calendar Well In Advance
Madonna And Lil Wayne Go To The Gun Show
Amerie Stitches A Sampler
Jay-Z’s First-Week Sales: Not Quite Eminem-Level, But Not Bad By Any Stretch
Kara DioGuardi’s Pretty Great, If Unsurprisingly Ego-Inspired, Reality-Show Idea
The Smashing Pumpkins’ New Album To Be Something Of A Free-For-All
Novelty Bands With Really Bad Names: Another Thing We Can Blame On The Internet
Bobby Brown Guesses That He’s Going To Have To Take Control (Of His Weight)
Kanye West And Lady GaGa To Take Their Celebrity On The Road
Joe Satriani’s Suit Against Coldplay Flies Out Of Court
Vh1 Divas: I Do Not Think It Means What Vh1 Wants It To Mean
“Abbey Road” Tops The Beatles’ Chart
Alicia Keys’ New Single Sure Sounds Like An Alicia Keys Song
50 Cent Tries To Play The Part Of “The Sensitive One”
Is Susan Boyle’s Rolling Stones Cover Going To Save The Music Industry?
The Silversun Pickups: They’re Pretty OK
Patrick Swayze, R.I.P.
Muse Piles It On
MTV Host Gives MTV News “Exclusive” Scoop On Her Actions At MTV Video Music Awards
Katharine McPhee: Over Her Brown Hair, Not Over Classic Adult-Contemporary Stylings
Kanye West Is Still Sorry
Kanye West’s Apology, Take Two: Mixed Case, Robert DeNiro References
Lil Mama’s Run-In: The Stage Crash That Didn’t Make Anyone Forget About Kanye
Kanye West: Back To Reality?
Janet Jackson Engages In A Little Lycanthropy Of Her Own
Barack Obama Thinks “Single Ladies” Was Just OK
Kanye West: “I’M IN THE WRONG”
2009 Video Music Awards Winners
Idolator Live-Blogs The 2009 Video Music Awards: Pop Goes The Post-Pop World
A Reminder About Tonight’s Video Music Awards Liveblog: The Blog Will Be Coming From Inside The House
Belting Like It’s 1989: Mariah And Whitney Enjoy (Fleeting) Chart Redemption
Phil Collins: “I Can’t Drum”
“American Idol” Delays Its Trip To Hollywood
Someone Decided To Put Together A Gallery Of John Mayer’s Guitar Faces
Weezer Remain Highly Bloggable
Mariah Carey Wants The World To Know What Love (For Her) Is
Whitney Houston Is Still Ready For Her Close-Up
Surprise, That Michael Jackson Tribute Show Isn’t Happening (Yet)
Three Songs To Take You Through The End Of Your Day
UPDATED: Dave Grohl And Krist Novoselic Would Like Activision To Lock Kurt Cobain’s “Guitar Hero” Avatar Down, Please
MTV’s Booking People Will Not Let You Forget About Jennifer Lopez
Guns N’ Roses: Touring, But Not Hitting India (Yet) (Maybe) (Possibly) (Oh, I Don’t Know)
A Compelling Case For “Guitar Hero: The Monkees”
The Video Music Awards Somehow Manage To Embrace Subtlety
“Saturday Night Live” Musical Guest List More Notable For Who Isn’t On It
There Are Great Expectations For Norah Jones’ New Album
If You Have Time To Download A 44-Megabyte File, Chris Brown Has A Twitterific New Song For You
Because You Were Probably Wondering What Sanjaya Thought Of Ellen DeGeneres’ “Idol” Gig
So You Think Ellen Can Judge: DeGeneres To Take Paula’s “American Idol” Chair
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Lil Wayne Makes A Milli Or 42 Out On Tour
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2009 Country Music Association Awards Nominees
Courtney Love Is Not Happy About Kurt Cobain’s Starring Role In “Guitar Hero” Either
How Will You Be Meeting The Beatles Today?
The Real Sell Out
The CMA Awards Still Love Kenny Chesney
Britain Is Awash In Music Prizes Tonight
The People Behind The “Twilight” Soundtrack Mix A Little Cockiness Into Their Sparkle
Paramore Keep Us Hanging On The Telephone
Oprah Continues To Build Her Music Clubhouse
Janet Jackson To Dance For Michael At The Video Music Awards
OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Brings Leona Lewis To The Copy Machine
Jason DeRulo Drags Imogen Heap Onto The Hot 100
Will Oprah Save The Music Business?
Today In Reunions: Public Image Limited, The Bee Gees, And Other Bands Rise Again
Jay-Z Takes Control Of The Board (Room)
‘Everything But The Girl’ Duo Tie The Knot
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Paramore Get Kings Of Leon Where They Want Them
Britney Spears Prepares To Cut It Out
5 Albums To Look Forward To
What Were Your Best Musical Experiences Of The Summer?
Golf-Playing Rocker Laments Preppy Indie Dudes’ Lack Of Balls
Attention Everyone: Please Stop Reporting Chart Data That Isn’t Backed Up By Hard Numbers, Because Doing So Makes You Look Dumb
Well, Slap Me Silly And Call Me A Lamestain: Gen X Radio Debuts
U2 On SNL Season Premiere
Kelly Clarkson Takes Control In Allentown
Robbie Williams Gets Resurrected Just In Time
Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest
The Black Eyed Peas: Inescapable No Matter Where You Turn
50 Cent Gets Lost
Festival-Goer Takes “If You Sprinkle While You Tinkle” Maxim To New, Horrifying Levels
Carrie Underwood, Good Girl Gone Bad Gone Good
Sales Don’t Lie: People Really Like Buying Shakira Songs
Transcript Of Chris Brown On “Larry King” Just As Uncomfortable To Sit Through As The Video Version
The Bronx Do It Mariachi Style
Don’t Go Calling Roxanne Shanté A Doctor Yet
Tokio Hotel’s Frontman Reveals That He’s Either A Robot Or A Real Doll
Attention “Small Music Web Sites”: Charlie Watts Is Not Quitting The Rolling Stones
Whitney Houston Gets Her Shot In The Park
“Guitar Hero” Manufacturers Pandering To Gen X Outrage, Or Something
Is Usher’s “Monster” Going To Be Unleashed Anytime Soon?
“American Idol” Trying To Fill Paula Abdul’s Hollywood-Week Seat With The Most Annoying People Possible
Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumor Falls Flat On Its Face
The Number One Reason Why Traffic-Baiting Listicles Are Annoying, Or: Summertime, And The Sexism Is Easy
Jay-Z’s New Album Follows The Time-Tested “Fake Leak After Real Leak” Blueprint
The Beatles Get Ready To Clean Up In Aisle 8
Madonna’s Four Minutes (To Save Her Set) Run Out
Vh1 Can’t Stop Getting Behind Bret Michaels
Kelly Clarkson Fans’ Sympathy Ends At Their Wallets