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No. 44: Aaron Carter, “America A O”

aaroncarterI think everyone remembers 9-11 the same. The shock of the first impression, the haunting images on TV, and the lingering question—“How will this all affect Aaron Carter?” More »

Never Let It Be Said That Paul Heyman Doesn’t Know How To Get Attention

rihanna_913523aFormer Extreme Championship Wrestling boss Paul Heyman has taken to his Web site to decry the similarities between the cover for Rihanna’s new single “Russian Roulette” and the artwork for 1998’s ECW: Extreme Music, which featured contributions from the likes of Motörhead, Megadeth, and White Zombie. The charges? More »

Hollywood: Giving The People What They Think They Sort Of Maybe Might Need Someday

x19682The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn and Late Show With David Letterman scribe Tom Ruprecht are at work on writing and producing a movie version of Chuck Klosterman’s coming-of-age-with-metal memoir Fargo Rock City. But those of you expecting a movie that plumbed the depths of one teenager’s rotting cassette collection (with a really heaping dash of Catholic imagery) will be disappointed, since the flick is going to have the music content turned down and the outcast angst cranked up all the way: More »

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Attempted Gun Possession, Will Likely Go To Jail For A Year

lilwayneThis morning in New York, Lil Wayne pled guilty to a 2007 attempted weapon-possession charge stemming from a gun being found on his tour bus in July of that year; he’ll likely receive a prison sentence of a year as a result. Wayne had originally filed a not guilty plea in the case, but prosecutors’ decision to use a somewhat controversial form of DNA testing in order to prove that he’d handled the gun apparently resulted in him changing his plea. [AP] More »

What Does Susan Boyle’s Amazon Record Really Mean?

susanboyleThis morning a press release went out touting Amazon presales for Britain’s Got Talent-propelled belter Susan Boyle’s debut album; “Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream is Amazon.com Music’s Largest CD Pre-Order,” the headline touted, and once again, many a media outlet eagerly reported this bit of non-news. While the appetite for Boyle’s sorta-brassy voice and up-from-under backstory among the segment of people who still buy CDs—your Streisand fans, your Bubléholics—is probably undeniable, the lack of numbers in the press release is enough to make me get all existential. You know—what does it all mean, man? After the jump, a little bit of number-crunching with the press release’s top 10. More »

pitchforkrestaurantA back-and-forth between a Time Out Chicago reporter and the soon-to-open bar that calls itself Pitchfork, which is coincidentally located in the same city as the music site’s HQ: Q. Have you ever heard of the site Pitchfork.com? A. Nope. Q. Really? A. Yeah, why, what is it? Well hey, this should be a fun opening weekend chock-full of misdirected one-liners, now, shouldn’t it. [Time Out Chicago / Earlier] More »

Chris Brown Grabs The Mic

chris brown on cnnChris Brown is doing the first radio interview since his domestic-violence incident with Rihanna in November right now on New York radio station Hot 97, and I have to say that the DJ conducting the interview, Angie Martinez, is pretty no-holds-barred in her questioning, asking the singer about his status as a role model in light of the incident (and about lighter topics like the wedding-borne success of “Forever” over the past few months). Miss Info, who does some work for the station, has been cutting snippets from the chat as it’s been happening, and it’s still going on at the moment. Brown also dropped the redemptive ballad “Crawl” during the interview (hear it here); yesterday he announced dates for an “intimate” club tour, and they’re after the jump. More »

No. 45: James Blunt, “You’re Beautiful”

200px-youre_beautifulAnd now, 45 answers to the question that will no doubt result from this entry: “How is James Blunt’s 2005 ode to a stolen glance on the Underground not higher than No. 45 on a worst songs of the ’00s list? Really now.” More »

Faith No More Finally Announce Plans To Tour U.S. Someday

According to a Tweet from bass player Billy Gould, Faith No More will, after making fans wait for what probably seemed like a longer time than it actually was, bring their reunion tour over to the States. Yay! Looks like they’re currently booked through March 1, so… [@MRGOULD / Twitter / Dailymotion] More »

So, How Long Will It Be Before The Black Eyed Peas Are No. 1 On The Pop Charts Again?

200px-meet_me_halfwayJust when you thought we’d escape 2009 without another No. 1 single from the chart-dominating Black Eyed Peas, the group’s plaintive DirecTV tie-in “Meet Me Halfway” is up a whopping 119% on this week’s Hot Digital Tracks chart, selling 127,000 copies and vaulting from No. 16 to No. 5. Ahead of the Peas: More »

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